Lies of P Weapon Showcase Trailer Shows off Combo Weapons

Developer Neowiz has released a new trailer for its Souls-like action RPG Lies of P about ten days before its planned September 19, 2023 release date.

The new trailer showcases the game’s expansive “Weapon Assemble” system, highlighting the possibilities it contains for players who want to tweak and tune the game’s many weapons to their liking.

Check it out below:

Breaking Down The Lies of P Weapon Combo System

According to the video description, the Lies of P Weapon Showcase Gameplay trailer addresses one of the “most prominent” requests Neowiz received from the public about Lies of P, which is to show off more gameplay involving the game’s Weapon Assemble system.

The system allows players to freely disassemble and reassemble most of the game’s weapons, mixing and matching their parts to create a customized weapon with qualities that mix their component weapons’ attributes.

The video shows off just a few of the “hundreds” of possible combinations involving the many weapons to be found in Lies of P‘s city of Krat. One combination mates the blade from the Salamander Dagger with the handle from the Master Chef’s Knife.

The result is a short-ranged chopping weapon that can belt out a series of powerful slashes, while inflicting fire damage and setting enemies aflame with the Salamander Dagger’s constantly-lit blade. Another weapon blends the piercing power of the Wintry Rapier’s blade with the built-in shield of the Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear handle.

The combination weapon from the pairing can easily skewer multiple enemies with deep thrusts, while enabling defensive play thanks to the shield.

In keeping with Lies of P‘s dark, occult-inspired take on the classic 19th-century fantasy novel Pinocchio, the game’s weapons all exude an industrial, clockwork feel, with one weapon, the “Live Puppet’s Axe”, being made of bound-together parts from the game’s humanoid puppet creatures.

This weapon is bound to the handle of the Acidic Great Curved Sword for a combination tool that mixes great striking power with a series of wide, sweeping strikes.

Lies of P Weapons
Lies of P screenshot courtesy Neowiz

How does the Lies of P Weapon Assemble System Work?

In Lies of P, most weapons can be disassembled into a blade and handle. The blade determines the weapon’s damage output and properties, such as whether it deals physical damage, elemental damage, or other types of damage.

The handle determines the weapon’s move set and its statistical scaling (which regulates how the blade’s damage interacts with the player’s statistics). Players can thus take a weapon whose blade they like and put it on a handle whose moves they prefer to use, tailoring the combinations to their needs and preferences.

Some other weapons can’t be disassembled, but come with unique qualities and move sets. As shown in the trailer, the Proof of Humanity sword can be split into two blades, adding wild, leaping spins to its striking routine.

The Holy Sword of the Ark can extend its handle into a haft, turning it into a quasi-polearm and greatly improving its reach and coverage. Uroboros’ Eye is a massive circular saw that is revved up and usable as a powerful cutting weapon.

Lies of P will launch on September 19, 2023, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It’ll also be available via Xbox Game Pass.

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