Lords of the Fallen Best Spells: Blessed Reflections, Infernal Guardian, and More

Lords of the Fallen features an immense world to explore that is five times larger than the previous game in the series. With two realms to switch between, tons of fascinating locations to explore, and numerous challenging bosses to battle, you’ll want the Lords of the Fallen best spells to help you excel in combat.

Thankfully, you’re in the right place to learn about all of the best spells you need to find in the game to succeed well.

The Lords of the Fallen best spells are the ones I find to be the most valuable and exciting in the game after my time playing it. These spells feel the strongest and offer the most oomph when it comes to using them for protection or damage alike.

Spells are crucial to different starting classes in the game, so it is imperative you get the best ones that fit your playstyle and preferences, which this list is here to help you do.

Selection Criteria

Here are the selection criteria I used to come up with this list. Lords of the Fallen has a lot of spells in it, but some of them feel a bit more underwhelming than others. As such, it was fairly easy to come up with this list compared to ranking other parts of the game, but here is what I used regardless:

  • Spell Power: No matter what the purpose of the spell is, it has to be among the best in its class and idea to make it onto this list.
  • Utility: There are bonus points for spells that do more than blast enemies with pure energy. I appreciate spells that summon allies or give some sort of protection.
  • Variety: I tried to include different types of spells on this list to give you more than the same old pure damage spells and nothing else. I also included a few options for all three schools of magic.
  • Difficulty: Some spells are much harder to get or use than others. This didn’t play a huge factor but affects this list in a small way.

Spell Tips

lords of the fallen barbed aura spell

Before you go off into Lords of the Fallen with your full spell book and start launching fireballs at foes, there are some tips I’ve learned during my time playing this game when it comes to magic. Here is what you should keep in mind, especially if you are playing a primarily spellcaster class like myself:

  • You probably already know that casting spells requires using the blue mana bar underneath your red health bar and green stamina bar. But I suggest focusing on increasing your mana bar through leveling up and using stat points so you can more often use spells.
  • Spells are helpful for every single class and playstyle in the game. Even if you are a physical fighter, there are at least one or two spells you could add to your build to increase strength or make your character even better for ranged situations.
  • Summon spells are particularly fantastic in this game. They are highly useful for fragile spellcaster classes who need an ally to balance out the fight.
  • There are three different schools of magic, which tie into the endings of the game as well: Radiant, Inferno, and Umbral spells. You need a Catalyst equipped for the magic school you want to use.
  • Unfortunately, this means you can only usually use a single school of magic at once. I recommend thinking carefully about which one you want to focus on.
  • At the same time, bear in mind that Umbral spells uniquely require points in both Radiant and Inferno, so they require a more balanced build to use, which will make them less valuable to many players.
  • Keep in mind using a Catalyst and, therefore, magic locks you out of being able to equip a traditional non-magical ranged weapon. You can still use a melee weapon, of course.

Top 10 Lords of the Fallen Best Spells Ranked

Without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at the top 10 Lords of the Fallen best spells in the game. Don’t worry if you are a Radiant spellcaster, Inferno user, or an Umbral fanatic like myself; there is something for everyone on this list.

I’ll be sure to let you know what the spell does, how much mana it takes to use, any requirements, and how to unlock it so you can start using it right now.

10. Barbed Aura

  • Spell Description: This Radiant spell puts a special, bright aura around the user. This aura counterattacks and damages any enemy who attacks the user.
  • Spell Type: Radiant Spell
  • Mana Cost: 6
  • Requirements: 22 Radiance points
  • How to Unlock: You can get this spell from the NPC traders in the world. It is one of the easier ones to unlock.

The Barbed Aura spell is one of the most versatile in the game and also one of the earliest you are able to unlock. This spell is vital to both spellcasters and melee users alike. It essentially gives you an automatic counterattack, which will damage foes who happen to hit you.

This is on top of the other damage you’re already dealing to these enemies, such as through your melee weapon or your other attack spells. The best part is how little mana it uses to activate this spell. Even users who have no focus on magic in the game should be able to use this.

It makes even the most fragile spellcasters in the game a bit more useful in battle since enemies will now take extra damage to try to eliminate you. Though this is one of the most basic spells in the game, it is one worth considering for nearly all build types.

9. Diminishing Missile

lords of the fallen diminishing missile spell
  • Spell Description: You bring forth a ranged missile attack, which debuffs the target of the spell for decreased attack and defense alike.
  • Spell Type: Umbral
  • Mana Cost: 48
  • Requirements: 8 Radiance and 8 Inferno
  • How to Unlock: Head to the Path of Devotion location and find the Vestige of Dieter area there. Keep going along this linear road until you arrive at a hill at the very top of the area. At this point, you need to switch over to the Umbral realm, and you’ll be able to find the spell here.

One of the oddest parts about the magic spells in Lords of the Fallen is how few there are with debuff spells. This is one of the only ones in the game, which makes it highly valuable to all sorts of players. It has an overpowered use in how it decreases not just the attack of the enemy you hit but their defense, too.

This is essentially a must for any players struggling with certain bosses. Sure, it uses up a ton of mana in the process, but it is certainly worth it for the trade-off. You’ll be able to deal more damage with your weapons and other spells on the foe while also taking less damage overall.

If you are a spellcaster or pure fighter, this is one spell you should consider for your build. Just know you’ll need both Radiance and Inferno to use it.

8. Adyr’s Endurance

  • Spell Description: This sorcery incantation lets you call upon the tyrant god Adyr to gain a significant boost to your stamina regen.
  • Spell Type: Inferno
  • Mana Cost: 60
  • Requirements: 8 Inferno
  • How to Unlock: If you obtain the Adyr Worshipper’s Saw item in the game, you can take this to Damarose and be able to buy this spell from her from that point forward.

For those of you who are melee players who focus on physical combat only or those who have a hybrid playstyle between magic and melee combat. The green stamina bar determines how often you are able to roll and slash away at your enemies, which is imperative for combat.

The only problem is you might find that even with a lot of stamina, it takes far too long to replenish once you use it up in the middle of tough boss battles. This spell alleviates this problem by giving you a temporary boost to your stamina regen so you get it back much faster in the middle of combat.

This is a godsend, but the one problem with this spell is its high mana cost. 60 is quite a lot, which means for some players, you might be able to use this once or twice per battle, and that’s about it at best. So, for players who focus solely on melee combat, it has to be used wisely in lengthier fights, or you might be in for a surprise.

7. Blessed Reflections

lords of the fallen blessed reflections spell
  • Spell Description: You create copies of Pieta to fight alongside you and attack other enemies.
  • Spell Type: Radiant
  • Mana Cost: 99
  • Requirements: 30 Radiance
  • How to Unlock: You’ll need to bring the Remembrance of Pieta item from the boss you defeated to Molhu in Skyrest Bridge to be able to unlock it for purchase.

This is one of the various boss spells you can unlock in Lords of the Fallen and one of the overall best. Pieta is a formidable enemy you face in the main story of the game, but this spell turns her into your own little puppet. She deals tons of damage to your enemies on your behalf for a short time.

This makes Pieta and this spell one of the best summoning spells you can use in the game. That said, the immense power Pieta has comes at a dire cost. It will cost you a whopping 99 mana to use this spell, which puts it out of the reach of many builds that aren’t full-on spellcasters.

As such, the lack of flexibility with this spell holds it back from rising up a little bit further on this list. That said, if you are a Radiant spellcaster, there is no other summoning spell worth picking up than this one. I would move towards unlocking it as soon as you can in the game.

6. Poison Weapon

  • Spell Description: You enhance your weapon so you are able to poison enemies with it.
  • Spell Type: Umbral
  • Mana Cost: 60
  • Requirements: 8 Radiance and 8 Inferno
  • How to Unlock: Bring the Bowl of Revelations to the NPC trader Molhu at Skyrest Bridge to unlock this as an item for purchase.

Poison is one of the core status ailments in this game, but you aren’t able to use it much yourself in the game outside of certain weapons and a couple of different spells. This is unfortunate since it is one of the strongest status effects you can inflict, even on some bosses.

Fortunately, this spell helps with that. You are able to imbue your weapon for a short time with poison, so you are able to deal some residual damage to your foes in addition to your typical damage. To be clear, this spell doesn’t benefit pure spellcasters who don’t use melee weapons that often.

But if you are a melee fighter class in this game, this can be a godsend for taking on some of the tougher bosses. Just beware of the high mana cost it requires.

5. Invigorating Aura

lords of the fallen invigorating aura spell
  • Spell Description: This healing spell puts an aura around the user, which heals the player who used it as well as any of the nearby allies for a time.
  • Spell Type: Radiant
  • Mana Cost: 12
  • Requirements: 22 Radiance
  • How to Unlock: You can only buy this spell from the NPC trader Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis in the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. You can find this location near the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters if you’re having trouble locating it.

When it comes to healing spells, the Radiant Magic School excels the most at this idea. One of the most potent healing spells is Invigorating Aura for a couple of reasons. For one, it costs so little mana to use, but it heals not only yourself but any allies in your vicinity, which is incredible.

This means you are pretty much able to spam this spell over and over if you are a dedicated spellcaster with a large mana pool to draw from. And even if you are a solo melee fighter on your own, this cheap cost means you are likely able to use it often enough by yourself for healing.

The range of this spell isn’t the best, so you have to time it well, which holds it back from being the best healing spell in the game. That said, when it comes to pure healing options in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better spell than this one.

4. Infernal Guardian

  • Spell Description: You summon a fiery ally to fight alongside you, and it will take on any foes you come across within its range.
  • Spell Type: Inferno
  • Mana Cost: 52
  • Requirements: 30 Inferno
  • How to Unlock: You’ll want to head to the Tower of Penance dungeon in the game. There, you’ll want to look for the room where you find the Rune Tablet for the story. The Infernal Guardian spell can be looted from a skeleton body in this room.

It takes a hefty amount of Inferno points to unlock the Infernal Guardian spell, which makes it one of the higher-level magic you’ll unlock for the school of Inferno. But it is certainly worth the effort for one of the best summoning spells you can find in the entire game.

Like the other ally summons spells you can obtain, you bring out an ally who will fight alongside you for a limited time. The mana cost for this spell isn’t the worst, so dedicated spellcasters will potentially be able to use it quite often in the middle of fights.

But what helps the Infernal Guardian stand out is its fire bolt attacks, which are capable of dealing some heavy damage and even burning foes. This extra burn status ailment effect is unmatched and highly necessary for destroying foes faster. If you have a burning build, or even if you don’t, you should consider this spell.

3. Cataclysm

lords of the fallen cataclysm spell
  • Spell Description: You bring forth an entire flood of flaming meteors from the heavens above to land on top of the battlefield and strike all enemies within a wide distance.
  • Spell Type: Inferno
  • Mana Cost: 99
  • Requirements: 30 Inferno
  • How to Unlock: This is another spell you can purchase from Damarose, the Marked NPC trader in the game if you have enough currency.

Cataclysm is by far one of the most powerful and immense pure damage spells you’ll find in all of Lords of the Fallen. If you are an aspiring spellcaster and you don’t know which magic school to focus on, you honestly can’t go wrong with the Inferno class if all you care about is purely damage.

In this case, the Cataclysm spell should be your end goal sooner rather than later. It takes an unbelievable amount of mana to be able to keep up with this spell and use it often enough in the game. It is one of the highest-costing spells with a whopping 99 mana cost for a single use.

However, it is more than worth it for the incredible range it has on the battlefield and how strong it is. Your enemies will take tons of damage from the meteors falling from the sky. Plus, it has an excellent animation at the same time.

2. Painful Echo

  • Spell Description: You send out an orb that deals heavy damage and will chain from enemy to enemy for a time.
  • Spell Type: Umbral
  • Mana Cost: 35
  • Requirements: 8 Radiance and 8 Inferno
  • How to Unlock: You are able to get this spell from Molhu, the trader.

This is one of my favorite damage spells in all of Lords of the Fallen for how flexible and speedy it is. The spell on its own is pretty powerful and will deal a fair bit of damage to a single target. However, the real use comes from how it will hit one enemy and then immediately chain to the next nearest foe.

It keeps up like this for a good area and will usually affect all enemies you are up against. This makes the larger fights with more than one enemy much easier in the long run.

While it may not be the most useful at times with solo foes, the low mana cost also means you can use it much more often than something like Cataclysm. Just know that you’ll need both Radiance and Inferno stat points to use this in the first place.

  • Spell Description: This spell sends out an orb that is able to heal enemies as well as damage any enemies it hits.
  • Spell Type: Radiant
  • Mana Cost: 59
  • Requirements: 25 Radiance
  • How to Unlock: Purchase from Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis near the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters

1. Radiant Orb

Radiant Orb lord of the fallen

One of the most potent spells and my personal favorite in the entirety of Lords of the Fallen is available reasonably quickly in the game without too much effort. Besides the medium to high mana cost and the somewhat higher than average Radiance stat you must have to use it, this is a must-have spell for Radiant spellcasters.

It is by far one of the most versatile spells in the entire game. It not only heals your team, but it can damage enemies as well. What it does is send out this smart orb, which knows who your allies are and heals them if they touch it while blasting away at any enemies that it happens to touch.

This dual nature of the Radiant Orb makes up for the somewhat higher-than-average mana cost. You can essentially kill two birds with one orb, as you are able to cap off the HP of your allies while also still dealing some serious damage to enemies. This is a spell I often like to use in the game, and for a reason.


Question: What is the Best Magic Type for Warrior in Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: If you go for a traditional warrior starting class in Lords of the Fallen, such as the Hallowed Knight or Udirangr Warwolf, the best magic school to use is the Radiant spell type.
Though Inferno offers plenty of damage possibilities, Radiant gives you everything you need for a solo warrior, such as duplicates to fight alongside you, healing spells, damage resistances, debuffs, and more.

Question: What Spells Have the Best Range in Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: Range is a bit strange in Lords of the Fallen as it isn’t a feature that is quantified to the player directly. That said, the spells that affect the best and largest area around the player include spells like Lucent Beam, Orius’ Judgement, Radiant Orb, and the healing spell Healing Sigil.

Question: How Long to Beat Lords of the Fallen?

Answer: The length of time needed for how long to beat Lords of the Fallen will depend on what type of player you are. If you purely go in for the story and see all three of the endings all the way through, each playthrough will take you about 15 hours and possibly even less than that.
But if you are a true completionist wanting to 100% the game, you are looking at around 45-50 hours to max out the title to its fullest.

Check Out the Best Spells in a Similar Game

Lords of the Fallen has a grand total of just under 60 spells for players to use in the game. This seems like quite a lot, and it certainly is in the grand scheme of things, but you are only able to use spells of the Catalyst you currently have equipped.

As such, you are generally dealing with around 20 possible spells depending on your preferred school of magic.

When it comes to my ultimate favorite spell in all of Lords of the Fallen, the one I would suggest for all players to consider is the Radiant Orb spell. This, of course, is assuming you are a Radiant spellcaster, which may not be the case for everyone. But if you are, being able to send out an orb that heals allies and damages enemies at the same time is unparalleled.

After you’ve now scoured through the top ten best spells in all of Lords of the Fallen, you might want to check out a similar game that offers this extraordinary level of customization and highly difficult boss battles. In that case, I suggest taking a look at all of the best incantations in FromSoft’s masterpiece Elden Ring.

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