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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is all about building the right party. Like most RPGs, players, of course, have to build their own character with a variety of different classes, skills, and gear to choose from, but Deadfire requires players to turn a keen eye towards every member of their party as well.

This includes not only choosing characters that the player likes having around but also ensuring all of their classes work well together as well as their personalities.

A player’s party can hold up to four additional members, but the options are split into two categories: Companions and Sidekicks.

Once companions are added to the party they each have their own storylines, will interact with the quests throughout the playthrough, and the player can romance some.

Sidekicks, on the other hand, each have their own personalities and voice actors, but they do not bring any interaction along with them once they are with the party.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: There are many party members for players to choose from in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.

Nearly any party composition can work throughout the game, so players will want to pick whichever characters work with not only their moral stances on decisions throughout the game, but also have combat abilities compatible with their playstyle. So it is vitally important that you choose the best Pillars of Eternity II party for you!

Unlocking Party Members

Pillars of Eternity 2

As players progress through Deadfire they unlock Companions and Sidekicks after completing certain quests or depending on their actions and decisions.

Once a character can be added to the party, the player is able to switch their teammates around for certain quests or compositions, although characters can also permanently leave if they disagree with the player or another character too much.

Some party members will even give the player an ultimatum if they come to dislike another party member too much, saying that one of them has to leave for good, which forces the player to choose between the two.

This is best avoided by not mixing Companions and Sidekicks who don’t get along too much or only doing so when absolutely necessary.

When a character joins the player’s party the player is also given the choice of three pre-made class options. This allows the player to slightly customize the character’s available builds to best fit their party or intended use.

The three options are generally either two classes and a multiclass of those two combined, or a single main class and two multiclasses that include it.


Pillars of Eternity 2 Companions

Companions play a massive role in Deadfire, thanks to how much time players spend with them throughout the playthrough.

With the impacts that they can have on the story, choosing the right party members is a very important part of the game, and players should take the time to really think about which characters will work best for how they like to play.

Aloth Corfiser

Aloth is a wood elf wizard that was first introduced to the series in the first Pillars of Eternity, and makes another appearance in Deadfire. He is found at the Engwithan Digsite where he is in hiding with the false identity of the animancer Engferth.

There, players can recruit him by completing a short quest for him regarding a problem with some local citizens. If he is not recruited at the digsite he can still be found later in the game at both Port Maje Harbor and Ori o KoĪki.

Once Aloth is added to the party players can choose from either the wizard, battlemage, or spellblade classes. Wizard is a standalone class, while battlemage mixes wizard with fighter, and spellblade mixes wizard with rogue.

This makes Aloth a strong pick for fulfilling a damage role in the party, whether it be ranged or a mix of ranged and melee combat. Aloth is also a romanceable companion.

Aloth also comes with the culture Aedyr, giving him a +1 to Resolve, and the background Gentry, giving him +2 to Diplomacy.

Aloth also likes the attributes of Autonomy, Stewardship, and Dutiful while disliking Irresponsibility, Pride, and Traditional. This makes him get along very well with Xoti and Maia while not getting along well with Tekēhu and possibly Edér, depending on the player’s decisions.

Edér Teylecg

Edér is another returning character from the first game and actually starts off as part of the player’s party in Deadfire. However, his motivation for being with the player, and the background behind it, changes a lot depending on the choices made in the first game.

Regardless of his motivation, Edér is unable to be romanced as he is trying to find an old love with who he believes he may have a child.

Edér is also a very strong party member in nearly any composition. He can be either a fighter, a rogue, or a combination of both known as a swashbuckler. All three options keep Edér in melee range with opponents while rogue and swashbuckler ideally keep him more out of the direct line of fire.

He is also a Human that starts with the NPC-only culture of the Dyrwood, giving him a +1 to his Resolve. He also comes with the Farmer background, which comes with +2 Survival.

Edér’s personality makes him mesh well with the traits Anti-Leaden Key, Animal Kindness, Pro-Eothasaians, Lighthearted, and Traditional while not getting along with Animal Cruelty, Anti-Eothasains, and Pro-Leaden Key. This sees him getting along well with Xoti while potentially causing issues with Aloth.

Maia Rua

Maia is an island Aumaua that makes her first appearance in Deadfire. She can be recruited at the Kahanga Palace during the quest The Veins of Eora or later at the Brass Citadel’s Imperial Command.

However, she can ultimately hate the player depending on whether or not she learns the truth about certain player decisions regarding her brother, Kana Rua.

Players can also cause Maia to leave their party if they align themselves with the Huana or Valian Trading Company during the quest The Coming Storm, while she can also be romanced by the player.

Recruiting Maia gives players the ability to set her class to either ranger, scout, or geomancer. Scout combines ranger and rogue while geomancer combines the likes of ranger and wizard.

This makes Maia another great DPS addition to the party and allows her to work from distance with all three classes options with scout adding some helpful stealth options.

Maia also comes with the culture Rauatai, which gives her +1 Constitution along with her background, Marksman, granting her Explosives and Stealth. Her background also makes her a dedicated Rauataian patriot while getting along with the traits Dutiful, Lighthearted, Provincial, Pro-rauatai, and Resourcefulness.

However, she does not like the traits of Animal Cruelty and Pro-Huana. As far as other party members, Maia can conflict with Pallegina, but can eventually come to form mutual respect with her, while she does not get along well with Tekēhu but aligns her very well with Pallegina and Aloth.

Pallegina mes Rèi

Pallegina mes Rèi

Pallegina is a female avian with physical features that are associated with a godlike heritage from the Sky-Mother goddess Hylea. Pallegina is another returning Companion from the first game and can be found in varying locations depending on decisions made in the first game.

This means she can either be found in the throne room of Kahanga Palace, at Serpent’s Crown, or at the docks in Queen’s Berth.

Players are unable to romance Pallegina but she is a paladin with the options to multiclass with fighter or chanter, named crusader and herald respectively.

This makes Pallegina a fantastic tank for any party while also allowing her to put out some pretty serious damage for players who want her to do so. She also comes with unique gear depending on her background going into Deadfire although the differences are merely cosmetic.

She is also one of two characters that have the culture of The Vailian Republics, giving them each +1 Intellect. Her background is Soldier, which comes with Athletics, Intimidate, and Survival.

She understandably gets along well with the traits Antirelgious, Pro-animancy, Dutiful, and Pro-Valian Republics while disliking Pro-Godlike, Piety, and Racism. These make Pallegina have trouble interacting with Maia Rua, Tekēhu, and Xoti without getting along particularly well with anyone.


Serafen is a male Orlan that is one of the most feared shiphunters in the world of Deadfire. As an escaped slave, Serafen is no stranger to hardship or struggles and can be recruited by the player after leaving the area Vilario’s Rest.

Players are also able to have a casual sexual encounter with Serafen despite not being able to have a full romance with him.

Upon recruiting Serafen, players can choose from the classes of cipher, barbarian, and a mix of the two, witch. Ciphers are similar to wizards but use mental abilities and are able to wield weapons as well.

This makes the witch a very powerful multiclass as it allows Serafen to take and deal a lot of damage, while also giving him abilities to influence enemies and use ranged attacks as well.

For his culture and background, Serafen comes with Príncipi sen Patrena, giving him +1 Resolve, and Raider, which comes with Athletics, Stealth, and Streetwise.

His history makes Serafen favor the traits Skullduggery, Lighthearted, Impassioned, and Worldly while disliking Anti-Principi and Racism. These preferences make him naturally get along well with Xoti, although it can be worsened depending on the conclusion players get for Xoti’s personal quest.


Tekēhu is a male marine godlike with glowing hair resembling that of an anemone’s tentacles. He can be recruited by the player at the Watershaper’s Guild or Periki’s Overlook and Neketaka after that.

Once recruited, Tekēhu can also be fully romanced by the player by completing his personal quest and improving their relationship with him. However, he can leave the party permanently if the player sides with the Royal Deadfire Company during the quest The Coming Storm.

For Tekēhu’s class options players can pick from druid, chanter, or the mix of them both, theurge. All three of the classes blend together magic and melee abilities to use in combat.

They also mean that Tekēhu can excel at either crowd control with any of the classes or as support through the chanter or theurge skill trees. His culture of Deadfire Archipelago gives him +1 Dexterity while his background of Artist includes Mechanics, History, and Insight.

Players who want to use Tekēhu in their party will also have to manage his many trait preferences. He likes the traits Progressive, Pro-Godlike, Piety, Pro-Huana, Lighthearted, and Pride while disliking Anti-Huana and Pro-Rauatai.

Having so many traits that he likes makes Tekēhu work well with most party members, although he gets along particularly well with Xoti while having a negative disposition towards Maia Rua right off the bat.


Xoti is the final Companion available in Deadfire, and is a female Human that devotedly worships the god Gaun. Depending on the order the player visits areas of the map, Xoti will either be found at the harbor or temple of gaun in Port Maje or Neketaka.

Getting Xoti to join one’s party is relatively simple, and only requires players to talk to her and reveal the nature of their quest.

Once she is added to the party, players can assign her either the priest, monk, or contemplative class, with the third being a combination of priest and monk.

The priest class is a very strong support class that will benefit any party, while the monk is a melee-focused class that excels in ignoring damage. This makes Xoti a very flexible character for any player to pick up, especially if they need a strong healer.

Xoti’s culture is Readceras, giving her +1 Resolve while her background of Farmer gives her 2 Survival. Her backstory and personality makes her get along well with the traits Pro-Eothasians, Lighthearted, Impassioned, and Worldly while making her dislike Antireligious, Irresponsibility, and Skullduggery.

While Xoti does not tend to have negative relationships with any of the Companions, she does have slightly more detailed positive relationships with Edér and Maia. Both relationships have multiple phases depending on the player’s choices, as well as Xoti being romanceable for the player.


Pillars of Eternity 2 Sidekicks

While Sidekicks may not have the depth or interactivity of Companions, they are still very valuable party members to have. This comes thanks to each including three classes for the player to choose from, making them extremely valuable when it comes to rounding out a party composition.


Fassina works at a prestigious magic shop in Neketaka known as the Dark Cupboard. A female Human, she is a wizard that was mostly self-taught thanks to the individualistic approach of her master Arkemyr.

She can be recruited by the player after completing the quest The Archmage’s Vault regardless of its outcome. Her culture of The Vailian Republics grants her +1 Intellect while her background of Arcane Apprentice comes with 2 Arcana.

For her class options, players can choose from a basic wizard, a loremaster that combines wizard with chanter, and a sorcerer that combines wizard with druid.

These options help her fulfill the role of either support for chanter or sorcerer or the role of damage with a heavy focus on crowd control. This makes her a great flex character to pick up for parties that are looking for a bit more magic in their composition or to help round out the abilities of other spellcasters.

Even if players don’t use Fassina in their party regularly, she is a smart pick for the quest The Forgotten Sanctum, as she has unique dialogue and interactions throughout the quest.



Konstanten is a male Mountain Dwarf with a love of pottery that is unable to pursue it because of his large hands. Instead, he works at The Wild Mare in Neketaka as a masseuse, although he has often dreamt of finding a greater adventure during his life.

He can be recruited by the player any time they are in the city. Konstanten comes with the Dyrwood culture that gives him +1 Resolve as well as the Drifter background that comes with Sleight of Hand, Bluff, and Streetwise.

For classes, players can assign either chanter, barbarian, or a combination of the two, howler, to Konstanten once he joins their party. All three options are strong options if opting for a crowd control role, while barbarian is also proficient as a tank and chanter a healer.

Going with a howler gives players a bit of all three roles, making Konstanten a versatile combatant that can hold his own in battle and help other members of the party as well.

Players can also take advantage of hiring Konstanten’s services for 250 gold to gain a boon that provides +2 Constitution, +1 Perception, and +1 Intellect. While he does not have any unique interactions with quests in the base game, he does throughout almost the entirety of the Seeker, Slayer, Survivor DLC.


Mirke is a female Orlan who was added as a Sidekick in Deadfire as part of the Rum Runner’s Pack DLC. There is very little known about the character’s background other than that the player meets her when she is a pirate under Captain Aeldys and that she loves alcohol.

Players are able to recruit her to their party after completing one of the two non-violent paths of the quest Blow the Man Down and making sure she survives to the end of the quest.

Once added, Mirke can be either a monk, a brawler that combines monk with fighter, or a shadowdancer that combines monk with rogue. All three of these classes are competent melee damage classes while brawler gives her more defensive capabilities and shadowdancer focuses her abilities on exploiting weak points from stealth. This makes her a good party member for players to pick up when they need some more physical damage in encounters.

Mirke’s culture is that of the PrÍncipi sen Patrena, giving her +1 Resolve, while her Raider background gives her Athletics, Stealth, and Streetwise. Beyond the Blow the Man Down quest Mirke does not have any unique interactions throughout the game.

However, she does come equipped with a unique version of the Vailian Tricorn hat that has a slightly different model than other versions throughout the game.


Rekke is a male Human that comes from a mysterious nation known as Yezuha. He originally traveled to the Eastern Reach as a missionary tasked to chart the lands there and spread his native religion. However, his ship was wrecked during the travels, leaving Rekke as the only survivor.

The player meets him shortly after his wreck and he can be recruited simply by saving him.

Once recruited, Rekke can be either a fighter, a brawler that mixes fighter with monk, or a brute that combines fighter with barbarian. These three options all give him options to take a lot of damage for the party while brawler gives him more damage options and barbarian helps him control crowds.

This makes Rekke a very versatile tank that can change its approach for the rest of the party’s abilities.

His unique culture of Yezuha gives him +1 Constitution while his unique background of Missionary gives him Diplomacy, Metaphysics, and Religion.

Rekke also has the unique attribute of not being able to communicate with the player for the first 30 days following his recruitment. After that he begins to learn the language and is able to discuss his opinions on other party members with the player.


Vatnir belongs to the frightening race known as the Endings godlike, and he is the leader of a cult that worships the god of erosion and collapse, Rymrgand.

While his position as the leader of the cult would lead one to assume that he is a devoted follower of the religion, he is actually a religious skeptic that seizes the opportunities that serve him the best.

He eventually found his way to his role after people came to him his entire life for religious advice as a result of his appearance.

Players can recruit Vatnir after completing a number of quests that are related to his cult in the Beast of Winter DLC. Once that is done, Vatnir can take on the classes of priest, a combination of priest and chanter called celebrant, or a combination of priest and rogue called zealot.

Priests are strong support classes while going the route of celebrant focuses his abilities on support and crowd control while zealot adds some stealth options to his kit.

Vatnir’s culture of The White that Wends gives him +1 Perception while his Drifter background comes with Sleight of Hand, Bluff, and Streetwise. Outside of the quests involving his cult Vatnir doesn’t have any unique interactions, and players are unable to interact with him further.



Ydwin is a female pale elf that works at the Vailian Trading Company as an animancer. She joined the company after fleeing her homeland over disagreements with its leadership and religious worshipping of a coming doomsday.

Ydwin has proven herself to be extremely intelligent and capable and she enjoys learning aspects of new cultures as well as being a seamstress. She can be recruited by the player after finding her at the Spire of the Soul-Seers.

Once recruited, Ydwin can be a cipher, a rogue, or a mindstalker that combines them both. Ciphers are proficient at striking for high damage and controlling crowds of enemies while rogues excel at using stealth to reposition and deal damage.

This makes her mindstalker multiclass a very proficient damage class that provides her with an array of utilities.

While Ydwin does not have the full interactivity of a full Companion, she did receive a number of unique interactions in both the Beast of Winter and The Forgotten Sanctum DLCs because of how much the fanbase loved her.

She also has the unique trait of effectively being a fampyr through an experiment that went wrong, although it does make some other party members uncomfortable.


Question: Is There Romance in Pillars of Eternity 2?

Answer: Yes, but only for certain Pillars of Eternity 2 Companions. Players are able to romantically pursue and enter relationships with the likes of Aloth, Maia, Tekēhu, and Xoti while also being able to have a limited romance with Serafen.
Romantic relationships will impact now only the player’s ending, but the ending of the involved character as well.

Question: Will I Miss Anything by Not Taking Certain Party Members on Certain Quests?

Answer: There are certain quests in Deadfire that are designed with particular party members in mind.
Thankfully, these quests do warn the player when they start the quest, but for players who do not care much for small interactions about every character, not much will be missed if those specific party members aren’t brought along.

Question: How Many Party Members Can You Have?

Answer: At any time the party can have five members, including the player’s character. This gives the player four other slots to fill up with Companions and Sidekicks. Thankfully, the animal companions available to ranger characters do not count towards the maximum of five members, which can allow players to get a few more members along for the ride.

What Platforms Can I Play Pillars of Eternity II on?

Answer: Pillars of Eternity II is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. This game was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and released in May 2018.

Best Alternatives to Pillars of Eternity 2?

Answer: Here are some great games that you should consider if you enjoyed this title:

– Pathfinder
– The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
– Disco Elysium
– Wasteland
– Icewind Dale
– Fallout New Vegas
– The Outer Worlds


Building a solid party is extremely important in Pillars of Eternity. Dedicated fans may want to build a party that has extreme strengths and weaknesses for fun, but most players will want to ensure that it is well-balanced.

Thankfully, players are able to mix up their parties at any time, allowing them to experiment and figure out what works for them.

Along the way, players will also get to know detailed and lively characters that not only help flesh out the worlds of Pillars of Eternity but also have endearing personalities in their own right.

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