Baldur’s Gate 3 Fans’ Discover Forbbiden Romance Option

Baldur’s Gate 3 fans looking for even wilder romance options after seducing a wild bear can delight in discovering a secretive romance between Karlach, the demonic barbarian, and Dammon, the infernal mechanic.

Though the scene is technically inaccessible, as PC Gamer notes, it requires players to have “met Dammon, but also never have left the starting beach,” they accredit YouTuber Sparrows, who discovered the fix for the scene.

To specify, Sparrows creates this impossible scene by swapping out flags for the scenes, effectively tricking the game into revealing an adorable scene with Karlach taking a nap, reveling in her freedom, and romanticizing Dammon before quickly becoming embarrassed.

However, if players continue to push the demon barbarian forth, they’ll enjoy a brief reading of Karlach’s (relatively tame) smut fanfiction of the two intimately getting together.

Unfortunately for fans interested in the pairing, Karlach flusters herself from her monologue, backtracking out of the tangent and immediately going to bed.

Indeed, Samantha Beart, the voice actor of Karlach, detailed in a Twitter post that “Karlach & Dammon being into each other is cannon [and] pretty clear (but unfortunately cut for the time being).”

While it’s unclear why this hidden romance scene didn’t make it into the game, perhaps Larian Studios was more interested in the lore behind the Emperor’s butter knife; they could always patch this romance into the game with an incoming update.

Though fans of the demon-drow pairing will have to wait for the two to get together in a later patch, learning that this secret scene canonizes Karlach’s and Dammon’s forbidden relationship was an excellent find.

From a hidden game over screen for breaking the game to an incidental butter knife that spoils a crucial character, who knows what strange, promiscuous secrets fans will discover next?

Is Karlach’s and Dammon’s Forbbiden Relationship Cannon?

Secretly yes. While the game has hidden these scenes between the game files, this recent discovery all but confirms that the two’s pairing is confirmed.

Though players can still romance Karlach as different characters or play barbarian demon seductress, they’ll likely have to account for Karlach’s infernal heart condition and go to Dammon to find a temporary solution.

Overall, the demonic barbarian is incredibly adorable and sure to offer a heart-melting romance to any player who gives the mortally challenged demon the time of day.

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