Atlas Fallen Aiming Rewrite The Rulebook On Soulslike Combat

Atlas Fallen is an upcoming open-world action RPG for the next-generation consoles, and it’s just about to hit the shelves worldwide.

The game is being published by Focus Entertainment and developed by Deck13, which has a mixed portfolio with releases like Lords of the Fallen – the first one – and The Surge.

With this, the developer moved away from the Soulslike genre and focused on more fast-paced and frantic action in Atlas Fallen.

In the game, players take on the role of a champion tasked with protecting the city of Atlas. To achieve this, the hero must reshape a desert world using Essence by defeating powerful enemies and collecting special stones scattered across the expansive map.

Here’s the game’s description according to the official website:

Glide through the sands of a timeless land teeming with ancient dangers, mysteries, and remnants of the past. Hunt legendary monsters using mighty, shape-shifting weapons and devastating sand-powered abilities in breathtaking, super-powered combat. Rise from the dust and free mankind from the grip of corrupted gods.

According to the developers, Atlas Fallen will heavily focus on skill progression. The champion’s armor can be combined with special items and elements to create even more powerful attacks. The protagonist uses a magic gauntlet to subdue opponents through creative strikes.

These and other gameplay tidbits are thoughtfully detailed in developer videos called Deck13 Inside. Separated into episodes, each video delves deeper into the features of Atlas Fallen, presented by the game’s own professionals.

The Atlas Fallen episodes cover various aspects of the game, including exploration, cooperative mode, and combat.

The video above in question discusses the weapon varieties featured in the game. Additionally, it debunks a false claim about the graphics engine used in Atlas Fallen – it’s not Unreal, but the Fledge engine, Deck13’s in-house engine.

Atlas Fallen presents three deadly weapons


Players will wield the Dunecleaver, the Sandwhip, or the Knuckledust. Each weapon has several transformations. The Duneclaver shifts into weapons that can cleave through enemies, such as an axe, a warhammer, a mace, or a scythe. These are big, sluggish, yet powerful weapons.


The Sandwhip transforms between a dagger, a sword, or a bladewhip, favoring ranged attacks while prioritizing swift and precise strikes.

The Knucklefist

The Knuckledust utilizes fists to crush enemies and progressively adds new knuckles to increase the hit combo until your target is shattered.

The Momentum System

Atlas Fallen introduces a high-risk, high-reward system for aggressive or daring players. Landing an attack fills up the Momentum bar. The fuller it gets, the more potent your abilities become, like spawning new arms with the Knuckledust to amplify your punches.

However, the higher the bar, the more damage you take from enemies, making this feature a double-edged sword.

Deck13 seems poised to revitalize its action game offerings with Atlas Fallen, and luckily, we don’t have to wait much longer. The game releases on August 10th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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