Baldur’s Gate 3 Developer Reveals Bug Responsible for Promiscuous Companions

Baldur’s Gate 3 players who fancy themselves seduction savants will have to reel it in as the developer Larian Studios revealed a bug responsible for easy romances

Indeed, after talking with Baldur’s Gate 3’s game director, Swen Vincke, Kotaku reveals that companion romances were bugged at launch as characters were flinging themselves at the player way faster than they were supposed to.

Especially for everyone’s favorite wizard, Gale, Polygon details that players would find the wizard was single and ready to mingle from the moment players met them.

While these easy romances have been a massive hit among the player base (frankly who doesn’t want a violent green girlfriend), Polygon details Vincke stating that companions “coming on so strong in real life” would be considered “problematic,” and that the game’s original intention was to “simulate interpersonal interactions a little more realistically.”

Even if there’s nothing realistic about a demonic Tiefling and malevolent Drow sharing some exciting nighttime activities, the lack of authentic romances can be disappointing for players looking for more heartfelt relationships.

It can still be heartbreaking for Baldur’s Gate 3 players to find that real-world dates aren’t as impressed by mocking children and casting ne’er-do-wells into bottomless chasms.

Will Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions Still Be Easily Romanceable

No, as the Gamer reveals, some characters have been fixed, but others are still being tweaked to avoid coming on too strong. So, players rushing to gain Lae’zel’s love will likely have to work harder to earn the violent fiend’s affection.

Fortunately, they add that some companions, notably Gale, remain easy to seduce after spending a night pouring your heartfelt feelings to them in camp. 

Even still, players willing to save scum scenarios and focus on gaining the character’s approval won’t have to work quite so hard to gain someone’s affection; they just might have to commit a few more atrocities to get Lae’zel to come around.

Whatever the case, even if it’s a rougher go the next time, players won’t have to worry about keeping a cold bed on their next playthrough if trust in their brain tadpoles or consult our romance guide for dating tips.

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