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“Do your part and I’ll do mine”

Ah, Greirat of the Undead Settlement.

Some refer to him as a petty thief, the residents of the Undead Settlement know him as a martyr. Either way, he’s one of the most endearing and sweetest characters you can find in the cut-throat and brutal world of Dark Souls 3. Greirat’s been through a hell of a lot and he’ll be in for a lot more if you decide to progress his questline.

Like many character questlines in Dark Souls 3, it can be quite easy to neglect Greirat’s questline if you don’t know where to look for him in those few moments where you aren’t away trying to run through an enemy-infested area or topple the four Lords of Cinder. Luckily for you, I’ve got you covered.

A Key Item – How to start Greirat’s Questline

So you’ve just made it to the Tower on the Wall bonfire in the High Wall of Lothric, after booking it past a fire-breathing dragon and defeating a lone Lothric Knight. Safe to say, that after you’ve replenished your Estus Flasks at the bonfire and restored your HP and FP it’s time to continue your journey and head back into the tower.

Now you could head down to lowest level of the tower, past the halberd-wielding and Firebomb-throwing Hollow to find Greirat sitting in his small locked cell but our loveable little rogue won’t be getting very far without the key to his cage.

Here’s how to find it in eleven easy steps:

  1. From the Tower on the Wall bonfire, head into the tower, go down the flight of stairs, and through the doorway.
  2. Defeat the couple of enemies you encounter, climb down the ladder and come face-to-face with the Pus of Man, you can fight him normally or kill him before he has the chance to transform and overpower you. (It’s also possible to just ignore him entirely!)
  3. Keep running across the rooftops until you see another ladder, don’t forget to defeat the Crystal Lizard on the way there!
  4. Climb down the ladder and enter into the first doorway you see. Feel free to enter the first doorway on the left to grab a Titanite Shard and an Undead Hunter Charm, be wary of the Hollows lying in wait though
  5. Take on the spear-wielding Lothric Knight and try to defeat him. He’s quite tough considering your current Soul Level so dodging his attacks and running through the corridor behind him is also a viable option.
  6.  Watch out for the ambush from the Hollow on the left as you run through the corridor, be sure to pick up the Broadsword in the small room where he was hiding.
  7. Keep heading through the doorway and down a flight of stairs into a large room with a bunch enemies in it. We’re in the last stretch now!
  8. You could just risk it all and sprint like a madman to the anvil, pick up the Estus Shard and then rush to the back of room, head down the stairs and pick up the Cell Key. If you die afterwards, well at least you know it was worth it.
  9. If you want to play it safe, take the stairs to the upper level and kill the Hollows up there. From your new vantage point Hurl some arrows, throwing knives or spells at the enemies down below to pick them off. (Firebombs are particularly effective thanks to the explosive barrels lying around on the bottom floor)
  10. Try taking out the Starved Hounds first and then the other Hollows, after this go ahead and collect your prizes.
  11. Simply head back the way you came or use a Homeward Bone to get back to the tower to free our pal, Greirat

Once you’ve made it back to his cell and unlocked it, have a chat with Greirat and accept his request to deliver the Bluestone Tearstone Ring to his beloved Loretta in the Undead Settlement. From now on, he’ll appear in the lowest level of Firelink Shrine to sell you a selection of items. As you progress his questline further, Greirat will sell you more varied and useful wares.

Greirat's Wares Upon First Arriving in Firelink Shrine

  • Long Sword: A standard longsword that does good regular damage and surprising good thrust damage (Sold for 1000 Souls)
  • Bastard Sword: A large greatsword that is perfect for crowd control but difficult to use in tight and narrow spaces (sold for 3000 Souls) 
  • Mace: A heavy single-handed weapon that does strike damage and is good for break through shields (Sold for 600 Souls)
  • Bandit’s Knife: A fast-attacking dagger that is good at building up the Bleed status (Sold for 1500 Souls) 
  • Ember (3): Allows the player to be summoned to other worlds and invaded by other players, it also grants them 30% more HP. (Sold for 2000 Souls each)
  • Throwing Knives: A projectile that can be used quickly in succession. (Sold for 20 Souls each)
  • Bloodred Moss Clump: A clump of red moss that removes Bleed build-up. (Sold for 500 Souls each)
  • Firebomb: A throwable projectile that explodes upon contact, causing fire damage. (Sold for 100 Souls each)
  • Rope Firebomb: A type of firebomb that is thrown from behind. (Sold for 50 Souls each)
  • Spear: A standard spear that excels in dealing thrusting damage. (Sold for 600 Souls)
  • Buckler: A very small shield that is ideal for parrying incoming attacks. (Sold for 2000 Souls)
  • Light Crossbow: A regular crossbow that is capable of shooting different types of bolts. (Sold for 1000 Souls)
  • Elkhorn Round Shield: A relatively large, rounded wooden shield with horns painted on the front. (Sold for 1500 Souls)
  • Round Shield: A standard wooden round shield that offers some level of defense. (Sold for 1000 Souls)
  • Kite Shield: A regular metal shield that offers good defense against physical attacks. (Sold for 4000 Souls)
  • Hard Leather Armor: A chestpiece made out of hard, layered leather. (Sold for 2500 Souls)
  • Standard Helm: A regular iron helmet that offers decent defense. (Sold for 1500 Souls)
  • Hard Leather Gauntlets: A pair of armguards that are made out of hard, layered leather. (Sold for 1000 Souls)
  • Hard Leather Boots: A pair of boots that are made out of hard, layered leather. (Sold for 1000 Souls)
  • Standard Arrow: A regular arrow that can be loaded into a bow. (Sold for 10 Souls each)
  • Fire Arrow: An arrow that inflicts physical and fire damage upon contact. (Sold for 100 Souls each)
  • Standard Bolt: A regular crossbow bolt. (Sold for 30 Souls each)
  • Thief Mask: A black mask that obscured the wearer’s face. (Sold for 400 Souls)

 Loretta’s Fate & Greirat’s Resolve

After receiving the Small Lothric Banner from Emma and taking down Vordt of the Boreal Valley, you will be escorted to the access to the Undead Settlement by a swarm of demons. Upon landing at this new location, you can finally find Loretta and continue Greirat’s questline.

Luckily, she isn’t very hard to find at all and there’s a pretty useful character you can pick up on the way:

  1. From the Foot of High Wall bonfire, head down the stairs towards the gate.
  2. Watch as the gate opens and some Starved Hounds get released upon the poor, stray Hollows.
  3. Defeat the hounds and head in the opposite direction of the gate, defeat the pair of Starved Hounds that were hiding behind the upturned carriage and then pick up the two Alluring Skulls they were guarding.
  4. You’ll come across a character called Yoel of Londor, hiding among several dead pilgrim bodies. Accept his offer and he’ll teleport to Firelink Shrine.
  5. Head back up to gate and pull the lever to open the gate, defeat the first hollow you see and light the Undead Settlement bonfire.
  6. Defeat the pair of hollows as you walk into the building, head down the stairs and onto the balcony.
  7. By now you’ve probably noticed the body hanging from a rope, go ahead and knock it down by rolling into it or attacking/shooting it.
  8. Congratulations, you’ve find Loretta! Or at least what’s left of her…time to break the news to Greirat…
  9. Upon hearing the grim news, Greirat will curl up into a ball and you will be unable to interact with him at all.
  10. Simply reload the area or game to talk to the thief again. You will obtain the Curl Up emote and he will have accepted Loretta’s death and will dedicate himself solely to your cause.
  11. Greirat will ask you for permission to scavenge the Undead Settlement for more items, he will reappear at Firelink Shrine after you kill another boss.

Greirat’s Wares After Scavenging the Undead Settlement

Greirat's Wares After Scavenging the Undead Settlement

  • Ember (x4): Allows the player to be summoned to other worlds and be invaded by other players, it also grants the user 30% more HP. (Sold for 2000 Souls each)
  • Divine Blessing (x1): Fully heals HP, FP and removes all status ailments (Sold for 8000 Souls)
  • Repair Powder: Repairs weapons and armor. (Sold for 300 Souls)
  • Lightning Urn (x6): A throwable explosive that inflicts lighting damage upon contact. (Sold for 700 Souls each)
  • Zweilhander: A heavy ultra greatsword that weighs a ton and requires a fair bit of strength to use  but it deals high damage in return. (Sold for 6000 Souls)
  • Warpick: A pickaxe with a long, sharp edge. (Sold for 1500 Souls)
  • Estoc: A long sword that excels in quick thrusting attacks. (Sold for 3000 Souls)
  • Glaive: A halberd with a scythe attached to it’s head. (Sold for 3500 Souls)
  • Target Shield: A tiny steel shield that is perfect for parrying attacks. (Sold for 2500 Souls)
  • Knight Shield: A shield commonly used by low-ranking knights. (Sold for 1500 Souls)
  • Pontiff Knight Shield: A shield commonly used by the half-dead knights of Pontiff Sulyvahn. (Sold for 3000 Souls)
  • Pontiff Knight Curved Sword: A long curved sword used by the half-dead knights of Pontiff Sulyvahn. (Sold for 6000 Souls)
  • Short Bow: A standard short bow (Sold for 1000 Souls)
  • Priest’s Chime: A sacred chime used to channel various miracles. (Sold for 4000 Souls)
  • Knight Helm: An iron helm commonly worn by low-ranking knights, it offers moderate denfense. (Sold for 1500 Souls)
  • Knight Armor: An iron chestpiece commonly worn by low-ranking knights, it offers moderate defense. (Sold for 3000 Souls)
  • Knight Gauntlets: Iron gauntlets commonly worn by low-ranking knights, it offers moderate defense. (Sold for 2000 Souls)
  • Knight Leggings: Iron leggings commonly worn by low-ranking knights, it offers moderate defense. (Sold for 3000 Souls)
  • Assassin’s Hood: A dark cloth hood that hides the face. (Sold for 1500 Souls)
  • Assassin’s Armor: Dark light amour that allows the wearer to move quickly and hide in the shadows with ease. (Sold for 1500 Souls)
  • Assassin’s Gloves: Gloves made out of dark cloth that allow the wearer to blend in with the shadows. (Sold for 1500 Souls)
  • Assassin’s Trousers: Trousers made out of dark cloth that allow the wearer to blend in with shadows. (Sold for 1500 Souls)
  • Heavy Bolt: A heavy crossbow bolt that inflicts double the damage of a standard one. (Sold for 100 Souls each)
  • Sniper Bolt: A type of bolt that is perfect for shooting long-distance enemies. (Sold for 150 Souls each)
  • Large Arrow: A bigger arrow that deals more damage but with half the range of a regular one . (Sold for 50 Souls each)

Greirat’s Close Call

After you banish High Lord Wolnir into the abyss, you’ll arrive in Irithyll Of The Boreal Valley. Our friend Greirat will be ready to go and scavenge for more items yet again; this time there’s a twist however. His questline becomes intertwined with potentially two character’s questlines. Patches the Unbreakable and the loveable knight, Siegward of Catarina.

On this particular outing, Greirat chances of making it back are less than ideal, which will indefinitely end his questline. Irithyll is a dangerous place even for the most seasoned warriors let alone an elderly, lone rouge wearing nothing but rags and wielding a dagger. The situation seems grim but luckily, you can help change Greirat’s fate using two different methods:

The Siegward Method

If you bought Siegward’s Onion Knight armor from Patches the Unbreakable and returned it to the bubbling knight who was stuck in the well back at the Cathedral of the Deep; he will be found napping in front of a fire in a kitchen which can be found in the water-lodged section of Irithyll. Head through the passage just before the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire, defeat the cluster of Sewer Centipedes, maneuver through the sewer and then head through the doorway into the kitchen. Siegward will save Greirat from his fate, allowing the lovable thief to return back to Firelink Shrine relatively unharmed. Do not enter Irithyll Dungeon before doing this method or Greirat’s fate will be sealed and Siegward will not appear in Irithyll to save him.

The Patches Method

Patches the Unbreakable has been and is many things. A thief, a back-stabber, a spider but never has he ever been shown to be a friend. Apparently, Greirat and Patches have some sort of mutual respect for each other after the former freed the latter from imprisonment.

If you haven’t killed Patches already, (I honestly don’t blame you if you have) travel to Firelink Shrine to inform him of Greirat’s outing to Irithyll, he will ultimately go and save the thief of the Undead Settlement from the Sewer Centipedes, using Siegward’s armor to disguise himself. Thus allowing Greirat to return back to Firelink Shrine in one piece and with more items to sell to you.

If you fail to save Greirat you will find his ashes and lifeless body floating in the water, surrounded by Sewer Centipedes. You can take his ashes to the Shrine Maiden in Firelink Shrine to gain access to the wares he looted from the Undead Settlement but the thief’s questline ends here.

Greirat’s Wares After Scavenging Irithyll Of The Boreal Valley 

  • Lothric Knight Sword: A well-made and well-maintained sword bestowed upon the high-ranking loyal knights of Lothric. (Sold for 4000 Souls)
  • Lothric Knight Greatsword: A heavy, ordained greatsword bestowed upon the high-ranking loyal knights of Lothric. (Sold for 7000 Souls)
  • Lothric Knight Long Spear: A long, ordained polearm bestowed upon high-ranking loyal knights of Lothric. (Sold for 4500 Souls)
  • Lothric Knight Shield: An ordained metal shield that is bestowed upon the high-ranking loyal knights of Lothric. It offers great defense against physical attacks and moderate defense against elemental attacks. (Sold for 3000 Souls)
  • Lothric Knight Greatshield: A heavy, ordained shield that is bestowed upon the high-ranking loyal knights of Lothric. (Sold for 7000 Souls)
  • Knight’s Crossbow: An ordained crossbow with a gold trim, it excels in shooting lighting bolts. (Sold for 3000 Souls)
  • Divine Blessing (1): Fully heals HP, FP and removes all status ailments (Sold for 8000 Souls)
  • Hidden Blessing (1): Completely restores the user’s FP (Sold for 8000 Souls)
  • Titanite Scale (3): Allows soul transposed weapons and some non-soul transposed weapons to be upgraded to +4. (Sold for 16000 Souls)
  • Twinkling Titanite (3): Upgrades certain types of weapons like Anri’s Straight Sword or Darkdrift (Sold for 12000 Souls)
  • Scholar’s Candlestick: A catalyst commonly used by the sorcerers of the Great Archives. (Sold for 3000 Souls)
  • Dragonslayer Greatarrow: An arrow that can only be used by Greatbows, easily knocks down small and humanoid enemies. (Sold for 500 Souls each)
  • Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow: An arrow that can only be used by Greatbows, inflicts lightning damage. (Sold for 750 Souls each)
  • Moonlight Arrow: A arrow that causes magic damage upon contact. (Sold for 500 Souls)
  • Lightning Bolt: A crossbow bolt that deals lightning damage. (Sold for 300 Souls)

Greirat’s End- The Conclusion Of His Questline

Eventually, all good things must come to an end and as a result, so does Greirat’s journey.

After felling the mesmerizing Dancer of the Boreal Valley, you will gain access to Lothric Castle. A late-game area teeming with powerful undead knights, undead mages and half-dead dragons. You’ll need to be on your guard if you want to survive and face the Twin Princes of Cinder, Lothric, and Lorian.

Head back to visit Greirat in Firelink Shrine after unlocking this area and he’ll offer to go and scavenge for you again. Despite being fully aware of the dangers, Greirat will travel to Lothric Castle if you accept his request and leave/reload the area. You can keep him alive by denying his request but as a result, you won’t be able to buy any new items from him or finish his questline.

As I mentioned before, the rogue’s fate has already been sealed and he will die on this particular outing, regardless of what you try to do. You certainly can’t save him and neither can anybody else. Greirat will not show up at Firelink Shrine after leaving for Lothric Castle but you can inform Patches of his whereabouts. After a while, he will return with no news on Greirat but a mysterious Hidden Blessing will be added to his wares.

To find where and how Greirat met his end, you’ll have to progress through the Grand Archives area enough to activate the lift, which is just next to the first bonfire of the area:

  1. Take the lift up and walk through the courtyard, into the building.
  2. Take a right, past the pool of wax, and head down the ladder that is sitting right next to the pool.
  3. After making it down the ladder, turn 180 degrees and head towards the doorway with the wax-covered scholar standing in it.
  4. Head up the stairs and go through the open door, take an immediate left and drop down onto the rooftops.
  5. Keep moving forward until you see a group of Corvians and a Corvian Storyteller sitting below you, drop down and either engage or ignore them
  6. Keep moving forwards until you come across a seemingly dead-end, move into the far left corner and you’ll see rooftop, just close enough to jump onto.
  7. Make the jump and discover what became of our dear friend…

Laying lifeless on a random rooftop in Lothric is an oddly fitting place for Greirat to rest. A man who spent most of his life stuck in Lothric returned willingly to it in order to die. It’s never openly stated who or what killed Greirat but I imagine that he either sustained a grave injury from the Corvians stalking the area or he underestimated the jump and injured his legs, preventing him from moving. Either way, it must’ve been a slow and agonizing death.

Here you can collect Greirat’s Ashes and hand them over to the Shrine Maiden in Firelink Shrine to gain access to all the items he used to sell but now with a few new additions:

Greirat’s Ashes 

  • Ember (x6): Allows the player to be summoned to other worlds and be invaded by other players, it also grants the user 30% more HP. (Sold for 2000 Souls each)
  • Alluring Skull (x6): A throwable projectile that attracts certain types of enemies and distracts them from you for a few seconds. (Sold for 500 Souls each)
  • Lightning Urn (x6): A throwable explosive that inflicts lighting damage upon contact. (Sold for 700 Souls each)
  • Splintering Bolt: A type of crossbow bolt that causes Bleed build-up (Sold for 280 Souls each)
  • Exploding Bolt: A type of crossbow bolt that deals fire damage and explodes upon contact, causing damage to nearby enemies (Sold for 300 Souls each)

Greirat Is The Closest Thing To Being Your Friend in Dark Souls 3

From the very beginning, Greirat was one of the few characters that actually cared for you in Dark Souls 3. Not out of duty like the Fire Keeper or Yuria, nor for their own personal gain like Patches. Greirat genuinely cared for your well-being out of a deep respect. He was just a simple, thoughtful old man who did what he had to to survive; even after hearing about the demise of his beloved, he marched on and dedicated himself wholly to your cause. His ending was a dark one but then again, nobody really meets a happy end in Fromsoft games.

Though, I like to think that wherever Greirat’s soul ended up, he’s together with Loretta…

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