Marvels Spiderman 2 Best Skills Guide

Ah, the skill tree, an RPG staple that we simply can’t live without these days. I think we all have mixed feelings about Skill Trees, as a good one can feel so rewarding and exciting, but a poor one can feel so limiting and nauseating. Not to mention, I loathe sequels that need to write a contextual reason why your character has lost all their powers and is just as weak as they were at the beginning of the last game.

Thankfully, though, Marvel’s Spiderman 2 doesn’t fall into this trap and instead gives the player all the skills and abilities they had last time out, and through the use of the skill tree, you can add to these abilities to make them stronger, not to mention add a few more completely new abilities to your skillset, allowing you to fight crime in a way that only a spider can.

However, one thing still remains consistent with all other skill trees: there is a wealth of choice, and choice can be paralyzing. It’s not always clear which skill is the best to choose, but that’s where we come in.

We have marked out the best skills on offer within Spiderman 2, and will be giving you a rundown of which skills are best in each category, and which you should try to unlock as early as you can. So, without further ado, here is RPG Informer’s Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Best Skills Guide.

spiderman 2 skills

How to Unlock Skills in Marvel’s Spiderman 2

Skills are unlocked by earning XP within the main game, which can be through completing quests, doing side content, or even swinging around and performing aerial tricks. As you rise in level, you will gain one Skill Point for each level gained, and these can be used to unlock new skills on the tree. Pretty simple.

You won’t be able to unlock these all at once, though, as you will need to unlock certain skills in a chain to unlock the next in that line, and some skills will only be available as the game progresses.

What Skills Should I Unlock First in Marvel’s Spiderman 2?

Before we go into more detail on the skills we feel are the best in class within this game, we should probably point out a few skills that might not be top of the class, but considering when you can unlock them in the game, can be a great foundation to build upon. This will depend on your preferred playstyle, but we would suggest that you unlock these skills in Marvel’s Spiderman 2 sooner rather than later:

  • Slingshot Launch
  • Loop De Loop
  • Corner Tether
  • Combo Resupply
  • Web Throw
  • Parry Disarm

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Best Skills

#10 – Heavy Lifting

heavy lifting Spiderman 2 Best Skills
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Both
  • Effect: Allows the player to web throw and yank heavy enemies

Heavy enemies are easily the most annoying type of foe in this game. They can’t really be harmed unless you do a successful parry, opening them up for a barrage of punches and kicks. However, when you are swarmed with other enemies, this can be a hard opportunity to carve out.

This is why heavy lifting is such a great skill to have in your back pocket, as this allows you to web up and throw larger enemies, meaning you can stick them to walls, throw them off buildings, or just move them out of the way until you deal with the smaller enemies first. It’s not an essential unlock, but a very helpful one if you can afford it.

#9 – Loop De Loop

Spiderman 2 Best Skills loop de loop
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Both
  • Effect: Allows players to dive, web swing, and ‘loop de loop’ to perform a more powerful web swing

This is a skill that, in most cases, is more effort to set up than it’s actually worth, but in some situations, this can help you clear large gaps, cover distance fast, and can also set you up for long glides with the help of your web wings.

This skill essentially allows you to use the momentum of a dive toward the asphalt below to generate enough speed to do a full loop and come back around to launch forward at speed. This can be super helpful if you want to cross the Hudson River in a hurry and there are no wind tunnels in sight. It’s not the best traversal skill, but it’s a good supporting skill amongst the big hitters.

#8 – Slingshot Launch

slingshot launch Spiderman 2 Best Skills
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Both
  • Effect: Allows the player to use webs to propel themselves forward

This is an unlock that you don’t get any choice in unlocking, as this is unlocked during the Skill Tree tutorial. However, even if it wasn’t we reckon it would have been one of the first unlocks most players would have made anyway.

This traversal skill is pretty similar to Loop De Loop, but we believe that this one is a little more functional, as this move allows you to get moving at speed from a standing start, and if you’re at street level and need to chase a getaway car, this is a great skill to have unlocked.

#7 – Surge: Power Spike

Spiderman 2 Best Skills surge power spike
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Peter
  • Effect: Abilities recharge in half the time in Surge Mode

I’ll be perfectly honest here, Peter’s skills kind of suck until you get the ability to unlock his Surge Ability skills. Peter’s moveset is a little lackluster as his abilities don’t help with crowd control, but when he gains his Black Suit powers, that all changes for the better.

This is the lesser Surge-based upgrades, but by no means is this one an unwelcome one. This allows players to recharge their Surge abilities faster while in Surge mode and in turn, use Surge Abilities while in Surge Mode more frequently. Abilities are the best way to end scuffles fast, and being able to get them off consistently is a real feather in your cap, so be sure to unlock this one.

#6 – Mega Venom Blast: Overcharge

mega venom blast overcharge Spiderman 2 Best Skills
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Miles
  • Effect: Abilities recharged partially for every enemy hit with Mega Venom Blast

While Peter has his Surge Mode, which essentially acts like a Rage Mode where he can pound on enemies and take them out in double time, Miles has his Mega Venom Blast, which performs an AOE attack that essentially one-hit-kills anyone close-by.

This is a wonderful option to have when you are in a mass brawl with double digits of enemies swarming around you, allowing you to deal with them all in one fell swoop, and with Overcharge unlocked, you’ll refill a large portion of all your abilities based on how many enemies you managed to electrocute, effectively turning the tides in your favor. This one is a great way to turn an impossible task into a cakewalk, so be sure to unlock it for yourself.

#5 – Chain Lightning: Power Overwhelming

Spiderman 2 Best Skills chain lightning power overwhelming
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Miles
  • Effect: Increases Chain Lightning Bolts from 3 to 6

As we mentioned, Miles is a much better option if you need to exact some crowd control in battles and take down multiple enemies at once. Having a Mega Venom Blast to call upon is great, but when that isn’t charged, you’ll benefit from Chain Lightning, a move that hits one enemy and then branches off to hit any other enemies in close proximity.

In normal circumstances, this move is capped at 3x hits per use. However, if you unlock Power Overwhelming, you’ll be able to up the potency of this move and potentially take down six enemies at once. Considering how many large-scale brawls you’ll be thrown into, this can be a real lifesaver, so consider adding this one to your arsenal.

#4 – Surge: Alien Harmony

surge alien harmony Spiderman 2 Best Skills
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Peter
  • Effect: Surge Mode lasts longer

This one is pretty self-explanatory, in truth. Surge Mode is a really effective way of taking out loads of enemies in quick succession, and the longer that lasts, the more enemies you can take out before this effect ends and you have to use your normal powers again. We aren’t sure how much longer the Surge lasts for with this in effect, but believe us when we say, you’ll notice the difference.

#3 – Webline Double Takedown

Spiderman 2 Best Skills webline double takedown
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Both
  • Effect: Takedown two nearby enemies at once when in stealth mode and performing a Perch Takedown

This is one that will make all those rooftop and indoor stealth sections so much easier. The issue with getting through those sections quickly is that enemies tend to cluster in groups of two or three, meaning if you grab one, the rest will alert the group. However, if you have Webline Double Takedown equipped, you can nab them both at once.

It sure beats the hell out of firing your web shooters at oil drums to distract and separate the packs of Hunters and Thugs, so be sure to equip this one before too long.

#2 – Surge: Ready to Glow

surge ready to glow Spiderman 2 Best Skills
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Peter
  • Effect: Abilities fully charge when you initiate Surge Mode

You know what’s better than starting Surge Mode and beating up enemies to charge your abilities? Having the whole set of four locked and loaded every time you use Surge. With Ready To Glow equipped, you have a full arsenal of abilities to unload at once, meaning you can lay waste to a huge portion of the enemies before you, and then use the remaining time in Surge to take care of the rest. It’s by far the best Surge Ability on the tree and one you need to access as soon as you can.

#1 – Spider Dash/Spider Jump

Spiderman 2 Best Skills spider dash spider jump
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Both
  • Effect: Use Spider Dash in Mid-air to propel forward at speed

I’ve listed both Spider Jump and Spider Dash in this top slot, as, really, they both go hand in hand. However, the real winner here is Spider Dash. Why? Well, primarily because it works wonderfully in tandem with your Web Wings, allowing you to travel at high speeds and get around New York in a New York Minute.

With a Spider Jump to take flight, followed by a Spider Dash and the use of Web Wings, you can go from a starting start to moving at ridiculous speeds in a matter of seconds, and that alone makes this skill the best of the lot.

Skills to Pay the Bills

spider man 2 skills

As you can see, there are a number of game-changing skills that you need to focus on unlocking if you want to be the best Spidey you can possibly be. Whether you want to master traversal or beat thugs to a pulp, you’ll benefit from unlocking all the skills we have earmarked as the best in the game above. We hope that this helps you on your NYC adventure, and as always, thank you for reading RPG Informer.

FAQ Section

Question: How Long To Reach Max Level?

Answer: You’ll probably reach the max level long before you finish all the objectives in the game. I can only speak for myself, but I had only fully cleared about four districts by the time I hit level 60, so I would say it takes anywhere from 15-18 hours to do, and the main story will get you most of the way there.

Question: Who Has The Best Skills?

Answer: The Joint skills are the ones you want to invest in first, as they offer the best buffs and abilities. However, speaking about the individual characters, Miles has better movesets and abilities for most of the game, but after Peter gets his Symbiote powers, I would say the tables turn, so overall, it’s pretty even.

Question: What’s The Best Way to Get XP

Answer: Honestly, just by focusing on the main story and completing main missions as they offer the most XP. However, if there aren’t any main quests to take on, you can complete random crime objectives in the lulls, and do any side content if you happen to be swinging on by anyway.

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