How To Rescue Baelen Bonecloak In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate is full of little distractions and oddities, and practically every single portion of the map is chocked full of mystery and intrigue. There’s usually a hostile group ready to ambush you, a band of Baldurians in need of assistance, or in some cases, you’ll find someone who has got themselves in quite a pickle.

That is very much the case for Baelen Bonecloak, a man you’ll find deep in The Underdark. He’s managed to get himself stuck in a cave full of Bibberbangs. Dangerous fungi which let off a poisonous and very flammable gas if you get too close.

Your goal here is to try and get him out of there alive (or not). But how do you manage that? Well, allow us to show you, here is RPG Informer’s How to Rescue Baelen Bonecloak in Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide.

Finding Baelen Bonecloak

Before we go about saving the guy, it’s probably best we find him. Will make the job a little more manageable.

As mentioned, Baelen is adventuring within The Underdark. You may stumble across him on your own as I did, but most players will likely receive the quest ‘Finding the Mushroom Picker’ from his wife, Derryth Bonecloak, when exploring the Myconid Colony.

She will explain that she sent him out to find a rare mushroom known as Noblestalk, but he hasn’t returned. She doesn’t seem all that keen to offer a reward if you do find him.

Perhaps on account of the fact that she sees him as more of a blunt tool than a husband, but regardless, it’s worth doing for the meager rewards offered. Mostly because it’s not too far off the beaten path.

After you receive this quest, the map will be marked in the Northwest corner of the Underdark. You’ll get to a split in the road that takes you left or right, and be sure to go right and down the Cragged Rocks to the area down below. One of Filmo’s Hooked Horrors awaits on the left, so try to avoid making contact with it.

Baldur's Gate 3 - using Mage Hand to help Baelen escape the bibberbang -  YouTube

After this, head a little closer to the field of green fungi ahead, and this will trigger and conversation with Baelen.

How to Help Baelen

At this moment, Baelen will warn you not to come any closer, and if you pass a Nature Check, you’ll identify that this is because he is trapped among Bibberbang, a plant that, if you get too close to, will explode, letting out a toxic, flammable gas.

Approaching him would surely kill him, but he tells the player that if they can help him retrieve his bag nearby, he can use a scroll to teleport to safety. So that essentially leaves you with quite a few options:

  1. If you possess a Scroll of Misty Step, pass a strength check to toss it to Baelen, enabling him to teleport out of the minefield.
  2. If a character has access to ‘Mage Hand,’ use this to bypass the Bibberbang and toss the Bag over to Baelen
  3. If one of your characters has the Misty Step spell, they can teleport to Baelen’s bag, then to him, and finally, back to the party.
  4. If your party includes Lae’zel or a Githyanki, you can utilize their ability to increase jump distance and leap over the Bibberbangs.
  5. If none of these is an option, the player can carefully use the ledge up above to leap over some of the Bibberbang and toss the bag to Baelen

All of these are viable options, but of all of these, tossing over a Misty Step Scroll, or using Mage Hand are the easiest options and least likely to end with a Bibberbang Explosion. 

Also, if you do happen to use Mage Hand and need to locate Baelen’s Bag, you’ll find it lying near the Torch just left of where Baelen is trapped. 

What If You Don’t Help Baelen?

Doing a Dark Urge playthrough? Hellbent on killing anything that lives and breathes. Well, this is a pretty fun way to sate your murderous appetite.

The mere cast of a Fireball would cause the entire field to blow up, and as a result, Baelen, and the rare mushrooms found in the area would be blown to kingdom come. But what are the consequences of killing Baelen? 

Honestly, not a lot, to be honest. You can still turn in the quest back at the Myconid Colony, and you’ll learn that before Baelen lost his mind and became pretty placid, he was a horrible man who beat and abused his wife. So, really, you were doing everyone a favor. 

You will lose out on the Scroll of Invisibility that he offers as a reward for freeing him, and he will no longer be accessible as a Merchant when you visit Baldur’s Gate in Act 3, but all in all, the payoff of nuking him is probably worth it to be honest. 

The only issue is, if you nuke him, you risk losing the Noblestalk. 

Who Should Get The Noblestalk?

Okay, so firstly, Noblestalk is a blue cluster of Mushrooms that are very rare and grow exclusively in the Underdark. They are known for their powerful medicinal qualities, and they sell for a fortune. So naturally, Derryth wants one. 

The good news is that you’ll find one in the cave with Baelen. But the bad news, is that you’ll need to navigate the Bibberbang to get it too. It’s in the bottom right of the cave, right in the corner, but if you use one of the methods that we discussed earlier, you should be able to grab this without too much issue. 

But then comes a new dilemma. Who should actually get the Noblestalk, as Derryth isn’t the only option. There are four, which are: 

  1. Keep the item and consume it yourself, as it has powerful healing qualities and can narratively enrich a Dark Urge playthrough 
  2. Give the Noblestalk to Derryth or Baelen, and they will reward you with the Gloves of Uninhibited Kushigo
  3. Give the Noblestalk to Thulla in the Myconid Colony to cure her poison. 
  4. Give the Noblestalk to Shadowheart to enhance her storyline in Act 3.

Far be it from me to tell you how to roleplay, but some options are better than others. Firstly, don’t eat it. Just don’t. It’s not worth the minor benefits you receive, so make one of the stronger narrative choices. 

As for Thulla, the Noblestalk can cure her, but if you fight the Duergar, which is a pretty simple fight, you’ll get a Duergar Antitode that will do the same job, so best not to waste that resource when there’s a much better alternative. 

So, really, the only two real options are Derryth/Baelen and Shadowheart. The gloves are a nice bonus, especially if throwables are a big part of your combat strategy.

Plus, you will get some additional backstory on Baelen and Derryth when you arrive in Baldur’s Gate, and additional items in their shop. However, it’s probably not as worthwhile as helping Shadowheart. 

This will reveal a lost memory from her past, and will allow you to follow an additional side quest to find her lost friend, Rennald, when you get to Baldur’s Gate. So I guess it really comes down to whether you are motivated by physical rewards, or additional narrative. 

Either way, once you have dealt with Baelen and made your decision on how to use the Noblestalk, that wraps up the ‘Find the Mushroom Picker’ questline. Well done! 

Going Out With a Bibberbang

So there you have it: how to deal with Baelen in every way possible. He may not be the nicest character you encounter by any stretch, but whether that means he should die in a fiery fungi explosion is up to you.

I hope this guide allows you to make an informed decision, and as always, thanks for reading RPG Informer. 

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