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From their humble beginnings with Kings Field, FromSoftware has come a long way in creating the massively successful universe of Dark Souls. The trilogy is on every gamer’s radar putting FromSoftware on the gaming map.

The games are infamously known for their challenging boss battles, deeply hidden lore, and methodical heavy combat.

Players are still discovering fun easter eggs, and new theories are being devised about this world. This truly makes the games one the best experiences, albeit hardcore, a gamer could have.

Dark souls 3, the final part of the trilogy, focuses more on a better combat system than the previous games, being faster paced, with more freedom of choice with weapons, and elegantly crafted boss battles that will keep you on your feet for hours (I am looking at you, Pontiff Sullivan).

The intense moments of the game usually lead to either the most satisfying or extremely painful ends. The game follows fewer branching paths than its predecessors, with several new large areas to travel to and traverse.

Still, more significant NPC interactions and side quests never let you lose interest in the Kingdom of Lothric.

Item Information

Dark Souls 3 Road of Sacrifices' Estus Shard Location

To survive the harsh Kingdom of Lothric, players need all the help they can get, and the best place to find solace is with the “Estus Flask .”

The Estus Flask is used to help restore lost HP(health points) upon consumption. In the beginning, the Estus Flask can be used three times, granted that if you keep the charges of the “Ashen Flask,” which is used to increase the amount of FP(Focus Points) restored.

Three times is painfully low for the challenges presented by Dark Souls 3. To increase the uses of the Estus Flask or the Ashen Flask, we require “Estus Shards” that can be found all over the Kingdom of Lothric, and these can then be used to increase the charges of the Flasks.

There can be a total of eleven Estus Shards discovered in Lothric. The uses of the Estus Flask can reach fifteen, given that you remove the charge from the Ashen Flask, which I did not find very useful. Still, it depends on the style of the build you’d want to use for your playthrough.

With large areas to discover and mysteries to uncover sometimes, bonfires are hard to come by. During those times, the uses of Estus Shine brightly as they only hope for the” Unkindled.”

The amount of Estus restored at any given bonfire is five by default but can be increased by kindling it with humanity to increase the amount to ten for that particular bonfire and so on. Undead Bone shards are required to increase the amount of HP healed by the Estus.

  • Item Name: Estus Shard
  • Item Type: Consumable
  • Item Uses:  Once
  • Total Amount: 11
  • Usage: Deliver to the Blacksmith

After acquiring the Estus Shard, it needs to be delivered to Andre the Blacksmith at the Fire Link shrine to increase the Flask charges. He can also help manage the number of uses required to be divided among the Ashen Flask and the Estus Flask.


Fire Link Shrine-Tower

The first Estus Shard can be located in the fire link shrine but might require hard work and grinding. After buying the tower key from the Shrine’s Hand Maiden for 20,000 souls, go up the right staircase, and on the right, there’s an opening veiled in silver mist. Look at it, and it will disappear.

Go up the path where you will find a giant tree and a tower. Use the key to open the tower and go up. Climb to the top and drop down to the building below.

Kick the ladder and make your way along that route which will lead inside. You will find Picklepee’s nest, and right next to it will be a corpse with the Estus Shard.

You can save the 20,000 souls, not use them to upgrade your stats, buy the tower key from the Handmaiden the intended way, or glitch your way to the roof without ever purchasing the key. Go near the tower; opposing it will be a tree that seems like it might be able to act as a ramp.

Run onto it, and as soon as you reach some height, jump off of it towards the roof. It might take some tries to accomplish, and you might miss an item or two in the tower, but it’s better than using 20,000 souls if you ask me.

On the ledge at the end, there’s also a hidden wall. Open it by attacking and drop down to get the serpent ring while you’re near the nest.

High Wall of Lothric – High Wall of Lothric Bonfire

High Wall of Lothric-High Wall of Lothric Bonfire

To acquire this shard, you need to really polish your dodging skills or need to get ready to fight your way through. Located in the game’s first area, from the bonfire, move down the path with the knight and thief, go down the ladder, and exit the building.

Move straight through the next area while keeping to the lower way, enter the building, and take the exit down the stairs. You will see hollows worshipping on the roof, move away from that area quickly and go down the ladder.

Enter the building whose top you were on and move into the doorway where the spear knight came out. Go down into the barrack-like building, which has hounds and knights patrolling, and you can find the Estus Shard on the Anvil.

You either should be fantastic at dodging or be ready for a fight since the enemies won’t let you leave the area alive. Take them one at a time and try to separate them; it’s the best strategy against most of them.

Undead Settlement – Undead Settlement Bonfire

Undead Settlement-Undead Settlement Bonfire

From the bonfire, move into the building and go straight to the exit. Drop down from the balcony, and you will see a large tree being worshiped by enemies and an Evangelist.

Next to the Evangelist is the Estus Shard; either sprint out of there as soon as you grab the shard or get ready for a battle since they will all become hostile as soon as they notice you.

Road of Sacrifices – Crucifixion Woods Bonfire

Road of Sacrifices-Crucifixion Woods Bonfire

One of the easier shards to obtain, From the bonfire, move straight towards the large stone building but don’t enter through the small opening instead, go straight into the alleyway between the edge of the land and the wall of the building, passing two pairs of lycanthrope hunters.

Drop down the ledge at the end, and you can find the Estus shard on the corpse.

Road of Sacrifices – Farron’s Keep Bonfire

Road of Sacrifices-Farron's Keep Bonfire

Found in FromSoftware’s signature swampland, from the bonfire exit and veer left. Run towards the fire, and on your right, you will see a fallen pathway at an incline; go on it to get a better view of the surrounding area.

You will find an item next to a fallen tower guarded by rotten slugs. Grab it; that is the Estus Shard.

Cathedral of the Deep – Cleansing Chapel Bonfire

Dark Souls 3 Estus Shard Cathedral of the Deep - Cleansing Chapel Bonfire

Exit the chapel from the main entrance, and move up towards the cemetery. There will be an item at the foot of the obelisk surrounded by praying hollows. Deal with them and take the Estus Shard.

Catacombs of Carthus to Smouldering Lake – High Lord Wolnir to Old Kings Antechamber Bonfires

Catacombs of Carthus to Smouldering Lake

One of the easiest Estus Shards to miss since it is located in a very obscure area. From the High Lord Wolnir bonfire, move back to the bridge and destroy it by attacking; it will become a makeshift ladder.

Go down the ladder into the entryway, keep moving forward past the flame demon, and down the small entrance into the Smouldering Lake.

Shift a bit to the right and move straight to the large hole with two small lit columns made from stones at its edges. You’ll know you’re on the right path if you start getting shot by a ballista.

Drop into the hole, follow the course, and take the first exit to the left. This will lead you to the Old King’s Antechamber bonfire.

In the chamber, go to the back and attack the very different wall from its surroundings. That is an illusory wall. Go into the pathway; take the first left and keep moving quickly while being careful of the fiery slimes ready to drop down from the ceiling.

You will find the Estus Shard on a corpse at the end of the pathway.

Alternatively, you can also reach this shard by going down the hall to the right instead of the left from the demons’ ruin bonfire, where the black knight is behind an illusory wall, but if you miss the jump, you will fall into a pit filled with enemies, so the above mentioned is the simplest method.

Irithyll Dungeon – Irithyll Dungeon Bonfire

Irithyll Dungeon- Irithyll Dungeon Bonfire

Proceed into the dungeon while being vary of the enemies that reduce your health bar. You can either exit through the area of the cells as usual or take the quickest route; cross the bridge, move right and then left into the cell, then through the broken opening and open the gate.

Drop down from the ledge and go straight. This route will lead you to the exit for a quick escape.

On your right, you will notice the entrance guarded by two enemies; go forth and defeat them, and be wary of the third enemy behind the pillar.

Make your way into the lobby, and you will encounter a chest, attack it. The chest is a mimic, and the item dropped from it will be an Estus Shard and a Symbol of Avarice if you’re lucky.

Irithyll of Boreal Valley – Anor Londo Bonfire

Irithyll of Boreal Valley

The Estus shard can be located inside the main hall along the path leading to the boss, at the corner in a chest that is surrounded by enemies and slimes falling from the ceiling.

Reaching the chest is relatively easy when the main door is open, but there is an alternate path if the door is closed.

From the stairs, move to the left into the large doorway, where the corpse of a giant with a lump of coal can be found. Climb the stairs to the top and defeat the magician’s shooting fireballs. Take the stairs down, grab the chest and open the main door.

Highwall of Lothric – Dancer of the Boreal Valley Bonfire

Highwall of Lothric - Dancer of the Boreal Valley Bonfire

you can find the Estus shard in the Consumed King’s Garden. Climb the ladder from the bonfire and veer left, go forward, and see a pathway where a knight is stationed, kill or evade him, and go down using the elevator.

Quickly jump out of the elevator from the opening opposite where you entered as soon as you see a ledge. The Estus Shard can be located on the right, on the corpse on the balcony.

Lothric Castle – Grand Archives

Lothric Castle - Grand Archives

The final Estus Shard of the game is more straightforward than some you have accomplished up until now. I recommend opening all shortcuts in the archives; otherwise, traversing such a large area every time you die would be a hassle.

To reach the Estus Shard, you need to get to the roof. From the bonfire, enter the elevator shortcut to the right, which needs to be activated; this will take you to a chamber leading to the boss battle.

Instead of going to the path which leads to the boss’s room, exit the section in that direction and turn left to go to the top of the tower. From there, head towards the roof of the buildings and take the next set of stairs and keep heading up. Shift right and move along the route.

Take the second exit on the right in the direction of the eclipsed sun; at the end of the roof-esque balcony to the railing, you can find the Estus Shard and enjoy the incredible view.

Be careful not to get too close to the center tower otherwise, this will trigger enemy hostility, and Gertrude’s Knights will attack you.

After this journey, you are well equipped to save yourself from the dangers in Lothric. Take the shards to Andre and he will help you convert them into flask charges unlocking the achievement “Ultimate Estus” in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do I have 14 Instead of 15 Estus Flask Charges Even though I Got the Achievement?

Answer: To get 15 usages from the Estus Flask, the charges of the Ashen Flask need to be removed and put into the Estus Flask. Andre will not upgrade the flask unless the Ashen Flask is acquired.
You can find the Ashen Flask at the Cemetery of Ash, and it has one use by default which you can move by taking it to Andre, making the total charges 15.

Question: The Amount Healed from the Estus Flask is Meager. What do I do?

Answer: To increase the amount healed by the Estus, use the undead bone shards at the fire link shrine. The burning of the shard will increase HP gained permanently.

Question: What can I do with My Estus Shards in New Game+?

Answer: The Estus Shards become useless in the new game+, if you’ve already upgraded your charges to the max, then the shards will just sit in your inventory as you cannot even sell them.

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