Baldurs Gate 3: How to Get Jaheira to Join Your Party

Although Baldur’s Gate 3 provides you with some of the most well-written characters in RPG history, you can also find additional characters throughout your playthrough.

The interesting part is that not all characters are available to be recruited in one playthrough, so depending on the path you choose, you might find yourself unable to recruit certain characters or even have to kill them to progress the story.

One of those characters is Jaheira, and she’s one of the more compelling and interesting characters in the game. Here’s how to recruit Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3.

jaheira character Baldurs Gate 3

Quest Details Up Front

  • Quest Location: Moonrise Towers and Shadow Cursed Lands
  • Quest Length: 1 Hour
  • Requirements: Don’t Kill Nightsong, Don’t allow Isobel to Die, Don’t let Jaheira lead the Harpers at Moonrise Towers.
  • Rewards: Jaheira joins your party.

Quest Synopsis/Description

Jaheira is first encountered at the Last Light Inn and will be rather hostile to you right off the bat and none too friendly even after that. By joining her crusade against Ketheric Thorm, you can eventually get her to break down her walls and join your party.

Brief Walkthrough

  • Step One: Meet Jaheira at Last Light Inn
  • Step Two: Complete the Trials of Shar and free the Nightsong
  • Step Three: Join the Harpers at the gate for a big battle
  • Step Four: Ask Jaheira to join your party permanently

Extended Walkthrough

Getting Jaheira to join you means getting to the Last Light Inn. Regardless of whether you choose to save the Harpers or fight them, you can go to this area.

When you arrive, Jaheira is introduced as the leader of the Harpers, and she will be pretty interested in how you were not infected with the Shadow Curse. You have many options here, but in general, you need to play it cool and have her think you’re an ally for this to go any further.

Heading inside the Last Light Inn will allow you to talk further with her. However, you’ll notice she has an heir of distrust about her, especially when talking to you about matters involving Moonrise Towers. She essentially sees you as a spy, and you will have to prove yourself in the battle against Ketheric to gain her approval.

Jaheira is one of the few characters in the game that can die offscreen depending on what you do or don’t do, and there’s honestly no way to see it coming, so we’re going to go step by step on how to make sure she joins you alive and well.

First off, if you’re the Dark Urge, you’ll be tempted to kill…well, everybody. To make sure Jaheira stays on our side, do not kill Isobel at any point.

The Battle at Last Light Inn

Baldurs Gate 3 last light inn
Image Source- Max the Gamer

The servants of Ketheric show up to try and take Isobel, Last Light Inn’s protector, and it’s one gigantic fight. Jaheira is involved in the fight. However, she’s downstairs, and you’re upstairs, which means you’ll have to beeline it down to her to make sure nothing happens to her. If she dies during this fight, she’s gone for good, and you can’t revive her. However, you also have to protect Isobel, whose spell is currently keeping Last Light Inn safe from the Shadow Curse. Quite the dilemma.

One way to avoid this is by killing Marcus, who has come to take Isobel. If Isobel dies here, it’s very bad for not only Jaheira but also the Last Light Inn itself, as her protection spell will disappear. This will enrage Jaheira and possibly cause her to turn against you, so don’t let this happen. If you decide to join Marcus, that’s even worse, and you’ll likely have to kill Jaheira to progress. We don’t want that either.

If Marcus manages to get away with Isobel, then Jaheira will be equally angry, but you can invite her to your camp, or else he may die from the Shadow Curse.

After the fight, it’s time to take on the Trials of Shar. At the end of the trials, you will have a choice to spare or kill the Nightsong. Killing the Nightsong means that all of the Harpers, including Jaheira, will die, and the land will be permanently plunged into darkness from the Shadow Curse. We don’t want that, so spare her when given the chance.

Joining Jaheira in the Siege of Moonrise Towers

Baldurs Gate 3 Jaheira in the Siege of Moonrise Towers
Image Source- CHARLIE Intel

As long as you’ve followed the steps to this point, Jaheira and the Harpers will be making their move to Moonrise Towers for an assault.

When you get there, you need to go up to the front gate and not through the prison. You will approach Jaheira and the Harpers getting ready for battle. Speaking to her at this point is paramount. If you forget to do this, you might lose her in the upcoming battle.

Invite her to join you to ensure that even if she dies in the fight, she can be brought back. If you forget to have her join you at the camp, she will still be present in the battle but as a commander of the Harper forces, acting entirely on her own. You can keep her healed and buffed if you go this route, but if she dies, then you’re out of luck.

As long as she survives the battle, she’ll tag along for the battle against Ketheric’s first phase. After the first phase of the fight, she’ll be present on the roof and will have a dialogue option: “Face Ketheric with me.” Choose this, and she will join your party permanently. You can also ask her to join you at the camp after this fight.

The key to recruiting Jaheira is just keeping her alive. There are a lot of forces working to keep that from happening, though, so follow our guide carefully, and you’ll have access to an awesome character. Regardless of whether you’ve chosen a largely evil character or a good one, you will have the chance to recruit Jaheira.

Conclusion: Is Jaheira Worth It?

Baldurs Gate 3 jaheira party member
Image Source- RPG Informer

There’s a healthy amount of hoops to jump through to keep Jaheira alive, but she’s a great character and one that fills her own combat niche. Although she’s very similar to Halsin, who you acquire shortly after or before her, depending on when you take on his quest at Last Light Inn, she’s a much more melee-focused character than he is and has a great deal of value to provide a team.

She also has her own side quest to embark upon in Act 3, so she isn’t just set dressing and is very much involved with what’s going on in the main plot.


Question: Can Jaheira be killed at Last Light Inn?

Answer: Yes, if you take too long during the fight against Marcus and his minions or if you kill Nightsong, Jaheira will die at the Inn.

Question: Does recruiting Jaheira stop you from recruiting other characters?

Answer: No, you should have no trouble recruiting Halsin after you’ve recruited Jaheira. In fact, failing to recruit Jaheira closes off the path to recruit Halsin if you decide to kill the Nightsong.

Question: Can you spare Ketheric?

Answer: Technically, yes, you don’t have to deal the killing blow to Ketheric if you pass certain dialogue checks. However, he will still dive into the pit regardless, so it’s a matter of semantics on whether you kill him or not and has no impact on the story itself.

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