Assassin’s Creed Mirage Best Outfits

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a return to form for the series, taking many mechanics back to their roots. One of the most essential parts of your Assassins kit this time around is your outfit.

Your garb isn’t just for show in Mirage and can drastically change how you approach missions and assassinations. With this in mind, let me show you the best outfits in Assassin’s Creed Mirage and how to get them.

Bottom Line Up Front

These are my picks for the best Outfits in the game, along with their Perks and what they do:

Ranking NumberOutfit NamePerk Description
7Abbasid Knight OutfitLick Your Wounds – Basim regenerates 3% Health every 2 seconds while unseen, up to 50% of maximum health
6Fire Demon OutfitIncinerate – Sets the target on fire after a successful assassination and burns the body away after a short delay
5Zanj Uprising OutfitInfamous – Reduces the impact of illegal actions on Basim’s notoriety by 40%
4Milad’s OutfitForgotten Terror – Successful Air Assassinations set off a flash of lightning to disorient bystanders within a 15m radius
3Hidden One OutfitDeadly Moment – Focus Chunks fill an additional 15% when performing stealth kills
2Initiate of Alamut OutfitSilent Blade – Enemies hear 100% less noise emitted by Basim during assassinations
1Rostam OutfitSound of Silence – Enemies hear 100% less noise emitted by Basim when moving

How to Upgrade Outfits in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Before you search for an outfit, let’s quickly go through how to upgrade it, as the game does a poor job of explaining the process. Upgrades cost crafting materials found by looting chests and storage containers. You can also purchase these items from the Trader.

On top of the raw materials, you also need specific schematics for upgrades. Many of these are secured in heavily guarded areas. Once you have the necessary items, you can visit a Tailor who will assemble everything and upgrade your outfit.

Upgrading is expensive, so I recommend picking something to work towards ahead of time. Check barrels whenever you can for materials, and watch for guarded chests.

The Best Outfits in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

These are my picks for the best outfits, their locations, and where to find the schematics. Before we start, let me quickly address the Templar in the room. There are several premium outfits that can only be obtained in the cash shop. Sadly, some of the most creative perks in the game are bound to these purchases.

The good news is many of the best outfits are unlockable in the base game. I’ve ranked these outfits based on my playstyle: trying far too hard at stealth operations before getting spotted and depopulating the building.

Your mileage may vary if you’re proficient at stealth or prefer the loud approach. Unless stated otherwise, you can seek these outfits out early in your journey when you return to Baghdad for the first time.

#7 Abbasid Knight Outfit

assassins creed abbasid knight outfit
Image by Anthony
  • Obtainable in-game? Yes
  • Region: Abbasiyah
  • Perk Description: Lick Your Wounds – Basim regenerates 3% Health every 2 seconds while unseen, up to 50% of maximum health.

Health is a precious commodity in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, as this resource doesn’t naturally regenerate. The lack of self-healing and the fact that Basim can’t carry many elixirs can leave you one hit from death after a single mistake.

If that scenario sounds familiar, the Abbasid Knight Outfit is for you. The outfit has the Lick Your Wounds passive skill, which grants regenerative health. Upgrades increase the speed of regeneration, but there is a catch. The outfit only returns your health to 50%. This value is the same even when fully upgraded. Although the armor is strong, it has limitations.

Where to Find the Abbasid Knight Outfit

assassins creed monastery of the virgins
Image by Anthony

You can grab the Abbasid Knight Outfit from the Monastery of the Virgins in Abbasaiyah, directly south of the Round City.

The Monastery is next to a Viewpoint and is guarded on all levels. The outfit is in a chest and accessible only from the ground floor.

Fortunately, security is light. One heavy armored guard walks into the middle of the compound, then to the back gate. Another guard patrols the walkway next to the door, and another waits inside.

assassins creed mirage dervis artifacts
Image by Anthony

I killed the soldier on the walkway and the one indoors without being spotted. Just ensure you kill the roaming guard away from the garden to avoid detection. Inside the room, there’s a bookcase (pictured). Interact and drag it to one side, and you’ll find the Abbasid Knight Outfit inside, along with a host of other goodies.

Schematic Location #1

assassins creed tax collector's mansion
Image by Anthony

The first upgrade is in the Tax Collector’s Mansion, a little north of the Monastery of the Virgins, where you found the outfit. The Mansion is heavily guarded, but there’s an easy way in from the west side.

Jump in the hay bale by the door and wait for an armored guard to walk past. You can assassinate him from the bale and use his key to access the building. There are 3 guards near the door.

I used a focused assassination from the rooftops to dispatch them, but you can use throwing knives or the blowpipe. Once you’ve dealt with them, you can head inside with your key. There’s no security indoors, so go upstairs and claim your prize.

Schematic Location #2

assassins creed officers club
Image by Anthony

The 2nd upgrade is just west of the Shariqiyah Assassins Bureau by the Officers Club.

The Officers Club is a high-security area with a weakness on the southeast side. I snuck into the booth near the door and waited for the armored guard to come close. I assassinated him, and the stationary guards came to investigate one at a time for easy kills.

The Officers Club looks far larger than it is as the walls are decorated with doors that don’t open. Although there are a few prizes inside, the Abbasid Knight Outfit is outside one of the main doors, and you don’t need to venture inside.

#6 Fire Demon Outfit

assassins creed fire demon outfit
Image by Anthony
  • Obtainable in-game? Premium shop only
  • Region: N/A
  • Perk Description: Incinerate – Sets the target on fire after a successful assassination and burns the body away after a short delay

The Fire Demon outfit is the only premium outfit on this list but it has a fantastic perk that completely changes how you approach crowded areas. After an assassination, the body is burned so it can’t be discovered. Nothing is more demoralizing than wiping out a tricky area only to be found because you left your handiwork in the open.

assassins creed corrode body
Image by Anthony

Incinerate is an awesome ability, but it becomes less valuable as you progress through the game and upgrade your tools. One of the Tier 3 Throwing Knife upgrades is called Corrode Body. This ability has the same effect as Incinerate, and can also be done at range.

Bodies can be used to lure guards away from their usual patrol areas, so immediately destroying them isn’t always a good thing, hence the low rating.

Like all premium items, the Fire Demon outfit comes fully upgraded without requiring schematics.

#5 Zanj Uprising Outfit

assassins creed zanj uprising outfit
Image by Anthony
  • Obtainable in-game? Yes
  • Region: Harbiyah
  • Perk Description: Infamous – Reduces the impact of illegal actions on Basim’s notoriety by 40%

Although it’s clear early on that stealth is recommended in Assassins Creed Mirage, it’s not a requirement. If you prefer to drown your enemies in blood rather than keep to the shadows, the Zanj Uprising outfit is right up your alley.

This unique garb reduces your notoriety gain by a whopping 40%. The Notoriety system can feel pretty oppressive as you must constantly roam the streets removing wanted posters if you’re caught performing illegal actions. The Zanj Uprising outfit helps manage this mechanic and is the best for a combative play style.

How to Unlock the Zanj Uprising Outfit

assassins creed harbiyah
Image by Anthony

The Zanj Uprising outfit is tucked away in the back of a guarded boat by the river in Harbiyah. You’ll free prisoners here as part of an early story mission, but you can revisit the area any time. The chest is to the left of the room but is blocked by wooden pillars. These can be pushed and pulled to move further into the area.

The puzzle is simple but awkward, as the camera is hard to control in a small area. Basim also likes to jump around in here, so keep your movements slow and steady. Make your way around the room and claim your outfit.

Schematic Location #1

assassins creed prince's palace
Image by Anthony

The first Schematic is close to the boat and is a short walk east down the riverside in the Prince’s Palace.

The building is crawling with guards, but the schematic chest is easily accessible on the ground floor through the main entrance. You can run past the guards, grab the chest, and escape if you don’t want to clear your way through the building.

Schematic Location #2

assassins creed khurasan gate guardhouse
Image by Anthony

The final Schematic is southwest of the Prince’s Palace in the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse. This stronghold is heavily guarded, but there’s an easy way onto the perimeter wall on the west side.

There are 2 guards to dispatch near the Schematic, and you must smash a few pots in front of movable shelves. Fortunately, these objects are much easier to push than the pillars on the boat. Slide through the small gap, and you can grab the upgrade from the chest.

#4 Milad’s Outfit

assassins creed milad's outfit
Image by Anthony
  • Obtainable in-game? Yes
  • Region: Northern Oasis
  • Perk Description: Forgotten Terror – Successful Air Assassinations set off a flash of lightning to disorient bystanders within a 15m radius

Milad’s outfit is locked behind a devious collectathon but is worth the effort and is arguably the coolest outfit in the game. Forgotten Terror is a stylish perk accompanying your air assassinations with a blinding flash.

While you won’t win any awards for stealth, it’s a slick ability and the most imaginative in the base game. I recommend unlocking the outfit even if you don’t intend to use it, but Milad’s isn’t ranked highly on this list because it’s not particularly useful outside the spectacle.

How to Unlock Milad’s Outfit

You must collect 5 Mysterious Shards to unlock this legendary ensemble. Although you only need 5 for the outfit, I recommend gathering all 10 as you can obtain the rest of the Milad items at the same time. There are 2 in each region:

  • Round City
  • Karkh
  • Abbasaiyah
  • Wilderness
  • Harbiyah
assassins creed unlock milad's outfit
Image by Anthony

You can check your progress for each region on the map screen. Mysterious Shards must be collected from AI that roams each area. Fortunately, the shards will appear on your HUD when you’re within 200m of the target, and you should be able to find most of them by traveling to Waypoints and walking around.

Once you’ve found your target, you can kill or pickpocket them. The latter is quieter, but the stealing mini-game is exceptionally difficult with little margin for error. You can use the blowpipe to put your target to sleep if you want to skip the mini-game. Alternatively, you can kill your opponent and make a run for it.

You’ll quickly find the necessary shards in the city, but the Wilderness is a massive area to search for the remaining 2. I discovered my targets around the small settlements to the far edges:

  • Southern Camp (East)
  • Anbar (Northwest)

I recommend exploring the Wilderness on your mount to unlock a few waypoints, as traveling around is a nightmare without them. Any waypoints you discover will be useful throughout the story as well.

assassins creed milad's outfit location
Image by Anthony

With the shards in hand, head to the oasis to the northwest (pictured above). Dive into the water, swim to the bottom, and follow the underwater passage. After a short journey, you’ll arrive at the vault where you can spend your hard-earned shards.

Milad’s gear is unique and is fully upgraded from the start.

#3 Hidden One Outfit

assassins creed hidden one outfit
Image by Anthony
  • Obtainable in-game? Yes
  • Region: Round City
  • Perk Description: Deadly Moment – Focus Chunks fill an additional 15% when performing stealth kills

As you progress through the story, you’ll learn the value of Focused Assassinations. This powerful skill costs Focus Chunks, which replenish when Basim performs stealth kills. The Hidden One Outfit increases your focus gain by 15% at max rank.

The Hidden One Outfit would undoubtedly be better with a higher percentage gain, but it’s decent nonetheless. Combined with the Assassin’s Focus Capacity skill, which grants more Focus Chunks, Basim can use brute force to dispatch the most formidable groups of enemies in the game.

Where to Find the Hidden One Outfit

assassins creed mazalim courts
Image by Anthony

The Hidden One outfit can be found in the Mazalim Courts, inside the Round City to the north. The courts aren’t restricted, although the rooftops are guarded. You must scale the tallest tower and break the window for entry. You’ll find the outfit inside.

Schematic Location #1

assassins creed al-jahiz's house
Image by Anthony

Your first Schematic is in Al-Jahiz’s House in Round City. This building is near the center of the city, to the southwest. The roof is uncontested, but getting inside is quite tricky. Use your Eagle Vision to locate the chest. You can stand on the floor directly above where the ground is damaged.

assassins creed al-jahiz's house puzzle
Image by Anthony

Make your way to the pillars I’ve circled in the picture above. You can move them apart and use them as platforms later. Pick up one of the nearby explosive pots, use the pillars and rope to return to the damaged floor, and throw your bomb to gain entry.

Schematic Location #2

The final Schematic is on the roof of Shurta Headquarters to the east of Round City. The way up is pretty straightforward, although there is a heavy armored guard in front of the chest who won’t be fooled by distractions. You can attempt an air assassination or use a tool like the Smoke Bomb to get past him.

Alternatively, you can alert the guard, quickly grab the chest, and run for it. Guards in Assassin’s Creed Mirage don’t usually chase if they are on high roofs, so you should easily escape.

#2 Initiate of Alamut Outfit

assassins creed initiate of alamut outfit
Image by Anthony
  • Obtainable in-game? Yes
  • Region: N/A (Earned during Taking Flight story mission)
  • Perk Description: Silent Blade – Enemies hear 100% less noise emitted by Basim during assassinations

It may seem like a cop-out to put Basim’s starting outfit so high on the list, but it has uses throughout the entire game. The Initiate of Alamut Outfit reduces the sound of Basim’s assassinations and makes them completely silent when fully upgraded.

If you’re trying risky kills when enemies are nearby, this is the best outfit in Mirage, and you can quite literally get away with murder. It’s clear early on that you’re not meant to engage foes in the open, and the Initiate of Alamut outfit grants a massive buff to your sneaky endeavors.

The only downside is you can’t improve the outfit the conventional way, as upgrades are tied to story progression. Even without every upgrade, the Initiate of Alamut Outfit is formidable, and you can comfortably stroll through the game without ever taking it off.

#1 Rostam Outfit

assassins creed rostam outfit
Image by Anthony
  • Obtainable in-game? Yes
  • Region: N/A
  • Perk Description: Sound of Silence – Enemies hear 100% less noise emitted by Basim when moving

The Rostam Outfit is incredible and well deserving of the top spot on the list, as it makes you move silently. Stealth Assassinations are great, but the ability to hunt your foes silently is even better.

If your opponents are on high alert, they will often hear you scurrying about and can put an abrupt end to cheeky hidden blade attacks. Even though the kill makes noise, if you can close the distance in peace, it doesn’t matter.

The Rostam Outfit is one of the strongest outfits for story content and is arguably the best in the game for contracts that ask you to remain undetected. It’s fitting, then, that the Rostam outfit is locked behind side content.

How to Unlock the Rostam Outfit

assassins creed unlocking rostam outfit
Image by Anthony

Before earning the Rostam Outfit, you must progress through the story until you unlock Contracts. These optional missions are available on the board by the door of each Assassins Bureau.

Rostams Outfit is awarded for completing ‘The Marked Coins‘ contract. This side quest has you racing against a fellow Hidden One, but you’ll get the outfit at the end of the mission regardless of the outcome.

Schematic Location #1

You’ll earn the first Schematic by completing ‘The Traitor‘ contract. Like the other contracts, The Traitor is a short and sweet quest that shouldn’t cause trouble, especially if you have a few tools at your disposal.

The issue is that the contract isn’t immediately available, and I’ve seen conflicting information on unlocking it. After completing ‘The Marked Coins’ to earn the Rostam outfit, I completed the following contracts before ‘The Traitor’ became available:

  • The Concubine
  • The Slave Trader
  • The Bronze Mirror Heist
  • The Perfume Trader

Schematic Location #2

In the same vein as the previous Schematic, your final upgrade for the Rostam Outfit is earned upon completion of the ‘Orions Belt’ contract. Keep completing Contracts at the Bureau and watch for the prompt that tells you when new missions are available.

You’ll have to complete multiple tasks for the final upgrade, but it’s a small price to pay for the best gear in Assassins Creed Mirage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s the Difference between an Outfit and a Costume in Assassin’s Creed Mirage?

Answer: Outfits bestow various buffs on Basim, whereas Costumes are entirely cosmetic. This is similar to transmog systems in games like Diablo 4 and Final Fantasy 14, so you can enjoy the bonuses from outfits while looking how you want.

Question: Are Premium Outfits in Assassin’s Creed Mirage ‘Pay to Win?’

Answer: Yes and no. The best Outfits in the game are obtainable without opening your wallet. That said, many of the most exciting and unique abilities are tied to premium content. These powers are so impactful they can completely alter how you approach specific scenarios.
You don’t need the paid outfits to beat the game, nor are they as obnoxious as boosters in other Assassin’s Creed titles, but it’s still a shame they aren’t unlockable through gameplay.

Question: Why isn’t the Sand Outfit on this List?

Answer: The Sand Outfit is a premium set allowing the user to cheat death once in combat. It sounds phenomenal, but unlike the above outfits, it offers no gameplay advantages. The Sand Outfit saves your bacon if you die in battle, but the best outfits in Assassin’s Creed Mirage help you avoid that outcome entirely.

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