How to Get Sunshot in Destiny 2

The Sunshot has always been a phenomenal mob-clearing Exotic weapon in Destiny 2. Bungie always shakes up the meta between Seasons, and the Season of the Wish has pushed the Sunshot up from desirable to truly coveted. If you’ve yet to find one, let me show you how to get the Sunshot in Destiny 2.

Sunshot Information Upfront

  • Weapon Type: Hand Cannon
  • Element: Solar
  • Weapon Slot: Energy
  • Ammo: Primary
  • Rarity: Exotic
  • Drop Sources: Exotic Engrams (all sources)

Where to Get the Sunshot in Destiny 2

The Sunshot isn’t tied to an Exotic Questline and is a random world drop. This is great as it means that every Exotic Engram you open has a chance to be the weapon you want. The downside is you can’t specifically ‘target farm’ for the Sunshot.

Fortunately, you’re guaranteed to get 3 Exotic Engrams per week from the Vanguard Strikes Playlist. You can also try your luck with Xur. The Agent of the Nine brings a small inventory of Legendary and Exotic Gear into the game every Friday and stays until Tuesday. Xur appears in random locations across the Solar System, and you can check his whereabouts on the ‘Where is Xur’ page.

How to Get the Sunshot Catalyst

How to get Sunshot in Destiny 2
Image by Anthony Yates

The Sunshot has a Catalyst, which provides valuable buffs to the weapon’s Range and Stability.

Like most other Catalysts, The Sunshot Catalyst can be earned as a random reward after Crucible Matches or Strikes. You can also get the Catalyst upon completing Vanguard Ops like the Nightfall.

Once you have the Sunshot Catalyst, you must earn 500 weapon kills and 1000 Sunblast kills to unlock the bonuses. This task will take a while, but you can complete it through regular gameplay. The Strike playlist is a great place to fight lots of enemies, but any PvE content will work.

How to Get Sunshot in Destiny 2 exotic hand cannons
Image by Anthony Yates

Exotic Hand Cannons received a buff during the Season of the Witch, and Solar Weapons became exceptionally strong in the Season of the Wish. The Sunshot falls into both categories, hence the popularity.

The Sunshot has the Sunburn Trait, which makes the gun fire explosive rounds. It also has the Sun Blast Perk, which makes defeated enemies explode in a blast of Solar Energy. Sun Blast often starts a chain reaction that can rip through crowds, giving the weapon unrivaled mob-clearing potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Sunshot worth using without the Catalyst?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. The Catalyst grants the Sunshot a welcome buff to its range, but it’s still an add-clearing machine without it.

Question: Can I farm the Vex Incursion to get the Sunshot?

Answer: The Vex Incursion is a great event that guarantees Guardians earn an Exotic they don’t already own. Unfortunately, this only applies to Armor; no weapons are dropped from the event.

Question: Are there any alternatives to the Sunshot?

Answer: The Sunshot is the best at what it does, but you can get similar results from weapons with the Incandescent Perk. The Calus Mini Tool is another great option, and it doesn’t even cost an Exotic slot.

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