Assassin’s Creed Test of Judgement Guide

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is arguably the best game from the series, with intense combat and a detailed story with epic characters! Odyssey portrays the Greek world with impeccable precision, giving you an accurate and historical perception of the various regions with thrilling detail. Many scenarios have sweet or sour outcomes depending on your decisions. Odyssey emphasizes fast-paced combat that is played out based on your style.

You can choose to be good or evil, changing the story’s outcome. There is a set of changeable equipment to upgrade, including versatile weapons for short or long-range combat. Completing the side quests helps you appreciate the world while giving you valuable resources and Drachmae! I’ve enjoyed completing the side quests because it provides more character depth. The “Test of Judgement” quest won’t take you long, and I’m here to walk you through the subtleties to claim expedient rewards!

Bottom Line Up Front

To complete the “Test of Judgement” quest:

  1. Locate the woman in Korinthia.
  2. From there, Investigate the Graveyard and discover the various clues.
  3. Defeat the furious man when he challenges, and then speak to the woman again. The decision won’t influence quest completion.
  4. Claim your rewards

Choosing Apollo unlocks the “Test of Faith” side quest, and choosing Poseidon will open the “Test of Character” quest line.

Speak with the mysterious woman in Korinthia


First, you want to locate the mysterious woman to initiate the task, and she is found in Korinthia just south of the Kraneion plains. Travel there and find her to start a conversation. She will be near a woman statue in the middle of the water. Trigger the discussion, and she will instruct you to decide who is the most dangerous between the two Gods, Apollo and Poseidon.

Visit and Investigate the Graveyard

Now it’s time to visit the graveyard to discover the five clues! Four hints can be interacted with on two tombstones, and examining them will help you gain perspective on their formidable strength! The final hint is on a person to the right of the stones, and exploring all clues will trigger the next part of this quest. It’s intriguing to read about the mythology of Greek gods, and you can decide which one is more threatening. They are both the right choices that unlock extra quest opportunities!

Slay the furious man

Right after you finish the investigation at the graveyard, a furious man will spontaneously appear with a challenge. Before your fight, he will claim that you were there to execute him by Athena’s orders and will proceed to attack. Clash with him utilizing your favorite tactics until he is defeated. Any tools will do the job, but if you want to remain safe, consider arrows or a spear. Use your blocking technique to parry his aggressive attacks. If the furious man kills you, assess your equipment and level to make the required adjustments! He lacks a shield, so this will be a rather quick battle. You can attack him without defending, and he will go down quickly. Fire arrows and evasion can help you avoid taking any damage, but a brute approach is effective.

Who is the “furious man?”


You may wonder where this random man came from and why he’s so angry. He’s adamant about fighting you and comes off very aggressive after you solve the riddle in the graveyard. This man’s name is Dorykleidas, and he starts with an accusation that Athena appointed you to kill him. His paranoia stems from the authorities trying him in court for murder. A great and mysterious fire burned down the court during this incident. Fortunately for Dorykleidas, the court records were also destroyed in this catastrophe. This event allowed him to walk as a free man without evidence to put him on trial.

He claims that he has heard Athena speak warnings in his dreams since then. His conscience seems to be projecting because Athena told him he would be brought to justice even if he escaped temporarily. He firmly believes that you are the person sent to balance the scales and bring him down. After his accusation, you have two response choices: 1. You’re right I’m on a Godly mission 2. I’m just fulfilling a contract. Choose the first one, and you will inform him of the mysterious woman who hired you to solve a puzzle. Nevertheless, Dorykleidas is stubborn and reasserts that you are there because of Athena’s warning.

You can recruit Dorykleidas as a lieutenant

It’s possible to recruit Dorykleidas for your team as a Unique common lieutenant. You need to kill him to complete this quest, but he makes an excellent addition to your crew as an alternative in future playthroughs. To hire him, damage Dorykleidas with arrows until he is on the ground and select the option to recruit. He’s a valuable soldier and will serve the Adrestria well.

Speak to the woman again

talk to mysterious woman

Swiftly return to the mysterious woman and talk to her about your final decision regarding the threat level of the gods. She is in the same spot as before and awaits your meaningful interpretation. It’s better to fast travel or ride your horse to get there quicker. The fighting is over, but now you must make an important decision. 

Decide which god is the most dangerous

After reading the inscriptions on the stone tablets within the graveyard, you have enough information to decide which God is more threatening. There are three choices; don’t choose Athena because it won’t yield a side quest. Select either Poseidon and his Sharks or Apollo and his Lions. You can’t go wrong with your decision here! Selecting either of them will unlock additional corresponding quests!

Test of Judgment Choices

  • Apollos and his lions are more dangerous
  • Athena is the most dangerous
  • Poseidon and his sharks are more dangerous

Quest complete, claim your reward!

kill the furious

After telling her your decision, she will comment on it, and the quest will conclude. It’s a straightforward task that gives you a small reward of 1000 drachmae and iron metal, which helps upgrade armor and weapons at a blacksmith or buy new ones at a merchant. All in a day’s work for the courageous Misthios! I suggest you complete the side quest unlocked, as it will increase your level and give you more materials.

Iron Metal and other resources are essential for crafting, which should be conducted regularly throughout Odyssey. Side quests like “Test of Judgement” will refine your equipment to deadly proportions. You can progress without upgrading, but it will be a rougher road. After claiming your compensation, It’s time to resume the story, but there will be many more exciting tasks ahead! An ideal strategy is to complete one at the beginning of each chapter to get a competitive edge! 


Question: Is it essential to complete side-quests in Assassin’s Creedy Odyssey?

Answer: There will be more than enough XP to progress without completing the side quests, but they can make certain difficult bosses like Medusa much easier. They are worth completing to understand your role in the game entirely. It’s essential to enjoy a few of them at least, and this one is worth the quick rewards because it doesn’t drag on forever.

Question: Is the Test of Judgment a problematic quest to complete in Odyssey?

Answer: As far as quests go, this one is shorter and more manageable. Inquiries like these are most suitable if you want to complete quests without spending too much time. You only have to slay one enemy in this scenario, and he’s easy if you’re at the right level and using upgraded and sturdy equipment!

Question: Is the quest unlocked from your decision in this scenario worth completing too?

Answer: You might as well conquer the additional quest you obtain from the woman after making your choice. That will add some length to the game and give you more overall experience and materials. Quest lines can get lengthy, but the rewards are more substantial and worth the effort in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey!

Question: What level should you be at to complete this quest efficiently?

Answer: You should be around level 47 to take on this side quest, but you can be slightly below that, and it will most likely be fine. It might be more of a struggle if you’re at a lower level, but it’s generally not a problem. If you struggle at first, try using subtle tactics like fire arrows and getting your meter filled to execute special moves that do more damage.

Conclusion: You are ready to complete the Test of Judgement quest with ease!

The “Test of Judgement” side quest rewards you with a unique story element while elucidating the gods’ power. Each quest brings something new and exciting to your Odyssey. You gain greater character depth by exploring everything they have to say. Odyssey is a game where you can pursue and nurture your curiosity, giving you numerous opportunities. The main questline can wait a couple of hours while you level up and develop greater security. Playing the extra quests will prevent you from dying often and reduces overall stress. Odyssey has the potential to be a different experience with each playthrough, and it’s worth playing again!

 One of the most prominent reasons for struggling is you may need to level up by completing side quests before pursuing a dangerous objective. They all test your skills in different ways, and here you have to solve a short puzzle to gain perspective. Another way to help make this quest go smoother is to use ranged weapons, robust warrior moves, blocking, and parrying options. Follow this guide, and you’ll pass the “Test of Judgement” to claim your rewards today! I hope this has given you clarity so you can confidently pursue this quest.

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