Persona 5 Tactica How to Fuse Satanael Guide

Persona 5 Tactica is an extremely streamlined game. Each battle is separated by missions selected from a click in the menu. In between, we return to a hideout serving as an intermission, set up and equip our party, and then jump back into the fray. In this hub, we can also tackle quests and chat with our party members.

However, aside from that, the game hardly has a secret or exploration. Tactical RPGs generally offer less freedom compared to other role-playing subgenres, but still, Persona 5 Tactica feels slightly more hollow than usual.

Yet, there are still some minor secrets that require undisclosed requirements and only happen after completing specific tasks. One of these is acquiring the rights to fuse the persona Satanael. Hence, in this Persona 5 Tactica guide, I’ll show you How to Fuse Satanael so you can strike fear into your enemies with the lord of fallen angels.

Requirements to Get Satanael

After gaining access to the Velvet Room and learning Persona Fusion, you can consult a compendium listing all your Personas and those yet to be acquired.

Initially, you acquire Personas by completing missions and fusing the ones you have. As you proceed, you’ll unlock some Special Fusions that can only be obtained after fulfilling some requirements—almost all involving completing quests or playing the New Game+.

In summary, to acquire Satanael, you’ll need to:

  1. Complete all 15 quests in the game.
  2. Have the group at level 96.
  3. Possess five specific personas in your compendium: Anzu, Ishtar, Michael, Satan, and Lucifer.

All Persona 5 Tactica Quests

Persona 5 Tactica how to fuse Satanael
This is the list of all completed quests, You can do it too! – Image by Murillo Zerbinatto

There are a total of 15 quests, separated according to the Kingdom you’re progressing through. I’ll list them all and the bonuses acquired upon completion. I debated – with myself – whether to give tips on how to conclude each one, but there are so many variables in play that can change the dynamics of a quest that I chose not to help you. Moreover, they are amusing and puzzle-like; I suggest trying to solve them yourself.

Quest 001 – Quietly Storming the Castle

  • Ann +20 GP – Futaba +20 GP

Quest 002 – Stealing Classified Info

  • Joker +20 GP – Erina +10 GP

Quest 003 – Decompressing

  • Ryuji +20 GP – Haru +20 GP

Quest 004 – Once More, With Feeling! 

  • Yusuke +20 GP – Makoto +20 GP

Quest 005 – Operation BOOM

  • Morgana +20 GP – Erina +10 GP
  • Completing all quests in Kingdom 01 (001 to 005) will unlock the fusion of the Persona Principality.

Quest 006 – Yusuke in Freefall

  • Joker +20 GP – Yusuke +20 GP

Quest 007 – The Mysterious Box

  • Ryuji +20 GP – Makoto +20 GP

Quest 008 – The Rightful Prince

  • Morgana +20 GP – Ann +20 GP

Quest 009 – Recovering a Lost Treasure

  • Earns the Decarabia Persona 
  • Completing all quests in Kingdom 02 (006 to 009) will unlock the fusion of the Persona Seth.

Quest 010 – A Balancing Axe

  • Haru +20 GP – Yusuke +20 GP

Quest 011 – Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret

  • Earns the Okuninushi Persona 

Quest 012 – Learning From a Pro

  • Joker +20 GP – Erina +10 GP
  • Completing all quests in Kingdom 03 (010 to 012) will unlock the fusion of the Persona Black Frost.

Quest 013 – Lavenza’s First Trial

  • Unlock the Strongest Skill for Joker, Morgana, and Makoto.

Quest 014 – Lavenza’s Second Trial

  • Unlock the Strongest Skill for Ann, Ryuji, and Yusuke.

Quest 015 – Lavenza’s Third Trial

  • Unlock the Strongest Skill for Haru, Erina, and Toshiro.
  • Completing all quests in Kingdom 04 (013 to 015) will unlock the fusion of the Persona Shiva.

And finally, after completing every quest, you can also fuse Satanael. 

Personas Required for Satanael

persona 5 satanael
An image is worth 120 words – Image by Murillo Zerbinatto

Persona 5 Tactica allows fusing two or more Personas to generate a stronger one. To reach Satanael, you must fuse five high-level personas except one.

Excluding Special Fusions, traditional ones have various combinations to achieve the same result. You might find another combination for the fusions below, but I’ll list the ones I used.

  • Anzu: Lilim + Take-Minakata
  • Ishtar: Scathach + Zaou-Gongen
  • Michael: Raphael + Uriel + Gabriel (Special Fusion)
  • Satan: Alice + Mada
  • Lucifer: Anubis + Ananta + Trumpeter + Michael + Metatron + Satan (Special Fusion)

As you can see, some personas need to be summoned twice, like Michael, who will be used as material to create Lucifer, and then Satanael again. After you get these five, go to Special Fusion in the Velvet Room and select Satanael.

Farming Experience and Money

To reach level 96, you’ll need to repeat some missions and accumulate the necessary money if you want to keep doing these Fusions galore.

The idea is to farm in the last Kingdom, which consists of missions 43 to 49, and net the most experience. Try using characters with their ultimate skills unlocked since their attack areas are immense, like Ann’s Hellfire, for example.

Persona 5 Tactica fusing stats
This bad boy who likes to revel helped me immensely – Image by Murillo Zerbinatto

Next, I suggest equipping the persona Dionysus because it has the passive ability “Knack for Conflict,” which dramatically increases the experience gained in battle. I used him as material for two other Personas and placed this passive on all my party members.

The Persona Ganesha has the passive “Easy Money,” which greatly increases money earned at the end of the battle. It’s not as essential as the experience bonus, but it also helps if you’re short on yen at the end of the game.

I farmed at mission 43 since all the enemies were close by, and I could easily target them all with Hellfire. But you should do fine in any other end-game mission either way. Just avoid those with the pesky-colored platforms.

The Strongest Persona in Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 satanael level 96
And there he is. Strong, but too late to the party – Image by Murillo Zerbinatto

Following these steps, you’ll be on your way to obtaining Satanael, the strongest persona in the tactical game. Its unique passive provides “Heat Rise” to the party member at the beginning of the battle, a buff that increases attack, defense, and agility for three turns.

Honestly, the process of getting Satanael is a bit time-consuming and may not be worth it. If you’re playing on normal difficulty, chances are you’ll finish the game around level 80 without many issues. Acquiring Satanael only seems necessary if you’re after the platinum trophy, as there is a trophy for summoning him, or if you want to do a run on the Merciless difficulty in New Game+.

FAQ Section

Question: Do I Need to Get Satanael to Win the Game?

Answer: If you’re playing on normal or easier difficulties, there’s no need. You’ll pretty much stomp throughout the game without needing any relatively strong Personas. You get Satanael so late in Persona 5 Tactica that I believe it’s made for a New Game+ Merciless difficulty run.

Question: Is Satanael the Best Persona?

Answer: Attribute-wise, yeah, I would say so. His Unique Passive, Heat Riser, is also very useful since it grants the character a buff to attack, defense, and movement for three turns. You can use Satanael as a material to fuse into new Personas and get Heat Raiser as a second passive, boosting every party member’s stats to the maximum.

Question: Is there a trophy for fusing Satanael?

Answer: Yes, there is. It’s called The Ultimate Mask. Still, if you’re aiming for the platinum, you’ll get this one before the Collection of Knowledge, which requires you to fill in all the entries in the Persona Compendium.

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