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The modern era of gaming has been particularly kind to RPG fans. Thanks to the abundance of hugely successful action, fantasy and isometric and turn-based RPG’s, you could easily put together a strong argument that this genre is the most popular of all time. Whether you want to explore vast open worlds, enjoy some of the most gripping narratives present in modern gaming or want to be challenged with complex and brilliantly designed combat mechanics, the RPG genre provides.

However, you may be wondering which of the myriad of RPG’s on the market are actually worth your time and money. Well, we aim to answer this question. Below we have a series of RPG reviews, giving you all the information you could ever need about these games. So check out our selection below and make an informed decision on your next RPG adventure.

Also, be sure to check in with this page regularly, as we intend to keep the reviews coming and cover the biggest RPG games on the horizon.

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