Hogwarts Legacy Broom Guide: How to Unlock More Brooms

When you look at a game like Hogwarts Legacy in the Harry Potter universe, what is the first thing you think of? I imagine magic, spells, evil wizards, and all that. Of course, one of the first elements to come to my mind from this world is flying around on brooms. Hogwarts Legacy has this aspect in a pretty detailed way, as you’ll see in this Hogwarts Legacy broom guide.

Brooms in this open-world game work quite intriguingly. The idea is that players are pretty much able to fly everywhere throughout the open environments (minus Hogsmeade, for whatever reason) and hop off at any time, making for a solid way of transporting from one place to another. If you’re ready to get your very own broomstick and fly around in this game, find out how in this Hogwarts Legacy broom guide.

hogwarts legacy broom

Bottom Line Up Front

Players are certainly able to get their own broomstick in Hogwarts Legacy. To do this, players must first do the main story classroom quest with Professor Nogawa. In the middle of learning how to control the broom, players will earn the right to pick their starter broomstick design.

In addition to the initial broom, there are a few other designs players can switch between. There is even the option to upgrade the broom three separate times to make it much faster and slightly easier to control in the open world. But this requires players to complete three-time trials.

How to Unlock Your First Broom and Flying in Hogwarts Legacy

To begin with, you need to first unlock your starter broomstick in Hogwarts Legacy. This is done at almost the exact same time as when you learn to fly in the game. Unfortunately, you’ll have to play the game for a good bit before you’ll unlock this feature in the open-world adventure.

Professor Kogawa’s Class Explained

To unlock the broom in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to take on Professor Kogawa’s first class in the main story. This happens in roughly the 25th main quest in the game known as Flying Class. During this quest, you head to your first flying class where you are shown the ropes of commanding your broom.

You are then able to fly around Hogwarts for a time, following one of your classmates. At the conclusion of the class, you have officially learned how to fly a broom and you are then whisked away soon after to Hogsmeade to receive your very first broomstick.

hogwarts legacy flying class

Which Starter Broom Should You Pick?

In Hogsmeade, you can choose which broom you want to start out with by talking with the owner of the sporting goods shop on the south side of the wizard town. There, you’ll be able to pick between five initial options for your first broom.

This choice doesn’t matter in the slightest since all of the brooms function the same. There is no broom that is faster or handles better than the others. Simply pick the one that fits your preferences the most and move on with it. That said, if you want a bit of assistance, I’ve got your back.

For me, I think there are only two brooms that are worth deciding between. The Hogwarts House broom is okay, but I think the Ember Dash and Wind Wisp brooms are much better. Personally, I went with the Ember Dash in the end and preferred it over even the extra brooms you can get later on.

Thankfully, you can change your mind on what broom you want to use later down the road, so long as you have the coins to fund the venture, so go with your gut for the starting broom style.

ember dash broom

How to Control the Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Controlling the broom in Hogwarts Legacy takes some serious getting used to. I will be the first to admit that the handling of the broomstick is by far the most annoying part about this situation. It doesn’t control nearly as smoothly as it should be as a primary mode of transportation in the game.

First and foremost, there is pulling up the broom in the first place. To do this, bring up the shortcut wheel showing you all your items. The mount is one of them and you can select the corresponding button for your platform to bring it up.

Once you are on the broom, you use the left thumbstick (for controller players like me) to move the broom up, down, left, and right. However, you use the right trigger (again, for controllers) to accelerate the broom and have it start zipping across the environments.

There is a separate nitro boost-style option for you using the left trigger or its equivalent on your platform. This has a limited charge for it and must be refilled once it runs out. The tricky part about this is that the broom is generally slow to respond to your actions.

If you try to turn left, for instance, you have to hold this for a bit longer than you feel like you maybe should to make it go in the direction you want it to. This becomes a significant issue in the time trials (more on this in a bit) where you need to be able to quickly maneuver on the fly.

This wonky handling somewhat improves with the later upgrades, but you have to get used to it. I recommend flying everywhere instead of fast-traveling, so you can get an authentic feel for this system. Finally, a trick that I find when it comes to using the broom is to follow paths when you can.

I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but it seems that following a road while on the broom, even if you are higher up, appears to give unlimited stamina for the broom. Because of this, you are essentially able to constantly boost while you follow the road, similar to The Witcher 3’s handling of Geralt’s Roach horse. It is challenging to stick to at times, though.

how to control broom in hogwarts legacy

How to Unlock More Broom Styles

Though the initial five options for the broom’s visual appearance are fine, you may find yourself unsatisfied with what is offered. If you find that the starter broom you picked isn’t good enough for you, you can always return to the shop in Hogsmeade and purchase one of the other four options for 600 coins.

hogwarts legacy all brooms

However, the game doesn’t tell you that there are other broom options besides these initial five. Most of them are quite hard to find or purchase, but they might be worth it for the vastly different designs they have. Here are the other broom styles that are available in Hogwarts Legacy and how to get every single one:

  • Ember Dash: This is one of the starter brooms and a highly recommended one. You can buy it anytime at the Hogsmeade broom shop for 600 coins.
  • Hogwarts House: This broom style is reflective of your actual house in Hogwarts. It is a decent broom style that you can get at the Hogsmeade broom store for only 600 coins.
  • Moon Trimmer: This is a starter broom for 600 coins.
  • Wind Wisp: This is one of the better starter brooms for only 600 coins.
  • Yew Weaver: This is the final starter broom, and it also costs 600 coins.
  • Family Antique: This is one of the extraordinary cosmetic brooms. You can purchase it for 2500 coins, but you have to go find the specific trader Priya Treadwell.
  • Aeromancer: This special broom costs 3000 coins, but you must locate the trader Rohan Prakash.
  • Sky Scythe: This costs a whopping 5000 coins and can be found by the trader in the world known as Leopold Babcocke.
  • Silver Arrow: To get this final purchase broom, you need first to finish the side quest known as Carted Away. Once you do this, you’ll be able to speak with the quest giver, Arn, and purchase this broom style for a whopping 5000 coins. Guess the trader isn’t that grateful for your help.
  • Night Dancer: To get this stunning cosmetic broom, you’ll need to simply go around the world and pop a total of two different collections of balloons. Not two individual balloons but two complete sets. Check your collections for help in this regard.
  • Lickety Swift: This is a rather dull broom, but you can get it after completing a total of seven collections of balloons in the world.
  • Wild Fire: This is the much better version of the gorgeous Ember Dash broom and my favorite in the game. If you want to get it, though, you’ll need to complete a whopping 17 collections of balloons in the world.
  • Bright Spark: To get this also rather good broom style, you’ll need to pop a whopping 32 total collections of balloons.

How to Unlock Broom Upgrades

One of the best parts about Hogwarts Legacy’s broom is that you don’t just have the option to customize it cosmetically. There is also the option to make it work and fly better with some general broom upgrades. In total, there are three upgrades you can unlock and then purchase for your broom.

These three upgrades are essential for any player who wishes to improve their flying gameplay. I lamented how the broom works and flies above, and I still stand by that. However, if you upgrade it, I find that it vastly improves the handling experience (to an extent).

In general, getting the three broom upgrades require you to complete a few quests. Unfortunately, these aren’t all available the moment you get your broom, either. For the most part, you have to progress to a certain point in the main story before you’ll be able to receive these upgrades. Here’s what you need to do to upgrade your broom.

First Flight Test

The broom upgrades begin with the first one that is available, which happens soon after buying your first broom. The broom shop owner in Hogsmeade will note that he has an idea for some upgrades to make your broom handle better.

Soon after that, you’ll get the task from him to visit a particular person at Hogwarts and take a flying test. If you are able to pass the flying test, you’ll unlock the first broom upgrade. This is through a side quest known as the Flight Test side quest, and it is in the yard in front of Hogwarts.

There, you’ll meet the NPC student known as Imelda Reyes. She is the (former?) Quidditch captain for the school and a member of the Slytherin house. Even if you are a fellow Slytherin, she is quite the abrasive person, and doubly so if you aren’t part of her same house.

Since Quidditch is out of session for the school year, she is keeping herself going by offering some flying time trials. She challenges you to one where you have to beat the time by reaching the goal before the time is up. If you do that, you’ll beat the side quest and unlock your first broom upgrade.

The first broom upgrade boosts your broom’s acceleration and overall speed. Just bear in mind that it costs 1000 coins, which might be a lot for some players that are earlier on in the game.

imelda reyes

Second Flight Course

After you finish the first flight test, it will take quite some time before you get the second one. The best thing to do is continue doing the main story quests, and you’ll eventually see the side quest, Sweeping the Competition, appear in the overworld map for the game.

This happens to be the second time trial that Imelda has for you to take on. Once again, you need to beat the time and make it to the finish line. If you do so, you’ll be able to head to the broom shop in Hogsmeade and purchase the second broom upgrade.

Now, the second time trial is a bit more challenging than the first, so you’ll need to be quite careful. The general rule of thumb for these time trials is to pass through all of the hoops until you reach the finish line to win. The problem is that if you miss any of the rings, you’ll lose a few seconds off the timer.

Basically, you can miss a few hoops but more than maybe three or four, and you are looking at a potential loss. That said, there is the boost that your broom has. I recommend constantly holding down the boost. The reason for this is that you’ll come across orbs nearly continuously on the course.

If you hit all of these orbs, they will consistently refresh your boost rate and let you infinitely boost through the course. This can effectively make even some missed rings no longer an issue. This is also necessary if you wish to not only pass the time trial but top the leaderboard.

Once you finish the second time trial, you can buy the second broom upgrade for 4000 coins. Like the last one, it increases your acceleration and overall speed.

sweeping the competition

Third Flight Course

Finally, there is one more broom upgrade you can get in Hogwarts Legacy. This one requires you to be pretty deep into the main story to obtain it. Once you get to a certain point, though, the side quest, The Sky is the Limit, will appear on the world map for you to take on.

You’ll find this third-time trial far to the southern tip of the world map. This is also the most challenging time trial, primarily because I feel like the second broom upgrade honestly makes the vehicle worse than before. Sure, it is faster, but it shows just how unwieldy the broom can handle.

The same idea of trying to get through all of the hoops while constantly boosting until you reach the finish line in time remains. It may take some getting used to for getting a handle on the broom. But if you can successfully get through this course, you’ll unlock the final broom upgrade.

This final upgrade costs you a whopping 7,500 coins to get. It is worth it, though, as it is the point where I truly felt like I could feel a difference in how fast the broom goes. It maxes out the acceleration and speed of the broom, but I also feel like it improves the handling, too. The broom is much smoother than before with this necessary upgrade.


Question: How do you get on the broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

Answer: To get on the broom in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll want to pull up your item and vehicle wheel. Once you do this, select the button for your respective platform that shows the broom indicator to hop on it quickly and be well on your way to zipping around the world.

Question: What broom is best in Hogwarts Legacy?

Answer: There is no broom that is better than others in terms of speed or acceleration. They all work the exact same way. That said, there are some brooms that are inherently better than others visually. I like the Ember Dash and Wind Wisp when it comes to starter brooms, for instance.

Question: Do different brooms do different things in Hogwarts Legacy?

Answer: No, all of the broom styles in Hogwarts Legacy do the exact same thing. Some may have extra cosmetic effects, but they function the same as everything else. If you want your broom to be different in the actual gameplay, you’ll need to upgrade it.

Take to the Skies!

hogwarts legacy fly away

The broom is one of the most vital parts of Hogwarts Legacy, even though everything outside of unlocking it in the first place is honestly sort of an optional situation. All of the upgrades and cosmetic options for the broom are amazing, so it is worth venturing out to find them since you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in the skies anyway.

You’ll find that the broom styles and upgrades are only a single sliver of the collectibles you can discover in Hogwarts Legacy. There is so much more to this game beyond just this, as players can find other collectibles throughout the open world.

One of the most confusing and frustrating collectibles is the Demiguises. Though these nightly creatures are elusive, it is worth finding every Demiguise location since it will ensure that you are able to upgrade your lockpicking charm to the highest possible version.

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