Marvels Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits

Superheroes are mainly known for two things: their superpowers and their fancy getups. You could give a plain old Joe a set of killer powers, but if you don’t slap some lycra on them, you’ll feel a little shortchanged when they take down the supervillain trashing your neighborhood. This is why Spiderman is such an awesome superhero. Not only do they have fantastic powers, sarcastic one-liners, and a heart of gold. They also have an immediately recognizable suit that looks the part, too.

The classic red and blue Spiderman suit has gone through a hell of a lot of reworks down the years, whether that be Sam Raimi’s mechanical mesh Spiderman suit, Tom Holland’s Ironman-inspired Stark Industries ensemble, or the litany of offshoots that Spiderman has adorned in the variety of comics he has featured in down the years, and that’s before we even open things up and talk about the infinite Spiderverse.

What we are getting at here is that there are tonnes of amazing spider suits to choose from, and Marvel’s Spiderman 2 doesn’t miss out on that opportunity to show off some new and impressive suits in this recent entry with the series. So we thought it would be cool to run through the suits that you should earmark as things you should spend your hard-earned Hero Tokens on. Without further ado, here is RPG Informers Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Ranked Guide

Selection Criteria

Just a quick little bit of admin, as you’ll want to know how we went about ranking these Spidey suits as fairly as possible. Of course, it’s all still pretty subjective, but here are the parameters we used to keep things as fair as possible:

  • We will only be including new Spider-Suits, so no repeats from Marvel’s Spiderman, or Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales
  • We will be considering how aesthetically pleasing each suit is
  • We will be considering how easy it is to unlock each suit
  • We will be considering how important the suit is within the Spiderman fandom and its cultural significance
  • We will not be including Deluxe Edition Suits

Okay, time to suit up; there’s a city to save!

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Ranked

#10 – Last Hunt Suit

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Last Hunt Suit
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Both Peter and Miles
  • How To Unlock: Complete All Hunter Bases
  • Styles: Yes

We begin with the only suit that both Peter and Miles can unlock, the Last Hunt Suit, which is unlocked by completing all the Hunters Blinds and Hunter Bases objectives. This is an original Insomniac design that pays homage to Kraven The Hunter, one of the main antagonists of this game. I was a little surprised to see the character reprised, as he’s been canonically dead in Spiderman Lore for quite some time, but the Kraven story weaved into this title is genuinely wonderful, as is this suit.

The suit takes aspects of Kraven’s character both from the Amazing Spiderman Comics, and how he appears in the game, and then allows the player to dress in big game hunting garb, complete with fur-lined shoulder pads, gloves, and boots to complete the look. It’s a masterful design and one that allows you to dress appropriately as you hunt down criminals in the Big Apple.

#9 – Symbiote Suit

Marvels Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Symbiote Suit
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Peter Parker
  • How To Unlock: Complete the Main Story Mission ‘It Chose You’
  • Styles: No

You may be a little surprised to see this new iteration of the black suit sitting so low on this ranked list, but if I’m being honest, I had my hang-ups with it right from the beginning. From an aesthetic standpoint, it feels a little too glossy, looking more like a latex suit than an alien second skin. Plus, I’m of the opinion that the black suit looks coolest when there are tendrils on show.

That’s why I went for the more veiny and aggressive-looking Symbiote Suit you get later in the game when the suit really takes hold of Peter. This one has more defined muscles and looks twice as intimidating. For the narrative importance alone, this suit deserves its place on this list, but when push comes to shove, there are plenty of even cooler suits we need to give top billing to.

#8 – Smoke And Mirrors Suit

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Smoke And Mirrors Suit
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Miles
  • How To Unlock: Complete All Mysterium Challenges
  • Styles: No

Next, we have one that the younger generation of players might not appreciate quite as much as me, as Jake Gyllinhall’s Mysterio didn’t capture the zany, nerdy, pathetic side of Mysterio that makes the character so fun. But I have to include this one on this, not only because the suit looks great, but because of the role that Mysterio played in the old Spiderman 2 title from the PS2 era. Those missions in the funhouse and around Ellis Island were iconic.

The suit itself is pretty iconic, too, allowing Miles Morales to sport the traditional green and purple garb of Mysterio, complete with a fishbowl helmet concealing your identity with a veil of ethereal smoke. You’ll need to complete all the Mysteriums in the game to unlock this one, but considering how cool it looks, I think it’s well worth the time and effort.

#7 – Evolved Suit

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Evolved Suit
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Miles
  • How To Unlock: Complete The Game
  • Styles: No

When the game began, and both of the Spidermen had their usual red and black suits on with minimal changes from their last outings, I was a touch disappointed. I get the whole ‘if it ain’t broke down, fix it’ logic, but pushing the boat out can lead to some really great designs. I pretty much kept to Miles’ traditional design for the majority of the game, but by the end of the game, I was won over by a new Evolved Suit.

This is one that really blends Miles’ urban style and love of athletic streetwear with crime-fighting functionality, offering a suit that truly feels like the perfect suit for the character. It’s got an open-topped mask allowing Miles’ hair to flow free, it has a rich blue vein running through the suit to represent his new Blue Lightning powers, and of course, he’s got them fresh sneakers on, and I really wouldn’t want to be the criminal that scuffed them. It’s an awesome suit, and I only wish we would have gotten it earlier in the game.

#6 – Absolute Carnage Suit

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Absolute Carnage Suit
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Miles
  • How To Unlock: Unlocks at Max Level (60)
  • Styles: Yes

This is a suit worn by Miles that you’ll have to work hard to unlock, as you’ll need to grind up to max level, but believe me, it’s worth it. To give this suit some introduction,  I absolutely love Carnage as a character. I mean, come on, they are such a cool, unhinged character; it’s only natural to want to see Venom’s arch-enemy in action.

Well, the good news for fans is that, if you play through ‘The Flame’ missions, you’ll get some Carnage-related revelations that we won’t spoil. But until these take shape in some probable DLC content, you’ll have to make do with the Absolute Carnage Suit.

This one pays homage to the character while also making a nod to the Miles Morales: Absolute Carnage comic series. This suit offers something that really does the symbiote’s aesthetic qualities justice, with sick-looking tendril webbing around the suit and an authentic second-skin look. Basically, it’s the Symbiote Suit turned up to eleven.

This one also comes in multiple styles, but to pay respects to Carnage, I would recommend the dominantly red design with a black overlay. If you want a truly badass Symbiote suit, then this is the best option Marvel’s Spiderman 2 has to offer by a long shot.

#5 – Webbed Black Suit

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Webbed Black Suit
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Peter
  • How To Unlock: Unlocked at Level 31
  • Styles: No

As someone who grew up in the late 1990’s and 2000’s, I was lucky enough to fall in love with Spiderman through the Sam Raimi Trilogy, and for those that recall, the Symbiote saga was alive and well in the third and final movie. I think that we can all agree that this one was easily the weakest of the three and that Tobey Maguire can not pull off being an emo. However, one good thing did come out of it, the Sam Raimi Black Webbed Suit.

I have always loved the way that Sam Raimi’s Spiderman Suits looked. When I think of Spiderman, I always picture the metallic webbing on the suit and the darker crimson and navy color palette, and equally, when I think of the Black Suit, this is the one that springs to mind. It’s a wonderful nod to an ill-fated movie we all love to hate, and all that’s missing is the iconic cringy dance. You know the one. 

#4 – Forever Suit

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Forever Suit
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Miles
  • How To Unlock: Unlocks At Level 25
  • Styles: Yes

Next up, we have a suit that acts as a loving memorial to the late Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther in the MCU movies of the same name. It’s not only a nod to the late, great actor, but also fits perfectly within the context of Miles’ character. Being a black teen living in New York, it’s hardly a stretch to think that Miles would have idolized T’Challa, so seeing him adorn this Black Panther inspired suit just makes sense.

It’s a clever design that retains the Spiderman shape and structure but adds clever additions such as sharp claws, panther ears, similar eyes to the Chadwick Boseman suit, and boots shaped like panther feet. This one comes in a number of different styles, but I would highly recommend the completely blacked-out version for the most authentic and stylish look of the bunch. Then as an added tip, take this one over to the Wakanda Embassy in the city for an added treat. Thank me later.

#3 – Into The Spiderverse Spider Noir Suit

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Into The Spiderverse Spider Noir Suit
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Peter
  • How To Unlock: Unlocks at Level 22
  • Styles: No

With the rather intense Marvel fatigue that I’ve been feeling for many years now, I thought it would be rather unlikely that I would be captivated by another Spidey Movie again. Then out of nowhere came the Into The Spiderverse branch of movies, and boy, they are something else. The art style and intentionally choppy animation style is fantastic, and the characters included are phenomenal. So Insomniac decided to lean in and include a pretty iconic one in the form of the Into The Spiderverse Spider Noir Suit.

This suit allows you to play as Nicolas Cage’s Great Depression Era, Nazi-fighting vigilante Spiderman and it feels great too. Plus it has the same choppy framerate animation effect that all the other Spiderverse designs have as well. I would have loved a Spider-Ham option as well, but at least we got one of Into The Spiderverse’s supporting cast.

#2 – Best There Is Suit

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Best There Is Suit
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Miles
  • How To Unlock: Unlocks At Level 52
  • Styles: Yes

When the dust finally settles on Marvel’s Spiderman 2, everyone will be turning their attention to the next superhero video game on the production line, and if you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know that Wolverine is set to get the Insomniac treatment. So what better way to get people excited than offering a Wolverine-inspired Spidey Suit?

This one is based on Charlie Huston’s comic of the same name, with Wolverine wearing his usual pointy-eared getup, with a snazzy jacket and heavy boots. Honestly, it’s nice to see Wolverine dressed in comic book attire after so many years of seeing Hugh Jackman portray a dressed-down lumberjack version of Logan, and it makes me very excited to see what insomniac have cooking behind the scenes.

I say, let them cook, and until then, we can zip around NYC, bringing a little X-Men flair to the party.

#1 – Into The Spiderverse SB Suit

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Coolest Suits Into The Spiderverse SB Suit
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Character: Miles
  • How To Unlock: Unlocks at level 33
  • Styles: No

Then at number one, and I will hear no arguments on this, is the Into the Spiderverse SB Suit. This one is a nod to the suit that Miles Morales wears in the early stages of the movie of the same name, essentially acting as a thrown-together training suit as he learns how to Spiderman under Peter Parker’s watchful eye. A lot of the suits on this list are cool because of how badass they look, but this one outshines them all by being so damn adorable.

With the rolled-up sleeves because the suit is too big, the big clunky SB Dunks you pair the suit with, and of course, the golden cape that flows in the wind behind you, this suit offers a sense of fun and whimsy that no other suit on the roster can quite manage, and for that reason, we rank this one as the Coolest suit within Marvel’s Spiderman 2.

Best of the Rest

Then just to give them their moment in the spotlight, here is a list of the other new Spider Suits that didn’t quite manage to crack our top ten but we think deserve a mention:

  • The Dark Ages Suit
  • Across The Spiderverse Suit
  • Shadow Spider Suit
  • Kumo Suit
  • Amazing 2 Suit
  • City Sounds Suit

New Threads

As you can see, Insomniac has made sure that this new title has a wealth of new outfits for returning players, which not only show the developer’s love and respect for the source material, but also look absolutely phenomenal as you zip around NYC. We hope that you enjoyed our ranked list of the Best Spidey-Suits, and as always, thank you for reading RPG Informer.

FAQ Section

Question: How Many Suits in Marvel’s Spiderman 2?

Answer: There are a grand total of 68 suits in the game, with 34 belonging to Peter Parker and 34 belonging to Miles Morales. However, there are 10 additional suits that are only available for those who bought the deluxe edition of the game.

Question: Which Suits are Included in the Deluxe Edition?

Answer: There are ten suits not included in the regular edition of the game; these are as follows:
Encoded Suit (Miles)
Agimat Suit (Miles)
Biomechanical Suit (Miles)
Tokusatsu Suit (Miles)
Red Spectre Suit (Miles)
Aurantica Suit (Peter)
Apunkalyptic Suit (Peter)
25th Century Suit (Peter)
Tactical Suit (Peter)
Stone Monkey Suit (Peter)

Question: When Do You Get the Black Suit In Marvel’s Spiderman 2?

Answer: This suit is obtained about halfway through the campaign in the quest ‘Good Men.’ This comes with a new Symbiote Punch power, and over the course of the rest of the game, you’ll gain access to even more Black Suit powers.

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