Assassin’s Creed Themed Tattoo Ideas

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There are few better feelings in life than falling in love with the story and world of a video game. The way in which modern games can suck you into their world and envelope you in the sites and sounds of this alternate reality is something else. 

Assassin’s Creed has been with me from a very young age, right around the time I got fully into gaming. My time with Altair is burned into my brain, and it is probably one of the first story-driven games I purposely attempted to complete. 

Now that time has passed, and I have developed another love in my life, getting tattoos, I have begun wondering if I should mix these two great loves and if I should take the plunge and have my next tattoo be based on the AC franchise. 

While some people may think getting a video game reference tattooed on their body forever is quite daft, I say the opposite. A tattoo, especially if it is your first, should have some sort of meaning behind it, whether you have hundreds or you simply think the design is cool. I say go for it!

With all this being said, let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider before getting inked, especially if its your first time.

Before Sitting in the Chair!

When you sit down for your first tattoo, all the decision-making and pondering should be well and truly behind you. There are a lot of things that you have to do to make sure that you have the best possible tattoo experience, especially if this will be your first time in the chair. 

First of all, I would recommend that you think about your tattoo for at least three months before getting inked, ensuring that its not just a passing impulse decision you will regret later. Also, when discussing your idea with your artist, make sure to keep asking for modifications until you are happy. 

Outside of all this, there are a couple of other things you should consider before booking your first tattoo, Take a look a these below:


Empty studio of tattoo

As the world becomes more accepting of tattoos in the workplace and in polite society, the popularity of the art form is continuing to increase and increase, with nearly everybody you meet today having at least one tattoo. With this increase in popularity, the medium and the artists within it have been given an opportunity to push their art form further than ever before, coming up with new techniques and styles every day and bettering the practice as they go. 

Therefore, before choosing your artist and tattoo design, take a look at these styles and familiarise yourself with your favorite one; this will help you find an artist further down the line:

  • Classic Americana
  • New School
  • Japanese
  • Blackwork
  • Stick and Poke
  • Realism
  • Geometric
  • Dotwork
  • Realistic Polka
  • Surrealist

Now, armed with these distinct tattoo styles, you should take some time to review each. Think about which appeals to you most and which will work best with the ideas you currently have floating about your head; try and imagine the finished look within these styles.

After this, you can use your chosen style of preference to help narrow down tattooist options, allowing you to find an artist who specializes in that specific style, ensuring you get the best tattoo possible. 

Color or Blackwork?

This next section is pretty straightforward and can be an easy decision for some. Before sitting in the chair, you should have already considered, at length, whether or not you want your tattoos to have color in them or not. Some people go for full color, others none, while many, like myself, tend to mix and match.

Of course, it is important to also think about a long-term approach to tattoos. Do you plan on getting many as the years go on? Do you want to keep one section of your body only blackwork while another is full of color? These are all thoughts you should have before deciding. Also, you should really consult with your artist about which would suit your desired design best; after all, you are paying them for their expertise, and you should use it.

Size and Placement

Professional tattooer doing tattoo on hand by tattoo machine while girl thoughtfully watching process in modern studio

For me, the size and placement of your tattoo can completely change the look and overall feel of a tattoo, so think long and hard about this one before getting inked.

When considering the size of your tattoo, you should consider where you are in your tattooing journey. For your first-ever tattoo, maybe go conservative in size so that you aren’t shocked by the massive change to your body the next day. After you have a couple under your belt, go wild.

Once you get your first couple of tattoos behind you, then you can think about jumping in at the deep end and doing those all-day sits, but for now, I recommend baby steps.

Of course, your career is another thing to consider when thinking about size and placement. Some jobs and companies do not like visible tattoos, so consider this when choosing your tattoo placement.

Lastly, it is also important to remember that most tattooists will charge more for a tattoo as the size of the piece increases. It is, therefore, important to have an honest discussion with your artist about pricing and your general limit regarding this. A good artist worth your time and trust will be 100% understanding of this and take no offense, so it is just a really smart conversation to have. 

In summary, then, when thinking about your tattoo’s size and placement, keep these things in mind:

  • Possible effects on your career.
  • The tattoo’s natural fit.
  • Your own preference.
  • The opinion of your artist.

Choosing the Right Artist

Tattoo artist makes a tattoo on a man's hand

Your artist will make or break your tattooing experience. A good artist will ensure that you have a positive and satisfying experience, making you feel safe and at ease throughout the entire process. Of course, they will also be insanely talented.

In my opinion, a good and suitable artist is even more important than your original tattoo idea. I say this because a good artist will always be able to modify, tweak and enhance a bad tattoo idea into something outstanding that you will be proud to show off to your friends. 

A good artist will also make you feel at ease throughout the entire process and make everything fun and welcoming, especially when it is your first tattoo, taking the time to explain everything to you and what you should expect before, during, and after your first session. 

So, with this in mind, why don’t you check out the only two artists I have ever let put ink on my body over the years? Andy from Girrafe Stairs Tattoos and Bad Tooth, also known as Em. My experience with both of these artists has been outstanding, and their unique style is something to love. Check them out!

Selection Criteria

When choosing which tattoo ideas to include on this list, there were so many that I had to introduce some form of selection criteria to ensure you got the best list possible and saw only the cream of the crop when it comes to the world of AC-inspired tattoos. 

So, with that being said, please check out the list of criteria that all tattoos on this list have had to live up to:

  • All designs on this list must be singular; no duplicates are allowed!
  • The designs and finish must be top quality, with no doodles being accepted.
  • Every tattoo must have Assassin’s Creed as the main theme.
  • The designs must be well made, sized, and placed.

This ends the admin section of this article, leaving us to get on with the fun part, actually looking at and exploring some amazing Assassin’s Creed-inspired tattoos. Hopefully, some of the pieces I have included on this list will inspire you going forward. Let’s go!

Small Assassin’s Creed Tattoos

The Creed Emblem

If you have played one of the Assassin’s Creed games, you will be familiar with this mark. This blackwork wrist tattoo shows the older version of the orders sigil, something that is held in high regard amongst mega-fans of the series. 

The simple yet elegant design of this tattoo is perfect for those seeking their first tattoo idea.

Nothing is True; Everything is Permitted

The first and most important tenet of the Assassin’s Creed is that nothing is true and everything is permitted. This line from the series is not only insanely cool, but it also looks quite good in this font. 

Most people won’t get that this tattoo was inspired by the franchise, ensuring that only people who share your love and passion for the games will be able to give you that knowing nod.

Egyptian Sigil

When the AC games moved to Egypt for the tale of Baek and the origins of the Creed, we got to see the first edition of the creed symbol, complete with the eye of Horus in the center.

That specific tattoo has been completed in a cool gold color reminiscent of the sand that pervades most of the game, a cool nod to a brilliant game and, at present, the last good addition to the series.

The Cute Assassin

While many of you may think of assassins as fierce and scary figures, this tattoo artist has captured the essence of an assassin and combined it with a cute, fine-line style reminiscent of the Pokemon anime series. 

What I love about this tattoo is the inclusion of so many AC references in this alternate style, turning the whole thing on its head while still keeping to the main theme and expressing their client’s love for the franchise.

Ezio and Cowl

This blackwork tattoo is full of great shading and facial detail, leaving no questions about whether this is the famous assassin, Ezio Auditor, or not. The assassin’s cowl has quickly become as iconic as the assassins themselves, so it is great to see such a cool tattoo giving the garment such care and attention to detail. However, the shading still makes this tattoo stand out for me.

If you are looking to put a cool twist on your AC tattoo, why not borrow from another classic tattooing style? This AC logo has been supplemented with the tribal style of tattooing while also including the Abstergo logo in the center. 

While many may question why the Creed and Abstergo logos are so close together, almost to be considered as a pair, I think this tattoo perfectly represents the franchise as a whole.

Franchises Galore

I love this tattoo, not just because it has been completed excellently by crystalrosetattoo but also because it perfectly represents this client’s most beloved gaming franchises, including AC, Elder Scrolls, and Pokemon and Mario. What isn’t there to love about this piece?

Assassins Creed Odyssey

While this may not be my favorite edition to the AC franchise, I do have to give praise to the Odyssey-inspired tattoo we have here. The blackwork style plays well with the gladiator helmet and creed logo design, linking the two together with great shading work. 

This tattoo was completed by carlyjademason, and she seems very familiar with the world of gaming tattoos. 

Evie Frye

The first-ever female main character in an AC game should be honored, and what better way to honor someone than by getting them inked on your body forever? 

Evie Frye was the main protagonist of AC Syndicate, alongside her brother, Jacob. The tattoo is brilliant, featuring a comic style that plays really well with the overall light-hearted feel of AC Syndicate.

All the Symbols

One thing I wish I could get the courage to do is to get my hands and knuckles tattooed; I love the aesthetic and really need them in my life. This client has decided to decorate their fingers with a complete AC-inspired symbol collection that many fans of the series won’t even be familiar with. Who doesn’t love a deep cut?

Tomahawk and Axe

In my opinion, the best thing about AC is when you get to walk around crowded environments and wreak havoc on the local guards there with a series of deadly, character-specific weapons. 

One of the best weapons ever introduced to the series is shown here, Conor’s tomahawk from AC 3, crossed with Kratos’ axe from God of War. I love this tattoo for two reasons; firstly, the design and attention to detail on both weapons are astounding, with only little pops of color where needed, and secondly, I love the crossover between these two franchises, some of my favorite games.

Conor’s Tomahawk

While many of you will identify more with the hidden blade from AC, I think of Conor’s tomahawk as a pivotal weapon from the series, not just because it’s badass but also because it serves as a perfect reminder of his heritage and what he is fighting for throughout the game.

It is, therefore, great to see an artist take such care and attention to present the weapon in beautiful black work, complete with all the extra etching and detail that was only seen in promotional material. 

Ezio’s Hidden Blade

This one is by far my favorite on this list so far. The fine line work here is amazing and full of detail, showing off Ezio and his hidden blade in meticulous detail, reminiscent of a design drawing. 

The merging of Ezio with his hidden blade is brilliant as it perfectly represents the bond between the assassin and his hidden blade, joined together and a part of one another.

I love a tattoo with a good spin put on it. While AC has never actually journeyed to Ireland or had a main character hailing from the island, we can see from this piece just how cool an Irish order of the Creed would look, complete with Celtic inspired logo.

This tattoo was completed by Holy City Tattooing Collective, experts in Celtic tattoos, so if this entry inspired you to somehow weave in some Celtic elements to your AC tattoo, maybe give these guys a call.

Hidden Blade

This version of the Creed’s hidden blade has been completed in a semi-steampunk style, allowing us to see the inner workings of the blade’s mechanism while still displaying the fine line skill of the artist, working in black. 

While each blade is different, this one appears with the Creed logo and some delicate gearing in the mechanism, suggesting that this is a more modern design. The forearm placement of this tattoo is also perfect; after all, that is where your hidden blade should always be fitted, ready to strike.

Gladiator Helmet

After the release of Assassins Creed Odyssey, a spate of Gladiator helmet tattoos inspired by the artwork of the game hit Instagram. These tattoos are always amazingly colored and full of great detail. 

However, this one is slightly different from the rest due to the shading and clean lines that the artist has managed to insert into the piece. As you can see from this tattoo, the client also has a Venom tattoo, so I imagine this isn’t their first rodeo in the gaming tattoo world. 

Fine-line Ezio

My favorite style for showing off intricate detail is fine-line. This version of Ezio displays the assassin’s ability to stay under the radar while still holding his deadly duel-hidden blades are always ready. 

While this tattoo is heavily detailed around the assassin’s clothing and weaponry, the lack of detail on the assassin’s face is really cool, almost as if the assassin could be anyone.

Black Flag Cover Up

When you get a bad tattoo, often earlier in your life, it can be quite hard to find a design that you both like and can cover up the old monstrosity in its entirety, allowing you to forget your silly past. 

This tattoo, full of blackwork-style shading and the blackness of Edward Kenway’s life, this foot tattoo is perfect for those with or without older tattoos who love the pirate aesthetic of AC Black Flag.

Assassin Portrait

The assassins are perfect characters to compose into a portrait tattoo. This tattoo perfectly demonstrates how the assassin aesthetic can perfectly translate into a good portrait tattoo, complete with detailed and cool clothing and a striking face underneath the iconic cowl. 

From here, you can insert your favorite assassin from the franchise’s history, making the tattoo your own.

Cowl and Eagle

Two of the most recognizable things from the AC franchise are the assassin’s cowl and the eagle. This tattoo, completed in incredible fine-line detail, is perfect for fans of the series who want a piece that can easily wrap around your arm.

The shading is another crucial element for this tattoo, allowing the two elements to blend perfectly. 

Larger Assassins Creed Tattoos

United We Stand

One of the best tattoos on this list in terms of detail and realism, this blackwork piece shows off the style and setting of AC Unity perfectly. 

A tattoo completed to this level is very hard to come by and undoubtedly took several very long sittings until it was completed. However, I am sure the pain and time were well worth it for the client. 

Strong Gladiator

The best thing about AC Odyssey was undoubtedly the artwork and character design. This tattoo perfectly captures the amazingly detailed gladiator look that was made famous by the game’s cover art.

 The shading below the character helmet is also perfect for making you feel as if this figure could be anyone, removing any need to explain to people that it is an AC-inspired tattoo.

Kassandra Back Tattoo

If you want to show your love for the AC franchise and a character in general, getting your entire back tattooed in dedication to the game is probably the way to go.

The biggest and most eye-catching element of this tattoo is Kassandra’s face from AC Odyssey. The level of detail here is impressive, but you just know that this one took so long that it would have gotten old by the end of it.

Altair Half Sleeve

This blackwork tattoo shows the first-ever protagonist from the AC games, Altair, in a heavily shaded half sleeve design, complete with a fine line hidden blade and basic AC emblem.

Two Part Sleeve

I like this tattoo because the client has gotten two different AC tattoos from the different eras on either side of their arm. These eras are very different from one another, yet the general theme of the two is the same, with amazingly detailed assassin garments. 

These tattoos are brilliant because they also perfectly sum up some of the best aspects of the games, the leap of faith, and Conor’s battle with bringing about modern-day America.

Bayek Full Color

When Assassins Creed Origins finally dropped, I fell in love with Bayek and his story, something this client has also clearly done. 

This tattoo is full of color and is brilliantly done, displaying a great distinction between each item and weapon in the tattoo.

Onwards to Valhalla

The viking aesthetic we get with AC Valhalla is summed up pretty well in this tattoo. We see a nice amount of detail around the player characters’ clothing and face. However, the best bit about this piece is the drops of color that the artist has used to draw your eye around the tattoo, emphasizing the weapon, clothes, and eyes of the warrior.

Full Sleeve Blackwork

If you are looking to transform your entire arm into something inspired by AC, look no further than this piece. The blackwork style works well here, perfectly showing off the ominous cowl of the assassin and the intricate detail of the eagle sitting below.

The Assassin and his Eagle

The color pallet for this tattoo is really different and cool. The dark blue color is reminiscent of the night sky and thus sets a darker tone for the incredibly detailed eagle to exist. The assassin is designed in a different style, almost to set the two sections of the tattoo apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does the Assassin’s Creed Symbol Mean?

Answer: The insignia that is used throughout the AC franchise was inspired by the first assassins in ancient Egypt and, in particular, Bayek, the former Medjay. The symbol was first seen after Bayek dropped an eagle skull necklace that had belonged to his son before his murder onto the beach as Alexandria. When the necklace was picked up, the imprint on the sand was in the shape of the AC symbol we know today. 

Question: What is the Meaning of “Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted?”

Answer: Nothing is true means there is never a concrete right or wrong answer to anything; therefore, you have to use your personal sense of morality to form your opinion on issues. Everything is permitted means you can use any means necessary as part of the guild to find your own personal truth as part of the guild.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive guide to the world of Assassin’s Creed franchise tattoos currently out there in the world today. While some of these tattoos can look very similar, the world of AC is so wide and varied now that you can get some really cool and unique tattoos. 

I hope you really enjoyed this look into the world of AC tattoos and possibly took some inspiration from it to help pick your next tattoo. Regardless, I hope to see you again soon. Good luck and happy tattooing!

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