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RPG’s have graced gaming with some of the most intricate and vast landscapes ever created. They have given players hundreds of hours worth of content to dive into, they have offered core game mechanics that have become commonplace across all areas of gaming and they have told some of the most gripping stories ever told through the medium of gaming. However, the stories that often remain untold are those that lie dormant in the minds of the developers, enthusiasts, artists, writers and other entities linked to these titles. However, we aim to uncover them one story at a time.

We will do this through a series of interviews, talking to some of the most interesting and influential people within the RPG space. We aim to uncover anecdotes, quirky details and hidden treasures, allowing you to get a better understanding of how your favourite RPG’s came to be. So scroll down, pick an interview that tickles your fancy and enjoy!

Also, be sure to come back to this page regularly to see what new interviews we have posted. We aim to keep the stream of content flowing and more importantly, keep you entertained.

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