Hogwarts Legacy Bosses Guide: How to Defeat All Bosses in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with many challenges and foes to face as you venture across the Scottish Highlands. Of the enemies you face, the fewest in number but the most powerful in strength are the bosses.

If you want to know about all of them and how to take them on in their respective quests, you’re in the right place with our Hogwarts Legacy bosses guide.

The bosses in Hogwarts Legacy are few in number, but they are mighty in power. They each have massive health bars that sometimes have various segments and phases to them. They are among the toughest enemies to fight, often bringing some minions. Here’s how to defeat each one in this Hogwarts Legacy bosses guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

There are only around ten bosses in all of Hogwarts Legacy. Five of them are in the main story while the other five are found in the various side quests you do. While this may not seem like a lot overall, the game more than makes up for that in how epic each boss fight feels.

Every one of them is pretty different from the others; some even have multiple phases. These fights require players to be on their toes and use nearly every spell type that is available to them. In addition, some of these bosses even need you to grind to be at the appropriate level to face them.

Hogwarts Legacy Bosses Explained

armoured troll boss hogwarts legacy

There are only ten Hogwarts Legacy bosses you’ll find in this otherwise massive open-world game. I know this surprised me when I played through and beat the game since there are several dozens of main story quests alone, but there are only a handful of boss enemies to encounter.

That said, the game more than makes up for that with the few times you do take on these boss enemies. Each encounter is so epic, sometimes in the scale of the enemy or the challenge of the fight itself, or both occasionally. The bosses are split between two main categories.

The first of these is the primary main story bosses. These boss fights happen at exciting crossroads in the main plot, usually against one of the main villains in the story. On the other hand, there are also some bosses that are only found in the optional side quests.

Typically, you wouldn’t find these bosses unless you seek out each side quest and try to complete them. Thankfully, I have your back when it comes to how to find every boss in the game via their respective quest, the strategies on how to beat them, and what level you should be to do so.

How to Beat All Hogwarts Legacy Story Bosses

Let’s begin by taking a look at all five of the main story bosses you face in Hogwarts Legacy. These enemies differentiate themselves from regular foes for their massive health bars that cover the entire screen. In general, players fight them in huge arenas that they are stuck in.

While it is possible to avoid some of the primary enemies in some of the Hogwarts Legacy missions, that isn’t the case for these story quests bosses. You have to defeat them entirely to continue on with the story.

As you might expect, going over the quests and bosses you’ll face in the game will constitute some massive spoilers. If you don’t want to be spoiled on everything that happens in this game and who you meet in the boss fights, this is your chance to turn away now. Otherwise, let’s take a look at how to defeat all bosses in Hogwarts Legacy.

Armored Troll

  • Main Story Quest: Welcome to Hogsmeade

The first main boss you fight in Hogwarts Legacy is the Armored Troll. This is the first true boss in that it has its own massive health bar that takes up the entire width of the top of the screen, Dark Souls-style.

The Armored Troll is rampaging across Hogsmeade in your first trip to the nearby wizard town to gather gear and learn about the place’s various shops.

The problem here is that your spell book is quite empty at this point since you just arrived at school. What you want to do at first is use your basic cast ability until the game notifies you about the ability to throw objects magically at enemies.

This new ability is the one you want to use in this fight. Whenever you see an object like a barrel, use the button for your input of choice to throw the object at the troll to deal massive damage. Other than that, use basic cast and roll out of the way anytime the Armored Troll gets ready to charge at you.

Once you get the Armored Troll’s health low enough, you’ll also learn how to do the Ancient Magic Finisher move. Use it when prompted, and you’ll be able to take down this Armored Troll and garner the praise of the Hogsmeade citizens for saving the town.

Pensieve Guardian

hogwarts legacy pensieve guardian boss

  • Main Story Quests: Percival Rackham’s Trial, Charles Rookwood’s Trial

The Pensieve Guardian is one of the oddest bosses on this list because you face it not once but twice in the main story alone. Two of the four trials you must face as part of the main storyline involve taking out one of the Pensieve Guardians at the end of each of them.

As such, what you’ll find is that once you fight and beat the Pensieve Guardian once, you are pretty much good to go to do it the second time, too. What this fight mainly involves is dodging the two core attacks of the Guardian and then attacking it back to deal some damage.

The first of the attacks it uses is a sword one that launches across the field at you. This one generally requires some quick dodging, and you’ll be good to go. You may get hit the first time it happens, and that will help you learn about the timing of this attack since it is pretty fast.

The other attack, though, is much easier to dodge. At some point, the Guardian will disappear from in front of you, which indicates that it is in the air and about to jump right on top of you. To avoid this attack, you’ll want to simply keep dodging until he lands in the spot where you previously were.

Besides dodging, what you want to do is deal damage repeatedly to enemies and use any of the Ancient Magic ultimate spell moves once the bar is completely filled. Occasionally, there are some orbs that the Guardian will try to throw at you.

While this is an attacking move, this is your chance to deal some severe damage. Each time one of these orbs shows up, it will have a glowing color, such as yellow. When this happens, you need to attack the orb quickly with whatever color spell it has. In this case, something like Levioso or Glacius.

If you do this quickly enough, the orb will then go back to the boss instead. The second time you fight this enemy is pretty much the same as the first, but you have the likelihood of having more colors show up for the orb. As such, you need to be swift on your feet in figuring out which spell to use before the orb is launched at you.

The Pensieve Guardian is one of the easier boss fights in the game, but it takes some careful countering to win and a lot of stamina, as the boss fight can go on for a rather lengthy amount of time.


  • Main Story Quest: San Bakar’s Trial
  • Reward: Graphorn Mount

Yet again, there is a trial that the player must complete and a boss fight at the end of it. The fourth and final trial from your guiding portrait wizards takes you on a short and sweet quest involving defeating The Lord of the Shore. In this case, that lord is a male Graphorn, which is exceedingly rare.

This massive beast is one of the most formidable enemies you’ve fought until now. Despite the hulking tank size of this beast, it is much faster than any other boss you’ve faced yet. It will charge at you constantly and even jump over you to get behind you for a surprise attack.

The idea here is to dodge first and cast spells later. You have to carefully watch the animations of Graphorn. If you even think it might be moving like it is going to jump or charge at you, start dodging. Once you’re safe, start casting all of your spell combos and dealing as much damage as possible.

Throw some of the items around you at the enemy using the Ancient Magic Throw spell, and then use your Ancient Magic finisher move once the bar is full. The goal is, like always, to rinse and repeat everything until you get to the point where the Graphorn is down to half health.

At half health, the second phase of this fight begins. The Graphorn will continue the same attacks, but it is much faster this time around, and it deals way more damage with each blow. The first half was your practice round to get into the rhythm of reading its attacks.

Now, you have to dodge even faster and more wildly than ever before. Other than that, though, this fight doesn’t change much. Keep doing the same spells over and over when you aren’t dodging. It is pretty much a situation where everything is just sped up much faster than the first phase.

Once you get the Graphorn’s health low enough, a cutscene will happen. During this cutscene, you have a choice to attack the Graphorn or kneel to it while it is charging at you in the cutscene. The key here is to pick the kneel option, and the Graphorn will not hurt you but be tamed and become your new land mount option.

Victor Rookwood

hogwarts legacy victor rookwood boss

  • Main Story Quest: Wand Mastery

Now, it is possible to have all three of the unforgivable curses during the Wand Mastery quest and be able to make easy work of this boss fight. If you don’t, though, I have your back on how to get this boss fight done the hard way. The fight begins with several random trash mobs here.

These are all enemies you’ve fought before, and you need to take them out to lead to Victor Rookwood making his debut. Use your general strategy for dealing with camps of foes, such as Protego, to protect yourself from their impending attacks and then Stupefy to counter it back at them.

You then want to use whatever spells you prefer, be it levitating them in the air to not worry about someone, setting them on fire, freezing them in place, and so on. It is up to you so long as you take on these foes and don’t take much damage during this part of the fight.

Once Victor Rookwood shows up, a quick time event will happen where you need to mash the button to beat Rookwood in a wand battle. After winning this, more trash mobs appear, but this time, Victor is also on the battlefield.

Deal with all the other enemies first like you usually would, and then it is time to break the shield Victor has around him. You need to use countering and Ancient Magic Throws and the like to take out this shield. It is not a colored shield like the usual ones are.

After breaking the shield, it is time to use whatever set of spells you prefer to use to deal the most damage. Once again, I prefer the three unforgivable curses as they allow the most damage possible. Once you get his health low enough, another wand battle will begin, and you need to button-mash your way to blast Victor Rookwood to kingdom come and win the fight.


  • Main Story Quest: The Final Repository

It is now time to take down the final boss that has been awaiting you since the start of the game: Ranrok. Now that he has attacked Hogwarts and is trying to break into the magical repository to take all of its magical powers, it’s now up to you to stop him once and for all.

To do this, you’ll need to go through a whopping four phases of boss battles against Ranrok in his new massive dark dragon form. The first phase begins on a cliffside path that leads down to the repository. He will launch attacks at you nearly constantly, and you’ll need to dodge them.

You can Protego and Stupefy some of them, but I recommend simply dodging them as it makes this easier to deal with. The odd part is that while this is happening, none of your spells will damage Ranrok. Instead, you’ll have to wait for a colored orb to appear over his head.

Once this happens, you’ll be able to use a similarly colored spell against the orb to launch it back at Ranrok and finally deal some damage. If you see a blue one, for instance, use a blue spell. If you see a yellow or red orb, use a yellow or red spell, respectively, as you did with the Pensieve Guardian fights.

Once you get his health low enough, the first phase will finish, and he will move to the next area. Follow him, and the second phase will begin.

It is the exact same as before, but the only change is that he now puts up two colored orbs that you’ll have to take down. The worst part is they are usually different colors. But launch these orbs back at Ranrok until you’ve dealt enough damage.

The third phase will then begin, and you’ll finally reach the final battlefield under the repository. This time around, the boss fight intensifies, and you now have to deal with three colored orbs at once. You’ll want to take out all three if you wish to deal some significant damage to the Ranrok dragon enemy.

For this third phase, you’ll want to keep using the orbs to deal damage until his health is down to its final segment, in which the fourth and final phase will begin. For this final phase, you have weakened the Ranrok dragon enough that it is now forced to the ground and can no longer fly.

This is by far the most challenging part of this otherwise straightforward boss fight. His moves change up radically and involve several different attacks. He has a charge attack, which you should dodge, a slash attack with his claws, Monster Hunter-style, which you should also avoid, and ranged fireballs.

All of these moves are ones that you should be ready to dodge as he swiftly unleashes each move on you constantly. The other issue with this final phase is that you have to launch the colored orbs back at him again. This time, though, he has a whopping four orbs for you to counter at once.

It takes some serious speed with these spells to launch all orbs back. But once you do and his defenses are weakened, it is the same general idea of unleashing your best spells and dodging his attacks until he is finished and you have beaten the main story of Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Beat All Hogwarts Legacy Side Quest Bosses

hogwarts legacy the absconder boss

In addition to the main bosses you face in Hogwarts Legacy, there are also some optional side quest boss fights. There are also five of these, two of which happen in the same side quest. It is entirely possible to beat the entire main story and all of its bosses and not encounter any of the following enemies.

However, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you missed out on them, as some of these are some of the best bosses and storylines in the entire game. Plus, you will probably need to complete most of these side quests if you wish to level up enough to complete the postgame activities in the story.

The Absconder

  • Side Quest: The Absconder Encounter

The Absconder is a rather annoying boss since it is a massive spider with tons of other spider minions around it. The key here is to dodge its charge attack that can happen multiple times in a row, so be ready to leap out of the way several times at once.

Take out the minions and then focus on The Absconder. It has a relatively hefty amount of health, but you can decimate it using fire-based spells like Incendio that deal a solid amount of damage to spider enemies. I find that even the three unforgivable curses can be pretty valuable here, too.

Fastidio’s Monster

  • Side Quest: Minding Your Own Business

This side quest involving Minding Your Own Business is one of the longer ones you’ll find in the open world of Hogwarts Legacy. This isn’t because it is an exceptionally long mission in its own right but because it has the unique status of having not one but two different boss fights.

And they are radically different fights, too. The first is up against the monster that Fastidious summons. This strange beast made up of various crates, chairs, and barrels is filled with a few different phases. Thankfully, the boss has weak attacks that you can generally dodge or stay out of range of.

The idea is to use your favorite attack spells on the beast until you get it to the last third of its health. At this point, unleash your Ancient Magic finisher moves on it to easily take it out.

Cassandra Mason

  • Side Quest: Minding Your Own Business

Cassandra Mason is the other boss you take on in this particular side quest. This fight, like Fastidio’s Monster, can be as easy or difficult as you make it. While she is a fellow spell user, this older lady has some tricks to her that will make this fight much easier than it appears to be.

What you want to do is launch the rock she tries to launch at you back at her. This will deal some hefty damage on its own. In addition, I prefer Accio for this fight as it prevents her from attacking you for a time and makes her vulnerable to some of your best damage attacks.

In a way, this fight reminds me of the dueling ring opponents you can face at school but slightly more challenging.

Solomon Sallow

hogwarts legacy solomon sallow boss

  • Side Quest: In the Shadow of the Relic

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: do the Sebastian side quest storyline. It is the best piece of content in the entire Hogwarts Legacy game from start to finish. One of the final quests in the storyline, which is entirely optional but shouldn’t be, results in Sebastian’s uncle showing up and attacking you and him.

This fight is annoying since there are so many Inferi all around while Solomon is also attacking you. But the key here is to use that against him. The Inferi will try to attack, and you can use Protego and then Stupefy to redirect that damage to Solomon, even if he isn’t the one attacking.

Just make sure to lock onto him, and he will be the source of your attacks. Don’t worry about the Inferi since getting his health low enough is necessary for winning the fight.

Theophilus Harlow

  • Side Quest: Harlow’s Last Stand

If you get to the end of Nat’s side quests, you’ll take on Theophilus Harlow in a duel. He has other enemies in this fight, but they are trash mobs that you can honestly ignore if you want. The idea is to take care of his shield, which can be more easily done with the Ancient Magic ultimate move.

Once you have his shield down, you really need a potent combo like Accio or Levioso that will render him vulnerable for a time to your other stronger attacks. Keep this rhythm up, and you’ll have this duel won eventually.

General Boss Tips

hogwarts legacy theophilus harlow boss

There are some general boss tips that will help you to do the best you possibly can in fights. Here are the tips I learned during my time studying at Hogwarts:

  • Learn as many of the optional spells as you can before tackling a boss. You know which quests feature a boss from the above sections. Tackle all of the available side quests and assignments that give you new spells beforehand so you have a full suite of powers at your disposal.
  • When in doubt, curse your way out. Yes, using the killing curse and other dark magic on some of these bosses is possible. While it is unlikely to kill most of them, it can significantly reduce the difficulty.
  • In fact, I one-hit killed The Absconder when I faced it. It is one of the few I know you are capable of defeating in one hit.
  • Make sure you are at the recommended level or higher. Some of these quests let you do them at levels lower than is necessary. Don’t risk this, as it will cost you in the end.
  • I recommend taking on Solomon Sallow and defeating him in his quest before beating the main story of Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll be glad you did, as Sebastian Sallow’s storyline is the best in the game.
  • Look for the objects a boss is throwing at you and counter them with the associated color spell. If it is a red glowing object, use a spell like Incendio. This will break the foe or deal some severe damage.


Question: Who is the Boss in Hogwarts Legacy?

Answer: The leading boss in Hogwarts Legacy is, no surprise, Ranrok. He is an evil goblin who is creating a revolutionary army to rebel against the wizarding world and put his people at the top. Unfortunately, he uses murder and other evil means to bring it about.

Question: Can You Go Evil in Hogwarts Legacy?

Answer: It is a matter of perspective on whether or not you can go evil in Hogwarts Legacy. If you consider using the three unforgivable curses evil, then that is a yes. But otherwise, no, you don’t become evil in this game. Though you do get an option for the ending of the game, I still wouldn’t consider it evil by any means.

Question: Can You Ride Dragons in Hogwarts Legacy?

Answer: Unfortunately, no, you can’t ride any dragons in Hogwarts Legacy, at least in this base game. Perhaps you will be able to in DLC or a future sequel. You can only ride a few mounts in Hogwarts Legacy, like Hippogryphs and Thestrals.

Master All Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

All 10 of the Hogwarts Legacy bosses in this guide are challenging foes that will test the full extent of your fifth-year knowledge. Many bosses even require you to use many of the different spell types you’ve learned throughout your brief time at Hogwarts.

As such, there are well over 20 spells for you to learn and use in combat in Hogwarts Legacy and against the various bosses. If you wish to know about all of the Hogwarts Legacy spells you can unlock, you’re in the right place. We’ve previously covered how every spell in your book works.

Finding out how to use each spell, unlock it, and what it does is essential to doing well in Hogwarts Legacy. If you wish to make the most of your boss fights, counter enemies well in battle, and stop yourself from taking tons of damage, these spells are necessary. Or, heck, you can just Avada Kedavra your way to victory, too.

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