Marvels Spiderman 2 Best Upgrades

 One thing that has always seen me gravitate to Spiderman more than any other Superhero out there is the fact that despite having these otherworldly powers, Peter Parker always remains a humble, down-to-earth, normal guy.

He’s an Avenger, a crime-fighting badass, and as clever as they come. Yet somehow, you always get the feeling that he is a plucky underdog punching well above his weight in every encounter.

Well, in Marvel’s Spiderman 2, this plays out in the excellent narrative for this title, but when the game gives you control, you can take matters into your own hands and make your Spidey prepared for any fight he finds himself in, stacking the odds firmly in your favor. How, I hear you ask? With skill trees and upgrades, of course, the Action RPG staple.

In this title, you will have access to a number of incredible Traversal, Combat, Stealth, and Ability unlocks, each making your Spiderman & Miles Morales stronger, more agile, and more capable in battle.

However, with a nauseating amount of choice, it can be difficult to decide which upgrades are the best to go with. Well, fear not by friendly neighborhood gamer; we have you covered.

In this guide, we will showcase all the best upgrades on offer in each category, allowing you to earmark the ones that suit your playstyle most and unlock them early to make cleaning up NYC a breeze. Without further delay, here is RPG Informer’s Marvels Spiderman 2 Best Upgrades Guide!

How to Unlock Upgrades in Marvels Spiderman 2

Before we break down the best in each class, we should help you understand how to unlock choices from each of these upgrade trees.

Upgrades are unlocked mainly by spending resources that you earn through gathering collectibles and completing side content. The resources in question include Tech Parts, Hero Tokens, City Tokens, and Rare Tech Parts. 

When you gain enough of these resources, you can then use them to purchase items from various upgrade trees, and these resources can also be used to unlock new Gadgets, new Suits, and more.

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Best Upgrades

#10 – Focused Strike

Marvels Spiderman 2 Best Upgrades - focused strike

Effect: Focus Rewarded by Abilities is increased by 10%

We begin with focused Strike, which isn’t the most exciting upgrade on this list, but a very helpful one if you want to land heavy blows repeatedly and wrap up fights in record time. Abilities are powerful moves that fall under the Venom, Blue Lightning, Doc-Oc Arms, and Surge movesets, and they can be devastating if used correctly.

Then if you double down with this ability, you’ll be able to use these powerful abilities, and then build up finishers to use to take out the stragglers left behind.

#9 – The Floor is Lava

marvel's spiderman 2 upgrades - the floor is lava

Effect: Successive Air Attacks increase in damage by up to 50% extra. Resets when landing.

We’ve all hopped from armchair to sofa to coffee table playing this childhood game, but it’s a lot more fun when playing keepy-uppy with a bunch of thugs in Spiderman 2.

This upgrade gives you a stackable boost to all your aerial attacks, meaning the longer to stay in the air, the more powerful your aerial attacks become. So if you’re someone who likes to remain swinging and mobile when fighting, this is a must-have.

#8 – Charged

marvel's spiderman 2 upgrades charged

Effect: Charge Jump and Slingshot Launch send you higher and farther, respectively.

While there is a much more useful traversal upgrade that will come a little later, that doesn’t mean that Charged can’t be a great supporting upgrade to make getting around NYC a breeze.

While Slingshot Launch is a pretty situational and cumbersome move to use, Charge Jump is something you’ll be using constantly, and the ability to make this jump even higher is a blessing for those looking to get from one mission marker to the next in record time.

If you’re happy taking the scenic route, then maybe you might want to go with the alternative upgrade, but for us, this one is a clear winner.

#7 – The Best Defence

marvel's spiderman 2 upgrades - the best defence

Effect: Slightly heal on every 10th successful hit in a combo

The aim of the game when it comes to Marvel’s Spiderman 2 combat is to strike and move. To stand in place is effectively signing your death warrant, and that’s why this upgrade works rather well in practice.

Players can use focus to heal their character, but let’s face it, you would rather use that focus to deal devastating finishers, which is why The Best Defence is great.

This upgrade offers passive healing for every 10th successful hit in a combo, meaning that as long as you stay on the front foot, you’ll keep Spidey stocked with enough HP to win the fight. It’s not exactly as refined as Bloodborne’s risk and reward health system, but it’s welcome nonetheless.

#6 – Ultimate Swing

marvel's spiderman 2 upgrades ultimate swing

Effect: Swing Speed upgraded to maximum

This one is essentially an RPG skill tree trope that offers an arbitrary percentage boost to your swing speed, but we are listing it here because traversal makes up so much of Marvel’s Spiderman 2.

So you’ll want to have all the best upgrades nailed down to ensure that you can just your travel times down immensely and chain those traversal mechanics fluidly.

With this final upgrade to swing speed, your swing will be twice as fast as it was at the beginning of the game, and while you might not notice this subtle change, just play the first mission again if you want to see how much of a difference it makes, it might shock you.

#5 – All Seeing

marvel's spiderman 2 upgrades - all seeing

Effect: Reveals Tech Crates and Spider Bots on your map

This is one that is really only going to appeal to those who want to beat this game 100%, as this will reveal certain hidden objects on the map that will award you loads of Tech Parts.

There are loads of Tech Crates hidden in NYC, and you’ll probably stumble across a few without trying in your normal playthrough. However, when you need more Tech Parts to get an upgrade you really want, you may need a way to farm these fast, and All Seeing makes this a piece of cake.

All these crates will show on your mini-map, allowing you to regularly kill your swing and drop down to pry one open. Plus, this will also pinpoint where all those pesky Spiderbots are, allowing you to complete that collection too.

#4 – Air Marshall

marvel's spiderman 2 upgrades - air marshall

Effect: Damage Dealt to Enemies in mid-air is increased

This one is a great upgrade to pair with The Floor is Lava, but unlike that one, you don’t need to constantly stay in the air to reap the rewards of this upgrade.

Air combat is a little bit tougher to master in Marvel’s Spiderman 2, with no real benefit to taking the fight airborne. However, with this upgrade, you’ll have an incentive to uppercut your foes into the sky, as when they’re up there, they are much more vulnerable with this buff unlocked.

This is a great upgrade andy you can grab this one pretty early on, so I would urge new players to grab this one as soon as they can.

#3 – Eyes on Target

marvel's spiderman 2 upgrades  eyes on target

Effect: Pressing Scan when in stealth mode shows which other enemies can see your current target

I mentioned in my review that thanks to Weblines, stealth sections in this game are much improved. However, it can be a little annoying to navigate these sections when you don’t know which enemy is stopping you from quietly picking off their pals.

Well, with the help of Eye on Target, you will be able to unlock the ability to highlight which enemies are keeping an eye on other potential targets, and this will allow you to create a satisfying domino effect; as one goes down, you’ll take out the next until they are all taken care of.

In truth, I feel this should have been a basic mechanic rather than an unlockable, but nonetheless, it’s an important and useful one to have.

#2 – Confidence Boost

marvel's spiderman 2 upgrades confidence boost

Effect: Slightly heal when performing a perfect dodge.

You need to be good at throwing a punch in Marvel’s Spiderman 2, but more importantly, you have to be better at not taking one yourself. If you aren’t able to time dodges and stay out of the firing line you’re going to die, a lot. 

However, after a little while, dodging will become second nature to you, to the point that you’ll be inviting attacks so you can time a perfect dodge and mount a counter attack. So why not unlock Confidence Boost, which rewards you for these perfectly timed dodges by giving you back small portions of your lost health?

You wouldn’t believe how many dodges you perform in a single encounter, so having this upgrade consistently filling your HP can be a real boon in tough fights.

#1 – Active Spider

marvel's spiderman 2 upgrades active spider

Effect: Increase the height of Spider Jump and the distance of Spider Dash

Then lastly, we have the undisputed best upgrade in Marvel’s Spiderman 2. Spider Dash and, to a lesser extent, Spider jump are essential if you want to cover ground fast and efficiently in this game.

They offer a vertical boost and a horizontal push when in the air. Spider Jump allows you to clear buildings in your way or leap to high ledges. Then Spider Dash boosts you forward, giving you a chance to use your Web Wings and glide tremendous distances.

These are game-changers within the context of traversal, and this upgrade only makes these skills more useful. So if you want to truly master the art of getting around New York in style, this is the upgrade you need.

New York’s Finest

So there you have it, all the best upgrades on offer within Marvel’s Spiderman 2. With these new tools in your arsenal, you’ll become an unstoppable force that no thug, hunter, or supervillain could possibly handle. We hope that this helps you spend your Hero Tokens, and Tech Parts wisely, and as always, thank you for reading RPG Informer.

FAQ Section

Question: What’s the Best Way to Earn Tech Parts in Marvel’s Spiderman 2?

Answer: The two quickest ways to get a whole bunch of Tech Parts in Marverl’s Spiderman 2 is by finding the hidden Spiderbots that are dotted around the city, as they offer 100x Tech Parts each. Or you can also go hunting for Tech Part Crates that are scattered all over the city.

Question: Is Miles or Peter Better in Marvel’s Spiderman 2?

Answer: It’s a matter of preference, but based on skills and abilities alone, I feel that Miles has a much stronger moveset, with a handful of abilities that allow for more effective crowd control. Peter’s Symbiote abilities somewhat even the playing field, but overall, I would say Miles pips it.

Question: Should I Invest in Combat or Traversal?

Answer: I think it depends on what matters to you, and what difficulty you play on. I was only playing on normal difficulty, and for that reason, I felt it was fine to invest in the traversal upgrades to make existing in the overworld as fun as possible.
However, if you are playing on Amazing difficulty or higher, you may want to focus on beefing up your characters.

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