Xion Kingdom Hearts Guide

The best part of Kingdom Hearts is its characters, but there is a lot of confusion when it comes to some of the members of the overwhelmingly large cast.

For one, there is the whole matter of regular people, Nobodies who are other versions of them, and so on. It only gets more confusing when you bring up a character like the star of this Xion Kingdom Hearts guide.

Xion is one of my favorite characters in all of Kingdom Hearts. The core trio of 358/2 Days is all my favorite characters in the series, and it is because of their much more believable and tragic friendship with one another.

Xion is a member of that group and perhaps the most complex person in all of the Kingdom Hearts series. For this reason, I highly recommend you read our Xion Kingdom Hearts guide to find out why below.

Bottom Line Up Front

Xion is one of the most unique, complex, and fascinating characters in all of Kingdom Hearts. Many consider her to be a form of Kairi, which she kind of is in reality. However, more importantly, Xion is a form of Sora, the main character of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Xion is, oddly enough, meant to be a replacement for Sora, which was created using the memories that the protagonist has of his best friend, Kairi. This results in her similarities to Kairi and her strong relationship with Roxas. She first appears in the game 358/2 Days.

Xion Kingdom Hearts Overview

We could sit here all day going over the plot, backstory, and explanations of everything that is going on with the Kingdom Hearts series. Or, you could, alternatively, learn about some of the characters. While it can be confusing, I will aim to simplify one of the characters in this guide.

That person is none other than Xion, one of my personal favorite members of the cast. I always stand by the core trio from the Nintendo DS game 358/2 Days as the best members of the Kingdom Hearts cast. Roxas, Axel, and Xion have the most believable and intriguing relationship with one another out of anyone.

Get out of the way, Sora, Riku, and Kairi, because there is a better version of them in this series with the 358/2 Days characters. This goes doubly so for Xion, a character who is one of the most complex people in the series. She is so many things all at once, and yet none of them at the same time.

Xion is a member of Organization XIII while also not exactly a real person while also a replacement for Sora. It is all so convoluted and ridiculous.

I can certainly understand why some fans are turned off by the confusion that occurs because of Kingdom Hearts’ lore. But I aim to make it clear, at least for Xion, with everything you need to know about her.

Appearance Explained

xion kingdom hearts appearance

When it comes to the visual appearance given to Xion, she has a striking appearance. There is the slightest resemblance to Sora, but she is pretty much her own character design.

I honestly adore her design because there is such an element of simplicity, normalcy, and uniqueness all at the same time.

We never truly get to see Xion outside of her Organization XIII outfit, which she wears nonstop. It is the standard issue long black robe with a hood that she occasionally wears at times. She wields a simple Keyblade that has a Mickey keychain attached to it.

But the most exciting part about Xion’s appearance is her face and hair. Unlike all of the colorful members of the Kingdom Hearts cast, she has black hair with a slight blue tinge to it. She has a shorter haircut that is like a bob, similar to the one that Kairi has.

Then she has chilling blue eyes that complement the dark hair well, giving her such a fascinatingly serious and gloomy appearance that is one of the best in the series.

Xion is featured in quite a few games in the Kingdom Hearts series, despite the fact that she is someone who shouldn’t even exist in the first place. Unfortunately, this means that most of her appearances are quick cameos or short glimpses for a moment in a single scene in a game.

She is only truly present and important in two main games. That said, here are all of the Kingdom Hearts games that Xion appears in:

  • 358/2 Days: This Nintendo DS game is the title in which Xion debuts and where the bulk of her story takes place. Play this title or watch its cinematic inclusion in the HD remaster of the first few games.
  • Coded and Re:coded: She makes some brief appearances here with some name drops.
  • Birth by Sleep: This is another minor appearance that has little impact on her overall character.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance: Xion doesn’t play a huge role in this game but appears a few times to various characters, being like a mysterious guide for Sora and Riku on their journey.
  • Kingdom Hearts III: This is the other main game where Xion is heavily featured. Though it takes some time for her to show up in this game, the wait is worth it for the hefty amount of story regarding her.

Xion Kingdom Hearts Gameplay Explained

xion kingdom hearts gameplay

Xion has some important gameplay moments in a couple of games. There is only one Kingdom Hearts title to date where you can control her, move around the map, fight in combat, and all of the usual mechanics you’d expect from the series.

That is 358/2 Days, but Xion is also a huge part of one of the final battles in Kingdom Hearts 3, so it’s worth figuring out how she works there.

358/2 Days Multiplayer Mode

The only way to play as Xion in the Kingdom Hearts series is to enjoy the multiplayer mode in 358/2 Days. In the main story, Roxas is the main character, but she is playable in the optional, non-canon multiplayer mode if you unlock her first.

To do this, you simply need to reach Day 117 in the main story of the DS title. Once you reach this point, Roxas will be automatically granted the Rookie rank in the organization. This new rank unlocks Xion in the multiplayer mode as one of the rewards.

Most of the 14 characters in this mode play pretty much the same, but there are some slight changes when it comes to controlling Xion, specifically. She is a bit slower in her attacks at first but can get going once her combo is in the midst. However, her swings of the Keyblade are generally unwieldy this way.

She has access to most magic spells, like everyone else, and a hefty amount of health points in this mode. She can fly around freely across the map, which can be useful for dodging attacks and repositioning for a new combo. Overall, she is one of the better characters in this mode.

Unfortunately, since 358/2 Days is stuck on the Nintendo DS in its full gameplay form, this is the only way to play as her.

358/2 Days Boss Fight Explained

During the main story of 358/2 Days, one of the final bosses is against Xion in the DS game. The boss fight is broken up into several phases, beginning with the Bizarre Room, where the fight begins. Here, Xion only has two health bars, and you only need a few successful melee hits to bring them down.

This part is rather easy. Don’t waste your MP at this point and bring down her health. All you need to watch for here is her ground slam attack and her magical ability that will shoot off in four directions. Once you take out her health in this first phase, the second phase will begin in the Manor Ruins.

Her form will change, and her attacks become a little slower but way more powerful. In addition, she also has five health bars this time around. The idea is to use her moments between swings to start out a combo and then get out of there once her attacks begin again.

This is a rinse-and-repeat section as before until you are finally able to bring down all of her health. Once you succeed in this, the third phase will start in the Lamp Chamber. She has three health bars, faster attacks, and four swords. Dodging and running away are imperative here.

This is another case, though, of dodging and then dealing hits when you have the chance. The fourth and final phase starts after this in Twilight Town. Xion will be a massive character now, taking up most of the city. Her swings generally come in a combo of three very long but powerful swings.

Never get hit by any of these, or it may spell doom for your entire boss fight. If you can avoid the three hits, though, you can likely get in quite a few hits between her combos. You’ll need to get into the swing of things (literally) here if you want to mash away at her whopping ten health bars in this final fight.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Companion and Fight

xion kingdom hearts 3 companion and fight

Spoiler alert: Xion appears during the Keyblade Graveyard sequence to help you fight in the battle against Saix. She is one of your companions during this sequence, helping out.

She doesn’t do much in the fight, but she will do some basic attacks and dole out the occasional heal. It is mainly up to you to win the fight.

Xion also appears as a mini-boss during the Remind DLC. Here, you face off against the Data Xion version. It is a mostly straightforward post-game fight that is lengthy because of her roughly 13 health bars. She zips around the map with ease and teleports at random moments, too.

When this happens, be prepared for a flurry of melee attacks or some ranged magical attacks. Counter them, and you have the chance to fight back with a combo. Keep this up, and you should win this fight.

Key Moments in the Kingdom Hearts Series

There are only a few games where Xion plays a significant role in the Kingdom Hearts series, but she never fails to be a massive part of each of them. In fact, I would argue that she, along with Roxas, steals the show in most of the games in which she plays a significant role.

That said, going over the key moments involving Xion in Kingdom Hearts will constitute some massive spoilers for her character. In addition, it will spoil the nature of a few other characters, including some monumental events that happen with Sora and Roxas.

Best Friends Forever

Most of the events surrounding Xion happen in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. After Sora is in a coma of sorts in Chain of Memories, Organization XIII takes this chance to extract some of Sora’s memories of Kairi.

They then use these memories to create Xion. She is meant to be a backup plan for the Organization to obtain Sora’s power.

At the beginning of 358/2 Days, Xion joins Organization XIII and quickly becomes friends with Roxas. The two love to share sea salt ice cream with one another atop the clock tower in Twilight Town. Over time, she begins to become close to Axel, too, and the trio becomes best friends.

They go on missions together and spend all of their evenings having a great time eating ice cream together. It feels like this will go on forever until Xion meets Riku. Through this and her eventual meeting with Namine, she learns the truth of her existence. That she is nothing but a memory, and returning to Sora will help him get better.

Xion tries to run away from Organization XIII and fulfill her destiny, but Axel stops her and brings back her back.

In Roxas’ Memories

After returning to the evil group, Xion confronts Roxas and fights him in a climactic battle, pretending to be his enemy while having her own motives. In reality, her goal is to merge with Roxas and fulfill her destiny, which will ultimately result in everyone forgetting about her existence.

She loses the fight and disappears but not before wishing that Roxas would save the world and ensure that the trio of friends can be best friends forever. In the end, Roxas forgets about Xion ultimately as she returns to Sora, but with the promise that Roxas will be with her soon.

Following the events of 358/2 Days, Xion only makes a few appearances throughout the series until Dream Drop Distance. In this more substantial cameo glimpse, Xion shows up and helps Sora out. Sora has no idea who the girl is but feels sad when he sees her, likely due to Roxas inside of him remembering their connection.

Xion later shows up and greets Riku in Dream Drop Distance, where Riku thinks she is Sora. They speak for a short time before Xion leaves, and Riku continues on his journey.

Pawn of Organization XIII

kingdom hearts xion

Xion doesn’t appear again until Kingdom Hearts III, where Xehanort and Organization XIII begins their final mission. They need a final 13th member of the group, so they bring Xion back to life and make her the group’s last member.

This is in time for the final battle of the game, where the Guardians of Light fight back against Organization XIII.

During this final battle, Saix and Xion take on Lea, the former Axel, and Kairi at the same time. Sora joins the battle and stops Xion, having the memories of Roxas inside of him call out to her. This makes Xion remember who she is and prevents her from continuing to fight.

Through this, Roxas is able to gain a new body and become a real person in the real world, separate from Sora. They defeat Saix and Xemnas, letting Roxas, Lea, and Xion reunite fully. They have a tearful reunion where the best friends are now together again.

During the game’s closing moments, Lea, Roxas, and Xion can be seen sitting atop the clock tower eating that sea salt ice cream again. From then on, Xion is a valuable member of the Kingdom Hearts main characters, helping in the DLC to find Sora and where he now is through her memories.

Special Abilities

There are a couple of special abilities that Xion has as a Keyblade wielder like everyone else, a member of Organization XIII, and someone connected to the series’ main character. These special powers help her to be one of the most valuable and underrated fighters in the entire series.

Keyblade Wielder

Without a doubt, Xion may not be nearly as strong as someone like Roxas or even Axel most of the time. However, she can stand her ground and be a strong combatant when push comes to shove. This is why she is so successful in her missions.

Xion seems to have a fighting style that is similar to Sora but with an emphasis on the Keyblade-fighting. She isn’t a heavily magical user and relies on her brute strength and smarts to outwit the opponent.

That said, she is pretty talented, and that is why she is able to go toe-to-toe with everyone she faces, even if she is unsuccessful in defeating them.

Part of Sora

Then there is the value and power that Xion has as part of Sora’s memories of Kairi. This comes with its own magical force, allowing Xion to be a valuable asset to both Sora and Organization XIII. She is necessary for fusing the X-blade and fulfilling the goals of the evil group.

This power deep inside her is something that she likely doesn’t fully understand. However, with this power, Xion can help people remember events that they’d forgotten, empower others to be who they indeed can be, and successfully create the ultimate Keyblade weapon that carries the world’s fate.

This makes Xion one of the most underappreciated characters in Kingdom Hearts, despite being crucial to everyone’s plans.

Xion Voice Actor

kingdom hearts xion voice actor

One of the hallmark parts of the Kingdom Hearts series is the fact that there is so much dialogue and voice-acted plot from the first game all the way through. This even includes a game like 358/2 Days, where Xion is introduced. There are a few voice actors that have voiced Xion in the past.

If you watch or play the Japanese version of the game, you will find that Xion is primarily the same voice across all of the games she’s featured in. That voice actor for her is none other than Risa Uchida. You might know Uchida from a particular other role she has in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Yes, she also voices Kairi in the Japanese version. Oddly enough, she has almost no other prominent voice roles outside the franchise’s two female leads.

It also gets strange and complicated when you look at the English dub for Kingdom Hearts, which I imagine is what most people have enjoyed. This excellent dubbing features two key voice actors for Xion, both of which you may know quite well from their live-action roles.

There is Alyson Stoner, who is the main voice of Xion. She is also known for her roles in the past, such as Isabella in Phineas and Ferb, various Disney Channel live-action content, and being the most recent voice of Kairi in the English dub. However, she wasn’t always the voice of Kairi.

For a time, there was another person who took over the reins of Xion from Alyson Stoner, and that was another live-action star, Hayden Panettiere. She only voiced the character in Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance for unknown reasons.

Panettiere is known for her Kingdom Hearts role in the past as the original voice of Kairi. She was also famous in shows and games in the past, like Heroes, Until Dawn, and even the Scream franchise.

Key Relationships

kingdom hearts key relationships

Xion is at the heart of so many characters in Kingdom Hearts. The entire theme of the video game series is friendship, and many characters wouldn’t know the true meaning of friendship if it weren’t for Xion. But her relationships can be narrowed down to a few key ones.

For starters, there is her friendship with Axel. Though they butt heads and fight with one another often, they are still the best of friends. Their relationship might not be as strong as some of the others that Xion has, but they care about one another, and Axel will generally do whatever it takes to protect her.

Another meaningful relationship is the one that Xion has with Kairi and, in turn, Namine. This one isn’t explored as much in the series, but Xion shares much with Kairi and her Nobody, Namine. They are like one another but different at the same time and Xion has Kairi to thank for her existence.

The same can be said for Sora, who is the origin of Xion. Without Sora, Xion wouldn’t exist and feel the emotions that she does. She has Sora to thank for the memories he (unwillingly) gave her. They are close to one another, so she shares a body and heart with him for most of the series.

Lastly, there is Roxas. There is no friendship that Xion has that compares to this one. In fact, you could even argue that their relationship is the strongest in the entire series. Roxas isn’t afraid like certain other characters — cough, Sora — to show his feelings to Xion and vice versa.

The relationship between Xion and Roxas is the crux of both of their entire character arcs in the series. It is clear that they have a deep love for one another, whether that be romantic or not. However, I imagine that this is one couple that you can undoubtedly ship together with no problem.


Question: Why does Xion Look Like Kairi?

Answer: Personally, I don’t think Xion looks all that much like Kairi. That said, the reason she somewhat resembles Kairi to you might be because she is a representation of the memories that Sora has of Kairi. So, while she isn’t Kairi’s Nobody, she is related to her in a way.

Question: What is Xion an Anagram of?

Answer: Xion isn’t an anagram of anything because she isn’t a Nobody, like how Roxas is an anagram (minus the X) of Sora. To be clear, this anagram deal doesn’t even work in Japanese in the first place, where her name is spell as Shion. Honestly, that is how it should have been spelled in English to avoid this confusion.

Question: How Old is Xion in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Answer: How old Xion is in Kingdom Hearts 3 is uncertain. Her age is an odd topic, to begin with, in 358/2 Days, where she is perhaps 14 or 15 years old to match that of Sora’s memories of Kairi.
However, in Kingdom Hearts 3, when she returns, there are two ages she could be. 15 to match her original age since she was recreated here, or around 16 or 17 to match Sora’s age.

Which Organization XIII Member to Check Out Next

Much of Xion’s life is defined by her servitude to Organization XIII. She was created by them and is a pawn to do their bidding for so long. This is a recurring theme for her character all the way until even Kingdom Hearts III, which stops her from also being the whole person that she could be.

That said, Xion is one of the strongest characters in the entire Kingdom Hearts series. Despite not even being a real person, technically, she is able to do what the other characters aren’t able to do and affect the emotional state of several of the heroes and set them on the arcs that they go on.

While she is among the best characters in all of Kingdom Hearts, she is far from the only member of Organization XIII.

There is also Axel, who is another integral member of the group and someone who becomes a pain for everyone with whom he involves himself. Find out everything you need to know about Axel and memorize it all here.

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