Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Dagger to the Heart Guide

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Bottom Line Up Front

Talk to the owner of the theater and inquire about the dagger. Next, find the dagger associate in Chalkis City within Euboea, just southwest of the Temple of Poseidon. Talk to him, and you must kill him to continue the quest. Return to the theater with caution and attack from a distance with arrows to eradicate the bandits. This will ensure both the theater owner and his wife survive, and you get the maximum rewards.

Introduction: The “Dagger to the Heart” Side Quest

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has evolved significantly over the years, and it’s never short of exciting quests that captivate the imagination. Odyssey is the 11th title in the long-running series, which features a breathtaking open world with fluid RPG elements. Past games have placed emphasis on stealth, but Odyssey aims to give a more aggressive approach with thrilling combat. It is excellent at telling a compelling story, and each playthrough is different, depending on your decisions. Your choices always impact the story development, and  Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is full of outstanding side quests that make the game more fulfilling.

This epic journey is inspired by real-world events in history, even if the plot is fictional. It’s an educational experience with immersive gameplay that takes place in modern times, like in previous games. I am confident you can get through any side quest with my help because I know what it takes to conquer this masterpiece. This game will never cease to surprise you with challenges around every turn, and not all of them are combative. The true beauty in the gameplay is the historic quality of the locations which have been meticulously crafted by the development team to ensure a mostly accurate world. A mysterious cult group, known as the Cult of Kosmos, has ties into the entire story, and there are many side missions to weaken their influence and steer things in a positive direction.

Across the beautiful terrain of the Greek world, there are many citizens who need your help. Completing these missions is beneficial and worth the effort because you get to experience more of what Odyssey offers. The game has immense depth, and diving deeper will reveal hidden rewards!  I’m here to inform you of the subtleties behind completing the “Dagger to the Heart” mission! I have completed the game with a platinum trophy, so you can trust me to ease you through this quest without any problems. You can complete side quests as you progress or come back later to tackle them all at once. I prefer to get them done during the campaign because it enhances your stats and lengthens the experience. Let’s dive into the imperative details of accomplishing this quest so you can claim your rewards today!

Initiating the Quest

How to get it started

The “Dagger to the Heart” side quest is a fun deviation from the regular story mode. It gives you a satisfying feeling of accomplishment with additional experience and a memorable tale. The quest will boost your level and put you ahead of the competition while helping civilians of the Theater achieve peace and safety in a dangerous world. The first step is to speak to the theater owner regarding the dagger, and he will elucidate the problem while seeking your help.

Only you can solve this problem, and make sure to say yes when the dialogue prompts you to start the side quest path! You will discover the dagger antagonists are attempting to utilize the Theater for their wicked schemes. It’s time to end their mischievous ways and act as the brave misthios!

“Take care” Of the Dagger Associate

Locating your target

You will be able to find the dagger associate in Euboea within Chalkis City without a problem. Sending Icaros into the sky will help you locate objectives with relative ease. If you discover the temple of Poseidon, then you can effectively pinpoint his location just southwest of here. When you find him, initiate the conversation, and you will try to reason with him to no avail.

In the end, you’ll need to dispose of him. Utilize the necessary tactics to kill the Dagger associate, and he won’t be hard to defeat if you’re at the right level. It’s always important to consider your current rank compared to the side quest requirements so they go smoothly. If ill-prepared, take on additional lower-level quests to level up efficiently without dying.

Revisit the Theater and Talk to the Couple

Dealing with the changed circumstances

Now it’s time to go back to the Theater, but don’t just waltz in there like you own the place, or there will be consequences. You will notice that circumstances have changed with Idya and Prexileos being held captive. In Odyssey, sometimes your sword will get others killed because it requires time to close the distance. If you approach them with a hand-held weapon, blood will spill with an unfortunate result. In this delicate circumstance, you want to use your head and analyze the situation from a distance.

Take out your bow and use enhanced fire or poison arrows to shoot down the Dagger bandits with excellent efficiency. It’s a good idea to upgrade your bow before this quest and make sure you have arrows crafted and ready to go. Shooting with the bow will increase the chances they will both be saved. If you rush in, it will trigger a cutscene that forces you to choose between who will die, which is unfavorable. It’s impossible to be swifter than the bandits and get in with your sword, so try to suppress the instinct to do so like in most other combat situations.

Congratulations, the Quest is Completed!

You have now effectively saved their lives

This quest is more satisfying if you keep them both alive, but you’ll receive XP even if you take the reckless approach. Still, you’ll get more rewards if you take the more subtle and efficient method. You will receive rare experience, epic drachmae, and a specialized rare dagger known as the “Theatrical Blade.” It will enhance your travels with increased stealth capability and more significant damage.

Killing pesky bandits is all in a day’s work for the mighty skilled misthios, and you’re now ready to continue conquering the rest of the greek world with better equipment! You can either use it or potentially sell it for more drachmae. If you decide to replay the game, it might be worth seeing the cutscene when choosing between their lives. Side quests like this will help you move through the game better, and they are undoubtedly necessary on the more challenging difficulty levels.

Choosing between the Noble or Reckless Path

You have the power to set the tone of the entire game by making moral decisions that influence the story of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Start off by choosing between Alexios or Kassandra as the playable characters and then you can decide how they react to any situation. Sometimes it’s better to take the more brutal approach to remain safe and keep others from dying. This particular quest is an example of how stealth favors the wise, but there are many instances where direct combat is necessary. Certain actions like stealing have monetary benefits, but they will yield future consequences, so keep this in mind when progressing. I believe it’s best to play the hero role during your first playthrough. This means sparing innocent lives and attempting to trigger the best possible outcome of any given situation. Still, it’s worth it to go back and watch the opposite choices play out with interesting results. Either way, the characters are interesting with rich storytelling in Odyssey.


Question: How do you Start the “Dagger to the Heart Quest” In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Answer: Start a conversation with the theater owner and choose to help him with the bandits, which will start the quest.

Question: How do you Complete the Quest Without Killing Both Civilians?

Answer: Utilize ranged weapons like the bow from a greater distance while charged to the max for each shot. Consider Fire or poison arrows for the job.

Question: What Rewards Will I Acquire for Completing the “Dagger to the Heart Quest?”

Answer: You will get some rare XP and epic Drachmae and the Rare dagger known as the “Theatrical Blade.”

Conclusion: The “Dagger to the Heart” Side Quest is Worth Completing on your Odyssey Journey

If you come across this quest in-game, it’s worth trying at the appropriate level. You will get some much-needed experience that will help you with future bosses. It isn’t a lengthy quest, and you can get it done in around 10 minutes with ease. I certainly enjoyed completing all the side-quests because they make the game richer. The rare dagger you obtain is worth the effort, and I recommend you try it out immediately to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep your distance and shoot down the bandits with accuracy, and you can’t go wrong. The “Dagger to the Heart” quest is one of many worth playing in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey!

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