Sony goes dark on Knights of the Old Republic PS5 Remake

The Jedi order may be in for yet another fall from grace. Sony appears to be in the process of purging the public presence of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake, a remake of the beloved 2003 RPG.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that as of September 28, 2023, Sony had set the KOTOR Remake trailer to “Private” status on its official YouTube channel, and appeared to be deleting posts related to the project from its official Twitter account.

Sony originally announced the game two years ago, during its September 2021 Showcase live stream event. As of press time, neither Sony nor representatives of the game’s current developers have made an official statement about the project’s status.

At the time, the Knights of the Old Republic Remake project was in the hands of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Lucasfilm Games, and Aspyr Media.

The three companies were developing the game as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and during the PlayStation Showcase, they showed it off with a CG trailer. The trailer didn’t show much, but little more than the voice of Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, and the silhouette of Darth Revan, the player character, was enough to prompt an excited reaction from fans.

Now that trailer is no longer available on Sony’s official YouTube channel, and combined with the social media post deletions, amounts to a near-total burial of the game.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake screenshot via Sony.

Is The Knights of the Old Republic Remake Cancelled?

Absent official word from Sony or the game’s developers, we can only speculate about what may happen to the Knights of the Old Republic Remake. This could simply be an isolated case of house-cleaning in Sony’s social presence, or it could be a sign of further difficulties for the project, which was already reported to be encountering significant challenges.

A July 2022 report in Bloomberg said that then-developer Aspyr produced a proof-of-concept build for the game that considered inadequate after review. By August 2022, development was shifted from Aspyr to Saber Interactive, according to a financial report released by Embracer Group (the parent company of both studios).

Embracer’s current troubles may also be influencing the fate of the KOTOR Remake. In May 2023 Embracer reported that a multi-billion dollar development deal (reportedly with the Saudi Arabia-backed Savvy Games Group) collapsed at the last minute, putting unprecedented strain on the company’s finances.

In June 2023, Embracer went on a major restructuring initiative, resulting in major layoffs and even the closure of multiple Embracer-owned studios, including Saints Row developer Volition.

In the meantime, players can still access ports of the original 2003 release of BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

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