Broken Roads Post-Apocalyptic Australian RPG Announced for November 14

Mad Max and Pillars of Eternity fans can plan their trip to the outrageous Outback with Broken Roads this coming November.

Set in Australia following the collapse of modern society, Gamesbeat details that Broken Roads is an isometric, narrative-driven RPG with turn-based combat reminiscent of XCOM and Wasteland 3, coming to all consoles on November 14.

Though it encompasses much of the same character management trappings as other CRPGs like Pillars of Eternity and Disco Elysium, Broken Roads boasts a multifaceted morality system between Humanist, Nihilist, Machiavellian, and Utilitarian.

In effect, GodisaGeek details how Broken Roads attempts to reinvent binary moral choice with an expansive morality system that allows players to roleplay as an “ends justify the means” utilitarian or a violent nihilist ready to burn the world down.

While players can still roleplay as koala-loving humanists and work to rebuild a wacky West Australia, Broken Roads takes inspiration from Disco Elysium, allowing players to embrace their wild child in tying people to chairs or engage in fisticuffs to defend your hat’s honor.

Though the overarching story is still under wraps, GamesIsHard details that playing through the demo reveals the game’s rich with political intrigue, branching choices, and a host of kangaroos likely responsible for a society’s collapse.

Whatever the case, Broken Roads offers an exciting look at a meticulously ruined West Australia. Whether players are interested in Australia’s wild setting or roleplaying as modern Mad Max, they can embark on their ostentatious Outback adventure this November.

Does Broken Roads have a Demo?

Yes, Broken Roads has a demo currently available on Steam covering the introductory part of the apocalyptic Australia adventure. While players may have to replay this section when playing the entire game, it offers a good look for those interested to see if the ruined Outback is right for them.

Even if Australia’s giant spiders and strange mammals already make it a veritable post-apocalypse, Broken Roads promises to plunge further into marsupial mayhem. Just don’t make enemies with the wrong tribal, or you could end up as a wombat’s wicked breakfast!

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