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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is a game that places you in the vicinity of Sengoku, Japan, in the middle of a war between the Ashina and Hirata clans. 

At the center of it all, you play the character of a shinobi named Wolf, with a sacred duty to protect his lord, who has the coveted power to defy death itself. Sekiro challenges you as you move through the ancient times with several milestones ahead of you.

Sekiro is an RPG (more of an action game), and like any other RPG, it has a unique resurrection mechanism. You can resurrect with the help of your lord’s power. Let’s be honest who doesn’t want to have one of those good old bring-me-back-to-life abilities in a world where you could die by a sword cutting you in half or piercing your innards. 

This is where the Dragon Blood Droplet comes to your rescue. It can help increase your resurrection power by a bit and has some other effects that we will also discuss below. 

So without further delay, here is the last Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Dragon Blood Droplet Guide you will ever need.

To fully understand what is a Dragon’s Blood Droplet, why you will use it, how you will use it, and from where you can get it, you must first understand why it was created in the first place. The Dragon Blood Droplet is an item that has been made to cure a disease called Dragonrot. 

What is Dragonrot?


Dragonrot is a disease that afflicts every NPC in the game. This disease leads to the dysfunctionality of human behavior and causes a lot of bloody coughs. 

Why is Dragonrot caused?

The basic premise is that the Wolf has Dragon Blood in him which gives him the power to resurrect. But whenever he dies and respawns without the option of being ressurected; his power of resurrection is depleted. 

Thus, to stabilize the power of resurrection, the NPCs in the game become vessels of power. Their life source starts to deplete and, in turn, makes them fall prey to Dragonrot.

Dragon Blood Droplets Explained

A Dragon Blood Droplet is an item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and does the job of unlocking the ability to resurrect and slightly increasing Wolf’s resurrection power.

  • Resurrection Power:  No specific value
  • Cost: 180 Sen (Increases after each death) 

It is an item that is rarely dropped by the divine heir of the dragons’ heritage. 

It restores the life power of those who have been drained of it by offering this drop to the Sculptor’s Idol with a Recovery Charm in hand. In return, all who are afflicted by the Dragonrot will be healed.

Recovery Charms Explained

The Dragonrot Recovery Charm was first created by Emma when Wolf visits her in a Dilapidated temple and hands over a blood sample of the afflicted NPCs. With this charm, one can offer a Dragon Blood Droplet at a Sculptor’s Idol to restore all afflicted with Dragonrot back to health.

This Charm is essential as it is the only way to use the Dragon’ Blood Droplet.

Where to find Dragon Blood Droplets


It can be found in the following locations:

Dilapidated Temple

1x Given by Emma after she completes her research on the second blood sample you give her of a victim afflicted with Dragonrot.

Ashina Outskirts (Near the Castle Gate)

1x can be bought from Memorial Mob after you defeat the Gyoubu Oniwa. You can go up the stairs after crossing the battlefield, and find the merchant in a tent.

Ashina Outskirts (Near the defeated Demon of Hatred) 

1x can be found when you head towards the hill after defeating the Demon of Hatred. Go into the building where you found Tengu. On the opposite side of the door you will find a Dragon Blood Droplet.

Ashina Castle (Abandoned Dungeon Entrance)

Ashina Castle (Abandoned Dungeon Entrance)

1x can be purchased from the Memorial Mob that can be found beside the Sculptor Idol.

Ashina Castle (Old Grave)

1x can be found when you turn left and go along the path through the tunnel. You will find the droplet near the gravestone. 

Ashina Castle (Great Serpent Shrine)

1x can be found on the path ahead of the hanging bridge on the other side when you defeat the great serpent.

Fountainhead Palace (Near Pot Noble) 

1x can be bought from an NPC on the far left side of the Lake area for a price of 1 fish scale.

Senpo Temple (Mt. Kongo, Shugendo)

1x can be bought from Memorial Mob that can be found on the cliffs at the left path from the idol.

Senpo Temple (Mt. Kongo, Main Hall)

Senpo Temple (Mt. Kongo, Main Hall)

1x can be snatched from the hands of the statue of Buddha.

Sunken Valley (Boghisattava Valley)

2x can be easily bought from the Toxic Memorial Mob found down the way near the Toxic Water area.

Dilapidated Shrine

2x can be bought from an Info Broker named Fujioka when he has moved to the Dilapidated area.

This covers almost all the possible places from where you can get the Dragon Blood Droplets. Whether it is through purchasing them from a merchant or snagging them for free from the hands of a gigantic Buddha statue. 

How to use Dragon Blood Droplet

Up till now, we have understood what Dragonrot is, why it is caused, and what the use of a Dragon Blood Droplet is.

Now you will learn about some aspects of the usage of the Dragon Blood Droplets, such as:

The Inventory/Quick Access Method


Relax, accesing the inventory is a relatively easy as shown in the steps below:

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Hit Options/Menu to go to the main screen where you can see the second row is the quick item menu.
  3. Select any of the spots in that menu and you will be redirected to the inventory screen.
  4. Use the Dragon Blood Droplet from that screen.

Reasons for use:

  1. Unlock the ability to resurrect. (If locked)
  2. Slightly increase resurrection power.

Sculptor’s Idol and Recovery Charm Usage

Don’t worry, curing Drragonrot is not some complex operation for which you might need to study the art of Physicians or any other medical domain in the game. It is relatively simple, as explained in the following steps:

  1. You are sent on a mini-quest for Emma to fetch a blood sample of a Dragonrot victim.
  2. You come back with the sample and talk to Emma then leave to find another blood sample of a Dragonrot victim.
  3. The next time you meet Emma, she provides you with a Dragon Blood Droplet.
  4. You use it at the Sculptor’s idol alongside the Recovery Charm as an offering and heal the people afflicted with Dragonrot.

Reason for use:

  1. To cure the NPCs afflicted with Dragonrot in the game.

Additional Info

  1. If a Dragon Blood Droplet is used from the inventory, the item will be consumed and you won’t be able to cure Dragonrot afflicted NPCs until you find another Droplet.
  2. You might have only one Dragon Blood Droplet in your inventory at a given time but rest assured that you have infinite storage.

Dragon Blood Droplet Applications

Dragon Blood

The usage of the Dragon Blood Droplet is essential if you are a caring shinobi and want the NPCs to be cured. But let’s be realistic, some of you might not even care about the sickness or death of those poor NPCs. 

Nevertheless, using a Dragon Blood Droplet has certain effects on the game itself that you should be well aware of. A Dragon Blood Droplet can be used for the following reasons:

To cure Dragonrot

Dragonrot can only be cured by the use of Dragon Blood Droplet so it is the only cure.

To get rid of Rot Essence

Rot essence is an item that is collected on every death (respawn) that affects the unseen aid.

Dragonrot halts quests of NPCs

Dragonrot not only sickens the NPCs but also halts their quests until they are cured.

Dragonrot lowers your Unseen Aid

Unseen aid is the likelihood that you will retain all your experience (EXP and SEN) after you have died a true death. The first rot essence you receive lowers the unseen aid to 15%. After that, it decreases by a margin of 2% – 3% only for every death.

5 Lesser-Known Mechanics around Dragon Blood Droplets 

Chances of Dragonrot infection increase with repeated deaths

Despite Dragonrot being a crippling mechanism, the game has done a relatively poor job of explaining how it works. True deaths (respawns) are the trigger to activate Dragonrot, but it is not guaranteed. 

Dragonrot is unlikely to occur on the first death of the player but the chance of accumulation of Rot Essence in the player’s inventory increases as he repeatedly dies. On an average of 10 deaths, the inventory of players starts to accumulate Rot Essence, meaning that skilled players would rarely encounter Dragonrot.

Resurrection mechanic explained

In the game, Emma’s research into the Dragonrot unfolds a detailed explanation as to why this phenomenon occurs. To clarify, when players die in Sekiro they are resurrected by using the Divine heir’s blood. 

When that energy is depleted and the player dies again, the blood stagnates. Though the resurrection is still in play, however, this is because the energy is being sucked from the life source of NPCs which results in their deathly sickness.

Rot Essence show infected NPCs

Rot Essence

All the NPCs in any zone can be infected with Dragonrot. Since there are a lot of NPCs, it is difficult to track who is infected. 

Fortunately, the affected can be easily tracked. The inventory displays Rot Essence, each Essence is named with the NPC who has been affected by Dragonrot.

Dragonrot Pellets

Dragonrot Pellet is a concept that is rarely known to the players. Originally, players were to visit each infected NPC in the game to cure them. This mechanism worked by talking to Emma who drained the wolf’s resurrection power and infuse it into a pellet. 

These Dragon Pellets were then to be given to the people who were to be cured. But From Software cut this mechanism as it was too tedious. 

Restocking of Dragon Blood Droplet

Players sometimes are very concerned about the number of Droplets and their use. Up till now, we know that 15-17 Dragon Blood Droplets can be found in each playthrough irrespective of being bought or found in the world. 

But little do the players know merchants restock the Dragon Blood Droplets. Fujioka and Memorial Mob merchants restock the Droplets which allows players to buy a near-infinite supply of Blood Droplets for a relatively cheaper price.


Question: Why are Dragon Blood Droplets important in Sekiro?

Answer: The Dragon Blood Droplets’ importance is dependent on the player’s perception of the importance of this item. For players who are skilled and efficient; for them, its significance as a quick item is less due to their low death rate. 
On the other hand, players who are new to the game and will likely die more, and on top of that, they are fine liners who have an exhaustive approach towards finishing the whole game have a greater significance for the Droplets.

Question: What is the quickest way to get a Dragon Blood Droplet?

Answer: The quickest way to acquire the Dragon Blood Droplet is through directly buying from merchants such as those situated in Fujioka or Memorial Mob.

Question: Can we complete the game without finding the Dragon Blood Droplet?

Answer: Yes, the game can be completed without acquiring the Dragon Blood Droplets. The mainstream missions can be completed without the use of Dragon Blood Droplets. 
Even then, this item does help in increasing the resurrection power but still, it is not a mandatory item that you must have in your inventory to complete the game.

Question: Is there any other way to cure the NPCs of Dragonrot in the game?

Answer: No, to cure the NPCs of this deadly life-sucking virus. You must acquire the Dragon Blood Droplet and offer it to the Sculptor’s statue alongside the Recovery Charm. 
There was a mechanism known as the Dragon Pellet in which Wolf’s resurrection power was infused into a Pellet by Emma and those Pellets were used to cure the infected NPCs. But this mechanism was dropped before the launch of the game as it was a tedious task.


In hindsight, a Dragon Blood Droplet is a valuable, yet mostly overlooked item in the game. And even in the moments that it is used, it rarely ever ends up being used for the right purposes. 

But hopefully, we’ve changed that for you and you can now put those spare Dragon Blood Droplets to good use.

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