Eoin Black

At the bright young age of nine years old, Eoin played his first-ever video game: Fallout 3. Should he have been playing it? No, but this reckless parenting inspired a love of single-player RPGs that has stuck with him throughout his gaming career. Despite investing serious time into Esports, Eoin always found himself returning to narrative-driven games, vowing to one day make it as a narrative designer himself. In the meantime, he has written for numerous gaming outlets on countless topics and titles. Outside of gaming, Eoin has a passion for reading and writing. He tells himself that he’ll write a bestseller one day, if he ever dares to actually put pen to paper.

Cassandra O’Malley Guide

Cassandra O’Malley is one of The Outer World’s more minor characters that feels like she ought to be more important than she is. She’s the leader of a little band of Outlaws in Roseway that have gotten themselves into some trouble – and you need to bail them out, or not.  Cassandra appears in one […]

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