Marvels Spiderman 2 Best Quests

Insomniac has always been at the forefront of AAA gaming. Back in the day, they were best known for their ability to make beloved mascot platformers like Spyro The Dragon and Ratchet and Clank, but in modern gaming, this studio is best known for their ability to weave the fabric of the Spiderman tapestry, offering unique and eye-catching video game epics involving the web-slinger.

They have been hailed for their ability to put together a technically astounding open-world NYC setting. They have also been praised far and wide for their ability to produce a game that looks about as good as any other game in the upper echelons of the industry. However, most people hold them in high regard for their dedication to the Spiderman IP and their ability to produce gripping plotlines with Marvel’s beloved established characters.

Their latest friendly neighborhood outing is no different, as the main story, and the side content are a joy to behold from start to end. Which raises the question, which of the quests in Marvel’s Spiderman 2 are the best?

Well, if you’re willing to brave the spoilers ahead, we will be ranking the ten best quests featured in this new Spidey epic, allowing you to break out your handy FDSM app and find some great distractions from saving the world. Without further delay, here is RPG Informer’s Marvels Spiderman 2 Best Quests Guide.

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Selection Criteria

Just so you know how we are putting together this list, we have laid out some criteria below that will help us rank all of these action-packed spidey quests. Check it out down below:

  • We will be considering how fun and unique each quest is
  • We will be considering how much cinematic value each quest has
  • We will be considering how much fan service each quest offers
  • We will consider the value of the mechanics used in each quest
  • We will be considering the narrative impact of each quest

Okay, enough jibber-jabber, it’s time to swing through the streets of NYC. Let’s go!

Marvel’s Spiderman Best Quests Ranked

#10 – Master Illusionist

master illusionist Spiderman 2 Best Quests
Image by Callum Marshall

I considered swapping this one out for Grand Finale, but I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to include a Mysterio Mission on this list. He had such a prominent role in the 2000s-era Spiderman 2 game, and it’s nice to see Insomniac lean into the silly and rather pathetic side of Mysterio’s character.

In this one, you get an introduction to how Mysteriums work within the game, which are essentially timed combat arenas dotted around the city. These Mysteriums are advertised as illusion rooms intended to project the user’s wildest dreams, which leads to players performing a live DJ set with Miles behind the booth, which is actually a pretty well-implemented rhythm mini-game.

All the Mysteriums thereafter are a bit of a chore, but this one is a blast!

#9 – New Threads

Spiderman 2 Best Quests new threads
Image by Callum Marshall

Next, we have a quest that is short but sweet. In this quest, the Hunters have managed to get to Dr Connors and reactivate his Lizard gene, and now it’s your job to track him down before Kraven and his hunters. So if you stop for a second and think, where would the Lizard go in NYC, you would soon come to the conclusion, The Sewers, probably via a storm drain on the Hudson River.

This leads to an incredibly well-put-together segment that takes place along the water, showcasing just how much better the sequel is at allowing you to traverse areas lacking in Skyscrapers with ease. I don’t know what it is, but skidding across the waterline as if dragged by a Jet Ski is very satisfying.

It’s over before you know it, but it’s a great way to kick off this top ten for sure!

#8 – Howard

What Is the Song From Howard Mission in Spider-Man 2? Answered
Via Twinfinite

If you played the first game in the Marvel’s Spiderman series, you’ll likely remember Howard, but for those who need to jog their memory, Howard is the guy who owned all the pigeons you chased down in the original. The mission begins with a little heart-to-heart with Miles, before we tells him that he’s heading off to pastures new and needs Miles to take the birds to a new area of the city up north where they can be free and safe.

We won’t reveal any more about this little side-quest, but I will say that it has a real gut punch waiting for you at the end, which is bitter-sweet for those who knew Howard from previous games. Spiderman games don’t have to be all about punching baddies and big explosions, and this mission proves that point masterfully.

#7 – Monster in Queens

monster in queens Spiderman 2 Best Quests
Image by Callum Marshall

The FDSM request quests are admittedly a little hit and miss, but there are some gems amongst the duds, like Monster In Queens, which has Spiderman head out to Astoria to meet with a blind woman who thinks there is some kind of beast lurking in her back yard at night. It seems a little farfetched, but upon investigating the scene out back, you’ll find that she might be on to something.

Initially, Spiderman believes that Kraven’s Tiger might have managed to escape to the streets to cause havoc, but what you find is even weirder than that. I won’t spoil anymore, but after some routine combat, you’ll be treated to an ending to the mission that is pretty heartwarming, and you’ll have made a new canine friend in the process.

#6 – Graffiti Trouble

Spiderman 2 Best Quests graffiti trouble
Image by Callum Marshall

While the gameplay involved in this mission is pretty run-of-the-mill stuff where you solve rather basic environmental puzzles, this one stands out from the rest due to the character you take control of. In this quest, you play through a flashback from the perspective of Hailey, Miles’ deaf love interest.

What’s most intriguing about this quest is the accessible design that uses reaction emojis and text chains to get around the fact that there is no sound throughout the entire quest. Plus, you get to create some pretty cool street art, which is fun too.

The most powerful moment of the entire quest, for me at least, is when the flashback concludes and sound floods the city again. It really shows how we take audio in games for granted, and this is a really cool way to showcase that.

#5 – This Isn’t You

this isn't you Spiderman 2 Best Quests
Image by Callum Marshall

Throughout the entire run, there is a growing tension between MJ and Peter. Peter is feeling the burden of needing to be there for the city as Spiderman, whereas MJ is feeling the pinch of keeping down a job to support Peter as he finds his next one. I expected this to come to a head at some point, but I could have never predicted how that would take shape.

As Harry regains his Venom form and sets off to ‘Heal the World’ by infecting others, he stops by Aunt May’s old house and infects MJ with the Symbiote, turning her into Scream. Scream has appeared in Spiderman Comics before, alongside other Symbiote offspring named Lasher, Phage, Riot, and Agony, but never have they appeared with Mary Jane Watson as the host, so this was a pretty cool twist by all accounts.

The battle is probably one of the better traditional boss fights within the game, and thanks to her long-ranged symbiote hair attacks, MJ actually makes a pretty formidable foe. But as you would expect, love conquers all, and you’ll be able to free MJ from the Symbiote’s clutches, freeing you up to chase down Harry.

#4 – Make Your Own Choices

make your own choices Spiderman 2 Best Quests
Image by Callum Marshall

Considering how prominent a role Black Cat played in the first Spiderman game and its DLC, it was nice to see her pop up again in this one, albeit for just one mission. But to be fair, it is a memorable one. In this one, you’ll catch wind that Kraven is gradually picking off Villians in the NYC area as part of his grand hunt, and Felica is next on his hit list.

This means that Miles will need to first track her down and then take out all the Hunters that aim to cause her harm. This eventually leads the player to a pretty familiar building in the city occupied by none other than Doctor Strange. It turns out that Felica has broken in and needs to acquire the Wand of Watoomb to help her girlfriend across the world.

I’ll save some of the wonder of this quest for you, the player, as when the Wand of Watoomb comes into play, things get pretty interesting. It’s a great quest, and a great sign-off for Peter Parker’s former romantic interest.

#3 – Together

together Spiderman 2 Best Quests
Image by Callum Marshall

You would think that the game’s finale would be a nailed-on number-one spot on this list, but while it is great, it’s not the best mission you’ll embark on in this game. There are plenty of genuine high points, such as taking on Venom in a three-stage boss battle at Harry and Peter’s old school. We also get to see Venom in their final form, complete with symbiote dragon demon wings, and obviously, we get to witness the crescendo to this Spiderman epic, and the potential setup for another game in the future.

However, despite this high-octane and frantic finish, there are some lack-luster bumps in the road, such as the section with MJ where you will play a poorly implemented 3rd person shooter that feels like a terrible Dead Space clone. All in all, a fitting ending to a killer story, but there are a few missions I would rank higher for sure.

#2 – Don’t Be Scared

don't be scared Spiderman 2 Best Quests
Image by Callum Marshall

It’s all well and good playing as the hero, but wouldn’t it be fun, just for a fleeting moment to play from the perspective of the villain? Well, this game offers this wish fulfillment, allowing you to play as Harry Osborn as he recovers his Symbiote powers, completely losing control of himself as he escapes Oscorp, and takes to the street only to run into Kraven.

Kraven has been waiting for this battle the entire game, practically begging for a fitting combatant to strip him limb from limb and give him the champion’s death that he deserves, and without going into specifics, Venom is all too happy to oblige.

There is something so cathartic about playing as an unnaturally powerful alien lifeform that makes the rather testing combat within the game feel like child play. You’ll ease your way through every encounter, and I would wager you’ll have a blast as you do. Sometimes it feels good to be bad.

#1 – Surface Tension

surface tension Spiderman 2 Best Quests
Image by Callum Marshall

Then lastly, earning the coveted award of best mission within Marvel’s Spiderman 2 is surprisingly the very first mission you play within the game. Talk about front-loading the best content in the game. This mission sees Professor Peter Parker leave his new class unattended to join Miles as they travel across the city to stop The Sandman. Out of nowhere, Marko seems to have lost his marbles, and he’s hellbent on leveling the city unless the two Spidermen can stop him.

This acts as a wonderful tutorial and refresher course for new and returning players, introduces some new powers and abilities to boot, and in terms of set pieces and spectacle, it doesn’t get much more jaw-dropping than this. It’s a bit of a bummer that the first thing you do in this game is also the best it will ever get, but when something is this good, it can be pretty hard to top.

Honorable Mentions

homecoming Spiderman 2 Best Quests

Then lastly, here are a few really fun quests that just fell short of being top-tier quest entries in Insomniac’s Spiderman legacy. Be sure to try these out too:

  • Homecoming
  • It Was Meant For Me
  • Hard Bop
  • Grand Finale
  • Find Grandpa
  • The Flames Have Been Lit
  • Good Men

Be Greater Together

be greater together spiderman 2 quests

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 offers a wonderful tale weaving the world of Peter Parker and Miles Morales in a seamless and meaningful way, allowing you to do as the tagline suggests and ‘Be Greater Together.’ The quests within this epic game are definitely large contributors to this title’s immediate success, and we hope you enjoyed our ranking of the best quests on offer. As always, thank you for reading RPG Informer!

FAQ Section

Question: How Long is Marvel’s Spiderman 2?

Answer: If you just want to see the sights, do a few side missions, and complete the main story, you’ll wrap things up in about 16-20 hours. However, if you want to see and do everything on the way to 100% completion, then you’ll need to dedicate 25-30 hours to the cause.

Question: How Many Quests In Marvel’s Spiderman 2?

Answer: There are loads of side missions and overworld content to get through, but if we are talking main story missions only, then there are a total of 31 core missions.

Question: Can You Fast Travel in Marvel’s Spiderman 2?

Answer: You can, just not right away. The game offers a seamless fast travel around the map, spawning you in swinging in a second or less. However, you’ll need to complete 33% of the tasks in each district to earn the right to hop around the map in this manner.

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