While racing games have that high octane rush of adrenaline, platform games have a simplistic charm and horror games have a tense and unsettling atmosphere. We would argue that there is nothing that can compare to a rich, detailed and immersive RPG adventure. Role-playing games allow the player to transport to another land, embody foreign cultures, play their own way and literally be someone else, at least for a few hours. It’s unlike just about anything else within the medium and for all these reasons and more, that is why we created RPG Informer

Our Goal

We aim to be the number one information source for all things RPG related. Meaning that if there is a new game on the horizon, a new trend within the genre, an expansion that has changed the outlook of an entire game, or breaking news within the space, we want to be the outlet to report on it first and deliver the information directly to you, the fans. We aim to be an all-inclusive space that caters not only for the veteran RPG fans out there that have been around since the Isometric, dice rolling days, but also to the more casual RPG fans that love the freedom that the modern open worlds provide.

We promise to always have our ear to the ground and always work hard to seek out the freshest information, directly from the source. At RPG Informer, we are just as passionate about RPG gaming as you are, and we aim to showcase our passion consistently.

What We Offer

At RPG Informer, we offer a wide variety of content. Primarily, we will offer guides that will help veterans and beginners alike battle their way through the best games within the space. So whether you want to get into Isometric titles like Pillars of Eternity, or just want to roam around in games like Horizon Zero Dawn, we have you covered.

We will also cover all the newest games within the space, writing reviews and opinion-based content that cuts the fluff and gives you the info you need to make a clear and informed purchase decision. Then we will also do our best to source interview opportunities with industry professionals and popular figures within the RPG space.

How We Operate

We operate smoothly thanks to the team that we have put together here. We are a team of RPG gamers and enthusiasts who are also talented and experienced writers. Along with years of writing expertise, we also love nothing more than spending our time building characters, completing quests and exploring the vast open worlds available in the modern age of gaming. Making our team the best around.

Then we also have a group of dedicated editors that do their best to make sure the work is perfectly formatted, factual and brilliantly written before we send it to print.

Then, of course, we have you, the fans. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to continually grow and improve. We rely not only on your support but also on your suggestions and feedback. So if you have anything to put forward to us, please let us know.

Our Core Values

Here are the core values that we hold dear at RPG Informer

  • Authenticity
  • Creativity
  • Consistently
  • Journalistic Integrity
  • Passion

Our Team

As we mentioned, our team is, in our opinion, the best group of RPG experts on the planet. These guys know their way around a broad sword, know how to manage their manna accordingly and they aren’t too bad at stringing a sentence or two together as well. We love our team here and we think you will too. Here is our team:

We hope that your time here at RPG Informer is as fun and informative as possible. At RPG Informer, we do our best to set you up right for your grand adventures. So go bravely fearless knight!

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