Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Uncovers Secret Ridiculous Game Over Screen

Baldur’s Gate 3 players looking for a silly end to their 80 to 100-hour campaigns can rejoice at discovering a secret game-over screen for throwing away a critical item.

Though Baldur’s Gate 3 is brimming with game over screens, from dying in combat to kissing a mind flayer, PC Gamer notes that this one is more noteworthy for going out of your way to get rid of a plot-important item.

With some spoilers for Act 3, Eurogamer reports player BOB_BestOfBugs discovering how to get this ending by removing the nether stones necessary for bringing the Absolute to heel.

Fortunately, while the game has some soft locks, as we can’t throw away nether stones, trade them for a shiny sword, or cook them in a delicious campfire stew, we can store them into containers we can sell, throw away, or toss into a nearby chasm.

After tossing said container holding the item required for going toe to toe with a giant eldritch Cthulhu monster into a bottomless pit, PC Gamer details the start of the ending, with the Emperor telepathically admonishing us for throwing away our one chance at victory.

This action begins a sequence of us and our companions squirming as we succumb to the Absolute, teleporting to her lair, where we behold a terrifyingly massive tentacled creature gloating at our foolishness.

After a moment more of writing in pain, we transform into a naked mind flayer as the Absolute enslaves us, and the game ends.

Even if it’s a bad ending, Eurogamer details this conclusion as a genius way to punish players for trying to break the game or for dealing with a potential glitch that gets rid of the Netherstones.

Though this end may almost certainly frustrate players who have sunken practically a hundred hours to reach this point, it’s a hilarious way for exhausted players to call it quits or to see the evil ending quickly.

Will the Enslavement Ending End Baldur’s Gate 3

No. While this ending effectively sees the antagonist of Baldur’s Gate 3 win and halts our progression, Eurogamer details that this ending screen prompts players to reload their save for a better conclusion.

Though players could accept this as their ending if they’re exhausted with Baldur’s Gate 3’s massive time sink and want to see the Absolute, it’s more of a silly outcome than a conclusive end to our campaign.

At the very least, it’s a fair warning that advises against succumbing to the Absolute and encourages players’ silly antics to see more of these game over screens.

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