Team NINJA Lays Out Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Roadmap

Team NINJA shared a Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 2023 roadmap on its official website, detailing every upcoming update to their brutal action RPG game. Dubbed Director’s Letter Vol 1, the announcement is told from Masakazu Hirayama’s point of view, the director and producer of Wo Long.

The roadmap focuses on two features for Wo Long: expanding the scope of strategy with a focus on action and RPG, and improving the ease of playability. Check out the updates:

In August, in addition to improvements to the overall quality of Wo Long, we will see the introduction of a new quest now popularly known as Boss Rush Part 2. The first Boss Rush was released in patch 1.08 and was called Crouching Dragons’ Battle Royale.

The second paid DLC, Conqueror of Jiangdong, arrives in September and features several additions to the game, including a new weapon category, equipment, missions, and end-game content. With DLC Vol.2, Team NINJA wants to enhance the action and the RPG element of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

On the action side, they want to further strengthen the uniqueness of each weapon category and encourage players to employ action types that are considered weak. On the strategy and RPG side, they want to improve Special Effects and how status impacts your character.

Still, in September, we will have the inclusion of a new Wizardry Spell, more balancing, and a partnership with Lies of P, a souls-like starring Pinocchio in a dark fantasy setting.

Collaborations are planned in September with Lies of P, and in November with Nioh. The content we are considering will be different than what we have released for the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT collaboration. We are working hard on these partnership contents in order for fans of these games to be delighted with the outcome. I hope you will all look forward to some exciting things to come!

In October and November, the roadmap promises to deliver even more improvements, tweaks, and feature enhancements, which, while still a somewhat discreet description, will perhaps be fleshed out more in the upcoming months on the official website itself. November also features another collaboration, this time with Team Ninja’s in-house game, Nioh.

Finally, in December 2023, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will receive its third paid DLC, titled Upheaval in Jingxian. This DLC promises several additions like all the others but highlights the new weapon category and end-game content.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty season pass includes all three paid DLCs

Players who purchased the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Season Pass will automatically get all future 2023 updates, including the already released DLC Vol. 1, back in June.

The first DLC is called Battle of Zhongyuan and introduced the new weapon category Cestus, the general Dian Wei, a divine beast, enemies, and the difficulty mode Path of the Soaring Dragon.

Battle of Zhongyuan introduced Wo Long’s collaboration with NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, adding two new costumes to the game: Crimson Night and Loyal Drunk.

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