Lords of the Fallen Temporarily Disables Crossplay Coop and PVP

Lords of the Fallen Xbox and PC players excited to play together will have to wait until Crossplay’s restoration. First detailed in their Twitter post, Lords of the Fallen developers review temporarily turning off the feature as a consequence of player feedback and to enhance crossplay functionality.

While this might seem like a cause for outrage, Dexerto notes this change has been welcomed among the community, especially given instances of Australian players matching with Americans and experiencing poor latency. Indeed, Dot Sports reports that while “PC and console players could cooperate and fight against each other, multiplayer was so laggy it was borderline unplayable.”

Though Lords of the Fallen has suffered from other performance issues, especially on Xbox, recent patches and hotfixes have dealt with criticism following severe frame drops and freezing issues in some areas, prompting more favorable reviews on Steam.

Indeed, Gamerant details Hexworks acknowledging there is “still work to be done on [their] latest game, and [they are] busy working to ensure the title meets player expectations.” They add that the team is “monitoring both Twitter and Reddit to address as many concerns from gamers as possible.”

Though Lords of the Fallen will likely continue to suffer through more performance issues and poor latency, players can look forward to more fixes in later patches to optimize the hit RPG fans can enjoy without delay. Even if a release date has yet to be given for the restoration of Crossplay, players can still enjoy fighting together in Coop or against each other in PVP on their respective platforms.

Can I Still Play Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer?

Yes, even if you can’t play with players on different consoles, you can still Coop and PVP with players on your respective platform. To initiate such interactions, you can interact with the pseudo-bonfires and choose to summon a friend or assassinate the lampbearer of a different world.

While Lords of the Fallen developers still plan on restoring Crossplay, Gamerant notes they haven’t settled on a scheduled release date. Luckily, players can enjoy a fantastic single-player experience with plenty of powers, vicious monsters, and decadent worlds to sink their sword into.

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