Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement Ideas

Hogwarts Legacy is the ultimate game for Harry Potter fans in terms of letting you explore The School for Wizardry and Witchcraft, and make it all your own as a student there.

One of the coolest aspects of this game, and also one that heavily surprised me, was the Room of Requirement. This location is the character’s home away from home to do whatever they like, such as in the below Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement ideas.

The Room of Requirement was such a nice change of pace after I was heavily disappointed that the game did nothing with your roommates or let you customize your dorm room at Hogwarts.

This is even better, allowing the player to customize an entire massive space that grows throughout the game. But it can be a bit overwhelming trying to work with, so hopefully, these Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement ideas can help you out.

Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement Tips

Before you ever start using the below ideas to come up with the Room of Requirement of your dreams, I have some tips with you that I’ve learned after customizing this place. These are all optional, of course, but I feel that they can make your room look even better, make things much easier for you, or even both.

  • Feel free to experiment with different styles and aesthetics. I started with the more midday-style ambiance but ended up switching to the nighttime one, before switching yet again after that. Our tastes change, and feel free to do that.
  • In the same vein, your Room of Requirement is meant to change and reflect you. One of the coolest things to do with your room is to have multiple style options. Maybe one for the fall, another for the winter, and so on. So feel free to use more than one idea below!
  • I don’t suggest that everyone automatically build out their entire room right as soon as they unlock it. There are a lot of expansions and additional areas that pop up as you play the game, and they change the look and feel of the Room of Requirement.
  • As such, you might want to fully upgrade the Room of Requirement before truly going all out decorating and adding tons of furniture.
  • Don’t feel like you can’t mix and match styles and furniture sets. If you prefer the more garden style of one item and the more magical look of another, no one is saying you can’t use both at the same time.
  • Sometimes less is more. While you can conjure up tons of items and throw them all over the room, I think it’s best to take a reserved approach at first.
  • Lighting is everything. Pick your ambiance first, and then start decorating. Some items don’t look quite as good in certain lighting.

Selection Criteria

Outside of my Room of Requirement ideas, it was a bit of a challenge to come up with this list of ideas. After all, there are so many options that you can do for your room that I had to use the following selection criteria to come up with the entries you’ll find below:

  • Diversity: There will be some general similarities between all Rooms of Requirement no matter what, given its parameters, but there is still a variety of styles you can use. I tried to keep this list as diverse as possible to give you the most helpful options.
  • Appearance: Above all else, if I don’t find a room idea attractive, unique, or at least exceedingly interesting, it didn’t make this list.
  • Cohesiveness: It’s totally fine to mix and match styles, but I tried to stick to rooms that did this wisely while still looking uniform and nice as a whole.
  • Themes: This was optional, but I especially favor and appreciate those ideas that took a theme and applied it, such as making a reclusive witch home or what Harry Potter would probably make his Room of Requirement look like.
  • Uniqueness: It helps to stand out, and rooms that tried something exciting and fresh with the limitations of the Room of Requirement certainly made this list.

Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement Ideas List

Without further ado, let’s jump right in and take a look at the ten best Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement ideas that I’ve come up with. I listed these in no particular order, so be sure to look through them and find the ones that fit your preferences the most.

I also made sure to give you my thoughts on what the overall ambiance and style seem to be, and how challenging I think it would be to recreate that type of room in your own game. Let’s get started.

1. Efficiency Master Room

  • Ambiance: Moonlit (but it can be whatever)
  • Overall Style: Clean, organizational
  • Difficulty: 8/10

This is the type of room you want to have if you are someone who likes to not have any clutter whatsoever. This is the room for the players who want to have access to every single type of station and gameplay feature that you can get out of the Room of Requirement.

What I appreciate about this YouTuber’s room is that they have such a clean style that leaves plenty of spots for you to walk around and peruse the items offered. In addition, this isn’t built on a particular ambiance, so you could theoretically make this your own if you wanted to.

2. Witchy Room

  • Ambiance: Warm and cozy
  • Overall Style: Purple and woodsy/witchy
  • Difficulty: 8/10

This is one of the most intriguing rooms, simply because it doesn’t do anything too wild with the limited features in this game. Instead, it has a clear theme of this purple, regal, and witchy style that feels classic and familiar. I love the tapestries, trees, and other decorations the person put throughout.

This more natural feel seems quite inspired by the old-school witches that you think of with their cauldrons brewing and the like. It fits so nicely with Hogwarts and this game as a whole, being one of my top three favorite versions and one I’m considering turning my own room into.

3. Herb Keeper Room

  • Ambiance: Dark and mysterious
  • Overall Style: Herb and simple
  • Difficulty: 4/10

This is by far one of the odder rooms that I have found, but I still appreciate it. For the most part, the person doesn’t have much to their place outside of a random throne. However, the exception is the massive room of flowers and plants that they have tucked away in a corner.

The sheer amount of herbs and materials they have growing here is impressive. It gives me some ideas for a secret hideaway room you could have that only you know about or you could come up with a full-on greenhouse with all of the plants you’re raising.

4. House Ravenclaw Home

  • Ambiance: Warm and cozy
  • Overall Style: Ravenclaw/blue theme
  • Difficulty: 7/10

If you are a House Ravenclaw member like myself, you’ll likely appreciate this particular Room of Requirement idea. Almost everything in the room, furniture, and decoration-wise, has this blue vibe to it. If you want to exude Ravenclaw energy and your support for this house, this is the way to do it.

I will admit there is a bit of clutter in this room, but it is an organized mess, to say the least. You can certainly make it more organized (or wild) if you like and turn this into the room of your dreams. You’ll want a fair bit of scientific equipment and decorations to make this room the best it can be.

5. Griffin Wizard Haven

  • Ambiance: Natural and earthy
  • Overall Style: Griffin library and common room style
  • Difficulty: 9/10

This is the prime example of you can add as much furniture and decorations as you want, and it won’t turn out too bad. This person did some incredible feats with their Room of Requirement, using bookshelves and the like to create mini-rooms within the main room itself.

This gives it this feeling of almost being a real place that was created by the developers at Hogwarts. With the griffin statue in the middle, the little library sections, and the like, you could honestly tell me this is a real place in the Hogwarts school and I’d believe you.

But it’s worth noting that it is a bit too cluttered in some areas so I’d clean that up some if I were you.

6. Holiday Room

  • Ambiance: Warm and cozy
  • Overall Style: Holiday
  • Difficulty: 8/10

One of the coolest parts of the Harry Potter movies for me was when they went through the various seasons and even had a holiday vibe when it approached the winter season and the like. This room takes that classic holiday Hogwarts feel and applies it to the Room of Requirement.

This way, you can have your tree up and other holiday decorations year-round if you’d like to. There is something truly majestic and magical about this room, with the various tables and other welcome decorations that it uses for this brilliant idea, which I am probably about to steal myself.

7. Knightly Headmaster Room

  • Ambiance: Natural and earthy
  • Overall Style: Clean and regal
  • Difficulty: 6/10

This room doesn’t do anything wild or too different, but it goes for a clean regal approach to everything. I like to call it the Headmaster’s room because there are parts, such as the way the couches and furniture are laid out, that give me the vibes of what a Headmaster or professor’s classroom might look like.

The knight statues add a nice touch, too, but I think it is a bit too empty in some places and could use some improvements from you. Bonus points since they do quite a lot with their Vivarium Beast locations as well.

8. Ravenclaw Holiday Common Room

  • Ambiance: Moonlit
  • Overall Style: Ravenclaw and holiday mix
  • Difficulty: 9/10

I know it seems like I am super biased when it comes to Ravenclaw—which I am—but it just so happens that a lot of Ravenclaw members make gorgeous rooms. This one is probably among my top two favorites, in part because I would be totally fine with this being the house common room.

It is stunningly put together, with all of the blue rugs, tables, chairs, and everything else working together so cohesively. To make it even better, they gave it a holiday twist with the tree and other decorations.

I’m considering moving to this room when the holidays arrive at Hogwarts, instead of the actual Ravenclaw common room.

9. Hufflepuff Room

  • Ambiance: Natural and earthy
  • Overall Style: Hufflepuff and earthy
  • Difficulty: 8/10

I may not be a Hufflepuff but I can’t deny how stunning this particular room is. It is honestly better than the actual Hufflepuff common room, perfectly mixing the vibes of this house, such as the yellow styling, woodsy atmosphere, and bright and cheery environment.

It is pretty much the exact opposite of the dark and moody rooms that I make, so if you want something much more joyous and happy, this is the room to emulate.

I would honestly make a room like this even if you aren’t a Hufflepuff because it would be easy to turn this into a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw room with the right color scheme.

10. Gorgeous and Professional Room of Requirement

  • Ambiance: Warm and cozy
  • Overall Style: Bright and cheery
  • Difficulty: 8/10

If there is a room that just makes you feel warm inside, this is the one. There is something so impressive about the natural and professional look of this room. It doesn’t do anything too radical but every little touch and placement of the furniture creates this beautiful homely feel.

The positioning of the decorations, the way the sunlight hits the furniture, and the use of statues and portraits make this feel like a true professional decorator made this room. This is in my top two favorite rooms, and it is a treat to look at and a home away from home to get lost in.


Question: What is the Best Decoration in the Room of Requirement Hogwarts Legacy?

Answer: If we are purely talking about decorations, so not main furniture or stations, then the best decoration in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy is the Stuffed Toy Dragon. I love this little guy and how he can light up a room while also giving a surprisingly cute and whimsical touch to the place.

Question: Can You Make the Room of Requirement Bigger Hogwarts Legacy?

Answer: Yes, spoiler alert, but you can make the Room of Requirement bigger. There are a couple of expansions for the room that make the room itself larger with more areas and additions to it like the Vivarium.
You’ll want to keep doing the main story quests and the side storyline for Deek and Professor Weasley to unlock these expansions.

Question: What Can You do in the Room of Requirement?

Answer: You are free to customize the lighting, furniture, decorations, and look of the Room of Requirement. In addition, you can host beasts here, breed them, sell them, and even use various stations to make items and upgrades for your equipment.
This is your home base where you participate in various features to help you out elsewhere in Hogwarts Legacy.

Customize and Upgrade Your Broom Next

The Room of Requirement is one of the best parts of Hogwarts Legacy. It’s honestly a shame that you have to go so deep into the main story to get access to it, as I would have liked to be able to use it soon after arriving at Hogwarts.

Regardless, the Room of Requirement is the premier place to make this game your own, outside of the actual character creator.

Hogwarts is a known place that has its style and everything going for it, so you can’t change how it looks. However, this home space allows you to have the freedom to make the school feel specialized and unique to you in a way. That is by far one of the most magical parts of Hogwarts Legacy, literally.

But it isn’t the only part of the game that you can customize to your liking. Outside of the Room of Requirement and your character, you also have various skins and upgrades you can give to your broomstick to make it somewhat personalized.

Be sure to find out all you need to know about how to unlock more brooms in the game and ride around Hogwarts in style.

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