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Top Games Like Divinity Original Sin 2

Few genres can offer the depth, mechanical freedom, and expansive worlds players can find in CRPGs. One of the most popular modern releases in the genre is Divinity: Original Sin 2 from Larian Studios. It has been hailed for its profound and exciting world, the freedom it gives players to experiment with various builds, and its profound …

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Best Open World RPGs Of All Time [Updated 2023]

I grew up in an era of gaming where open-world adventures were technologically unthinkable. If you had pitched the idea back then, the general gamer would have scoffed before promptly reminding you that every game has a loading screen practically every time you move from room to room.  That was the reality back then, but …

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Best PC RPG Games

For a long time, PC games were the cornerstone of the RPG market. While they didn’t always boast the fanciest graphics or the biggest named series, they instead offered massive, 80+ hour experiences that were so in-depth and detailed that they’ve since been compared to virtual novels at times. In recent years, PC games no …

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