Lords of the Fallen Best Weapons: Bloodlust, Pieta’s Sword, and More

Lords of the Fallen features an intense amount of deep, rich, and challenging gameplay for players to go through. If you adore complex action RPGs with tons of impressive boss battles, this is a game you should check out.

Better yet, it offers plenty of weapons for you to choose from when creating your build to make the best character for your playstyle. To help you out, here are the Lords of the Fallen best weapons.

The Lords of the Fallen best weapons are here to help you figure out the weapons that might suit your particular build style. This should help you narrow down your search to only the weapons that make the most sense for your character. I have included ten weapons below, all of which favor various classes, builds, and players. Let’s take a look.

Selection Criteria

Coming up with the list of the top ten best weapons in Lords of the Fallen wasn’t an easy task, given how expansive the game is with all of the various gear items. Here is what I used to help narrow down the search for the most potent weapons and come up with this list:

  • Power: Above all else, the purpose of a weapon is to eliminate foes. If a weapon doesn’t have strong enough damage stats to do this, it’s not worth considering.
  • Bonuses: The best weapons go above and beyond simple damage numbers. They offer unique boosts and buffs that make them useful.
  • Flexibility: It helps if a weapon works for various players instead of a single type of build or starting class.
  • Variety: I tried hard to include weapons on this list for every single one of the base starting classes in the game so that you can find something no matter how you play the game.
  • Weapon Types: While not perfect, I tried to include a nice mix of different weapon types in this list. You can find swords, of course, but there are some catalysts, ranged bows, hammers, and the like. Hopefully, this makes the list a bit more appealing to more types of players.

Weapon Tips

lords of the fallen pieta’s sword

Before you dive into the ten best weapons in Lords of the Fallen below, I have some tips for you from my time playing this pretty good action RPG. You should keep these in mind whenever creating your build:

  • The weapon and class you pick are the most essential parts of your build. They are more important than the armor you wear, the rings you put on, and so on. Think carefully about your weapon.
  • Make sure your weapon makes sense for your class. If you have a class that is high in one stat, but the weapon you want to use contradicts that, it may not be super helpful for you to wield it.
  • Once you have these figured out, build around your weapon. Choose armor, spells, and accessories that boost its utility.
  • Look beyond the damage stat. Weapons like Bloodlust, for instance, increase exponentially in damage in the right circumstances.
  • Experiment with weapon types before committing to one. See if you want a fast weapon, a ranged one, a slow but powerful one, and so on.

Top 10 Lords of the Fallen Best Weapons

Without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a look at the top ten best Lords of the Fallen weapons in the entire game. These are ranked from the least impressive (but still utterly fantastic) to the most powerful and useful weapon in the game. All of these are well worth considering for a variety of players.

10. Pieta’s Sword

Pieta’s Sword
  • Weight: 5.3
  • General Damage Stat: 69 holy
  • Requirements: 25 Radiance
  • How to Unlock: You need to defeat the boss Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, and take her Remembrance key item to Molhu to unlock this sword for purchase.
  • Build and Class Recommendation: Any class or build that focuses on Radiance. The Radiant Purifier, in particular, can use this one well.

Pieta is one of the more challenging bosses you can tackle in this game, but if you are able to beat that foe and unlock this sword from Molhu, you’ll find it is one of the better short swords in the game. I like the 100 smite it has, which is one of the highest in the game by a long shot.

However, there is one fundamental flaw with this sword, and it comes from its sole focus on holy damage and nothing else. This makes it great for certain enemies but not nearly as powerful for others at the same time. But if you go for a Radiant build in this game, you will be more than grateful for this.

9. Putrid Child Sword

lords of the fallen putrid child sword
  • Weight: 6.3
  • General Damage Stat: 37 physical and 37 wither
  • Requirements: 8 Strength, 14 Radiance, and 14 Inferno
  • How to Unlock: Go to the Fief of the Chill Curse, find the castle ruins in this area, switch to the Umbral realm, and follow the path to a small village with a statue you can soulflay for this sword.
  • Build and Class Recommendation: Any Umbral builds or classes that allow you to have a nice mix of both Radiance and Inferno stats.

For the Umbral fans out there, this sword is one you can quickly get in the game and use for some solid stats. It has 74 as its total attack power, which is fine, but it is, thankfully, divided up between both the physical and wither attack stats. In addition, it has some solid block protection when necessary.

But the best part about this weapon is it has the frostbite status ailment, which it inflicts on foes. This is an underrated status ailment, which is far too rare at times when it comes to weapons. This is a fine sword, which I highly recommend to players who go for the more Umbral-ending path.

8. Hallowed Praise

Hallowed Praise
  • Weight: 7.5
  • General Damage Stat: 58 physical and 19 holy
  • Requirements: 12 Agility
  • How to Unlock: Head to the Pilgrim’s Perch area, do the boss battle against the Scourged Sister Delyth, go past the swinging platforms to the other side, defeat the enemies here, and then you’ll find this short sword there.
  • Build and Class Recommendation: This is an excellent sword for speedy classes, especially those that use bows. This can be a fine secondary weapon for ranged bow and Agility users.

Bleed might be one of the best status ailments you can inflict on foes in Lords of the Fallen, if not the best overall one. Like in this game’s FromSoft inspiration, if you can use a bleed, you’ll be effective against many of the toughest bosses you can come across. Fortunately, Hallowed Praise has plenty of bleed power.

It also has some solid stats as well for a short sword of its caliber, with a total of 77 attack powers. It gives only a tiny bit of holy damage, which feels weird, but this added bit of juice keeps the damage diversified some. Plus, it has 58 physical damage, which is solid enough for a weapon in this game.

As such, I find that the Hallowed Praise weapon is best used for ranged classes like those who use bows and the like. This is not just because of the Agility requirement but because you should try to have a varied build that is capable of taking on various types of enemies. The Hallowed Praise makes for a solid secondary sword for this type of build for whenever your ranged weapons aren’t cutting it (literally).

7. Hushed Saint’s Halberd

lords of the fallen hushed saint’s halberd
  • Weight: 15
  • General Damage Stat: 107 physical
  • Requirements: 19 Strength and 16 Agility
  • How to Unlock: Gain the Remembrance of the Hushed Saint by defeating this boss and taking the item to Molhu Skyrest Bridge to unlock this powerful weapon.
  • Build and Class Recommendation: Players who go for the heavier build style with heavier armor, slower attacks, and tons of damage.

The Hushed Saint’s Halberd is one of the heaviest weapons you’ll find on this list. I am not usually a massive fan of heavier weapons, but I know some players love that style, which is why I included a couple of them on this list. What I like about this halberd is its focus on immense strength.

It has 107 total attack power, which is great, but it focuses only on pure physical damage. This restriction to only that type of damage might seem a bit unfortunate, but it will do you quite well against most enemies and even bosses you come across in the game.

But the best part about this weapon is its exceptional poison stat. Poison is up there with bleed and burn as the three most impressive statuses you can inflict on enemies, and this weapon has a whopping 150 in poison alone. This makes this weapon rather valuable for a lot of builds.

I recommend this halberd to players who like slower but more powerful characters but also those who like magic. It can be an intriguing melee weapon to mix and match with your spells and inflict some decent poison on your enemies.

6. Hammer of Holy Agony

Hammer of Holy Agony
  • Weight: 6.9
  • General Damage Stat: 43 physical and 43 holy
  • Requirements: 13 Strength and 13 Radiance
  • How to Unlock: Head to the Pilgrim’s Perch and go through the enormous gates here to the Umbral Flowerbed. Head forward and then down the slope to the right to the two Pilgrim enemies. Defeat them, enter the Umbral realm, and look for a beam on your left before the bone bridge to find this hammer.
  • Build and Class Recommendation: Any Radiant players and bleed builds.

The benefit of this hammer comes from its mix of lightweight nature and power. As a hammer, you might think it is pretty heavy, but it actually lands more around the weight of the swords on this list. But it doesn’t sacrifice too much power in the process, and it makes one for one of the better mid-game weapons.

But the best part about this weapon comes from its additional features, such as the 80 bleed stat. This is excellent and makes it worth getting for anyone trying to create a bleed build. It also has incredible block protection for all types of damage styles, so it works well for defensive builds as well.

I find that this hammer can be a great companion for those players who like heavier armor but don’t necessarily want a hefty weapon that will slow them down too much. It packs a punch without being too requirement-heavy.

5. Charm of Fortune’s Sight

Charm of Fortune’s Sight lords of the fallen
  • Weight: 1.2
  • General Damage Stat: 101 spell power
  • Requirements: 12 Radiance and 12 Inferno
  • How to Unlock: You can buy it from a few different NPC traders in the game. It cost 650 Vigor to get.
  • Build and Class Recommendation: Any Umbral magic-focused build or class or anyone who wishes to use spells occasionally.

My fellow spellcasters out there will want a Catalyst. This is the ranged weapon you must hold in your hands if you wish to cast spells in the game. To be fair, you have different Catalysts for the three different types of spells you can use in the game, but the one I love is this one.

It focuses on the Umbral spells, which are some of the most powerful and wildest you’ll find in the game. It also means you’ll need a nice balance of both Radiance and Inferno if you want to use it. But it has exceptional power, and it is pretty easy to get early in the game, and it will last you the entire run.

This powerful Catalyst should be paired well with a great melee weapon in your other hand so you are able to take care of foes who approach you in close combat.

This build also requires you to carefully think about what type of spells you want to cast. But when it comes to the right Catalyst for the Umbral spellcasters or anyone who wants to be a hybrid class, look no further than the Charm of Fortune’s Sight.

4. Vanguard Barros’ Sword

lords of the fallen vanguard barros’ sword
  • Weight: 19.5
  • General Damage Stat: 70 physical and 70 wither
  • Requirements: 20 Strength and 20 Agility
  • How to Unlock: You can unlock this sword for purchase by getting the Vanguard Barros’ Rosary item and taking it to Exacter Dunmire at the Skyrest Bridge.
  • Build and Class Recommendation: Heavy builds and melee-focused fighter classes.

This is the second-heaviest weapon you will find on this list and also one of the most powerful when it comes to pure stats. This greatsword requires a lot of the player, but it gives you a lot in return.

It has incredible damage, with 70 for both physical and wither. The latter is quite intriguing since not enough weapons offer this damage type, so it can be pretty helpful in that regard.

It has some excellent blocking potential as well, so if you can time it right, you can mitigate a decent amount of damage if you are unable to roll out of the way in time.

This sword has incredible power, but the one drawback that holds it from going further is the lack of status ailment power. It makes up somewhat for this in its pure strength, but it could use an additional feature like smite or even frostbite.

3. The Iron Wayfarer’s Hammer

The Iron Wayfarer’s Hammer lords of the fallen
  • Weight: 35.2
  • General Damage Stat: 109 physical, 26 holy, 26 fire and 26 wither
  • Requirements: 31 Strength
  • How to Unlock: You can get this hammer by heading to Bramis Castle and taking out The Iron Wayfarer.
  • Build and Class Recommendation: Melee-focused builds and those who want to go for heavier characters or the most powerful builds possible.

If you want the most pure damage possible in Lords of the Fallen, you’re looking at the weapon for you. The 187 total attack power soars above pretty much every other weapon in the game, but as you might expect, this all comes at a grand cost. It has no status ailments, and it is about the heaviest hammer you’ll find.

That said, its attack power is incredible, and the best part is it isn’t only relegated to just physical. It is one of the only weapons with sufficient damage potential for all four damage types.

Plus, its block protection stands out as one of the highest in the game as well. Unfortunately, this hammer only works for very specific types of players due to its heft, but if you want a heavier, slower, and more powerful build, this is probably the best option for you in Lords of the Fallen.

2. Bow of the Convert

lords of the fallen bow of the convert
  • Weight: 4.7
  • General Damage Stat: 70 physical, 27 holy, 27 fire and 27 wither
  • Requirements: 16 Agility
  • How to Unlock: Head to Lower Calrath and go to the staircase here near the Umbral Flowerbed. Head down to the massive staircase here and use your Umbral Lamp to find a secret platform. Go across and take out the enemies to find a body here to loot for this bow.
  • Build and Class Recommendation: Ranged players and any builds that don’t use magic.

If, for whatever reason, you choose not to use any magic at all or be a spellcaster class in Lords of the Fallen, you need this weapon. Every build should opt for some sort of ranged component, and this is by far the best ranged physical weapon you will find in the entire game. It’s one of the best weapons in general.

It has exceptionally varied damage across all four types, which makes it welcome for any enemy you come across. Plus, it has some pretty high damage for a ranged weapon you can attack from afar. This makes for a fantastic ranged companion to whatever melee weapon you wish to use in the game.

1. Bloodlust

Bloodlust lords of the fallen
Photo from The Lords of the Fallen Wiki
  • Weight: 8.3
  • General Damage Stat: 37 physical and 37 fire
  • Requirements: 13 Agility and 13 Inferno
  • How to Unlock: Take out the boss Crimson Rector Percival, and you’ll be able to loot this sword from the chest nearby.
  • Build and Class Recommendation: Any. There is almost no class or build that doesn’t work with this sword, but especially bleed builds.

Bloodlust reminds me of some of the classic bleed-themed weapons from the FromSoft games. At a glance, it appears great but nothing too special. Its power comes from the mix of everything it has going for it, such as the solid overall damage potential it has and the impressive status ailments.

It has 60 for both bleed and burn, which are the two most important status ailments in the game. This makes it perfect for a great bleed build in Lords of the Fallen. Its requirements feel a bit weird, especially in the Agility department, but this makes sense with how swift this sword is.

It makes it perfect for nearly every build in the game, even if you don’t center your character around bleeding. Even if you are a spellcaster, it works well as a melee weapon companion to help whenever enemies get up close. It’s a sword I recommend to every player.


Question: How Do You Get Boss Weapons in Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: You are able to get boss weapons in Lords of the Fallen by first obtaining the Bowl of Revelations key item. Once you have this, take it to Molhu, one of the NPCs in the game, and use the Offer Remembrance conversation option to unlock boss weapons you can purchase from past enemies you defeated.

Question: Where is the Last Will Sword in Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: You can find the Last Will sword in Lords of the Fallen by going to the Chamber of Lies dungeon. It is located in one of the chests in this area. Look for the NPC Yetka in the final area of this dungeon, and you can find the chest with this sword near there.

Question: Can You Respec in Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: Yes, you can respec your stats in Lords of the Fallen. But to do this, you’ll need to find the Rebirth Chrysalis item first. Once you have it, take this item to the NPC Pieta, and you’ll be able to trade it for a chance to rebuild your character’s stat points.

Check Out the Best Weapons in a Similar Game

Lords of the Fallen represents one of the finest games to emulate the FromSoft style and put its own spin on it. It feels pretty darn good and certainly better than the original game, which I didn’t like all that much. Part of this comes from the awesome weapons, which feel pretty unique and different.

At the end of the day, though, it becomes pretty tough to figure out what the best weapon is that works for you. If you are someone who is struggling to come up with the best weapon, I suggest my favorite weapon on this list: Bloodlust.

This short sword has incredible stats when it comes to its physical and fire stats, plus the statuses it can inflict on foes. Better yet, it can even heal you from the damage you deal to enemies.

When you’ve spent enough time maximizing your builds for Lords of the Fallen, there are other similar games to check out. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at the best weapons in Elden Ring. There are so many different weapons to use in that game, but only a few reign supreme in the end.

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