Duet Night Abyss Debut Trailer Shows off Agile Shooter Gameplay

Developer Pan Studio and publisher Hero Entertainment have announced Duet Night Abyss, a “high-freedom fantasy adventure RPG” for PC and mobile platforms.

The game is now open for pre-registration, and upon its launch will combine cross-platform play across PC and mobile with a free-to-play access model.

Alongside the announcement, the companies released a trailer for the game, titled “Until The Dawn.” It shows off a number of Duet Night Abyss‘ characters, and a cinematic take on its gameplay and environments.

According to Pan Studio, the trailer is intended to highlight “the team’s ambition”, so the game may still change before its final release.

The trailer features dramatic narration voiced in English (though the game supports Japanese, Korean, and Chinese voiceovers as well). The trailer shows off the player character and protagonist, a gender-selectable character named Phoxhunter, lying at the root of a Heaventree, one of many crystalline trees that populate the game’s world of Atlasia.

Phoxhunter is rescued by a young woman named Berenica, who leaps into combat with a firearm and sword, destroying enemies with sword slashes and third-person shooter-style marksmanship.

The trailer then shifts to a montage of characters using different weapons and combat styles on enemies. Not all the characters are identified, though some are featured on Duet Night Abyssofficial website.

One character unloads dual pistols on a crowd of enemies, while another, known as Tabethe, fires a cannon from a rooftop before summoning a mass of eldritch tentacles to devastate her foes. Other characters ride beasts, run on walls, and even fly, while others have character action combat mechanics reminiscent of action-RPG titles like Honkai Impact 3rd.

The diversity of play styles between the featured characters seems similar to titles like Warframe, where different battle suits can vary greatly in terms of mobility and approach to combat.

Duet Night Abyss
Duet Night Abyss screenshot courtesy Pan Studio.

What’s the Story of Duet Night Abyss?

So far Pan Studio has been mum about detailed narrative beats for Duet Night Abyss, but the official website sheds some light on the game’s setting and backstory.

The game takes place on the fictional continent of Atlasia, which is populated by massive “Heaventrees”, tree-like crystalline structures that were once worshiped as gifts from heaven. Fruit-like crystals called “Phoxene” are a powerful resource that forms the basis of magical “Ichor Technology” that powers the civilizations of Atlasia.

Among the countries of Atlasia and Duet Night Abyss, a race of people called Charons exist, gathering Phoxene to supply the nations. However, due to Charons’ connections to Phoxene and the occasional appearance of a “Daimon” Charon with special powers, Charons are discriminated against and mistreated in many Atlasian territories.

Most of the playable characters of Duet Night Abyss are identified as Daimons (or Demons). Players will be able to interact and recruit them to their side in-game.

With or without the Charons, though, the nations of Atlasia are hardly harmonious. Empires like Hyperborea and the Church of Elysium jockey for dominance on the continent, with smaller nations like Huaxu and the Republic of Luca making their own plays for influence.

It’s in this chaotic situation that the player character Phoxhunter and their companion Berenica descend.

Pan Studio also promoted key features of Duet Night Abyss, highlighting the game’s dual-weapon system, where each character can freely switch between ranged and melee weapons to fight at any distance.

Beyond combat, characters will be able to use unique skills and traversal abilities to get around the “grand open-world map” in their own way.

Duet Night Abyss is in development for PC and mobile platforms. Pan Studio and Hero Entertainment have not yet announced a release window for the game.

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