How to Make Money Fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

Like a Dragon Gaiden is one of the shorter entries in the Yakuza series, but it will still take many hours to complete, especially if you want to see everything. You’ll quickly realize the importance of money, as you need it to do almost everything. With this in mind, let me show you how to Make Money Fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.


The Coliseum is hands down the best place to earn money, but its usefulness hinges on where you are in the story and what you can handle. On top of the Coliseum, you can also make a decent amount of money in the following activities:

  • Random Street Encounters
  • Side Stories (Network Requests)
  • Leveling up the Akame Network

Most upgrades cost a combination of Yen and Akame Points, so you’ll need plenty of both unless you want to be stuck with your default abilities.

How to Make Money Like a Pro in Like a Dragon Gaiden

You’ll open more avenues to make money the deeper you are into the game. First, I’ll explain the best method in depth, and then I’ll cover other more viable ways if you’re a new player looking to make some early cash.

Fight in the Coliseum

How to Make Money in Like a Dragon Gaiden
Image by Anthony Yates

You’ll first visit the Coliseum in Chapter 2 and can start using it to rack up absurd amounts of Yen. Everything you’ve done thus far offers chump change compared to the riches you can earn here, and it utterly breaks the in-game economy.

While you can earn a decent amount of Yen in the Bronze and Silver rank fights, the real money is in Gold and Platinum. Both can be entered by increasing your Akame Network Rank and winning several battles. You must raise your Akame Network rank to Level 10 to unlock Gold and Level 20 for Platinum. The latter took me just over 10 hours, but you can reach Level 10 by completing a couple of Akame Network Requests and Stroll N’ Patrols.

Reach Gold Rank

Once you’ve unlocked Gold Rank in the Coliseum, I recommend taking on any of the Gold challenges in the Hell Rumble. Even with sub-optimal gear, you should be able to beat these, and you’ll earn at least 600,000 Yen per battle. The money/time ratio is incredible in the Coliseum, as fights don’t even last 3 minutes and are repeatable.

The regular Gold Hell Rumble is my favorite battle to grind at Gold Rank. There’s a small army of common opponents and one mini-boss. The boss in this battle isn’t noteworthy; stay on top of your dodging, and you’ll be fine.

Although this isn’t a combat guide, here are a few tips if you’re struggling to keep up or are new to the Yakuza franchise:

  • Agent Style is better for groups, and Yakuza Style is better for single targets
  • You won’t always be able to finish your combos and can quickly cancel them by dodging.
  • Activating Extreme Heat mode is usually better than spending your meter on individual Heat Actions
  • Be ready to respond to your opponent’s charged-up attacks.
  • You don’t need to heal between Coliseum matches if you win.

Reach Platinum Rank

The grind to Platinum Rank will take multiple hours as the road to Level 20 with the Akame Network involves a ton of side content. That said, all your money woes will vanish once you hit Platinum. You can take on any Akame Network Requests you like to hit Platinum; just beware that Gotta Catch ’em Balls is a brutal collectathon and can only be completed during the daytime.

Once you hit Platinum Rank, you can try your hand at Platinum battles immediately, but I recommend acquiring a specific fighter first.

Buy the Chicken Man

money guide dragon gaiden
Image by Anthony Yates

As a Platinum Fighter, you can access the 2nd floor of the Casino in The Castle. Upstairs, you’ll find the Oil Baron, who will sell you Yappie Kun, followed by the Chicken Man for 1,600,000 Yen. You’ll also need 5000+ fans, although if you’ve entered several battles in Gold Rank, you should already be close to this amount.

Upgrade the Chicken Man

Before you try your shiny new fighter, I strongly recommend training him up first. Upgrade the Chicken Man’s Bond to Level 3; you can do this by gifting him 2 Ceremonial Oath Sake Cups (Sakura). You can buy several copies of The Secret Ultimate Guide to Cooperative Fighting for speed leveling. These items are expensive, with the guides costing 1,800,000 Yen per shot. If your fighter is over level 10, he should have no problem in Platinum fights.

The Chicken Man is adept at juggling opponents and can keep them in the air where they can’t retaliate. This fighter also has a deadly special attack that mows down foes with a gun from a distance.

For Legendary Fighters Pack owners

Although I’ve not tested this strategy, multiple sources mention that Goro Majima, a DLC-exclusive character, is arguably the strongest Coliseum Fighter in Like A Dragon Gaiden. If you train him to Level 20 and max out his bond, he essentially turns the Coliseum into ‘easy mode.’

If Goro Majima is fully prepared, you can take him to the Platinum Minamida Grand Prix Special Event Match. In this battle, you’ll fight several fighters in a row, but if you keep using your ‘Job’ action, your opponents will barely even land a hit.

The base reward for this event is a staggering 7,700,000 Yen, and Goro Majima can get the job done within a few minutes.

Akame Network Requests

akame network How to Make Money Fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name
Image by Anthony Yates

You can earn some Yen from the Akame Network Stroll N’ Patrol tasks, but the real money is in the Requests. It took me a while to figure out where to find these tasks, as you have to speak to Akame in the Hideout to access them. The Akame Job Requests are optional mini-quests, and many offer a colossal payout upon completion.

The only problem with the Akame Network Requests is these rewards are finite, as you can’t repeat the missions. If you’re strictly looking at money/time spent, these tasks don’t come close to the Coliseum. That said, some of the best content in Like A Dragon Gaiden can be found here, and they are a necessity on the road to unlocking Platinum rank.

Stroll N’ Patrol

Stroll N’ Patrol requests are highlighted on the map by white fist and exclamation mark icons. While a little monotonous, these tasks level up the Akame Network and can yield a little money.

You’ll often be tasked with finding specific items, like Pine Candy. Remember, each shop has a different inventory, even if they are from the same chain.

shop How to Make Money Fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name
Image by Anthony Yates

Make sure you check every shop. This one, tucked away in the Northeast corner of E Sotenbori St. (pictured), has some items you can’t find anywhere else.

You can track all previously viewed requests on the Support Map in the Akame Network Tab of the Pause Menu. To finish the photo requests, you must snap pictures when the button prompt appears on-screen for them to count.

Invest in the Akame Network

How to Make Money Fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name invest
Image by Anthony Yates

Investing money in the Akame Network may seem counterintuitive to making cash, but you can earn bonuses for future gains if you do. You can access this menu by speaking to Akame in the Hideout. There are a ton of cool upgrades to purchase here, and more become available as you progress.

You can increase Akame Network Points yield, reduce prices around the city, and improve drop rates. These buffs will pay for themselves eventually, and it’s worth going for them early.

Random Encounters

How to Make Money Fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name fight
Image by Anthony Yates

While not the best money maker, regular encounters can provide a decent income. Sadly, the rewards are random, but you can easily net 100,000 Yen or more per fight with a few Akeme Network upgrades. If a group detects you and gives chase, you can’t aggro any other opponents until you fight them.

Lower the Difficulty

How to Make Money Fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name easy
Image by Anthony Yates

If you’re trying to amass a ton of cash quickly, you can lower the difficulty to make fights easier. The monetary rewards are the same regardless, and you’ll breeze through battles, speeding up the process. You can change the difficulty of Like A Dragon Gaiden on the fly so you can turn it back up for story content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Legendary Fighter Pack ‘pay to win?’

Answer: Yes and no. The Legendary Fighter Pack contains the best Coliseum fighter in the game, and it’s gross that it’s the only way to get the iconic Goro Majima. While you can still play through the entire game without the pack, it’s a power bonus and arguably ‘pay to win.’

Question: Is there a way to speed farm Akame Network Points?

Answer: No. Besides lowering the difficulty, the best Akame Point bonuses are locked behind ‘Requests,’ which will send you on side quests. Fortunately, the Yakuza games are renowned for fun, optional content, and that’s still the case in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

Question: How early can I start farming money?

Answer: While you can technically farm random encounters right at the start of the game, I recommend waiting until you’ve met Akame and can access her missions in Chapter 2. Stroll N’ Patrol requests are easy ways to earn some change and valuable Akame points. The Akame Network is part of the main story in Like a Dragon Gaiden and will bring you closer to the Coliseum, where the real money is.

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