Lords of the Fallen How to Farm Umbral Scouring

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Once you’ve defeated a Colossal Boss and acquired its Boss Remembrance, you’ll gain access to some of the coolest items in the game over at Molhu’s store in the main hub.

If you thought grabbing the Remembrance was enough to nab this gear for free, though, you’d be sorely mistaken. This is a Souls-like game, after all, so you’ll be paying with the highest value currency in Lords of the Fallen: Umbral Scouring.

As has likely brought you to this article, you will know that Umbral Scouring is in pretty short supply; you’ll only be able to find a few pieces here and there about the world, tucked away in corners and lootable from certain corpses.

It’s going to take you a while to find enough for even one piece of the cheapest gear, so if your desire to acquire Pieta’s Sword or those sick-looking Harrower Gauntlets is simply overwhelming, you’re going to need a good, consistent farming technique.

Being considered somewhat of a cheat, the hunt for farming strategies is a constant battle between player and developer, with the best locations usually being patched not long after they’re discovered.

To give you the best chance (and keep this article relevant for the future), I’ll be going through three great options: one of them is the number one most lucrative method right now, while the other two I consider pretty much unpatchable.

Bottom Line Up Front

If you’re in a rush, here’s what you need to know about farming Umbral Scouring in a nutshell:

  • The best way to farm Umbral Scouring is to defeat Red Reapers (also known as Scarlet Shadows) — each drop five pieces of Umbral Scouring. There are a few ways to do so effectively and efficiently.
  • The most popular option at the moment exists within the Pilgrim’s Perch area; it involves climbing up to the section with the levitating platforms and standing on the edge of one of them to cause a glitch that continually spawns and kills a Red Reaper.
  • Within the same area, you can also utilize two other more involved but consistent methods, involving either causing a Red Reaper to plummet from a bone bridge or fighting one on a small platform to disable its strongest advantages.
  • While the initial, most popular method may get patched in the future, Methods 2 and 3 should remain consistently viable.
  • Each method utilizes the Pilgrim’s Perch area because of its numerous bottomless caverns, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve unlocked this area before you begin.

The Three Best Methods for Farming Umbral Scouring

First, some important notes. Also known as the Scarlet Shadow, the Red Reaper presents as a red-hooded figure wielding duel blades, and they’re the most formidable foe in the Umbral Realm.

The Reaper drops 3100 vigor after having been defeated (which ends up amounting to 9300 thanks to the Red Umbral Eye modifier) and 5 Umbral Scouring (but for the first Red Reaper you kill, you’ll obtain a special bonus of 20—enough to buy some of the best weapons in one go!).

lords of the fallen methods for farming umbral scouring
The Red Reaper | CI Games via RPG Informer

If you’ve already found some Umbral Scouring, you’ll know that you’ll only find one or two at a time, which is why the Red Reaper’s yield of 5 pieces makes it your best chance for making bank quickly. It may be that you’re already well-versed in fighting them, but if not, scroll first to the Tips for Success section to improve your chances of surviving an encounter.

lords of the fallen umbral scouring
Umbral Scouring | CI Games via RPG Informer

You’re also going to need to have reached Pilgrim’s Perch—the fourth area in the game—to make use of these farming strategies, though I’m sure most interested in this will already have gotten there by now.

Once in the area, you should make sure you’ve unlocked the Bellroom Vestige fast travel point. This is located shortly after having crossed the first bone bridge and entered the cave there to find an Umbral Flowerbed (you can’t miss it).

With that out of the way, let’s get onto the methods!

Method 1: Constantly Spawning, Constantly Dying, Infinitely Rewarding

Having warped to the Bellroom, take the left passage and run straight past the enemy in the middle of the corridor, triggering it to follow you. Then, run directly to the ledge of the wooden platform ahead, and let him push you off the edge (you have to be quick, as the enemy pursuing you is very hot on your tail once you’ve run past him).

You’ll fall to your death, of course, entering the Umbral Realm. The enemy that kicked you off will remain on the edge, meaning that once you’ve respawned, you can return the favor by kicking him off and collecting your stuff.

lords of the fallen umbral scouring farming
Head to this left corner and sacrifice yourself. | CI Games via RPG Informer

From here, head to the right of the platform, and then kick down and descend the ladder before you to the lower platform. Ignore the enemies ahead for now and run over the bone bridge in front of you to the island across the way, dealing with the enemies you ran past with your ranged weapons once you’ve made it to the other side.

It’s important to ensure all of these enemies are dealt with before you reach the farming spot, as you’re going to be standing in one place and don’t want to be peppered with enemy fire while you wait.

lords of the fallen farming umbral scouring enemies
Take these guys out before you proceed. | CI Games via RPG Informer

When all enemies are dealt with, you need to ascend to the top of the island you presently stand on. At the top, you’ll see some floating platforms you can pull towards you by using Soulflay. Do so, and then stand on the platform and pull it back into its previous position with you on it.

lords of the fallen farming umbral scouring
Pull these platforms over to you by using Soulflay. | CI Games via RPG Informer

This is the spot from which you’ll farm your Umbral Scouring. Stand right on the edge of the platform, taking care not to fall off, and watch for a Red Reaper spawning: this will be indicated by the eyeball icon on the right-hand side of your screen (the Dread Meter) glowing red and a red vapor emanating from the floor around you. 

You’ll see that the reaper will continuously search but can’t pin you down due to your precarious position on the edge of this particular ledge. What will happen is that when the Reaper spawns over on the other side of the island, it’ll promptly fall to its death without you having to fight it.

Your Umbral Scouring will then spawn where it fell. The beauty of this farm is that the Reaper will continue spawning like this over and over, providing you with unlimited resources.

lords of the fallen farming umbral scouring loot
Your Umbral Scouring loot will appear across the way where the Reaper fell. | CI Games via RPG Informer

You’ll want to leave this running for about 20 minutes, as it can take a while for the Reaper to go through several runs of searching, spawning, and dying. Once you feel happy with what you’ve accumulated over yonder, you can hop back over to the adjoining island to claim your reward.

The reason this farm works is because Red Reapers will always try to use their teleporting ability to spawn into your exact location. If where you’re standing is too narrow for the two of you (as is the case with this platform), it’ll spawn onto the nearest piece of solid ground.

In this instance, this area is the adjacent island, but standing right on the edge of your platform prompts the Reaper to similarly do so in his own area, and he ends up falling off. Quite the ridiculous end for such a formidable foe…

Given the inherent glitchy nature of this method along with its popularity, the developers may patch it. Use this one if you can, though, as it’s the most lucrative available to date.

Method 2: The Precarity of Bone Bridges

Method 2 follows the same principle as the first, but being not exactly a glitch, I can’t see it’s feasible to patch without changing the core mechanics of the game. Once again, you’ll be making use of the Red Reaper’s weak points — heights.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have slipped off the precarious bone bridges a couple of times by now and will be able to envisage where I’m going with this.

Bone bridges are ubiquitous architecture within the Umbral Realm and are used mostly to link together rocky peninsulas. Some of them are solid, others are broken, and forcing a Red Reaper to follow you to a broken one provides the opportunity for a satisfying trap indeed.

To start this method, you’ll need to reach the point where the game tells you you’re at Pilgrim’s Perch — this comes having made your way through the Sanctuary of Baptism to the end.

Fast travel to the Vestige of Chabui to start. You’ll have come through here nice and early in the game, and to reach Pilgrim’s Perch it’s as simple as continually ascending the ladders forward from the Vestige point and proceeding linearly. Eventually, you’ll reach the platform seen below.

lords of the fallen the pilgrims perch
The Pilgrims Perch entrance | CI Games via RPG Informer

Get onto the ladder in front of you but don’t climb down yet. You don’t even want to move down having attached yourself to it: wait at the top, as this is the trigger needed for a Red Reaper to spawn close to you.

 ladder lords of the fallen
Hang on like this. | CI Games via RPG Informer

Once the Umbral Eye glows red and you begin to see the vapor as I described in the first method, quickly head down the ladder, turn around, and run over the bone bridge with the gap in the middle directly in front of you. 

bridge lords of the fallen
Hop over the gap and wait on the other side. | CI Games via RPG Informer

Having hopped over to the other side, turn around and you should see the Reaper materialize opposite you. From here, use Soulflay to yank it towards you, pulling it down into the gap in the middle of the bridge for an instant death.

A collection of Vigor and Umbral Scouring will appear on the other side for you to collect, and having done so, you now make your way back up to the ladder and repeat the process.

reaper bridge lords of the fallen
Use your Soulflay when it’s near the edge. | CI Games via RPG Informer
lords of the fallen farming umbral scouring
And your rewards await at the edge of the bone bridge. | CI Games via RPG Informer

It’s easier than the first method to take damage at this point as you’re facing off with the Reaper directly (albeit swiftly), so make sure to heal before trying again. 

Method 3: Head to Head with the Reaper

Method three is the slowest and most difficult way to farm Umbral Scouring, but you can guarantee it’ll always work.

Once again, you’ll want to fast-travel to the Bellroom, exit the cave, and have the pursuing enemy kick you off the platform as you go outside. Once you respawn again in the Umbral Realm, use the ladder trick from Method 2 on the ladder to your left as you exit out of the cave.

Wait on the ladder for the signature signs of the Red Reaper to appear, and then hop up onto the platform above this ladder. Your next task? Wait for the Reaper to spawn and take him out.

This specific location offers a few advantages. Given that Red Reapers make great use of their ability to teleport and use the wider environment in combat, this small platform makes for a much easier fight.

It’s a simple case of dodging and attacking with your melee weapons this time; there are not a lot of points using Soulflay here unless you need a breather to heal: because the platform you’re fighting on isn’t high enough, the Reaper won’t take any damage when falling.

red reaper shot lords of the fallen
The showdown begins. | CI Games via RPG Informer

The beauty of this area is that you can consistently spawn a fresh Red Reaper every time you return to it. Simply save and exit to the main menu, reload, enter the Umbral Realm, and head for that ladder again. It’s certainly more of a workhorse method, but once you get the pattern down, it may well be your go-to for Umbral Scouring.

Tips for Success

The methods detailed above can be very lucrative indeed, but they’re predicated on the assumption that you’ll face a Red Reaper and live to tell the tale.

It’s easy to make a mistake, so here are my tips for coming out of a Red Reaper encounter unscathed.

Never Underestimate the Soulflay Maneuver

As you can see from the methods above, the best strategies for killing a Red Reaper quickly rely upon Soulflaying them off a ledge and into a chasm, so if your initial attempt fails, your best shot is to simply do the same thing but in a different place.

Thankfully, the Umbral Realm is chock full of bottomless pits. If you’re using method 2 and the Reaper jumps the gap, your best shot is to round the corner to the right to Soulflay the Reaper off the cliff you’re standing on as it pursues you. Remember, these battles are best tackled by using your environment. 

Be Patient, and Keep Your Distance

Dealing with the Red Reaper is all about timing. Firstly, you always want to stay as far away as possible while still having it maintain its sights on you; its duel blade flurry attacks can be a nightmare to block and dodge away from.

If you can, wait for it to execute one of its main attacks before attempting a Soulflay or any other attack, as this is when they’re most vulnerable. If you can keep your distance, even its largest AOE attacks won’t hit you, and you can swoop right in with your Soulflay while it recovers.

Beware of Teleportation

Keeping your distance will get you so far, but you’re most certainly not safe if you can’t run away. One of the Red Reaper’s main assets is its teleportation ability, meaning that if you’ve backed yourself into a corner, you’re going to have a bad time.

You’ll need to learn the lay of the land: always make sure you have an escape route ready should the Reaper appear right in front of you. Trust me, I’ve died more times by neglecting this than by boldly facing this enemy in direct combat.

Other Opportunities

Just because farming the Red Reapers is the most surefire way to acquire Umbral Scouring, that doesn’t mean you should rule out all other options.

If you’re nice and rich in the Vigor department, you can choose to buy it from Molhu for a fee of 1,000. It also pays to be continually curious: be sure to check every small passageway and dark corner for bodies and chests where you might find a piece.

Ultimately, obtaining Umbral Scouring is meant to be something of a treasure hunt, and the developers have gone to great lengths to hide it in unsuspected places around The Land of Mournstead. Keep your eyes open, and you’ll be rewarded.

Finally, it’s also possible for other players to gift you Umbral Scouring if you have a very generous friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Farming Cheating?

Answer: Not in the traditional sense. It’s merely exploiting the game’s mechanics to your advantage. That said, these methods of progression do take a lot of the challenge out of the game, so if you don’t want to spoil any of the satisfaction of beating it properly, you may want to think twice.

Question: Does it matter what Class or Build I’ve Chosen to Perform these Farms?

Answer: When I started to regularly come up against Red Reapers in my runs, I usually found a quality-based class or build worked well; it enabled me to keep enough distance while still dealing ample damage.
That said, there is no prerequisite class or build. Once you get adept with the build you choose, it shouldn’t matter much, and if you do the steps in Methods 1 and 2 right, you shouldn’t need to actively fight the Red Reapers anyway.

Question: How much Umbral Scouring will I Need to Purchase All Possible Items?

Answer: I recommend taking a look at this Wiki page, which shows you all possible remembrances and their components (the article itself is on Molhu, but scroll right to the bottom to find the index). Adding up each item, we get a total of 855 pieces of Umbral Scouring.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article provides you with everything you need to know about farming Umbral Scouring. If you’re looking for more Lords of the Fallen tips and tricks, be sure to check out our other articles, like our Runes Guide or Best Builds Guide. Also, don’t forget to check our News section to stay up-to-date with any future updates for the game.

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