Evil West Bosses Guide: How to Beat All Bosses in Evil West

Evil West is the type of game you play when you want to have mindless fun with a few friends, hacking, slashing, and blasting your way through fun and intriguing environments and enemies.

The co-op mission-based RPG features quite a lot for players to do across the 16 main missions. Each of these missions features a relatively linear and expected formula, including a boss every few levels. Here’s how to beat each of them in this Evil West bosses guide.

What impresses me the most about Evil West is the style and uniqueness of this game. The idea of taking the Wild West motif and throwing in a bunch of vampires, creepy horror girls, spiny monsters, and more is entirely original.

It gives this supernatural horror vibe to what would otherwise be a Wild West hack-and-shoot co-op adventure. This is amped up to the utmost extreme in the form of the various bosses you face. For every boss and everything you need to know about them, you’re in the right place with this Evil West bosses guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Evil West is filled with many enemies for you to face, but the most impressive ones are the bosses. Unfortunately, there are only four core bosses that you fight in Evil West. They are spread out rather evenly throughout the 16 missions, but mainly in the second half of the game.

The four bosses you fight in Evil West are The Parasiter, The Bruch, William Rentier, the Sanguisuge, and Felicity in her proper form. All four of these bosses terrify and color the world with their gross and gruesome character designs. They are also the most significant challenge that players face, be it alone or together with friends.

Evil West Bosses Overview

evil west bosses

Evil West is the definition of a tremendously fun video game that is best experienced with others. While it is a game you can play alone, I find that it is a game that benefits most from the mindless fun of grabbing some friends and hanging out together online or in person to goof off.

The world, weapons, abilities, and perks you can experience in this game all lend to this ridiculous idea of a horror-like Wild West game that isn’t meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. Now, the same can’t necessarily be said about the bosses that you face in Evil West, though.

In total, there are four bosses that you will find in the game. There are some powered-up enemies on some levels and in-between major boss fights that feel like more challenging battles, but they aren’t tried-and-true bosses. As such, you only have four levels in the entire game with actual bosses to take on.

However, these four bosses are no slouches, with some of the most original enemy designs in the game. Along with the bosses in Evil West, you’ll also find the most challenging fights. But I have your back with all the information you need about these bosses.

How to Defeat All Evil West Bosses

Without further ado, let’s dive into the Red Dead Redemption meets undead Diablo nightmare, which is Evil West. There are four bosses to tackle in this game and they will give you the most formidable challenge possible. This includes whether or not you are playing alone or with a friend.

To help you out, I have tips and tricks for defeating all four of the bosses below and how their fights shake out. I’ll even be sure to give you some general tips at the end for all sorts of players, ranging from solo ones to those who are part of an online team, and what I like to use for specific fights.

How to Take Down the Parasiter

  • Mission: Mission 7 Smoke and Mirrors
  • Phases: 3

It takes nearly half the entire game of Evil West to reach the first true boss of the game. But that makes sense since there are only four bosses, to begin with. The Parasiter is honestly one of the most challenging bosses you’ll fight in the game, or at least the most frustrating since it has a fairly set pattern.

You pretty much have to go through the exact same motions as every other player to beat this boss. There are, technically, three phases to the fight, and they don’t leave much room for deviation or failure. In a way, you could even consider this boss fight to be a set procedure.

You have to follow the exact same steps as everyone else, or else you won’t progress to the next phase. How it works is the player needs first to find the two tiny identical tentacles that The Parasiter has. You’ll want to take them out first when you get into this boss battle.

Once you defeat both tentacles (attacking one at a time), it’s then time to take on the giant tentacle that the boss has. It’ll have a noticeable weak point that appears, and defeating the other leaves it open for you to take it out. Once you’re done with that, there will be two weak points you can attack the boss itself.

The goal is to deal enough damage in this pattern to complete the first phase. Once you do that, you have to repeat the same method of going after the smaller ones, then the more enormous tentacle, and so on. You have to repeat this two more times for a total of three phases.

The problem is that the boss grows stronger and uses more attacks in each phase. It begins with simple, easily avoidable attacks with the smaller tentacles alone, then the larger one joins the fray, and so on. As long as you are swiftly moving around the arena at all times and follow this exact pattern, you’ll likely be good to go.

How to Defeat the Bruch

defeating all evil west bosses

  • Mission: Mission 10 Bats in the Belfry
  • Phases: 3

The x-bow is your best friend in this fight. It might seem daunting since this boss has a lot of various attacks it uses through the roughly three phases, but it is honestly relatively easy to avoid. In fact, you could argue The Bruch gives you the tools to get the job done.

You should start out this fight by unleashing everything you have at the boss. Supercharge, use your x-bow as much as possible, and dash away from all of the various melee attacks this boss has. The goal in this first part is to whittle its health down until it summons some companions quickly.

Ignore these two and attack the newly exposed boss’s weak point. Once it’s down and out for a moment, then turn your focus onto the summons and quickly dispose of them. After this, you should be close to two-thirds of the boss’s health, triggering the second phase.

At this point, the pattern of attacks and summons should continue. However, the difference this time is there are new enemies that the boss will summon. Thankfully, they can be used to power up your Zapper moves, so running a shock-focused build is going to be crucial here.

Use the summons to power up your Zapper moves and refill your energy, then proceed to unleash attacks on the boss and its minions as you always have. The goal here is to get it down to its final third HP, where the final phase begins.

This isn’t too different from before, with the main change being that the boss will now summon a barrier that protects it. It is possible to shoot at the enemy still, but you’re better off taking this out first so you can continue engaging with the enemy.

Outside of the barrier mechanic, everything else remains the same. As such, you should rinse and repeat the mechanics you did before — like always using the x-bow — until you defeat The Bruch.

How to Stop William Rentier the Sanguisuge

  • Mission: Mission 14 A Son’s Duty
  • Phases: 3

This is one of the toughest bosses fights in the game because timing is everything. William Rentier isn’t just one of the better characters in Evil West but also one of the most challenging bosses. He isn’t as forgiving in the timing of his moves as the other bosses you’ve faced up until now.

There is mostly a set pattern to his attacks, with only a few shakeups here and there that you shouldn’t have to worry about all that much. The idea is to survive his typical onslaught. He has a gun combo where he shoots at you a few times and then has a weak point that will show up after you’ve dodged it, which you should take advantage of.

In addition, he has a melee combo that involves him creating this fog-like area where you aren’t supposed to see where he’s going to attack from. The benefit, though, is that you can still see William’s shadow, which should help you some.

The idea here is that William will zip around and then attack you when you least expect it. When you see his shadow start to move, what you want to do is immediately get ready to block his upcoming attack. As soon as he attacks, he will then proceed to do another attack from the air, so be prepared to dodge that, too.

After this, though, you have a short break where you are able to unleash your attacks against him. He will repeat these combos for the first phase until you deal enough damage. The second phase is essentially the same, but he makes his attacks more significant and adds a new leech move that is quite challenging to dodge.

If you can repeat the otherwise similar phase, you’ll get to the final one, where he adds a couple of new attacks that mainly expand on the latest one. They are somewhat easier to avoid than the last phase, and the best part is that using his weak points against him will stun him for a long time.

The idea is to continue avoiding his attacks and then decimate his weak points until you are able to defeat him. Better yet, use your Supercharge and all that here to speed up the process.

How to Destroy Felicity’s True Form

evil west - the parasiter boss fight

  • Mission: Mission 16 The Grand Finale
  • Phases: 3

This is the final boss battle in Evil West, and it is the culmination of everything that has happened before. Your fight with Felicity’s True Form is split up into three main phases. What you’ll find is that you can use whatever build and weapons you prefer, but there are some that are better than others here.

For this fight, your shotgun and the Crippling Rod, for example, are two of the best options to help you excel. In addition, you want not to waste your Supercharge and all of the various ability cooldowns you have. Be sure to unleash your full arsenal right from the start of this fight.

The first phase is, oddly enough, the most challenging for some players. This is due to her combo attacks, but there is a way to cheese through this first phase. Since most of her attacks are melee-based, the idea here is to stay afar and use your ranged attacks, such as the x-bow.

There are some ranged attacks that she has, but they are most easily avoidable during this first phase. The key ranged attack is when she slams into the floor and then shoots out a wave of attacks to zoom across the arena and try to hit you. The idea is to avoid this three times in a row when she uses it.

After she does her trifecta of ground pounds of energy, the long-awaited weak point will appear. You’ll have the chance to mash away at the weak point, so take full advantage of that. After you’ve gotten her health low enough, the second phase will begin.

Don’t let her larger size fool you, as you are likely prepared for this part. Her attacks are almost precisely the same as before. The difference is that her ranged attacks go further, and all her moves damage you much more. Finally, she will use some of her attacks four times instead of three times in a row.

The only new thing here is her wall attack that causes rocks to fall from the sky. Your goal here is to attack her vulnerable, weak points that appear during this point, but she won’t be stunned; instead, she’ll retaliate against you. Rinse and repeat until she is low enough for the final phase.

There isn’t too much of a difference here from the last two phases. The main combos and ranged attacks return, and the rock-falling mechanic from the second phase is back. They are wilder than before, but if you were able to avoid them earlier, you likely could do it again.

This is the point to unleash everything you have left. Use any Supercharge you’ve gained, make full use of your Crippling Rod, and anything else at your disposal. The goal is to get her health down to around 5%. At this point, she will be stunned and allow you to finish her off, beating Evil West in the process.

General Boss Tips

evil west boss tips

Here are some final general boss tips I have for you that might help to simplify things:

  • Figure out what type of build you want. I like expanding the Zapper perk trees first as I level up, as I find them the best.
  • Conversely, I’m not a huge fan of the melee combo perks and upgrades. That said, find what works best for you and prioritize unlocking perks for that tree first as you level up.
  • Some of the bosses, such as in the case of William, make it so that if you mess up and lose in the fight, it will let you restart from your current phase. So, if you die in the middle of the third and final phase, for instance, you can come back and start from there rather than do the whole lengthy fight from scratch.
  • You can pretty much reset any of the perks and upgrades you’ve unlocked and start all over, rebuilding your character at nearly any point. So, if you feel that your current build in the game isn’t cutting it, you can change your perks and abilities to dominate that fight.
  • Play with friends! This may seem like an obvious option, but Evil West has an excellent cooperative system. Grab a friend and run some of those levels together if you’re struggling with a boss. Keep in mind that only the host gets to progress their game, though, so make sure you’re the host.


Question: Who is the First Boss in Evil West?

Answer: The first boss you face in Evil West is The Parasiter, which you will find during the Smoke and Mirrors level. You have to go through seven levels before you take on the first boss of the entire game, which is why you may be confused about the first boss situation.

Question: Who is the Last Boss in Evil West?

Answer: The final boss is, spoiler alert, Felicity’s True Form. You’ll fight her as the final boss during the game’s last level, mission 16, known as The Grand Finale.

Question: How Do You Beat William Rentier in Evil West?

Answer: William Rentier the Sanguisuge is the third boss you face in Evil West, found during A Son’s Duty. This is one of the sadder boss fights in the entire game, but you must defeat him.
To do this, dodge his gun combo until he shows you his weak point, generally after the third shot. At that point, use the x-bow to punish his weak point and stun him. Keep this up repeatedly to deal severe damage and stay alive through the two phases.

Take Out All of the Bosses in Another Great RPG

Evil West’s most disappointing part is how short the game can be. You can beat the entire campaign in about a dozen hours, even if you are playing the entire game alone. Part of the shortness and disappointment in the game comes from the fact that it only has 16 missions with four bosses.

Though the four bosses in Evil Dead are the most potent enemies you’ll face and the toughest challenges in the co-op RPG, it is unfortunate that there are so few of them and that the monsters are even reused sometimes in later levels.

I feel like the bosses in Evil West could have been so much more with another four or five of them.

That said, there is one game with no shortage of amazing bosses: Demon Souls. Sure, Demon Souls might be a much different game compared to Evil West, but it has a few things in common, such as its unique vibes and environments, online play, and challenging bosses.

If you want to know about how to take down all of the bosses in Demon Souls, too, you’re in the right place.

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