Best RPG Games

Best Turn Based RPGs

Today, the RPG is arguably the most popular single player genre of game out there. So many games that never even considered themselves an RPG have slowly integrated role playing elements into their experiences and the result is the ultimate fusion of action adventure games and RPGs. It wasn’t always like this though. Long ago …

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Best Xbox One RPGs

With the Xbox One’s lifespan coming to a close to make room for the Xbox Series X/S, the console has gathered a sizable library of great titles. Whether players are looking to pick up an indie gem they’ve never heard of, an action-packed shooter, or a deep strategy game, the Xbox One has plenty of …

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Best PC RPG Games

For a long time, PC games were the cornerstone of the RPG market. While they didn’t always boast the fanciest graphics or the biggest named series, they instead offered massive, 80+ hour experiences that were so in-depth and detailed that they’ve since been compared to virtual novels at times. In recent years, PC games no …

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Best Switch RPGs

The Switch is a great console to pick up RPGs on. Not only does it feature a sizable library of old and new titles alike while allowing the player to dive into the adventure at home and on the go. Taking vast worlds with you in your pocket is a unique strength of Nintendo’s newest …

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