Callum Marshall

Cal is V4M Managing Editor and the lead on all things gaming. So all that you see before you at RPG Informer is under his watchful eye. Despite this workload, he does his best to carve out some time to write up some eyecatching pieces and showcase his love for RPG's. His standout titles within the genre are Fallout New Vegas, Disco Elysium, Bloodborne, Kingdom Hearts, and his main squeeze right now is Elden Ring. Outside of gaming, Callum is a podcaster, a skateboarder, and an all-around sound guy.

The Ascent Review

Usually, it is very easy to put a particular game in a box and label it as a game that appeals to a certain type of player. Whether that be a gamer who loves a particular genre, a particular theme, or a particular approach to gameplay. However, there are some games that are packaged as …

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Elden Ring Getting Started Guide – Braving The Lands Between

The modern age of gaming, more specifically, the post-covid era of gaming, has seen developers reassess their release schedules. Due to unforeseen setbacks, annual release misfires, and several hyped games with tight production deadlines falling flat upon release, many companies have decided to go back to the drawing board and rethink their strategies. Activision will, …

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Elden Ring Review

It’s rare that we as game journalists ever get the opportunity to cover something that the industry considers cornerstone content. A game that many experts, fellow studios, and fans of the series, old and new, respect and widely acknowledge as one of the best games to ever grace our screens. So before I so much …

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