God of War Ragnarok Odin’s Ravens Locations: Where to Find All Ravens, Rewards

God of War Ragnarok is the definition of how to make a game bigger and better than the original. This sequel to the masterpiece 2018 game features a ton of content for players to check out, including the optional Odin’s Ravens. These birds are collectibles to look out for as you venture through the various realms.

Odin’s Ravens are birds that swarm around the realms and keep an eye out on everything going on for the All-Father. There are various rewards you can get for completing Odin’s Ravens challenges and finding more of them in the game. If you want to get your hands on those, stick around!

Bottom Line Up Front

There are a whopping 48 Odin’s Ravens that you can find throughout the realms of God of War Ragnarok. This is one of the most extensive collectible sets you can find in this already massive game, and it will likely take you quite some time to find all of them.

This is because not all of the ravens are available to you as soon as you enter a realm. Some of them require you to progress through the main storyline to unlock new areas where they are found. But if you can find each one of them, you’ll earn six unique and massively powerful rewards.

The best way to identify these birds is to listen out for them. You can hear the ravens when you are near them. They will caw and make loud noises, letting you know that one is nearby. They could be hanging out near the ground or flying around above.

In addition, it is best to use a certain weapon to get these ravens. The Draupnir Spear weapon that Kratos gets halfway through the game is the best way to deal with these pesky birds. This spear can be thrown and takes them out much faster and easier than the slow Leviathan Axe can.

All Midgard Odin’s Ravens Locations

There are four main areas of Midgard where you’ll be able to find Odin’s Ravens. The problem is that most of these places aren’t accessible right away, so considering this, naturally, there are spoilers ahead. Below, you’ll find the four locations and each raven that happens to be located there.

I am going to go over these raven locations in each of the individual realms by order in which you can encounter them during the main story. Let’s get started on this lengthy venture.

1. Lake of Nine Raven Locations

Lake of Nine Raven Locations
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 2 in this area

For the first of the ravens here, what you want to do is head towards the King’s Grave region of Midgard and act like you are going towards the Raider Hideout location. Instead of going inside, though, your goal is to look at the entrance door. There is the first raven you need hanging out on the upper right side of it.

The second raven in this area requires you to head to the southern part of Tyr’s Temple. When you arrive here, there is a lightning bolt encased in ice that you are looking for. Take Kratos’ sled towards this location and then hop off. You’ll see a tiny little cave-like structure by the temple you can enter, where you will find the second of the ravens here.

2. The Derelict Outpost Ravens

The Derelict Outpost Ravens
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 2 in this area

Head west of Tyr’s Temple to find The Derelict Outpost area of Midgard where there are two ravens. Go over the wall here but not too much further, where you end up at Sindri’s nearby store. There is a frozen ship on your left side, head inside it, and look for the huge hole where the next raven is.

For the second raven in this area, head into The Derelict Outpost until you reach the arena that is near here. While in the arena, go towards the right side until you see a wooden pole stuck into the ground near another grapple spot that you can’t use. The raven is atop this wooden structure.

3. The Oarsmen Raven

The Oarsmen Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Head to the Shores of Nine near Tyr’s statue and head on the path to The Oarsmen region of the Midgard realm. Keep on this path until you reach the centaur enemy, which you should take out to make this job a little bit easier for you. Go up the ice here, use the chain to unlock some stairs, and then head up to see The Oarsman statue. The raven is near the statue.

4. Well of Urd Raven

Well of Urd Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Head to the Well or Urd and then go up from there. Reach the crack in the wall and go through it. From there, climb up the wall that is following the crack and keep going until you are near the top of this location. There is a place here to go left. Go this way, and you’ll stumble upon a red flag. The raven is above the red flag and behind it on the mountain there.

All Alfheim Odin’s Ravens Locations

Alfheim has a healthy dose of locations where you can find some of Odin’s Ravens. Though there are only five locales where these ravens are found, a couple of these places have more than one raven for you to find there.

1. The Strond Raven Location

The Strond Raven Location
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

The Strond is the place where you initially arrive in Alfheim. From your starting point in this area, go up the path here until you reach a Nornir Chest and a hole in the ground. Jump down this and head this way to find a bridge. From the bridge, there is a tree near you where the raven is.

2. Temple of Light Ravens

Temple of Light Ravens
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 2

The first raven in the Temple of Light area is near the Light of Alfheim area. Go up the stairs to the right of you until you see an opening on your left and jump there. In this area, the raven will be, unfortunately, beyond a gate. There is a crystal near the raven but ignore that. Instead, use the one on your left side to throw your axe and take the raven out.

The second raven here is in the Temple of Light near the Light of Alfheim and the elves here. Look for the stairs with the crystals near them and turn to the left side to see the next raven for you to take out.

3. The Canyons Raven

The Canyons Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

You want to look for the place in The Canyons where you use the gate for Tyr. Go through the road here to find Sindri’s store nearby. While at the store, turn to your right and find a raven flying by a gate that is in this area.

4. The Barrens Ravens

The Barrens Ravens
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 2

Arrive in The Barrens and then make your way to the top right part of the map and this region. This is where the massive creature’s corpse skeleton is found. Find the skull of the creature and there is a raven hiding inside of where its eye used to be found.

The second raven in The Barrens requires you to go to the elven structure that is found on the far left side of the area. From the outside of this elven temple area, you’ll find a tree stuck to a rock on the left side of the entrance where a raven is hanging out.

5. The Forbidden Sands Ravens

The Forbidden Sands Ravens
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 4 in this location. You’ll have to progress pretty deep into the story to find these ravens

Head to the left side of The Barrens (literally by the word “the” on the map) where you are standing near a Freyr statue here. Go to the statue and walk onto the bridge here. There is a raven literally above you right now, so peak above you and give this raven a nice nap.

From this statue, head left until you reach the side of a mountain. There is a ledge here that you can climb up where there is a massive stone troll. You’ll have to take it out but doing so will let you find another raven just behind it.

Enter The Forbidden Sands area on the east side and take the path that would take you to the library in this region. While on this path, you can see a massive rock formation thing that is on top of a hill with some wooden stakes in it. Head towards this rock to find the next raven atop it.

It is now time to head from here to the Elven library on the north side of the sands. So long as the sandstorm has subsided, there is a wall near the entrance to the library that you can hit. Go inside the opening it creates and continue into a clearing. On your left will be the final raven in this area.

All Helheim Odin’s Raven Locations

Helheim is one of the tiniest regions and realms in all of God of War Ragnarok. As such, there are only a measly two ravens for you to locate in this part of the game. This makes them easier to get, but know that it will take some time in the story before you will be able to get these.

1. Helgrind Raven Location 1

Helgrind Raven Location 1
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

After you leave the gate to Helheim, go up just a bit on the path until you see a nice vantage point of the realm. There is a raven directly in front of you flying around like a pest.

2. Helgrind Raven Location 2

Helgrind Raven Location 2
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

For this second raven in Helheim, finish all of the plot surrounding your purpose here. Once you’re done, don’t leave the realm. Instead, use your grappling hook to head to Hel’s Perch near the gate. There is a massive stone tablet on this path to Hel’s perch where a raven is just above it.

All Muspelheim Odin’s Ravens Locations

Muspelheim is another smaller realm in God of War Ragnarok that doesn’t have a ton going on with it. That said, if you can get deep enough in the game to visit here, you will find two ravens for you to add to your ever-growing collection. For many people, these are the last two ravens they find since they are the only ones you can’t access until you beat the entire main story.

1. Burning Cliffs Raven Location

Burning Cliffs Raven Location
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Once you arrive at the gate in the Burning Cliffs, you want to continue on the main road here. It will take you to a cave area where there is a legendary chest, which you should open up if you haven’t already. When you try to exit the cave, you can see an opening on your right where the raven is.

2. Surtr’s Forge Raven

Surtr’s Forge Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

At this point, you want to return to where you found Surtr and his forge. At his forge, find the table that he uses. Look over on the left side of the table and you’ll see a massive destroyed structure. The final raven in this location is found near the entrance to it.

All Svartalfheim Odin’s Ravens Locations

As one of the first realms where you can find Odin’s Ravens, this is also the realm that has some of the most in the entire game. There are many locations, some of which have multiple ravens there. Some require you to return to this realm deeper in the story, which I will note.

1. Aurvangar Wetlands Raven Location

Aurvangar Wetlands Raven Location
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

For many players, this is the very first Odin’s Raven that you will find in the entire game. This one is quite easy to find after you arrive at the gate in this region. Head left from the gate to find a camp. On the right of the camp is a raven atop a rock for you to eliminate.

2. Nidavellir Raven Location

Nidavellir Raven Location
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

In this main hub city of the realm, go to the town square in the middle of the dwarven city. There is a statue here and Sindri’s store. There is a house on the left side of Sindri’s shop where you will find the raven hanging out lazily atop the home.

3. The Watchtower Raven

The Watchtower Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Take your boat to Watchtower Island. When you arrive on the island, head towards the Draugr Hole and the tower itself. At this point, look to your left where you can see the town of Nidavellir. The raven is flying here and it may take a moment of looking for you to find it.

4. Radsvinn’s Rig Raven

Radsvinn’s Rig Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Radsvinn’s Rig is on the same island as The Watchtower but on the opposite side of it. There is a Nornir Chest in this area, which you should open up. You can find it on the left side of the rig. From the chest, look further to the left and find a hook hanging around with a raven on it.

5. Althjof’s Rig Raven

Althjof’s Rig Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

On this same island, head to the Althjof’s Rig area. Near the gate that leads to his mining rig, there is a chain, which you can climb. Do that and you’ll find this raven near the wooden structure.

6. Alberich Island Raven

Alberich Island Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 2

Head to the second floor of this island with the spear. Go on the right side to find some ore on your left. Head through here to find the raven flying.

The second raven on this island requires you to continue from the first. Use the grapple to reach the island where there is a water wheel. Go up here and find a hole on your left side to see this raven.

7. Lyngbakr Island Raven

Lyngbakr Island Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

For this one, I suggest doing The Weight of Chains side quest first. If you’ve gone far enough where you have the firebombs part, what you want to do is find the gate on the left side of them.

Take a bomb from there, go through that gate, and then head on your right side. Use the explosive to destroy some rocks and grapple over from there. Open the legendary chest, head inside the small opening, and find a raven on your left.

8. The Forge Ravens

The Forge Ravens
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 2 (but only one is available at first when you come here in the story)

Take the train to The Forge. Once you get off, take the road until you find a massive rock structure with lava. The raven will fly around this area. A quick note: if you don’t get this raven when you first visit this part, you’ll have to wait until deep into the storyline when you return to The Forge.

When you return to The Forge, that is when you can take on the next raven. Near the spot where you get the spear, look to the left of the bell past Brok’s shop to see a raven.

9. Jarnsmida Pitmines Raven

Jarnsmida Pitmines Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

After arriving here, find a chain you can climb down near the enemies. Take the Artifact here and then look towards the cranes across from you. The raven will be flying here.

10. The Applecore Raven

The Applecore Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Near the path in this area which leads to Tyr on your right (left if you’re returning here), there is an opening you can enter on the opposite side. This raven is further to the left of the opening.

11. Alberich Hollow Ravens

Alberich Hollow Ravens
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Use the spear to reach a bridge on Dragon Beach. Go left from the dwarf statue to find a pot. Destroy it and reach a second one. Take out the foes here and turn around to look at the dwarf statue. The raven is near it on a rock.

All Vanaheim Odin’s Ravens Locations

The final realm where you can find Odin’s Ravens is Vanaheim. It also has many areas where you can find ravens, some of which include multiples in a single area. There is a lot to be found in this area but if you can find the rest that you need here, you will complete this lengthy endeavor.

1. The Southern Wilds Raven Location

The Southern Wilds Raven Location
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

When you get here using this gate, head forward along the path and then veer off to the left through some vines and roots to a little body of water. This first Vanaheim raven is flying above this pond.

2. Freyr’s Camp Raven

Freyr’s Camp Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Head to Freyr’s Camp and go through the eastern doors. Make sure that it’s nighttime or else this won’t work. Head left from the exit and you’ll find this glowing blue metal circular structure hanging from the trees. The raven is to the left of it.

3. River Delta Ravens

River Delta Ravens
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 2

You’ll see this first raven in the River Delta as soon as you get here. But you need to head to Pilgrim’s Landing, go through this area, and then look to the left of the legendary chest here to get this raven.

Near The Secret Veiled Passage, head to the beach and go left from there. Use the chain at the end of this road to go down to find a lore marker. Look to the left of the marker on the river below and find the next raven.

4. Goddess Falls Raven

Goddess Falls Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

At Goddess Falls, go up the waterfall to reach a unique vine door. Walk through here to the end of the path where you can jump. Before jumping, turn up to see the raven flying here.

5. The Veiled Passage Raven

The Veiled Passage Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Head right from Goddess Falls on the boat to get to a beach with bodies there. Get out of the boat, do a reverse turn, and find the raven above you.

6. The Abandoned Village Raven

The Abandoned Village Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Make sure to complete as much of the story in this area as possible when you come back to rescue Freyr. Head from the Abandoned Village to the area nearby where there are nothing but vines everywhere. There is a statue here surrounded by a tree. The raven is above it.

7. Eastern Barri Woods Raven

Eastern Barri Woods Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Head to the Eastern Barri Woods from the Abandoned Village and take the stairs to your left. Go beyond the Nornir Chest here and then veer left to find some roots in your path. At this point, you can look to the right and find the raven in the middle of a tree.

8. The Plains Ravens

The Plains Ravens
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 5 in this area

This requires you to venture into the Crater in Vanaheim to get the next several ravens. On the east side of the Plains, go to Brok’s workshop, and you’ll see the first raven to the right of it.

Next, use your boat to head to the frozen lightning bolt and get out to the left of it. The second raven is on a cliff, slightly left and up from the lightning.

Leave through the massive exit on the western side of the Plains until you reach a poisonous gate. From there, go left into a cave. Traverse it left and down until you find the raven on the rocks in there.

Grab the Favor to rescue Birgir if you haven’t. Leave through the gate to the east at night past the troll, and then on the right to the dragon boss known as the Crimson Dread. Take it out and then look on the left side of this arena to find the next raven down in a pit.

Finally, for this area, grab the Dead of Night side quest if you can. Head towards the Jungle’s main entrance using a boat but don’t go in. Keep going on this river to land. Use the bloody trail to find the Dreki. Take it out and find the last raven to the right of the stone wall in this arena.

9. The Jungle Raven

The Jungle Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Find the Jungle area on the left side of the Plains. Head through here to the troll far away that attacks you from afar. Turn left at this point and use your grapple to reach a bridge where you can eliminate the raven here.

10. The Sinkholes Raven

The Sinkholes Raven
Image by Cody Perez
  • Number of Ravens: 1

Travel to this area and do the Burning Skies Favor side quest. Go towards the dragon area but stop at the first beach you find in your boat. Get out and turn left, go up to the river, and then turn right to find the raven on the cliffside.

All Odin’s Ravens Rewards Explained

You might be wondering what the point of all of this is when there are so many Odin’s Ravens to find throughout God of War Ragnarok. Well, the goal of finding all 48 is to unlock some of the best rewards that you can find in all nine realms.

Whenever you find a certain number of ravens, what you want to do is head to Niflheim. There, you’ll be able to find the white Raven Tree, where the ravens that you’ve found will gather. Here, there are six legendary chests that you can open up, but they are locked at first.

To unlock them, you must first find a certain number of ravens. The more you find, the more chests that will open up and the greater rewards you’ll receive in the process. Here are all six of the rewards that you get from finding Odin’s Ravens and how to unlock them:

  • Girdle of Raven Tears Waist Armor: You need to find at least six ravens in total to unlock this chest.
  • Bracers of Ravens Tears Wrist Armor: You need to find at least 12 total Ravens.
  • Cuirass of Raven Tears Chest Armor: 18 ravens in total.
  • Breath of Thamur Heavy Runic Attack: You need 28 ravens.
  • Meteoric Slam Heavy Runic Attack: 38 Ravens.
  • The Finger of Ruin Heavy Runic Attack: All 48 Ravens.


Question: What do you get for finding all of Odin’s Ravens in God of War Ragnarok?

Answer: You get six legendary chest rewards for finding all of Odin’s Ravens in God of War Ragnarok. Three armor pieces come together to form Odin’s Ravens armor set, plus three very powerful and unique heavy runic attacks.

Question: Where are the last 2 ravens God of War Ragnarok?

Answer: The last two ravens for you in God of War Ragnarok will depend on which ones you currently have and what realms you haven’t been to yet. However, if you find that there are only two left in your collection and you just beat the main story or are about to, there is a chance that the final two are in Muspelheim.

Question: Can you get all of Odin’s Ravens before beating Ragnarok?

Answer: No, there are two ravens, both of which are in Muspelheim, that you will have to beat the game to access. Yes, you go to Muspelheim in the main story, but the area where they are is inaccessible until beating the game.

Where to Defeat All Berserkers Next in God of War Ragnarok

Odin’s Ravens return in God of War Ragnarok and are harder to find than ever before. With a whopping 48 of them to locate in this game, it’ll take a while to locate all of the ones above, even with our help.

Even still, Odin’s Ravens are worth finding for the fantastic rewards that you can get in the game, plus the fact that they aren’t too far off the beaten path for the most part.

But if you find that you have located all of Odin’s Ravens and want another challenge to keep your time going in this lengthy, masterpiece of a game, there is certainly more to do. If you haven’t already, you should check out where to find all of the optional Berserker boss fights in this game and how to defeat each one.

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