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Lords of the Fallen Best Armor: Judge Cleric’s Set, The Lightreaper’s Set, and More

Lords of the Fallen is a massive new RPG from developer Hexworks. With two distinct realms to explore, many bosses to tackle, and several endings to get, you will likely spend a lot of time in this world. As such, you’ll want the Lords of the Fallen’s best armor if you would like to do well enough to survive in the game and see it through to the three various endings it has.

Fortunately, that is where I come in. After spending some time with this surprising and pretty fun action RPG with heavy FromSoft inspirations, I have come up with the top ten Lords of the Fallen best armor. These are the gear sets I would recommend to players, no matter what their playstyle, starting class, or preferences are. If you want to do your best against the numerous challenging bosses, you are in the right place.

Bottom Line Up Front

The best armor in Lords of the Fallen is the most versatile one, which fills a variety of builds. For instance, there are so many stats in the game, from physical damage to holy damage to wither damage to six different status effects you can get in the game during battle. You want armor that does the best at all of these.

At the end of the day, the best overall armor I have found in Lords of the Fallen is the Cursed Set. It is a close race between this and The Lightreaper Set, which I also love for its fire resistance.

Both are awesome, but the Cursed Set takes the win for me due to its balanced weight nature and the immense protection it gives you against various resistances and attack styles. It may take a while to get, but this is a set of armor that will serve most players, playstyles, builds, and starting classes well in Lords of the Fallen.

Selection Criteria

With the more than 80 armor sets in Lords of the Fallen, it wasn’t easy to narrow down the available options to only ten in total. However, that is exactly what I did with this list. To help make the list easier to create, here is what I used to come up with it and rank the various armor sets:

  • Defense Stats: At the end of the day, you equip armor in this game to help with surviving attacks. If the defensive stats aren’t impressive, the armor didn’t show up here.
  • Resistances: Armor is also crucial for surviving some of the annoying status effects like smite, bleeding, poison, and frostbite. Bonus points to armor sets, which emphasize resisting those issues.
  • Weight: I also tried to give some bonus points to the armor sets, which are a bit lighter as they let you move faster. But I didn’t avoid heavier armor entirely; I just ensured their stats made up for the lack of speed.
  • Variety: I also tried to include armor, which appeals to a wide set of character classes and builds. No matter what starting class you pick at the beginning of the game, there is an armor set here that would work for your class.

Armor Tips

When it comes to the armor sets in Lords of the Fallen, there is so much to see and learn about them. Here are some of the tips I have come up with during my time playing this action RPG:

  • Armor should come after you decide on your starting class and weapon. Those are a bit more important, so it is crucial you pick armor that suits both of those well.
  • Weight is quite crucial in this game. I go for lighter armor myself, but it is acceptable to use heavier armor as long as you have a build it makes sense for.
  • You are able to obtain the armor sets of certain bosses throughout the game. You’ll need to purchase them from the NPC Molhu at Skyrest Bridge once you obtain the Remembrance item for that particular armor set after defeating the boss.

Top 10 Lords of the Fallen Best Armor Ranked

Without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a look at the top ten best Lords of the Fallen armor sets ranked from the fantastic to the best of the best. There is armor here for everyone, so I was sure to not only include the stats for the armor but also what I love about it, who I recommend it to, and how to unlock it right now in the game.

10. Angel of the Void Set

Lords of the Fallen Angel of the Void Set
  • Armor Set Weight: 50.6
  • Defensive Damage Stats: 319 physical, 196 holy, 191 fire and 393 wither
  • Resistance Stats: 55 smite, 99 bleed, 99 burn, 55 ignite, 228 frostbite, and 216 poison

This intriguing deathly armor gives some excellent physical stats but lacks some in the resistance department. For those who don’t care all that much about status ailments and want pure damage control from all of the four different damage types in the game, this is the armor for you.

However, in order to get this armor, you’ll have to go to the Forsaken Fen and head across the bridge. Take out any enemies you come across and soulflay on the dead person on the bridge. There are two more bodies to soulflay in this area. After taking care of all three, you can unlock a hidden area. Head underneath the bridge to find a chest with this armor.

9. Antique Hallowed Sentinel Set

Lords of the Fallen Antique Hallowed Sentinel Set
  • Armor Set Weight: 41.6
  • Defensive Damage Stats: 249 physical, 211 holy, 214 fire and 188 wither
  • Resistance Stats: 85 smite, 129 bleed, 134 burn, 91 ignite, 83 frostbite, and 119 poison

Ignore the unattractive look of this armor set, as it is one of the most lucrative armor you can get early in the game. Head to Pilgrim’s Perch and go to the right tunnel in this area to the waterfall, and then switch to the Umbral realm. Keep going on the path to find a room where there is a chest with this easy early armor.

It provides solid protection for many of the game across both the defensive and status ailments sides. It is especially pretty good for damage resistance, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find better armor in the game this early, not dropped by a boss.

8. Hallowed Knight Set

Lords of the Fallen Hallowed Knight Set
  • Armor Set Weight: 56.7
  • Defensive Damage Stats: 323 physical, 223 holy, 223 fire and 218 wither
  • Resistance Stats: 152 smite, 169 bleed, 177 burn, 152 ignite, 160 frostbite, and 185 poison

The Hallowed Knight is one of the best starting classes in Lords of the Fallen because it comes with this excellent armor right from the start. But if you don’t start with that class, you can purchase this armor set from Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis, in the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.

It feels like one of the most jack-of-all-trades but master-of-none armor sets in the game. It has nearly identical damage resistance for all four stats, and it is a similar situation for the status ailment resistances. This is the only armor set you can get right at the start, which you don’t truly need to replace at any point if you don’t want to.

7. Judge Cleric’s Set

Lords of the Fallen Judge Cleric’s Set
  • Armor Set Weight: 65.2
  • Defensive Damage Stats: 446 physical, 481 holy, 149 fire and 253 wither
  • Resistance Stats: 295 smite, 300 bleed, 95 burn, 86 ignite, 175 frostbite, and 184 poison

If you are able to defeat Judge Cleric The Radiant Sentinel, you’ll get the Remembrance item you need for this armor. Take it to Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge, and you can trade it to earn the right to purchase this armor set. As you can see, its stats are all over the place and so varied.

The key here is to pick up this armor if you want an emphasis on resisting physical damage, holy damage, smite, and bleeding. Bleed is a powerful status ailment, so this armor becomes quite useful for that. But note its weaker stats when it comes to the other two damage types.

6. Tancred’s Set

  • Armor Set Weight: 81.2
  • Defensive Damage Stats: 779 physical, 164 holy, 363 fire and 258 wither
  • Resistance Stats: 64 smite, 73 bleed, 227 burn, 208 ignite, 133 frostbite, and 124 poison

By far, the biggest issue with this armor set is its weight. If you have enough encumbrance to counteract this issue, you’ll benefit well from the highest possible physical damage stats you’ll find in the game. While it suffers in many other areas, it will ensure you take the least amount of damage from normal physical attacks.

In fact, it is nearly double some of the next-highest stats of this kind for most armor sets on this list. Its fire and wither stats aren’t terrible, either, so it can be a powerful armor set to use. Just know this mainly only works for slower players and builds.

5. Elianne the Starved’s Set

Lords of the Fallen Elianne the Starved’s Set
  • Armor Set Weight: 56.5
  • Defensive Damage Stats: 349 physical, 207 holy, 203 fire and 471 wither
  • Resistance Stats: 75 smite, 119 bleed, 119 burn, 75 ignite, 282 frostbite, and 267 poison

Take out Elianne the Starved, who is one of the tougher bosses in the entire game, and you’ll be able to earn the Remembrance key item from her. Take this to Molhu, and you can buy this armor set from that point forward. The name of the game here is a pretty balanced but high damage resistance.

Some status ailments suffer in exchange for much better-than-average damage resistance from all four types. Wither is, oddly enough, the highest of the bunch, which makes it great for the Umbral builds out there. Plus, it has one of the better designs you’ll find in the game for these armor sets.

4. Fitzroy’s Set

Lords of the Fallen Fitzroy’s Set
  • Armor Set Weight: 71.7
  • Defensive Damage Stats: 563 physical, 272 holy, 279 fire and 230 wither
  • Resistance Stats: 147 smite, 173 bleed, 166 burn, 141 ignite, 126 frostbite, and 433 poison

This armor, in many ways, reminds me of the number one armor set on this list. Like it, this armor has some of the most balanced and best stats when it comes to status ailments and defensive stats alike. That said, the number one armor is just a tad bit better in the long run.

But it is pretty easy to get the Fitzroy’s armor set, which is a nice touch. You only need to go to Fitzroy’s Gorge in the world and head to the highest floor of this tower, where there is a body you can loot. Look for the small gap you can pass through in this room and go through it to reach a ladder to get even higher up. Find a chest here with this armor set.

3. Sovereign Protector Set

Lords of the Fallen Sovereign Protector Set
  • Armor Set Weight: 77.8
  • Defensive Damage Stats: 651 physical, 291 holy, 297 fire and 248 wither
  • Resistance Stats: 151 smite, 178 bleed, 171 burn, 145 ignite, 130 frostbite, and 157 poison

If you can ignore the high weight of this armor set, you’ll find one of the most powerful in the entire game when it comes to physical damage. Even outside of the physical damage resistance, it has pretty high numbers for the others. And it has some good but not too exceptional resistances for statuses as well.

To find the Sovereign Protector armor set, you need to find the Sunless Skein area and the tunnel there. Head through here and be careful of all the enemies inside. Continue following the linear path until you reach a point in the tunnel where there are some random crates and other goodies scattered about in a small area. There is a chest hidden nicely behind all of these items where you can find the Sovereign Protector Set.

2. The Lightreaper’s Armor Set

  • Armor Set Weight: 59.1
  • Defensive Damage Stats: 439 physical, 89 holy, 479 fire and 233 wither
  • Resistance Stats: 59 smite, 67 bleed, 293 burn, 303 ignite, 150 frostbite, and 141 poison

The Lightreaper armor set is one you can get when you defeat The Lightreaper boss in the game at one of the several locations it exists: the Defiled Sepulchre, Fitzroy’s Gorge, or Upper Calrath (depends on your ending preference and how you progress through the game). Take the Remembrance of the Lightreaper it drops to Molhu at Skyrest Bridge to purchase this armor.

The Lightreaper armor set is a tale of some of the most extraordinary highs in the game, matched by some notable lows. It excels when it comes to physical, fire, and even wither damage resistance. It also has burn and ignite resistance, unlike any other armor in the game. These are some of the highest stats in the game, even higher in some cases than the number one spot.

But if you can balance out the weaknesses it has, such as in the case of smite, bleed, and holy damage, this is one of the most lucrative armor sets available in Lords of the Fallen.

1. Cursed Set

Lords of the Fallen Cursed Set armor
  • Armor Set Weight: 75.2
  • Defensive Damage Stats: 560 physical, 216 holy, 209 fire and 417 wither protection
  • Resistance Stats: 101 smite, 149 bleed, 149 burn, 101 ignite, 270 frostbite, and 256 poison

The Cursed Set is all around the best armor I have found in Lords of the Fallen up until this point. While The Lightreaper’s Set is a close runner-up, there is no comparison to how versatile this set is. You get incredible damage resistance to physical attacks, which is helpful for pretty much every enemy and boss battle you come across in this game. You won’t find better pure defensive skill with pretty much any other armor in the game.

But the impressive parts of this armor don’t stop there. You also get incredibly high resistance stats to just about every status ailment in the game, from smite to poison. Sure, some of the lower ones, like smite and ignite only have 101, but that is better than some armor types in the game on their own.

But then you have a high resistance for frostbite and poison, in particular, which are some of the highest you’ll find in Lords of the Fallen. This makes this armor set so much better than almost anything else you’ll find in the game, no matter what boss you are up against in the title.

Unfortunately, you can only get this armor in a single place in the game. To do so, head to the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. Go across the bone bridge in this area and climb the stairs all the way to the hill at the top of it. Here, you will encounter a few enemies. What you want is the Umbral Belly here, which, if you use soulflay on it, will give you the entire Cursed Set all at once with all the pieces you need to complete it.


Question: What is the best armor set in Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: There are a couple of close options for the best armor set in Lords of the Fallen, but the pick for my favorite is the Cursed Set. This particular set of armor is balanced well, so you won’t be weighted down too much, but you’ll get solid defense at the same time. The best part, though, is its high resistance against physical, wither, and poison damage. A close second would be The Lightreaper Set.

Question: How does weight work in Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: There is both weight and encumbrance in Lords of the Fallen. The latter determines how much you can carry before you are slowed down, while the weight of items like armor set affects that. In general, you want to have your overall item weight to be lower than your encumbrance limit, so you have the fastest attacks and dodges possible.

Question: How long to beat Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: The length of time required to beat Lords of the Fallen will depend on a couple of factors. For one, if you are a player who focuses on only playing through the game’s main story once and nothing else, you’re probably only looking at maybe 15-20 hours of game time. But if you want to go for multiple New Game Plus playthroughs, see all three endings, and 100% this game, you’re looking at more like 45-50 hours or even more to thoroughly beat it.

Check Out the Best Armor in a Similar Action RPG

The best armor in Lords of the Fallen offers players much more than simple protection. They are the right mix of weight that makes sense for the player, and they give stats for all types of attack styles to protect you from a wide range of enemies. Plus, they ensure you have resistance to various status ailments.

At the end of the day, with all of those factors in consideration, my personal favorite Lords of the Fallen armor set has to be the Cursed Set. While it is a bit of a challenge to unlock this armor in the first place, it is more than worth the effort for the immense resistance you get against stuff like physical and poison while also not being too slow in the process.

When you are done taking a look at the best armor in this game, you might want to check out a similar title. You have more than likely already checked out Elden Ring. If you want to excel in that game for your first or 15th playthrough of the open-world game, be sure to check out the best armor there.

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