Best Sekiro Mods You Have to Know

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the best games of this generation. It combines the challenge of Dark Souls with a more free movement system that encourages different kinds of approaches to its various enemies. It’s also an incredibly lengthy experience with multiple endings, optional bosses, and a hidden story that it’s almost impossible to see everything there is to offer without playing through it a couple of times.

For me, Sekiro is something of my white whale. I haven’t ever beaten the game because, to me, it’s the hardest of all of From Software’s considerably difficult games. I have a considerable amount of time in the base game, but to me, modding is where it’s at, and Sekiro becomes a whole different experience with mods involved.

Like all great games, though, there comes a time where you simply grow tired of it, and when that hits, you’ll be wanting for something more. There is currently no DLC for Sekiro as all resources are going towards finishing up Elden Ring for its massive release in February 2022, so our only options at the moment are modding and what awesome options we’ve got here.

Ultimate Character Collection

Sekiro is a gorgeous game. There are some amazing structures, enemy designs, and attack animations, and some of the levels you’ll be traversing are awe-inspiring. To go along with that, we’ve got some impressive cutscenes as well, and all of that comes to the PC in the best looking form possible. Despite everything I just said, one thing cannot be debated; the main character is ugly. With a gross blend of orange and gray, Sekiro himself is just an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful game.

To fix that, we’ve got Ultimate Character Collection. What this does is give you a ton of options for the character model you want in-game. Because Sekiro doesn’t allow for armor changes and the like, it lets any kind of character be placed over the base model of Sekiro.

The list of characters here is absurd, and you can choose from characters from bloodborne, the Tenchu series, Red Dead Redemption 2, and so much more. This makes the gameplay look much better, too, with some amazing colors being put on display in some of the character options.

Sekiro The Easy

While there is no doubting Sekiro as being one of the best games in a decade, one fact remains. It is impossibly hard at points, and while tons of people are into this kind of challenge, not everyone is actually that accepting of having a game beat them down time after time with no relief being offered by the developers at any point.

If you love the game but hate the difficulty, then this mod is for you. Sekiro The Easy changes several things to make the experience far more lenient on the player. For starters, you have a stronger attack power, way higher defense, and also more stamina as well. You also get weapon buff time increase, infinite spirit emblem, no damage from falling, and also massive exp boosts too.

This not only makes the experience easier, but it also makes the game quite a bit shorter too, so keep that in mind before installing this massive overhaul.

Boss Rush

Are you just a glutton for punishment and want to experience the bosses of Sekiro without having to deal with all the trouble of fighting through hordes of fewer enemies to get to them first? If that’s your bag, then Boss Rush is exactly what you’re looking for.

This is an entirely separate mode that allows you to face off against the bosses and minibosses of the game in any order you want. Selecting each of these bosses is an easy process. You just need to use the Dilapidated Temple Sculptor’s Idol, and you can select any of the bosses in the game and be teleported to that arena instantly.

Your gourds will be refilled whenever you warp from boss to boss, though the Spirit Emblem requires a return to the Dilapidated Temple each time.

The rewards for each boss give you a ton of coins as well as a memory. Each subsequent fight will give you an XP boost instead.

 Sekiro Online

One thing all of the From Software games have in common is that they all share some kind of online functionality. Sekiro is the only game that doesn’t have online functionality…until now.

The modding community has somehow figured out how to get Sekiro into the multiplayer world with Sekiro Online. This mod adds a separate mod that adds PVP and co-op features to the base game. This allows you to either face off against other players using a mod or even play through the entire game with a friend or another stranger. The highlight here is the PVP, as it takes the Sekiro experience to a whole other level. The parry system works perfectly, too, within a multiplayer system.

This mod isn’t just to improve multiplayer either, as the PVE combat gets improved as well, with the overall feeling of the game being way smoother in general.

Players can invade just like in the Souls and Bloodborne games, and the experience is just as smooth and interesting as it is in any of those games.

Sekiro Resurrection

While Sekiro is certainly an awesome game, you could argue that the action might get repetitive after a while. Similar enemies and the like can get a bit boring if you’re being forced to face them time after time.

Sekiro Resurrection essentially remakes the game. At its core, it adds brand new bosses, expands upon existing bosses and minibosses, and completely changes all other enemy encounters.

The entire experience is completely rebalanced, too, so enemies will be placed differently, new items will be available, new prosthetics, combat arts, and more are available as well.

This is a mod that is still technically a work in progress, so you need to keep that in mind as it’s highly experimental, and because of that, you’ll want to make a copy of your game to make sure that nothing gets screwed up with your game files.

Sekiro Enemy And Item Randomizer

If you get tired of the same old routine that Sekiro has, then maybe you’ll be looking for something to spice things up. Sekiro Enemy and Item Randomizer completely change not only the enemies in the game but also changes when you face bosses and minibosses as well. Items and skills are also completely changed up as well.

Features here include the different times that events happen, such as the first castle invasion, and this completely changes the way how the game and story play out.

It’s not a massive mod, just one that shakes things up a bit to make sure you aren’t experiencing the same game over and over again.

Sekiro FPS Unlock and More

Sekiro has some of the most amazing combat out there, and the reliance on timing is crazy important when it comes to succeeding. The problem with all of this is that the experience is often unable to break the 30 FPS limit. While this gives off a slight delay that makes things more cinematic, when it comes to a game like Sekiro, the ability to hit 60 FPS becomes incredibly crucial.

With 60 FPS, your input to action on-screen loses any delay to deliver the smoothest possible on-screen animation you can find and considering that Sekiro is a game that relies on impeccable timing and animations, this is as important as it gets.

Sekiro FPS Unlock and More adds a small utility to remove the frame rate limit. This also adds custom resolutions, changes the field of view, and a borderless window display.

The result is a fully customizable visual experience that not only gives you flexibility for whatever you’re looking for resolution-wise but gives you the ability to get the highest FPS possible, so you don’t end up constantly losing to the Owl from a delay in your input. Now when you lose, it’ll be nobody’s fault but yours.

Katana Merchant

Sekiro has some fantastic combat, but the one area where it could be better is in weapon variety. Yes, lore-wise, it makes sense that the quiet samurai takes one blade and keeps it for the duration of their life, but for the player? An RPG is about variety, and with Sekiro, we get just about zero in not only weapon variety but armor variety as well.

Katana Merchant is an incredible mod that adds a ton of different katanas into the game. These aren’t going to change anything in terms of things like attack power or abilities, but rather add some amazing aesthetics to the game as well, like flaming swords and all kinds of cool colors that add way more flair to the combat.

First Person Mod

Why not take the Sekiro combat up close and personal? With First Person Mod, we get the ability to play the entire game in the first person. All your moves exist the same here except that they are accompanied by disembodied hands. It’s a bit jarring to see at first, but after a while, you’ll be too swept up in the intensity this mod introduces to even notice.

While it may seem like minor changes to the game, experiencing fights against bosses like Lady Butterfly and The Owl are incredible in the first person and add a whole other element to the combat as you can see the animations coming from attacks way faster than usual.

No Spirit Emblem Cost

One thing that has always been so annoying to me in Sekiro is the Spirit Emblem system. It governs so many of the special attacks in the game, and you’re never able to handle that many at once, which makes consistent ability usage pretty tough to do.

No Spirit Emblem Cost simply removes the limit on your Spirit Emblem items which makes the game so much more fun. Now, all of your prosthetic tools, Ninjutsu, Spirit fall, and combat art will be free, and the result adds so much variety to the combat.

Dark Souls III Weapon Replacements

Another weapon reskin mod, instead of changing up the katanas that everyone is bound to use during Sekiro, this mod replaces the weaponry with something much more appealing. Instead of the boring old katana, you can use every weapon that exists in Dark Souls 3 with Dark Souls III Weapon Replacements. I’m not just talking about swords here, as you can also use anything from axes to Smough’s gigantic hammer to deal out the pain.

Keep in mind these are all purely aesthetic, but the physics involved with each of them is wildly impressive and makes it seem like they’ve been in the game all this time.

Bloodborne Combat

A lot of people love Sekiro’s combat, but some feel particularly scorned by it. The reason is that so many were in love with the masterpiece that is Bloodborne and the incredibly fast-paced and aggression-based style that it encouraged. Sekiro demands a whole other facet from its combat. It requires you to be patient instead of aggressive, and a lot of players couldn’t handle that big change.

What if you could input Bloodborne’s combat in Sekiro, though? Would that hook you back in? Because that’s exactly would Bloodborne Combat seeks to do.

This mod makes the block and deflect ability do nothing to prevent damage. Instead, you must now dash as if you were bloodborne. The entire combat system has been reworked to improve the invincibility window of the dodge move vs. an enemy’s attacks, and the result is a much faster game.

In addition to all of this, you also get the Regain system from Bloodborne added in as well, and being able to retain your health by dealing out damage is an excellent addition that makes the punishing combat a bit more lenient while also encouraging aggressive play.

This mod makes things tougher in some ways and easier than others, but most importantly, it completely changes up the base game and gives you a new approach to the combat system.

Sekiro Simple Realistic Reshade

Sekiro is a very impressive game technically, but if one thing could be thrown on in criticism-wise, it would be its color scheme. This isn’t entirely the fault of From Software as they were looking to recreate the docile color scheme of Feudal Japan, and in the process, a lot of the colors are a bit dull and lifeless. To combat that, the Sekiro Simple Realistic Reshade introduces a huge boost in a color that finally makes the color of the game reflect the magical areas and enemies you encounter.

Fire attacks now burst to ferocious life, and the boss arenas look incredible with the emphasized color change, and the entire game just takes on so much more life because of it.

Extreme Range For Grappling Hook

The grappling hook is one of the most fun and innovative parts of Sekiro. Software games have classically just glued you to the ground, and the only time you could jump was when you di a jumping attack or had to jump over a small distance. It’s never been manual until Sekiro. In Sekiro, you have a grappling hook that turns you into a Feudal Japanese Spiderman, and it’s an excellent way to traverse this beautiful and dangerous world.

Now, whether you get stuck at the bottom of a pit you didn’t mean to fall down or if you’re trying to get back to a boss without running through a gauntlet of enemies out for your head, then Extreme Range For Grappling Hook is a mod that will make your time with Sekiro so much more enjoyable.

Hirata Estate And Ashina Hardcore Challenge

One of the coolest parts in Sekiro is when you get to the flashback sequence in Hirata Estate. This is one of the bigger battles you’ll see in Sekiro, but it’s very much an intro to the type of larger battles you’ll be part of compared to games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. It makes Sekiro feel far less lonely than those games and shows you the human world that conflicts.

Ashina Castle then extends that scene later in the game to show a full castle invasion that will have enemies fighting each other, with you being the second priority for them.

Hirata Estate and Ashina Hardcore Challenge take these two scenarios in the game and ups the enemy count and difficulty by a large margin. Maybe you felt like there could have been more enemies to give the feeling that this was an invasion. If that’s the case, then this mod will add just that into your game.

Not only will it add more enemies to these two scenarios, but it will also change up the minibosses in the area and even the regular bosses as well. This will change up these sizeable areas of the game considerably, so prepare yourself for a hell of a challenge.

Ashina Arts

From Software’s games have always had some awesome combat systems, but one thing that has always seemed to fall a little bit short is the animations. They’re often stiff, completely unrealistic looking, and way too slow to support the action they’re trying to convey on screen. While Sekiro is noticeably better in that area, there is still that Dark Souls-ish clunkiness with some of the attack animations, and while it’s acceptable, it doesn’t always feel the best to play. To go along with that, so many of Sekiro’s best moves to counter bosses with relying on absurd timing to pull off, and even the slightest hitch in animation can throw you off.

That’s where Ashina Arts come in. This mod completely changes up the animations in Sekiro to give you a smoother and overall better-looking game. You have the following animations replaced- Basic attack combo, guard stance animation, delayed attack, counter slash animations, block animations, jump attack, jump kick animation, and falling deathblow animation. The result is a way smoother-looking game with some far sharper animations that make you feel like an actual samurai.

The Inner Ashina 2.0

One thing I never understood with Sekiro was the war being fought. While it’s explained who both sides are, one thing Sekiro never explains is why both sides want to kill you. Often in the big battle scenes, you’ll just be passing innocently by, and all of a sudden, both sides want to kill you first and foremost. While it’s fun from a gameplay perspective, it didn’t make much sense from a story perspective.

The Inner Ashina 2.0 mod finally places you on the side of Ashina and lets you team up with them to take on your foes. Not only does this mean you’ll have some allies in your fight, but bosses will also be ready to fight on your side as well. Having the bosses of Sekiro fight alongside you in some fights is just incredible to watch and a ton of fun to experience.

To successfully use this mod, you must defeat the Divine Dragon and finish the final battle before installing this mod. Once you’ve done that, there should be no issues to worry about here.

Bearded Sekiro

We all know how unsightly the main character of Sekiro is from a design perspective, and one of the best ways we can fix this is with the Bearded Sekiro mod. This mod not only changes the beard and hairstyle but the color as well, and the new look of the Wolf is one of the most naturally badass additions there is to the game.

No Skill Unlocking and Upgrade Requirements

I’ll be honest; I hate it when a game gives you a basic and boring combat system at the start of a game and then slowly gives me better and more fun attacks as the game moves on. I get how it can make sense sometimes, like when the main character is learning to be a better warrior throughout the game, but with games like Sekiro, it makes no sense at all. The Wolf is nothing close to an unseasoned warrior, so him gradually gaining more attacks is just there for show. With the No Skill Unlocking and Upgrade Requirements mod, you don’t have to worry about that.

From the start of the game, you will have access to all of the skills and upgrades that you can unlock in the game. While this may sound cheap, it just gives you more options when it comes to fighting in Sekiro. Having access to the various counterattacks from the start of the game makes encounters so much more dynamic and fun to take part in. Now, you can parry enemies from the start, and you’ll still be risking messing up the timing and taking huge damage, so there’s no decrease in difficulty at all. You’ll also be able to use all of the upgrades as well, though I would be more lenient on these as they can make things a bit easier than usual.


Question: Can I use all of these mods at the same time?

Answer: While most of these mods are purely cosmetic additions, some are gameplay-based and change several things with how the game works. I would say the cosmetic mods are fine to mix, but be careful when it comes to things like gameplay overhauls and whatnot.

Question: Is there a way to change the difficulty without mods?

Answer: Sekiro is one of the hardest games around, and it’s meant to be experienced as the developers intended. Unfortunately, they intended it to be brutally difficult, and that’s how the game is going to be unless you mod it. 

Question: Can Sekiro be modded on a console?

Answer: Sekiro is only able to be modded on a PC. From Software has never made mods available in their game before on consoles, so it’s unlikely they’re going to start now. 


I would advise everyone at least try to take on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice without mods the first time around. If the brutal difficulty wears you down, then that’s the time to start trying things. This only goes for gameplay-changing mods, though; feel free to use all the character changes and weapon skins you want as they just make the game far more appealing to look at, and the original challenge will remain the same. You get two lives every time you spawn in Sekiro, and trust me; you’re going to need them. 

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