Lords of the Fallen All Endings Explained: Umbral, Inferno, and Radiance

Lords of the Fallen feels like a massive sequel and improvement over the original game to me. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original title, but this more extensive experience with more than five times the size of the world, a more intriguing storyline, and the two parallel worlds you switch between made me more of a fan. It helps, too, when you dive deeper into the game like this Lords of the Fallen all endings explained guide.

Lords of the Fallen takes more inspiration from the FromSoft games beyond just the gameplay and boss battles. There are multiple endings for players to choose from in the game, a la Elden Ring and they result in vastly different events and conclusions for the main story. If you want to know which is the right ending for you, you are in the right place with the Lords of the Fallen all endings explained below.

How Many Lords of the Fallen Endings Are There?

In total, there are three different endings for players to unlock in Lords of the Fallen. The endings are as follows:

  • Radiance
  • Inferno
  • Umbral

You can unlock any of the three endings in whatever order you like, as there is not a “true” ending like you might find in other games. As such, you pick the ending that best suits you and can stick to that for the duration of the game. Below, you’ll find all three endings in the game, how to unlock each one, and what happens in those respective conclusions.

It should go without saying, but just to be safe, be sure to turn away now if you don’t want spoilers for the entirety of Lords of the Fallen. I will spoil specific steps you need to take to get these endings and what happens in each one so this is your chance to back away now or skip to a particular ending that you want to find out more about.

Ending 1: Radiance

The first ending players are able to unlock in Lords of the Fallen is the Radiance ending. You can unlock any of the three endings in whatever order you like, but I imagine this is the ending most players will get when they first play the game. If you do what you are told to do at the beginning to stop Adyr, this is the ending you’ll get.

The Radiance ending follows the will of the Judges and the god known as Orius. In this ending, the player goes through and stops all the beacons and defeats Adyr once and for all. Presumably, this means he will never show up again in the world like he already did before.

But this ending comes at a couple of costs. Though there is finally peace in the realms, your player character sacrifices themselves to make this happen, which Orius and the Judges never told you about beforehand. It also potentially sets up a new possible villainous god for a third game.

How to Unlock This Ending

If you want to unlock this ending, it is by far the most straightforward to unlock since you will pretty much just do everything the game is already telling you to do in the first place. This means sticking to the general mission of stopping all of the beacons, which could herald the return of Adyr.

Note that there is a point of no return for this ending. Once you cleanse one of the beacons, you are automatically locked out of the Inferno ending, so you’ll have to commit to this one or Umbral. But if you cleanse all five of the beacons, you’ll be locked into this ending until you beat the game.

With that in mind, here is what you need to do once you follow all of the basic objectives to cleanse the five beacons to unlock the Radiance ending in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. Finish your objective with all the five beacons in the realms
  2. Head to Bramis Castle and take on The Iron Wayfarer to unlock the castle area
  3. Defeat Damarose the Marked as a boss battle if you haven’t already
  4. Go throughout the dungeon area of Bramis Castle and fight The Sundered Monarch at the very end of the castle
  5. Find the Effigy of Adyr at the end of the dungeon after the fight and use it to enter the Rhogar realm
  6. Finish the final boss battle against Adyr the Bereft Exile to beat the game and unlock the Radiance ending

If you complete this ending, you will unlock one of the many Lords of the Fallen trophies and achievements known as In Light We Walk. As you might have guessed, if you wish to 100% this game or Platinum it, you will need to unlock all three of the endings in the game.

New Class Explained

One of the best features of Lords of the Fallen is the fact that you get a special reward for completing the ending beyond a trophy or achievement. What it uniquely does is allow the player to also unlock a new starting class for the New Game+ run.

If you want to run through with another character and check out the other two endings, you will now be able to do so with the new Radiant Purifier class once you beat the Radiance ending. This particular class feels like a mix of a priest and a martial artist in a way.

The Radiant Purifier class is one of the best in the game when it comes to making the game much more straightforward and arguably more fun. Its mix of spells and close combat means it is always up close, personal, and dealing extreme damage.

It also starts out as one of the highest leveled classes in the game at a whopping level 22 when it begins the game. If you want to breeze through some of the bosses in your New Game Plus run, this is the class to pick up.

Ending 2: Inferno

The second ending that many players will likely try or know about from the start of the game is the exact opposite of the Radiance ending. In this one, you go against the Judges and Orius and side with Adyr, the tyrant god, and help him to fulfill his goals.

This results in the player having to go a completely different direction because if you start to cleanse even a single beacon, you will miss out on this ending. But if you follow through and do everything you need to do to free Adyr from his prison and bring him back into the world, you will gain the wonderful title of Rhogar Lord.

In addition, you will get to see the demon lord bring about his kingdom, and all of the demons will invade humanity’s realm. This will result in the more evil of the three endings, but it might feel good to be bad. Plus, you aren’t a servant of the foul and potentially corrupt Judges.

How to Unlock the Inferno Ending

In order to unlock the Inferno ending in Lords of the Fallen, you will still need to visit the five beacons in the world as you do in the Radiance ending. However, this is where it differs, as the player has to pick certain steps to go against the Judges and bring about the freeing of Adyr by siding with him.

Here is exactly what you need to do to get the Inferno ending in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. Visit all five of the beacons, but instead of cleansing them, defeat the five Colossal Sentinels who guard the beacons and keep them intact.
  2. Once you do this, head to the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters and grab the Rune of Adyr item that is held there.
  3. Alternatively, you can head to Bramis Castle, and The Iron Wayfarer will be waiting for you there. If you defeat this boss, you’ll gain the Rune of Adyr this way.
  4. Like in the Radiance ending, go through the Bramis Castle dungeon until you defeat The Sundered Monarch boss battle as always.
  5. Talk with the Effigy of Adyr after that boss battle, who you are siding with in this route, and you will obtain the Empowered Rune of Adyr.
  6. Once again, head to the five beacons in the world and use the rune on them to bring about the freedom of Adyr.
  7. You will likely have to defeat the boss, Judge Cleric the Radiant Sentinel, as you go about your beacon business.
  8. Find the Judge Iselle NPC and use the Empowered Rune of Adyr on her to get this ending and reawaken Adyr, who will take over her body for his revival. This action will conclude the game.

For completing this ending, you’ll earn the trophy or achievement named Lord of the Risen. If you want to complete the full trophy list and earn the Platinum, you’ll need to play through the game multiple times if you want to earn this trophy as well as the other ones for the various endings.

Inferno Class Explained

In addition to an achievement, you unlock yet another new starting class for completing this ending. This time around, the Inferno ending will net you the impressive Lord starting class. This class is meant to be there to signify that you were able to turn into a Rhogar Lord for siding with Adyr.

The Lord class comes with an extremely powerful spellcaster class, which specializes in some of the best spells in the game by a long shot. In addition, you start at the highest level for a starting class at a whopping level of 23, which is far higher than most of the other classes.

In addition, the Lord is the only class that begins the game with two rings equipped in their inventory instead of just one or none. This makes the Lord quite powerful and able to decimate foes with ease from the moment you start the game with incredible magic, despite being a brand new character.

There is one key downside to the Lord class, which is that it trades its flexibility in movement and speed in exchange for immense power. But if you are able to keep a distance at times and deal tons of spell damage from afar, you won’t have to worry too much about this weakness. Overall, the Lord class is one of the top three classes in Lords of the Fallen, so it is one that players should consider getting through this ending.

Ending 3: Umbral

The final ending you are able to get in Lords of the Fallen is by far the most complex and bizarre ending in the game. It takes quite a lot of specific steps to unlock this ending, and it pretty much makes the game much harder for you if you don’t prepare enough ahead of time.

The Umbral ending is the wildest as well, veering quite off-course from the other two, which focus on the whole Adyr plight. This ending involves the player going off-rails and destroying pretty much everything in the world. In this ending, you decide to avoid both Adyr and the Judges for a new path.

In this path, you side with the Putrid Mother, who is another divine being in the realms. Siding with her means destroying many of the NPCs and essential characters in the story. The end result is handing over the world to her and letting her obliterate everything in exchange for creating a new horrifying world for the future.

It is so unlike the other endings in the game, and I hope that this is the canon ending, as it would be fascinating to see this new terrifying realm as the setting for a third Lords of the Fallen game in the future. Here’s how to unlock it.

How to Unlock This Ending

To get this particular ending in Lords of the Fallen, you have to follow quite a lot of steps, get certain items, and eliminate certain NPCs at moments. This is crucial for you to understand as you want to be fully stocked with items and gear for the game because you will literally eliminate traders who sell you goods and be unable to buy those goods anymore.

Here is everything you need to do, which you need to carefully follow in this exact order to avoid messing up the process:

  1. Progress far enough in the main story without cleansing all five beacons to where you defeat both The Unbroken Promise and Harrower Dervla the Pledged Knight in the Revelation Depths region.
  2. At this point, you are now able to go back to the Skyrest Bridge area and buy the Scouring Clump for 1000 Vigor from the trader NPC Molhu.
  3. Travel to Mother’s Lull using that item you just bought and talk with the Remnant NPC there to get Damarose’s Seedpod key item.
  4. Then, head to the Pilgrim’s Perch area in the world and use the seedpod item on Damarose to eliminate her.
  5. Head back to Mother’s Lull to get Gerlinde’s Seedpod.
  6. It’s the same story here. Go to Skyrest Bridge if you already helped Gerlinde escape Pilgrim’s Perch and use the seed to eliminate her.
  7. Continue the main story to Bramis Castle and defeat the Colossal Sentinel outside the gates to pick up The Lightreaper’s Umbral Parasite key item.
  8. Go to Molhu’s room in Skyrest Bridge and place the parasite in the exposed pillar there.
  9. Talk to the Remnant NPC once more and get Melchior’s Seedpod.
  10. After this, go to the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters area and get the Rune of Adyr.
  11. Take that rune back to the Remnant to get a withered version of it.
  12. Go to Bramis Castle with all of these items, complete the dungeon, defeat The Sundered Monarch, and use the seedpod on Melchior’s body.
  13. Go to the Fief of the Chill Curse and use the withered rune on The Iron Wayfarer to get the Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite item. Take that to the same pillar in Molhu’s room at Skyrest Bridge.
  14. Go to the Umbral realm from here and talk with Molhu, then travel back to the Skyrest Bridge and chat with Pieta.
  15. This will lead to a boss fight with Elianne. Win to get Elianne’s Umbral Parasite.
  16. Use that on the pillar in Molhu’s room and chat with Molhu.
  17. Pick to enter Mother’s Lull in the conversation to unlock the final floating platform in the Mother’s Lull area.
  18. Ascend through the four platforms to reach the Putrid Mother and receive this fascinating ending.

For completing this ending in the game, you will earn the Back to the Void trophy and achievement. You’ll need it if you want to 100% this game.

New Starting Class Explained

For completing this ending, you’ll get the Putrid Child starting class for your future playthroughs. It starts at level 15 and focuses on the Putrid Mother’s power, which means it is almost purely a spellcasting class and has little offensive or defensive power in close combat situations.

In some ways, it is like the in-between class between the Radiant Purifier and Lord classes with a mix of elements of both. That said, it lacks the overall power of both, being more like a jack-of-all-trades. It has impressive spells and provides a very unique class build, unlike any other class in the game.


Question: What is the Lords of the Fallen best ending?

Answer: The best ending in Lords of the Fallen will ultimately come down to the player and their preferences. If I were to pick the best of the three endings, it would come down to either the Radiance ending or the Umbral one. I like the good side of Radiance and its straightforward ideas, but Umbral is bonkers, and I appreciate it for doing that.

Question: Which of the Lords of the Fallen endings is canon?

Answer: There is no word at this time on which of the Lords of the Fallen endings is canon. In the original game, it also had three endings, and the canon one became the third ending, which involved avoiding the situation with Adyr. It feels like this could happen again, and the true ending could end up becoming the wild Umbral ending with a new Putrid Mother world in the third title. But we will have to wait and see.

Question: What is the Lords of the Fallen Rhogar ending?

Answer: The Rhogar ending in Lords of the Fallen is otherwise known as the Inferno ending. In this one, the player frees Adyr and sides with the evil, tyrannical god and gets rewarded for this by becoming a Rhogar Lord at the end of the story’s conclusion. This is also the only ending where you can confirm that the player actually lives, which is worth noting.

Check Out the Endings for a Similar Game Next

Lords of the Fallen is an incredible and fascinating attempt to have a Soulsborne-like game with some of the depth, challenge, and exhilarating combat that fans of FromSoft know and love. It feels much better than the original game, and it looks great, too, especially with the three core endings.

The various endings feel pretty different from one another and are worth checking out for the different bosses and starting classes they offer to players. I love this system of having different classes you can unlock from the three endings, which encourages players to keep replaying the title.

If you want another game like this one that has multiple endings that are vastly different from one another, you should check out the various Elden Ring endings. Though I honestly imagine most of the people reading this have already played and beaten this game by now.

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