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If you’ve stumbled across a young lady named Zenobia near the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and accepted her quest, you are probably extremely eager to complete it. Not only because the side quests and adventures you can embark on in Hogwarts Legacy are thoroughly enjoyable but because of the incessant nattering from your character pushing you towards the hidden Gobstones.

If you are sick of hearing your witch or wizard, exclaim, “I should probably search in high places for Zenobia’s Gobstones” every few minutes as you explore Hogwarts, let us show you exactly where all six of them are so you can continue your explorations through the ancient and magical castle in peace.

Bottom Line Up Front

Gobs of Gobstones is a quest in Hogwarts Legacy that is given to you by a young witch named Zenobia. Her bullies have hidden six of her Gobstones in high places around Hogwarts, and she needs you to find them for her.

There are six Gobstones in total, hidden in the following areas of the castle:

  1. Behind the Dragon Fountain in the Main Courtyard.
  2. In the Divination Tower, behind the ladder that leads to the classroom.
  3. On the rafters above Central Hall.
  4. In Ravenclaw Tower.
  5. In the Grand Staircase leading to Ravenclaw Tower.
  6. In the castle Trophy Room.

It’s easy to get lost in Hogwarts and extremely difficult to find your way without the shimmering trail of light that leads you to your next destination. Unfortunately, though, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge if the game left a breadcrumb trail leading you straight to the Gobstones, so you will have to search for them yourself. Or you could let us tell you! Keep reading this guide for more details and specific locations of all six Gobstones.

Gobs of Gobstones Quest Requirements

Completing the Gobs of Gobstones quest requires patience and a keen eye rather than magical prowess. It does, however, have its requirements for completion. You will need to fulfill the following criteria to successfully complete the Gobs of Gobstones quest:

  1. You need to have completed the first chapter, Path to Hogwarts, to gain the ability to explore Hogwarts Castle.
  2. Zenobia’s Gobstones are hidden in very high places that you won’t be able to reach by yourself. Therefore, you must have attended your first Charms Class and unlocked the Accio spell. 
Accio Spell Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones
Accio Spell / Image by Laura-May Randell

Once you’ve made it to Hogwarts and successfully learned Accio, you will have all the tools you need to find all six of Zenobia’s Gobstones.

Read our complete guide on the Accio Spellbook here!

How to Begin the Gobs of Gobstones Quest

The first step to completing Gobs of Gobstones is to meet Zenobia to hear about the bullies stealing her Gobstones and receive the quest. Most players will cross paths with Zenobia on the way to their first Defense Against the Dark Arts class, but if you happen to have missed her, don’t worry.

You can find Zenobia standing by the bottom right side of the stairs leading to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. To get there, open your map and select the Astronomy Wing flag. Then, select the Floo Flames right outside the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Take the stairwell down on your right and turn to the left when you get to the bottom. There, leaning against a pillar beside a plant will be Zenobia Nokes.

Zenobia Location Hogwarts Legacy
Zenobia Location / Image by Laura-May Randell

If you haven’t unlocked the Astronomy Wing or Defense Against the Dark Arts Floo Flames yet, you can also get there from the Courtyard. Head into the castle through the back right door and head up the stairs and to the left. She will be on the right after those two flights.

Gobstone Locations

The Gobstones are hidden all throughout the castle, usually around the rafters or in the corners of the ceiling. Thankfully, though, a couple of them are placed relatively close together.

Gobstone #1: Main Courtyard

Gobstone Number 1 Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones
Gobstone Number 1 / Image by Laura-May Randell

The first Gobstone is very close to Zenobia. To get there, take the stairs opposite Zenobia to get to the lower level and run out the door to reach the Main Courtyard. Run past the Dragon Fountain until you reach an archway. The Gobstone is on the pillar to the left of the central archway. Use Accio to retrieve it and continue on to Gobstone number 2.

Gobstone #2: Divination Tower

Gobstone Number 2 Hogwarts Legacy
Gobstone Number 2 / Image by Laura-May Randell

This Gobstone is very easy to find, and it’s one you will most likely come across naturally during your play-through. But if you want to get the quest out of the way, so your character stops asking you to look in high places whenever you’re near one, fast travel to the Divination Tower.

To do so, click on the Library Annex flag in the map and select Divination Classroom. Head up the spiral staircase to the classroom until the rope ladder falls down the wall. Instead of climbing the rope ladder to enter the Divination Classroom, turn around to find the Gobstone hidden in the chandelier. This one is close enough that you don’t need to use Accio. You can just press X to collect it.

Gobstone #3: In the Rafters Above Central Hall

Gobstone Number 3 Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones
Gobstone Number 3 / Image by Laura-May Randell

The next one is just around the corner from the Divination Tower, so make sure you pick it up before moving on to the next Gobstones. Head halfway back down the spiral staircase and enter the room with the wooden floorboards to access the rafters above Central Hall.

Turn to the wooden support beams on your left and use Accio to collect the Gobstone.

Gobstone #4: Ravenclaw Tower

Gobstone Number 4 Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones
Gobstone Number 4 / Image by Laura-May Randell

Zenobia is from Ravenclaw, as are her bullies. So, the next two Gobstones are hidden in and around Ravenclaw Tower. If you chose Ravenclaw as your starting house like I did, you will be familiar with the area and may have even found these Gobstones already. If you’re from any of the other three Hogwarts Houses, though, the thought of entering Ravenclaw Tower probably hasn’t even crossed your mind at this point in your adventure. If that’s the case, don’t worry. I will spill all the secrets you need to get into Ravenclaw Tower and collect your next two Gobstones.

To get to Ravenclaw Tower, select the Grand Staircase flag in the castle map and travel to Ravenclaw Tower. Turn around to face behind you when you land and look on top of the pillars to your right to find the Gobstone. Accio it down to collect it.

If you aren’t from Ravenclaw, as we discussed earlier, you probably haven’t unlocked this fast-travel location yet. If not, press X on the Floo Flames icon to set a waypoint and press the up button on the D-pad to follow the trail of light to reach your destination.

Gobstone #5: The Grand Staircase

Gobstone Number 5 Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones
Gobstone Number 5 / Image by Laura-May Randell

If you’ve been following along with this guide in order, you will already be very close to the last two Gobstones. Head straight ahead from the last Gobstone location and into the Grand Staircase. You will know you’re in the right place when you see the magically appearing staircase embellished with hundreds of paintings.

Archway in the Grand Staircase Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones
Archway in the Grand Staircase / Image by Laura-May Randell

Turn left when you get to the Grand Staircase and continue upwards until you reach an archway to your right. Go through that and continue up the stairs until you reach another entrance on your left. Go through there and take the staircase to the right until you reach the top. Walk through the hallway and keep your eyes peeled for the Gobstone on one of the arches to your left, directly opposite the Trophy Room Floo Flames.

Gobstone #6: The Trophy Room

Gobstone Number 6 Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones
Gobstone Number 6 / Image by Laura-May Randell

The last Gobstone is conveniently in the Trophy Room itself. If you’re still at the location of the last Gobstone, simply turn around and enter the room behind you. Head straight through and turn to the shelf on the left just before the opposite door to find the Gobstone sitting in the center of the top shelf. Use Accio to retrieve it. Now that you have collected all six Gobstones, you can go ahead and make your way back to Zenobia near the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom to give her the good news and complete the Gobs of Gobstones quest.

What Do You Get for Completing the Gobs of Gobstones Quest?

Zenobia is just a young witch, so she isn’t able to shower you in spoils for completing her little fetch quest, but she does have some rewards for you, nonetheless. For completing the Gobs of Gobstones quest, you get 180 XP and a violet Orbicular Wand Handle.

Violet Wand Handle Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones reward quest
Violet Wand Handle / Image by Laura-May Randell

Wand Handles don’t do anything to boost the stats or power of your wand, but they do look cool. And if purple happens to be your favorite color, you might find yourself content with the rewards Zenobia gives you for completing her quest. At the very least, you won’t have to hear your character saying, “I should probably look in high places for Zenobia’s Gobstones” every five minutes. And that in itself is a reward.

Keep Exploring Hogwarts to Uncover Even More Mysteries

Fully exploring Hogwarts Castle is the hardest part of the game, in my opinion, and the Gobstones are only the tip of the iceberg. Hogwarts gives you no clues, and you’re really on your own when you’re exploring it. Unless you’ve got us, that is.

Between looking for the Dedaelean Keys or trying to unlock all of the various mystery doors in Hogwarts, looking for Zenobia’s missing Gobstones gives you a great start and gets you familiar with a couple of different areas in the castle, at least.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you find the Gobstones in any order?

Answer: Yes, you can find the Gobstones in any order you would like. The order I provided above is just the easiest and fastest course through the castle if you start from Zenobia’s location and want to find all of the Gobstones at once.

Question: What is a Gobstone?

Answer: Gobstones are marble-like objects that witches and wizards use to play a game in the Harry Potter universe. For every point that either party receives, the Gobstones squirt a disgusting-smelling liquid at the loser’s face.

Question: What other secrets does Hogwarts hold?

Answer: There are countless cool and mysterious things to find in Hogwarts. But in terms of side quests, there is the Daedalian Keys quest, and there are also numerous puzzle doors to open and even secret Accio and Depulso rooms where you have to solve puzzles using the corresponding spell.

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