Baldur’s Gate 3 Symphony of the Realms Concert Coming this Spring

Baldur’s Gate 3 fans entranced by the game’s hit music can enjoy a concert rendition of the spicy soundtrack in London on May 4.

First announced in a Games Music Festival Tweet, the team details the game’s soundtrack starring in Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall in London with a host of beloved Baldur’s Gate 3 songs like Elder Brain and The Legacy of Bhaal.

For players who have likely spent hours listening to the overworld themes or the catchy wailing accompanying the giant skull room at the game’s menu, this concert will surely cater to their tastes for what the Games Music Festival claims will be “a night of ballads and bards.”

Though audience members may have to refrain from trying to talk to cats or pushing people off ledges (frankly, it’s not worth the EXP), the music is sure to bring listeners into Baldur’s Gate 3’s polished setting and tantalizing tentacles.

Regarding the venue, PC Gamer adds that the Philharmonia Orchestra and Hertfordshire Chorus are performing the concert, with Robert Kurdybacha as conductor accompanied by the game’s legendary composer, Borislav Slavov.

While Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t alone in the festival, it’s also taking place with the Last of Us; the hit RPG is set to last for about 1 hour and 20 minutes with fun renditions of Elder Brain and The Legacy of Bhaal performed with instruments and vocals.

Especially in the context of Stardew Valley’s Festival of Seasons Concert set to take the globe this Winter, this has been a fantastic year for live video game concert performances between slaying unknowable cosmic horrors and watering turnips!

Whether you’ll be at the performance live or listening from your phones, Baldur’s Gate is sure to delight in an ‘absolute-ly’ fantastic concert showing.

Just be sure not to fall asleep during the performance, or Astarion could use you as a light snack at intermission!

How Expensive are Baldur’s Gate 3 Concert Tickets?

According to the Game Music Festival Site, tickets are currently £40 ⁠–⁠ £125 (about $48 to 151 US dollars), though they could rise as supply grows thin. Though that’s relatively affordable, the cost of travel and stay could drastically raise the price, so keep that in mind if it’s more worthwhile to watch from home instead.

Musicgoers interested in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Symphony of the Realms Concert can purchase tickets on the Southbank Center Site here.

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