Ghosts of Tsushima Whispers In The Woods Guide

Ghost of Tsushima Whispers In The Woods Guide

There is an abundance of open-world RPG games out there, that pretty much goes without saying, and this can make it hard to choose how to spend your time and decide which world is worth immersing yourself in.

However, if you’re looking for the most eye-catching open world out there, Ghost of Tsushima is probably as good an option as you are going to find. The game is staggeringly beautiful, and it’s a lot of fun to play as well. 

Well, most of the time. You see, there are a few missions that can be a real pain in the ass, and one of those is undoubtedly the side quest, Whispers in the Woods.

This quest will have you investigate a haunted forest and try to decipher the logical reason why so many people are being killed when night falls in this infamous forest. 

Sounds intriguing, but due to poor visibility, no map markers, and no natural means of direction aside from campfires and lanterns, this can prove to be a much longer and more irritating quest than it ought to be, but no longer.

This guide will make sure you get in and out of Yagata Forest in no time at all, so without further delay, here is RPG Informer’s Ghost of Tsushima Whispers In The Woods Guide. 

How To Begin Whispers In The Woods

Whispers In The Woods quest Ghost of Tsushima

As with most non-story quests in Ghost of Tsushima, you can head straight to the starting location and action the quest at pretty much any time, but if you want the game to point you in the right direction, then you will need to do one of two things.

You can either complete the Tales of Tsushima quests one by one, and have this marker pop up naturally on your map, or you can head to Yagata Farmstead and talk to a woman there, who will make you aware of Yagata Forest’s reputation and point you in that direction to check it out. 

When you have access to this quest, you then simply head to the edge of the Forest where you will find a man who is trying to ward off the spirits within the forest, and being the logical and brave little samurai that you are, you’ll then need to head in there and find the real reason why so many are losing their lives in this forest. 

There are seven points of interest that you will have the opportunity to investigate before heading to the end zone of this quest.

You don’t need to search all of them, but if you want to get the full effect and enjoyment from this quest, I would urge you to try and find those listed below.

However, due to terrible visibility, this can be a real pain. So hopefully, this will help you navigate the forest with ease. 

#1 – The Cabin

yogata forest Ghost of Tsushima

If you follow your nose and keep on the path illuminated by Red Lanterns, you’ll come to a cabin in the woods.

This cabin is deserted, but there are a number of Scrolls lying around that talk of the Forest’s history, its link to the spirit of the Samurai, and also hints that these killings are indeed at the hands of spirits. However, you know better.

Just make sure to read all three scrolls in the cabin, and then head in the same direction you were before, following the Lanterns. 

#2 – The Fox Den

fox den Ghost of Tsushima

If you follow the path, this will lead you to a Fox Den. Be sure to follow the Fox, and it will lead you to an Inkari Shrine where you can Honor the Shrine and potentially get a charm slot for your troubles, and you’ll also find a corpse nearby. So be sure to examine this, and then head back in the direction you came. 

#3 – The Campsite 

Ghost of Tsushima campfire in yogata forest

If you follow the path back, you will notice from this angle that there is a path to the left that takes you to a Marshy area of the Forest, and you may also be able to see a Campfire in the distance. This is the path you should follow to find your next point of interest. 

When you reach the campsite, you will find a couple of decapitated corpses lying on bedrolls. If you search further, you will find tracks that will lead you further into the forest. 

#4 – Follow The Tracks 

Ghost of Tsushima hanging bodies whispers in the woods

Follow the tracks along the path, and you will eventually come to another lit campfire, this time with a wagon filled with corpses that seems to have been staged to deter any potential threats.

If you look up ahead, you’ll realize that these killings haven’t been the work of any spirits but rather a group of bandits hiding out in the forest. Follow the Hanging Bodies and survey the area ahead to plan your attack.

#5 – Defeating The Bandits

ghost of tsushima whispers in the woods kill or spare

This is where the fun begins. You’ll be able to take out the Bandits either by utilizing stealth, or going in all guns blazing and slicing and dicing the group.

Either is a fine option, and considering that these are generally quite weak enemies, and there are only five of them in total, it’s not exactly a huge ask for you to kill them all without much need for strategy. 

When you whittle them down to the last bandit standing, they will exclaim that ‘The Samurai Spirit, the legends were true.’ Which will allow you to either let them run free, or you can kill them. There isn’t really any sort of alternative reward for either, so do whatever feels right. 

Then, you can return to the quest giver at the edge of the forest to tell them that Yagata Forest is safe once again, thus ending this quest. 

Whisper In The Woods Rewards

Whisper In The Woods Rewards

Here are the rewards gifted to the player for completion of the Whisper In The Woods quest: 

  • Minor Legend Increase
  • Minor Melee Charm: Charm of Dual Destruction I
  • +4 Leather

Not So Haunted After All

So there you have it, a surefire way to hit all the necessary points of interest and make this infamous Ghost of Tsushima quest a little less irritating.

The sad thing is that thanks to the dark setting and the great audio design, the quest does a great job of offering a horror-esque vibe and gets the player on edge. But, without a guide such as this, you’ll fumble around so long that this feeling of uneasiness will turn to annoyance very quickly.

I hope that this guide serves you well on your journey to rescue Tsushima Island and push back to Mongols, and as always, thanks for reading RPG Informer. 

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