Lords of the Fallen Update Fixes Multiplayer and Adds New Game+

Lords of the Fallen Players missing out on PVP can rejoice with the latest update that fixes multiplayer and adds many new features, including New Game Plus and easier enemies.

As the Escapist details, the developers “are activating crossplay on consoles this coming Monday, with a plan to activate it on every platform this coming Thursday.”

Frankly, for PC players who were previously unable to join others for coop play or invasions can now enjoy playing the game with a friend or slaughtering other Lampbearers for severed hands.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Lords of the Fallen invaders are still playing with an extreme disadvantage as, speaking from personal experience, the severe amount of lag invaders experience usually gives the host an extra half second to start attacking the invader and put them into a fatal stunlock.

Though players joining for coop shouldn’t face such issues, invaders will have to get creative in leveraging enemy UI, powerful projectiles, and fatal falls to complete the crimson ritual.

Besides a promised fix for multiplayer, Rock Paper Shotgun notes that players close to finishing the game can now enjoy a New Game Plus mode with all the weapons and gear they’ve acquired.

While a second run should offer the typical challenges of New Game Plus (i.e. increased enemy health and reliance on scaling weapons), players will also get to keep some of the seedling restpoints they’ve made with more of the checkpoints disappearing on each New Game Plus Playthrough.

While the player can only have one seedling active at a time, the savepoints should remain and offer a handy rest point for any player struggling with a particular boss, gaggle of demonic foes, or a frustrating platforming section.

Besides that, Eurogamer reviews that the developers have made three main changes to balance the game in managing enemy density and pursuit range and increasing the price of the Pilgrim’s Key.

While this addition to the enemy UI is likely to be a welcome change, as getting overwhelmed by enemies has typically been a death sentence, the Pilgrim’s Perch Key change may upset players who enjoyed access to the area.

Though the key allowed access to a location with much more bullet-spongey enemies, it’s also an excellent early game spot for Large Deralium Shards and the Brawn Ring for increasing the player’s strength.

If players want to overpower themselves earlier, they’ll have to grind an additional 9000 souls to purchase the Pilgrim’s Perch Key.

All-in-all, these changes are a welcome addition for fixing and rebalancing Lord of the Fallen’s challenging descript world.

Though the game is still ripe with poor optimization and multiplayer lag, the developer’s constant updates are sure to fix these issues and offer a more polished experience for players to sink their swords into.

Is Lords of the Fallen Finished?

While Lords of the Fallen is entirely finished, the game is still being optimized to confront the ambitious soulslike’s poor optimization, multiplayer troubles, and balance issues.

Indeed, ComicBook notes that “the team at Hexworks has been consistently churning out new updates to improve Lords of the Fallen’s stability and features.”

Players can await a more polished playthrough soon.

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