Lords of the Fallen All Umbral Eye Locations Guide

Lords of the Fallen offers plenty of items and customizable options for players to discover throughout the massive realms you play across in this game. One of the most essential items is the Umbral Eyes. Players use these to customize and boost their Umbral Lamp, which further tweaks their build, especially when in the Umbral realm. You can find all of them through the Lords of the Fallen all Umbral Eyes locations below.

Unfortunately, the game does a pretty poor job of explaining the Umbral Eyes well. The Lords of the Fallen all Umbral Eye locations guide below will show you where to find all of these items throughout the world and what each of them does for you. This way, you can start using these to improve your character build.

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All Umbral Eye Locations in Lords of the Fallen

Below, you’ll find all 15 of the Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen and where you can locate them in the game. Some are dropped by specific characters you’ll have to beat first to unlock, while others are simply ones you need to head to a certain location to find. Regardless, you can find all 15 Umbral Eye locations below, plus what each one does. Let’s get started.

1. Umbral Eye of Betrayed Eliard Location

  • Area: The Abandoned Redcopse
  • How to Obtain: Look for the Vestige of Marco the Axe and then find the barrier to the left of the frozen gate near him. Use the Umbral realm to Soulflay down the platforms to reach some Umbral Eggs where this one is found.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: Players receive an extra Soulflay charge and have 15% resistance to the Dread status effect.
  • Additional Effect: While the player is in the Umbral state, they get 25% more healing capabilities than usual.

This is one of the more basic and recommended Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen. Though there are usually two effects with these, this one comes with a third effect under its primary use. It makes you more effective in battle since you have an extra Soulflay charge and resistance to Dread.

Better yet, the added bonus of the healing ability in the Umbral means you can switch there to recover relatively quickly and then jump back into the fray with your extra Soulflay charge in tow. It is one of the more universal Umbral Eyes that can benefit various playstyles.

2. Blind Agatha Umbral Eye Location

  • Area: Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters
  • How to Obtain: Go to the Umbral Flowerbed in this area, switch to the Umbral realm, and then go from roof to roof in this area until you reach a bridge on your left. Go down here and across to another roof where you’ll find an Umbral Belly to Soulflay for this eye.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: Anytime you use Soulflay on an enemy in battle, all of the other nearby enemies in the area will be brought toward that target.
  • Additional Effect: Anytime the player is in the Umbral state, they will regain their Soulflay charge.

If you find yourself with heavy weapons or like to demolish tons of enemies at once with magic, this is an Umbral Eye you should consider. Its main effect involves targeting one enemy and then bringing together all of the enemies into a single constrained region. This makes hitting all of them at once or keeping up with the foes you’re battling much easier.

Better yet, if you use Soulflay and then need to recharge it, the secondary effect ensures you can do so while in the Umbral realm. This makes it a pretty valuable and powerful ability, which players should consider for focused magical builds and those who like heavier weapons.

3. Dieter

  • Area: Revelation Depths
  • How to Obtain: Progress through this area until you reach the shortcut with the elevator near the Sunless Skein Hoist Vestige of Catrin. Take the elevator down, head left, and then down some more. Use the Umbral state to find a platform on your right to Soulflay onto, and then turn around to find a platform below with the Umbral Belly with this eye.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: They will deal damage whenever the player nails a perfect block in the middle of a fight.
  • Additional Effect: The player gains 25% more Dread status affect resistance than usual.

I love this particular Umbral Eye for most melee players in the game, and I would honestly say it is probably my second favorite on this list. As you know, this challenging game requires you to block or dodge often, and this particular eye rewards you for perfect blocks by dealing damage to the enemy.

The added resistance to Dread is a nice bonus and a hefty one at that, but it feels like icing on top of the cake that already is the excellent initial effect. This one takes a bit to unlock in the game due to the area it is in, but it is worth finding if you get the chance.

4. Doln

  • Area: Empyrean
  • How to Obtain: Head to The Empyrean area from the Vestige of Iorelo the Cursed Knight to the second Abbess and head right from there. Once you reach the Sanctified Huntress, go further and use Umbral to find a ladder. Continue on this path, taking out the Womb of Despair, and then use Soulflay on the Umbral Belly to get it.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: All of the foes you come across slow down once they reach your siphon range.
  • Additional Effect: Your siphon range is 30% wider than it usually is.

This is one of the most popular Umbral Eyes in the game, and for a good reason. It ensures you can take advantage of a neat feature where all of the enemies are slower when in your siphon range, which is already pretty decent. This makes hitting them and dodging them much more straightforward than usual.

If that isn’t enough, your overall siphon range also increases by a whopping 30%, affecting the enemies in battle from an even further distance from you. This makes it one of the most valuable eyes in the game and one I highly recommend to all players who struggle in fights.

5. Ethryg

  • Area: Skyrest Bridge
  • How to Obtain: Finish the quest “Find the Thief” that Byron gives you, and you will gain this Umbral Eye as a reward for it.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: When you eliminate an enemy in battle using a grievous strike only, you will increase the overall drop rate for items.
  • Additional Effect: You gain a 10% bonus to your item discovery rate and a 25% Vigor multiplier bonus while you are in the Umbral state.

This is one of the more unique Umbral Eyes in the game. For one, you get it from a quest, which isn’t too common for this item type. But it also applies to certain types of players who like to grind for items in the game and use them to their advantage. If you want to hunt for items, this is the one for you for its increased item drop rate.

The Vigor bonus is interesting but the main focus here is the item discovery and drop rate increases. If you aren’t interested in those, this isn’t the Umbral Eye for you. There isn’t much reason to pick this one up if you only want it for the Vigor boost, as that isn’t enough to warrant it on its own.

6. Hooded Antuli

  • Area: Fitzroy’s Gorge
  • How to Obtain: Find the bridge in this area and Soulflay across to a platform. There is a body near here, which you should go down from to find a Bringer of Stillness enemy. Take it out, and then Soulflay the nearby Umbral Belly to get this Umbral Eye.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: The player gains an impressive eight seconds of total immunity to all damage whenever they make an Umbral switch.
  • Additional Effect: There is -20% withered health whenever the player makes an Umbral switch.

This is by far my favorite Umbral Eye and the one I like to recommend to the most players. Anyone can benefit from damage immunity, and it occurs for an impressive eight seconds. That may not sound like a lot, but that is a considerable chunk of time in a fast-paced game like this one.

It opens you up to charge up some spells, a heavy attack, or mash away at a foe. It also gives you time to refocus and heal yourself if necessary. The secondary effect is pretty good as well and doesn’t hinder this Umbral Eye from being effective. It is one of the best options in the game for players who want to do well in challenging boss battles.

7. Iorelo the Cursed Knight

  • Area: Pilgrim’s Perch
  • How to Obtain: Once you reach the area where you get the Hammer of Holy Agony, go across the bridge and take out the enemies there. Once the coast is clear, head to the left to find a small wooden path near the door, with an Umbral Belly at the end. It contains this eye.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: The player gains a boost to the Soulflay stun duration they inflict on enemies.
  • Additional Effect: They also gain a 25% extra resistance to the Dread status effect.

Once again, the Dread status effect resistance appears, which is excellent but not the main focus of this eye. The main idea here is boosting the time in which you stun enemies whenever you use Soulflay on them. This stun is one of the more crucial parts of fighting in this game.

The stun you get from Soulflaying an enemy opens them up to more attacks or gives you a second to put some distance between the two of you and maybe heal up some. This increased duration is noticeable and a worthy addition to your gear. It is also one of the easier Umbral Eyes to acquire in this game without too much exploration or effort.

8. Loash

  • Area: Path of Devotion
  • How to Obtain: Get to the Vestige of Dieter in this area and then go down until you reach a building after you pass the two hills in this region. Switch to Umbral at this building, and you’ll find an Umbral Belly on a statue to the left of the building’s doorway that contains this Umbral Eye.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: All of the damage you would receive while you are charging up your heavy attack is switched to wither damage, and your stance can’t be affected while charging.
  • Additional Effect: You have -20% withered health when you have an Umbral switch.

If you prefer a melee class, especially one with heavier weapons that emphasize the heavy attack in this game, this is the Umbral Eye for you. It ensures your heavy attack will always work no matter what; no enemy will be able to break it, and your damage won’t be permanent during that time.

Overall, it is one of the better eyes you can find in the game, especially for those types of builds. That said, this may not be the right eye for you if you are more of a ranged character, like a magical class, or prefer lighter melee styles with swifter weapons.

9. Lost Berescu

  • Area: Bramis Castle
  • How to Obtain: Head to the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian in this area, go inside the castle, head beyond Damarose’s area, and continue to where the Umbral Entity is. Near the Soulflay spot, you’ll find this eye on the left by some crystals.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: Whenever the player siphons an enemy in battle, they will get back some mana.
  • Additional Effect: Your siphon range is now 30% more than usual.

The secondary effect for this pretty easy-to-find Umbral Eye is pretty similar to a previous one, which expands your siphon range. This is always a good bonus. But the central part here is siphoning a foe, which will get you some mana in return, which is really quite lovely.

This makes this one of the best Umbral Eyes for the mage-specific players out there. Siphoning now opens the player up to gain MP back, which helps you keep unleashing spell after spell against foes. This also creates a nice rhythm for the player of casting, dodging, siphoning, casting some more, and so on.

10. Lydia the Numb Witch

  • Area: Bramis Castle
  • How to Obtain: Head to the Umbral Flowerbed in this area, go up the stairs and find the arena entrance. You will see an Umbral Belly near it. You can Soulflay to get this eye.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: You can now use your ranged weapons, such as bows, with unlimited ammo, but it now costs withered health to use.
  • Additional Effect: You gain 25% better healing capabilities while you are in the Umbral state.

This is one of the most fascinating Umbral Eyes in the entire game. Of course, this is one eye that is only really necessary for the ranged fighters out there who aren’t focused on melee fighting or magic. These are for the bow users, and other ranged weaponry.

With this, you can essentially use ranged weapons as much as you want, so long as you don’t mind getting a withered health damage for each one. This can add up quickly over time, which is why it is one of my least favorite eyes in the game. But it is worth considering for some expert aimers.

11. Marco the Axe

  • Area: Anywhere
  • How to Obtain: Transition to the Umbral realm at any point and ensure your Umbral Dread meter is maxed out to get the Scarlet Shadow Red Reaper enemy after you. Defeat this difficult, optional boss-like foe to obtain this eye.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: You become cursed, and you are both noticed and feared whenever you are in the Umbral realm.
  • Additional Effect: You obtain an extra Soulflay charge.

This is one of the most unique eyes in Lords of the Fallen. It takes quite a bit to unlock it since the Red Reaper isn’t exactly an easy foe to take down. That said, if you are able to get this item, you’ll find it is one of the strangest but also most potent eyes on this list.

The Umbral realm becomes even more lucrative for players, and Soulflay’s abilities are also helped by the extra charge. This can work for a variety of players, ranging from ranged users to melee fighters, but at the same time, it is also quite specific. If you love playing in the Umbral state, this might be for you.

12. Olleren

  • Area: Tower of Penance
  • How to Obtain: Head to this location, switch to Umbral and go inside. Right when you enter, there is an Umbral Belly on your right side, which contains this eye.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: Your Soulflay now targets an area rather than a single enemy.
  • Additional Effect: You deal 25% more damage to the enemy’s soul.

This is another versatile eye in Lords of the Fallen. It changes your Soulflay considerably so it is able to target an entire area rather than a single foe. This means you can bunch up enemies and Soulflay them at the same time, which helps. The extra soul damage makes it even better.

13. Rosamund

  • Area: Pilgrim’s Perch
  • How to Obtain: Go to the Vestige of Blind Agatha to the little lake there, switch to Umbral, and follow up the stairs that appear until you reach the Umbral Belly where this eye is.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: If you dodge an enemy attack well, you’ll deal wither damage to the enemy’s health.
  • Additional Effect: If the player switches to Umbral and attacks, the player will get 15% withered health back for each hit they land on the enemy.

This particular eye takes some skill to use well, but it can be pretty powerful in the right, skilled hands. If you dodge often and succeed with it, you’ll start withering away at your enemy. But I find the secondary effect to be the most potent aspect of this eye since it lets you recover withered health while in the Umbral state, which is quite helpful.

14. The Bloody Pilgrim

  • Area: Upper Calrath
  • How to Obtain: Go to the Umbral Flowerbed in this area, take a left into the garden near here, and switch to Umbral. You’ll find an Umbral Belly with this eye on the other side of the garden.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: Your light attacks have boosted damage, but they only apply withered damage at the same time.
  • Additional Effect: While you are in the Umbral realm, you get back 15% of your withered health for every hit you land.

This is a bizarre eye, and I’m not a massive fan of it, unlike the last one. You deal more damage, sure, but only withered damage. This works for very specific builds but isn’t as widespread as some of the others. At least the secondary effect is good, but it is also available elsewhere.

15. The Pale Butcher

  • Area: Forsaken Fen
  • How to Obtain: Find the fork in this area that takes you to Mendacious Visage, but head through the wooden archway instead. Keep going through this linear path, defeating any enemies along the way until you reach a bridge. Switch to Umbral to cross the lake where there are more enemies. Once you get to the other side and start going down, head right towards the bone slope upwards and Soulflay your way to the center of the lake and eventually a tiny village where an Umbral Belly hosts this eye.
  • Umbral Eye Primary Effect: You get withered health back each time you eliminate an enemy with a grievous strike.
  • Additional Effect: You deal 25% more damage to the enemy’s soul.

This is another eye that takes a bit of skill to use correctly. If you can land grievous strikes and take out foes that way, you will regain withered health, which is an excellent recovery method. You also deal 25% more damage to the enemy’s soul, which makes it a solid option for some melee classes.


Question: How do you get Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: You can get Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen through several methods, depending on which of the 15 eyes you want to acquire. Some require you to defeat certain enemies and loot the items off their bodies. On the other hand, some of them need you to go to a location and find it there.

Question: What is the Eye of Doln in Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: The Umbral Eye of Doln in Lords of the Fallen has a primary effect where it slows down any of the enemies that are within your siphon range at all times. Better yet, it increases your overall siphon range by 30%, so you will be able to affect more enemies within a wider distance. It is one of the more valuable eyes.

Question: What is the Eye of Loash in Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: The Umbral Eye of Loash in Lords of the Fallen gives players two status effects. The first is the main effect, which makes all damage you take wither damage instead of regular damage while charging up your heavy attack. In addition, it ensures your stance can’t be broken, so you will for sure be able to use the heavy attack. In addition, it gives -20% withered health when you have an Umbral transition.

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umbral eye of iorelo the cursed lords of the fallen

The Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen are a massive part of the game and how you customize your build, but they are pretty easy to miss. Since there are only 15 of them in total, this means you can go much of the game without finding a significant portion of them. That said, you don’t want to miss out on the fantastic benefits they give to your Umbral Lamp and character build.

At the end of the day, if there were one particular Umbral Eye I would recommend to players, it would be the Umbral Eye of Hooded Antuli. It is by far my favorite, but it comes with some intense drawbacks. You get -20% withered health when you use the Umbral realm transition, but in exchange, you also gain a full eight seconds where no damage hits you. That is a lot of time in this game’s intense and swift battles.

Once you are done figuring out the best overall Umbral Eye for your Umbral Lamp and character build, it is time to move on to some other aspects of the game. For instance, runes dominate the entire action RPG by radically changing up your weapons and shields. Find out all about the various rune types here and which ones we recommend to players.

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